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February 1, 2010)


On the website of the Subotronika Foundation, we reported in detail about our "world-changing" plans, which certainly few people take seriously. In this case, however, we should not settle our claims with a wave of the hand, because our plans have realistic foundations. We should also consider the opportunity we offer because it is the only way to save our civilization. Listening to the increasingly frightening daily news, everyone slowly realizes that we are entering the age of the apocalypse. There are reports that famine, frostbite, and wars are thinning the population. Added to this are the worldwide earthquakes, floods, and landslides that threaten the lives of millions of people. Because we cannot stop global warming, climate collapse threatens our world.

However, the situation is not hopeless, because a paradigm shift is imminent. Discovering the physical laws we do not yet know and putting them to the service of practice solves all our problems. The science of the future, subotronics, will lead us out of the hole we are in now. Our civilization is now facing a threshold, the crossing of which will open limitless horizons in our development. After the upcoming paradigm shift, unprecedented prosperity greets the world. By taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the ether, by putting to work the universal energy that fills everything, we do not lack anything.

Disease and poverty will disappear, everyone's livelihood will be guaranteed. In addition to solving our health problems, it will also speed up our technical development by orders of magnitude. This would also be necessary because with the current misfortune (solar panels, wind power plants, geothermal power plants, hydrogen-powered cars, battery-powered electric cars, etc.) it is not possible to stop global warming and avoid climate collapse. We need technical solutions that are orders of magnitude more efficient than the current procedures. Subotronics (a combination of esotericism and electronics) is able to create these devices, devices, and equipment. There is no need to start from scratch, because our great predecessors (e.g. Tesla) developed these devices 80 years ago, but the pursuit of profit prevented their practical application.

Obsolete techniques and technologies should not be supported, but a radical change and a paradigm shift would be necessary. However, the change of model does not work without a change of attitude. According to the current public perception, esotericism is fraud. That's why nobody does anything about it. And those who would be able to do so are shunned, relegated to the background, and denied all support. According to scientists, esoteric pseudoscience, Tesla's inventions never existed, the reports about them are urban legends. They fight with fire and iron against any initiative that does not correspond to the official scientific position. Therefore, even scientists with sound judgment do not dare to act. Rebels very quickly find themselves outside the confines of science. They lose their jobs, their publishing opportunities, and due to a lack of income, they end up on the streets, where they freeze to death on a park bench on a cold winter night.

Politicians have also fallen for the scientists' claims, so they reject those who turn to them. They are told that they do not give support to charlatans. Their application is rejected with the fact that, according to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, esotericism is quackery and fraud, and they do not support fraudsters. Especially not with taxpayer money. We are also in similar "shoes". However, we do not shy away from obstacles and continue to move forward on this path. We publish our results achieved so far under the title "Paradigm Shift". (It can be downloaded by clicking on the link on the left.) It contains descriptions of seven inventions awaiting reconstruction. Mostly Tesla's inventions (Tesla converter, Tesla generator, Longitudinal telecommunications). In addition, it talks about the most effective way to cure cancer, weather control, modern material transformation, and finally anti-gravity engines.

Anyone who reads this work will realize that our great ancestors left us such spiritual values, the use of which would have protected us from all the troubles that are now pouring down upon us. But it's not too late to act. It is true that we are in the last minute of the 24th hour, but there is still hope to save our civilization. However, this would require broad cooperation. For the contribution of professionals who have some expertise in this field. Financial support is also essential. Money is needed to purchase instruments and spare parts.

In the absence of government support, we can only hope for micro-support from private individuals, small people concerned about the preservation of nature. We can count on the support of industrial companies only if we create a foundation. They don't give money to private individuals because it causes them a loss. On the other hand, the support given to foundations can be deducted from their tax base, so it does not cost them much. However, starting a foundation within the legal framework would require start-up capital, not to mention legal fees. Therefore, we ask that those who can financially afford to help us through the initial difficulties.



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     What does the average person say when a disused metal tower needs to be removed: "Blow it up and it'll come down in no time." What does a physicist do? He goes to the tower, starts knocking on it, and then measures its resonance frequency. Then, at this frequency, he delivers weak blows to it. The result: it will fall out anyway. But with less noise and cost. Let's use the laws of physics, the possibilities offered by physical laws. Very high energies can be generated in the material with a very small energy at the resonance frequency. The material can be made to vibrate not only by mechanical shaking or sound waves. Electrons are also capable of this. If they are jerked back and forth at a resonance frequency, the atoms dance in the same way. If the vibrational energy is not too high, they do not fall apart, they do not separate from each other, but only lose their outer electrons. Electrons falling out of the atom become free electrons. And the multiplied electrons create an additional current. This excess current is free energy.

It is incomprehensible why physicists have not figured out this method of excitation, why this phenomenon has not been exploited until now. Using this physical phenomenon, the current consumption of most electrical consumers can be reduced to a fraction of the nominal current. The population uses 72% of electricity for heating and cooling, 13% for producing hot water, and 5% for baking and cooking. This is a total of 90%. Only 10% is used for lighting and the operation of electrical and electronic devices. With the spread of the LED lamp, the 2% of energy used for lighting was reduced to a fifth, so it is not worth dealing with it. This shows that we spend the most on heating, cooling and the production of hot water, and where electric stoves are used, baking and cooking also costs a lot. The three devices that consume the most energy can also be operated with electricity, but few people use this absolutely clean, safe and technically perfect solution. This is due to the rather high price of electricity. However, free electricity solves this problem.


This physical phenomenon, which we do not know or use, makes the construction of new power plants and the operation of existing ones unnecessary. We will get rid of dangerous nuclear power plants, air-polluting coal and gas power plants. There will also be no need for environmentally damaging hydropower plants. Since the central energy demand of households and industry, as well as agriculture, is reduced by 90%, the remaining 10% can also be met by solar farms and wind farms. In cloudy or windless times, the start-up of a gas power plant makes up for the shortfall. With the reconstruction of the Tesla converter, this will not be necessary either, because electricity is produced everywhere at the consumer.


Ending the Carboniferous period is not easy. The elimination of the hydrocarbon-based energy system will cause a huge loss to the energy industry. The politicians will not be happy about the transition either. Traditional energy carriers are subject to 60-70% excise and sales tax. If this ceases, most of the states with shaky economic foundations will become impoverished. (The price of energy sold annually in the world is 8,000 billion (8 × 1012) dollars. This huge amount must now be waived by the energy producers, suppliers and the state, which charges energy with an excise tax.) Shutting down the power plants, dismantling the high-voltage line system, the termination of energy providers not only causes losses of billions of dollars to investors and the state. The transition also affects the labor market. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are losing their jobs.

However, this confusion will disappear over time, the labor market will settle down. Investors invest their money in the production of new products. They will have enough time for this, because new technology takes years to spread. By that time, the current energy production systems will be amortized, and their liquidation will free up a lot of useful, well-sellable raw materials. (The inventory of high-voltage lines worldwide produces, for example, millions of tons of iron and copper waste, which supplies smelters with raw material for years. Gas and oil pipelines do not need to be collected, because the chemical industry will continue to need these two raw materials. Satisfying the need brings less benefit, but this way we will not burn all the hydrocarbons in a few decades, the chemical industry and the plastics industry will still be functional in hundreds of years.)

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, many people and many places have said that the world will collapse; industry will go bankrupt, agriculture will be destroyed, financial life will collapse; but none of this happened. There were only economic reorganizations that had more positive than negative consequences. Of course, there were indeed industries that went bust. Such was the case, for example. the candle pouring. Today, we can only find cemetery candles lit for the purpose of mercy in shops. Much less storm lamps are produced these days, and kerosene lamps are not among the current, well-selling items either. However, no one complains about this. Those active in outdated industries were retrained or retired; and small entrepreneurs started other activities. And those unable to change died out over time. The ice men didn't starve either after the invention of the electric refrigerator.

The retraining takes place in a few weeks. After that, e.g. employees who produce solar cells and batteries will not produce solar cells, but frequency generators or Tesla converters. There are currently 8 billion people in the world, and everyone wants to use free electricity. What's more, now even those who have not yet been reached by wired power supply want to use electric energy. The natives of the primeval forest also have the right to radio, watch TV, and use the Internet. Since there are at least 10 electrical and electronic devices in an average household, billions of these devices will be needed every year. It takes a lot of people to produce such a quantity, so those working in the electrical industry will certainly not be affected by unemployment.

The demand for specialists in the space industry will also be enormous. With the development of the anti-gravity drive, outer space will open up to us, and thousands of our starships will visit our galactic neighbors. Barter trade will also begin, which will require cargo space vehicles. However, as our development progresses, more unemployment awaits us. In the post-industrial society, robots make physical work redundant. We will deal with this problem as well. We do what extraterrestrial civilizations that are more advanced than us do. People will deal with serving and helping each other. The service industry takes up the surplus of labor.

The world of culture is not in danger either. At the time, Gutenberg was hated because they believed that the magic of hand-copied volumes would disappear with printing. Later, book printing was feared by radio, theater and cinema; and the cinema from television. None of the fears came true because each genre found its place in our culture. The newest, fiercest enemy is the Internet. Despite its versatility and extraordinary memory capacity, the World Wide Web will not displace the book either. The book will always retain its importance in our civilization. Even the most advanced extraterrestrial civilizations use books. The reason for this is that you do not need any tools or expertise to use it, it can be flipped through and read in an instant anytime and anywhere.

It's the same with the newspaper. There has already been a joke about the reason for the survival of the printed newspaper: The raison d'être of the printed press is indisputable, since you cannot pack fish in a monitor... Even the paper-based letter survived the modernizations. XX. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was said that the telegraph would be the death of the letter. 100 years have passed since then, and where is the telegraph now? Even e-mail has not succeeded in destroying traditional correspondence, even though people worldwide send orders of magnitude more electronic messages to each other than they write paper-based letters.

It seems that the ancient sages are right, who said thousands of years ago that our current world will fall into ruins, and that a perfect world, the new golden age, will rise from the ruins like a phoenix bird. The transition to a new era is made possible by a paradigm shift. The paradigm shift is the most difficult period of any civilization. It only lasts for a few decades, but during this time the people born in this age experience almost unbearable suffering. However, this step must be taken by all civilizations, because without it destruction awaits them. The old outdated technology pollutes the air, water, and soil to such an extent that it makes their planet unlivable. It makes global warming and climate collapse inevitable, which leads to the destruction of nature. And the destruction of nature results in the destruction of humanity.

In addition, the wrath of God hovers over our heads like a sword, and because of the destruction of the world he created, he unleashes a cataclysm that erases even the traces of our civilization. This alternately manifests itself as a deluge of water and a deluge of fire. After the previous civilization, Atlantis, was destroyed in a deluge of water, a deluge of fire awaits us now. So we have to decide what we want. Heaven on earth or total annihilation? In the flood of fire, we will all burn together with our money and possessions. (Four civilizations have already fallen before us, who live under the crust, in a bubble world, or their surviving individuals have transposed themselves into the intermediate space between third and fourth density.)

Listening to the increasingly frightening daily news, everyone slowly realizes that we are entering the age of the apocalypse. The demonic world pours various accidents and natural disasters on us, and incites social tensions. You can survive this period only with a strong spirit. Society will split into two: those who keep up and those who break away. Those who are able to move with the times, do not shy away from challenges, become a well-paid workforce. And those who fall behind are eliminated and die out over time. Whoever puts on the gloves will have an experience that will last until the end of our civilization.

The apocalypse, the paradigm shift, occurs only once in the history of every civilization. Anyone who had the courage to be born in this era and successfully passed the test can be justifiably proud of themselves in their later lives. You gain experiences that will greatly help your spiritual development and successful progress on the further steps of civilization. And the countries of the world have three paths: 1. seclusion, 2. catching up, 3. breaking the bank. This competition will rearrange the current structure of the great powers. It is not certain that those who have done it until now will dominate the world economically. Big changes are expected in this area as well. Not much good awaits the nations that deny God, consider esotericism to be nonsense, and deny the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. All this shows that we have a big fight ahead of us, but we cannot lose. If we fall short, we perish. In this vehement struggle, those who lag behind cannot count on sympathy. Those in the lead will say, "Where there are winners, there must be losers, so that the excellence of the winners can stand out."