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February 1, 2010)


On the website of the Subotronika Foundation, we reported in detail about our "world-changing" plans, which certainly few people take seriously. In this case, however, we should not settle our claims with a wave of the hand, because our plans have realistic foundations. We should also consider the opportunity we offer because it is the only way to save our civilization. Listening to the increasingly frightening daily news, everyone slowly realizes that we are entering the age of the apocalypse. There are reports that famine, frostbite, and wars are thinning the population. Added to this are the worldwide earthquakes, floods, and landslides that threaten the lives of millions of people. Because we cannot stop global warming, climate collapse threatens our world.

However, the situation is not hopeless, because a paradigm shift is imminent. Discovering the physical laws we do not yet know and putting them to the service of practice solves all our problems. The science of the future, subotronics, will lead us out of the hole we are in now. Our civilization is now facing a threshold, the crossing of which will open limitless horizons in our development. After the upcoming paradigm shift, unprecedented prosperity greets the world. By taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the ether, by putting to work the universal energy that fills everything, we do not lack anything.

Disease and poverty will disappear, everyone's livelihood will be guaranteed. In addition to solving our health problems, it will also speed up our technical development by orders of magnitude. This would also be necessary because with the current misfortune (solar panels, wind power plants, geothermal power plants, hydrogen-powered cars, battery-powered electric cars, etc.) it is not possible to stop global warming and avoid climate collapse. We need technical solutions that are orders of magnitude more efficient than the current procedures. Subotronics (a combination of esotericism and electronics) is able to create these devices, devices, and equipment. There is no need to start from scratch, because our great predecessors (e.g. Tesla) developed these devices 80 years ago, but the pursuit of profit prevented their practical application.

Obsolete techniques and technologies should not be supported, but a radical change and a paradigm shift would be necessary. However, the change of model does not work without a change of attitude. According to the current public perception, esotericism is fraud. That's why nobody does anything about it. And those who would be able to do so are shunned, relegated to the background, and denied all support. According to scientists, esoteric pseudoscience, Tesla's inventions never existed, the reports about them are urban legends. They fight with fire and iron against any initiative that does not correspond to the official scientific position. Therefore, even scientists with sound judgment do not dare to act. Rebels very quickly find themselves outside the confines of science. They lose their jobs, their publishing opportunities, and due to a lack of income, they end up on the streets, where they freeze to death on a park bench on a cold winter night.

Politicians have also fallen for the scientists' claims, so they reject those who turn to them. They are told that they do not give support to charlatans. Their application is rejected with the fact that, according to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, esotericism is quackery and fraud, and they do not support fraudsters. Especially not with taxpayer money. We are also in similar "shoes". However, we do not shy away from obstacles and continue to move forward on this path. We publish our results achieved so far under the title "Paradigm Shift". (It can be downloaded by clicking on the link on the left.) It contains descriptions of seven inventions awaiting reconstruction. Mostly Tesla's inventions (Tesla converter, Tesla generator, Longitudinal telecommunications). In addition, it talks about the most effective way to cure cancer, weather control, modern material transformation, and finally anti-gravity engines.

Anyone who reads this work will realize that our great ancestors left us such spiritual values, the use of which would have protected us from all the troubles that are now pouring down upon us. But it's not too late to act. It is true that we are in the last minute of the 24th hour, but there is still hope to save our civilization. However, this would require broad cooperation. For the contribution of professionals who have some expertise in this field. Financial support is also essential. Money is needed to purchase instruments and spare parts.

In the absence of government support, we can only hope for micro-support from private individuals, small people concerned about the preservation of nature. We can count on the support of industrial companies only if we create a foundation. They don't give money to private individuals because it causes them a loss. On the other hand, the support given to foundations can be deducted from their tax base, so it does not cost them much. However, starting a foundation within the legal framework would require start-up capital, not to mention legal fees. Therefore, we ask that those who can financially afford to help us through the initial difficulties.



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