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Today, everyone feels firsthand that nature is in imminent danger and that urgent action is needed. We will also soon realize that the problem is so big in all areas that only a paradigm shift can help here. Revolutionary changes covering all areas of our world are needed to survive the horrors of the apocalypse. The current events mark only the beginning of this era prophesied by the Bible. If we do nothing, things will get much worse. However, there are opportunities to avoid the tragedies that await us. Only those who could help in this should be given way.

The only viable way to lift our civilization out of the current quagmire is subotronics, which is a completely new field of science. Discovering the physical laws we do not yet know and putting them to the service of practice solves all our problems. The science of the future, subotronics, will lead us out of the hole we are in now. So far, no one has used it, many people don't even know what "grows on a tree". The operative word subotronics, which has not been used anywhere so far. Its creation was necessitated by our technical progress. Until now, the existence of subatomic energy particles has only been dealt with by esoterics, which official science classifies as pseudoscience and fights against it with fire and iron. However, this will change. The science of the future will be a fusion of esoteric and academic science. Parasciences fit into official science. Science and spiri­tuality become one.

Subotronics is a field of expertise based on electron flow influenced by subatomic energy par­ticles. Subatomic energy particles (etherions, gravitons) cause changes in the operation and produc­tion of electronic devices, devices, and equipment that lead to a paradigm shift in science. The paradigm shift affects all areas of our lives. In space navigation, e.g. it allows us to become a cos­mic human type, which is a prerequisite for extraterrestrial civilizations to accept us among them­selves.

Applying the methods of subotronics can start us on the path of paradigm shift. However, I would need help with this. The range of tasks is so huge that I cannot succeed without help and coope­ration. I can't start and complete dozens of developments by myself. I can only take on the role of theoretical management, the execution (research, development, preparation of prototypes, produc­tion preparation, etc.) requires contributors (engineers, technicians, instrument technicians). And that costs money. This would require support, which is almost impossible to obtain under the current cir­cumstances. The main obstacle to support is the attitude of the scientific community to­wards esote­ricism. Their materialism and narrow way of thinking affects the whole society. Their attitude to­wards esotericism has also been adopted by decision-makers, which is why they outright reject any­one who tries to achieve results in this field.   

Scientists say that science is not a religion. Your claims must be proven with repeatable experi­mental results. However, the occurrence of parapsychological phenomena is mostly unique and can­not be repeated. Ball lightning appears to the eyewitness only once, and then he may never see ball lightning again in his lifetime. So how can it be examined? UFOs may also appear. They don't come back for orders, they don't give you the opportunity to study them in detail. This is why esotericism is considered pseudoscience, because the phenomena it causes cannot be repeated.

Currently, science only accepts as a basis for research the phenomenon that it can reproduce with its knowledge and tools; can measure and analyze. Unfortunately, we do not have an instrument to mea­sure the weak magnetic waves that cause or accompany paraphenomena, so their existence cannot be proven in an exact way for now. Whether they believe in its existence depends on the scientists. If the luminaries of science declare that it exists, then people will accept its existence and even teach it in schools. A good example is that no one has ever seen a black hole and yet people believe in its existence. Why? Because scientists have told them that there are black holes in the universe. Official acceptance will also significantly spur technical development. Currently, the invention offices do not grant patents for inventions whose operation is based on a physical phenomenon that is not officially recognized. Even though he goes to court for the inventor's right, he is also rejected there. The judge asks for the opinion of the Academy of Sciences and then declares that according to the current state of science, this invention cannot exist. What does not exist cannot be protected.

Anyone who casts doubt on scientific dogmas is ostracized, ridiculed, and disabled by the scien­tific elite. So it's no wonder that only a few venture into the frontiers of science. From this narrow lane, they can easily fall into the field of esotericism, which is a red flag for official science. Since climate collapse is upon us, and with the destruction of nature, our civilization will also perish, this situation must be changed. Esotericism must be lifted out of the quagmire of magic. Esotericism is the science of the future, but until it is freed from the shackles imposed by magic, its practitioners will be branded as quacks, charlatans, and impostors. Scientists must be convinced that esotericism is not a fraud.

This is only possible in one way. You have to give them tangible results that can be measured with instruments. It's not impossible. Initiating a paradigm shift would convince them that the invi­sible world is an integral part of the universe. Discovering new physical laws and putting them to work will solve all our problems. However, this also requires their help. We cannot do without mil­lions of educated people. The theoretical basis of the paradigm shift must be created for them and put at the service of practice. To give just one example, the sizing of the Tesla converter should not be developed on the basis of "even a blind hen can find a core" and with long experiments, but with precise formulas and exact calculations that can be taught in schools. The task is therefore great, even superhuman, but we must start on this path, because our existence depends on it.

A well-equipped laboratory would be needed to get started. However, this costs money. It is impossible to get money as a private person. Governments and large companies only support foun­dations, as they can deduct this cost from their tax base. However, setting up a foundation or labo­ratory is not cheap. It requires a capital of several million forints. No support can be expected from the government and the ministries, because they classified me as a swindler and a charlatan, and they told me that they don't give money to fraudsters. Especially not taxpayers' money. (Politicians listen to the narrow-minded scientists who believe that esotericism is a pseudoscience, and that Tesla's inventions did not exist, and the reports about them are urban legends.) So I can only hope for micro-support from private individuals, small people who are concerned about the preservation of nature. That is why I am asking my readers, those who are financially able to do so and who con­si­der it important to save our world, to support my efforts. Your donations are sent to the following account number:

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Tesla converter

(Functional description)


Update: 28 September 2021.


Almost everyone has heard of the Tesla converter, but few believe it existed. And official science simply ignores it. According to our scientists, the existence of the Tesla converter is nothing more than a myth. Amateur researchers, lone inventors, have tried to reconstruct it, but without success. The way it worked was unknown, so they did not know how to start reviving it.  Instead, they crea­ted various perpetual motion devices (perpetual motion machines), which are rather inefficient. Moreover, they contain moving parts and therefore require maintenance. They are also heavy, dif­ficult to move and expensive to produce.

However, there is a great need for a high-efficiency, low-cost, maintenance-free device for gene­rating energy from energy. The use of waste-to-energy could eliminate pollution. There would be no need for air-polluting power stations, and cars would be powered by zero-emission electric motors rather than smoky explosive engines (already in place, but powered by expensive batteries charged by power station electricity). The world's oceans would no longer be polluted by millions of litres of oil from oil tankers that have caught fire and sunk.

The Tesla converter is the most perfect of the currently known compact design surplus energy generation systems. In this device, the excitation is done by the ether, so no external intervention is needed to make it work. Its electronic design means that it can be scaled up or down to any size, and its production is simple and cheap. Since it does not require any external excitation by us, its efficiency is theoretically infinite. Of course, this is limited by feasibility, since above a certain po­wer it would require a transformer of a size that could only be moved by crane, and a wire winding so thick that it could not be bent. But the Tesla converter is not intended to replace a power plant. It is ideally suited for local power supply. It eliminates the need to interconnect consumers, and may even mean that in the future some rooms in homes will not be connected to the electricity grid.

This is made possible by the high specific power of the Tesla converter. For example, a small panel the size of a palm, which can fit in a corner of a device, can power a communications device. It is therefore possible that in the future manufacturers will incorporate this inexpensive power source into their products, thus eliminating the need for a mains connection and making all electrical appliances self-powered. The Tesla converters installed in electronic appliances and computers will no longer produce 230 (110) volts, but will transform their output voltage to the voltage required by the load circuits (3V, 5V, 12V). In this case, only a simple voltage stabilizer needs to be connected to the output of the converter.

For radiator-type electric heaters (oil radiators), the box that supplies the power will probably be mounted on the side, while for electric heaters, the high-power converter is expected to be mounted on the bottom. It is also possible that we will be able to produce miniature converters in integrated circuit design that can be installed in clocks. This will not only make portable electronic devices much cheaper to run, but will also get rid of the environmental pollution caused by the billions of spent batteries and accumulators that are currently being thrown away. At the same time, the grotesque situation where batteries often cost more than the device they are put into will be elimina­ted. This is mainly due to the fact that dry cell manufacturers, taking advantage of consumer depen­dency, have in recent years raised the price of their products to the stars.


 The need to harness and harness universal energy is therefore urgent in all areas. The task is not so great, because the Tesla converter has been proven to exist.[1]  With today's modern components it could be built cheaply and in a few weeks. Before that, Nikola Tesla's patent specifications must be studied, with par­ticular reference to the converter. This should not be too difficult, as Péter Varsányi has collected all of Tesla's patents and even had most of them translated into Hungarian (e-mail: info@varsanyipeter.hu Tel: +36-20-942-7232.) His collection, which has been crea­ted with enormous effort and at great cost, can be found at http://www.Tesla.hu The scanned pages are sa­ved in GIF format. Some of the text has been digi­tised using OCR (character recognition) software, and even the most important patent specifications have been trans­lated into Hungarian. Here you can find all the books, articles and invention descriptions of the two inven­tors. The material is still being expanded, with the addi­tion of previously unknown writings disco­vered la­ter.) With this information and the circuit diagram, you can start building the device.

Let us start with the basics. This is necessary be­cau­se the working mechanism of the Tesla con­verter is unknown. The reason for this is not secrecy but lack of theoretical knowledge and technical terms. Tesla himself, and later Moray, did not know the exact operating mechanism of his device. Henry Mo­ray, who revived and improved the Tesla converter, only told his assistant about his de­vice: 'Size: 61 × 25 × 15 cm. As for its internal construction, it has 12 vacuum tubes, three of which are of the 70-L-7 type." From this scant information, it can be concluded that the Tesla converter consisted of 12 stages connected in a cascade, with the vacuum tube acting as a diode. The 3 elect­ron tubes were probably low threshold voltage and were installed in the first three stages. After that, the output voltage was so high that ordinary electron tube diodes were sufficient.

So, first, build 12 conventional parallel LC circuits and connect them in series. (Use primary and secondary windings of increasingly high power transformers as inductors.) Switch an ordinary sine wave signal to the first stage using a signal generator. Connect a voltmeter or oscilloscope to the secondary winding of the last stage. You will find that the amplitude of the output signal, i.e. its power, is not even equal to the input signal. This is due to the thermal movement in the intercon­necting wires and transformer windings, and the inductive energy is almost dissipated in each stage due to Lenz's law. Now let us set the frequency of the sine wave to the resonant frequency of the resonant circuits. We then find that the output signal is almost as high as the input signal. This small loss is due to the fact that the mechanical vibration of the atoms in the metal wires causes a signi­ficant amount of free electrons to be stripped from their outermost electron shells. RC, LC, RLC circuits tuned to resonance are used in communications technology, microwave technology (mobile phones, satellites). They are used in modulator coils, low-pass and high-pass filters and other resonators.

These are all useful circuits, without them there would be no electronic communication in our world, and we would even have to do without electronic musical instruments (e.g. synthesizers). However, these conventional parallel resonant circuits are not suitable for generating additional energy. In fact, for the reasons just mentioned, they have to suffer some losses during operation and therefore need power to make up for the losses that occur during operation. At present, these circuits are used for both signal transmission and reception (radio transmitters, TV transmitters, mobile phone stations). In this application, the main problem is not that no excess energy is generated, be­cause that is not the aim. The bigger problem is that this type of excitation limits the speed at which electromagnetic waves can propagate. Since electrons create the induced voltage, the speed of the emitted signal does not exceed the speed of the electron. As we know, this is not faster than the speed of light, i.e. 300,000 km/s rounded up.

Here on Earth, this propagation speed is satisfactory, but in space it is a barrier to interactive (no-delay) communication.[2]  And in the cosmos, this system is completely useless, because even the nea­rest star to us would have a delay of 4 years before it would send a signal to us. That is why extr­aterrestrials do not use this obsolete method of communication. They use etheric particles, which flow at a speed 12 orders of magnitude faster than the electron. This method of signal trans­mission is not completely unknown to us either, because Tesla invented it 120 years ago, but no one bot­hered to use it. Instead, our civilisation introduced the Marconi system of communication based on trans­verse waves. But we would have been better off with Tesla's longitudinal-wave transmission met­hod.

The ingenious communication system he invented was ready for practical application at the end of the 19th century. He designed not only the etheric receiver, but also the transmitter, and in a portable version. His 1899 description of the invention and the accompanying wiring diagrams are proof of this. But he considered the idea of a mobile phone, born over a hundred years ago, so futuristic that he did not even apply for a patent. Let's not forget that Popov was only experimenting with a scimitar at the end of the 19th century, and Marconi got as far as sending a Morse code signal across the Atlantic in 1901. The radio he developed became capable of transmitting speech in 1921. So Tesla had no hope of obtaining a patent for a radio telephone a quarter of a century earlier, before scientists even knew what a radio was.

Few people are aware of this fact in the history of technology. During the decades of communist dictatorship, children were taught in school that the inventor of the radio was the Russian Popov. In Western schools, the name of the Italian Marconi was drummed into children, even though Tesla, who lived in America, was way ahead of them all. After three decades of litigation, this was recog­nised by the US Supreme Court. In an unappealable decision, Tesla was awarded the right to invent the radio, but none of the people involved were alive at the time. And the world couldn't care less who invented the radio. People were happy that it had been born, and listened to the rapidly mul­tiplying number of transmitters.


In the communications system we use, we produce a high-frequency carrier wave and super­impose the signal to be transmitted on it. This is called modulation. In the receiver, the demodulator separates the useful signal from the carrier wave and amplifies it to make it audible and watchable. This also sets the aether in motion, but we cannot use it because our receivers can only detect har­monic, transverse signals. We do not even pay attention to this side phenomenon because our experts have no idea that they are also transmitting etheric signals. However, extraterrestrials are aware of this phenomenon and even exploit it. This is why civilisations hundreds of light years away are constantly watching our TV programmes. Even civilisations thousands of light-years away have no problem with this, because the poor propagation properties of electromagnetic waves mean that we emit them at least a thousand times more intensely than we would need to detect them in the Milky Way.

The transversal signal decays, becomes smaller and smaller in amplitude after its appearance and then dies out. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the signals are continuously generated so that the field strength, and hence the volume in the receiver, does not diminish. Since the intensity of the transverse waves decreases in proportion to the square of the distance, maintaining the carrier waves at the same level also requires a great deal of energy. These effects together mean that a small power plant is needed to power our long- and medium-wave transmitting stations. (We cur­rently drag a few gram-atoms of electrons back and forth in our several-tonne steel colossuses cal­led antennas, with megawatts of energy input.

Backwards, however, this method doesn't work. We cannot intercept their communications beca­use the receiver circuits we use can only detect transverse waves. This is why SETI participants cannot pick up any meaningful signals from space, even though we are almost inundated with mag­netic waves from all over the world. We can't even detect the gigantic longitudinal waves of stellar explosions, which radiate almost instantaneously throughout the universe. This is why our radio telescopes can only study what the universe was like millions or billions of years ago. We ha­ve no idea what is happening in the universe at the moment.

 Back to the question of excess energy production by means of transverse waves, electromag­ne­tic energy cannot be produced. You need another wave. Fortunately, the situation is not completely hopeless. Indeed, nature produces a waveform whose strength does not diminish, but even increases as it progresses. This is the soliton wave[3], which, unlike a linear wave, travels for kilometres without damping. In free water, soliton waves are gene­rated at the surface. The most frigh­tening example of their generation is earthquake-generated tsunamis, which travel thousands of kilometres in the ocean before breaking on shallow shores and releasing their destructive energy. On 26 December 2004, an underwater earthquake of magnitude 9.3 sent a tsunami with a death toll of nearly a quarter of a million people across the Indian Ocean. Another interesting manifestation is a torrential tidal surge, when a wave generated by a tide rises up a river bed. The secret of their smooth progress is the ether. The soliton wave rises slowly and its height drops suddenly. As the wave height drops precipitously, ether particles flow into the resulting space. The etheric particles, which quickly enter the trough, push the water wave through inertia, causing it to move forward. This push is so strong that it keeps the wave from dying for a long time. And its power is colossal. On 9 July 1958, a 500-metre-high swell reached the coast of Alaska at a speed of 790 km/h.


The potential of soliton waves in the electrical industry was recognised by Nikola Tesla. He first studied its travel in gases. Very soon he realised that the excess energy generated by longitudinal waves is accumulated (added up) as they radiate. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, Tesla used longitudinal waves to create spheres of light, or glowing light in space. He accumulated so much energy in the air that it ionised the air molecules, turning them into plasma. In one of his favourite stunts, he put two metal plates down in the room and the surrounding air soon glowed with a uniform light. He also demonstrated a very high luminosity lamp resembling a gas-discharge fluores­cent tube in lectures to the public in New York, London, Paris, Philadelphia and St Louis. (This was in fact an antenna which, when inserted into the tube, irradiated its interior with longitudinal waves.) In his memoirs he wrote of this tube: 'I have made very interesting experiments with vibrating co­lumns of gas. I made some very interesting experiments with oscillating waves. The gas discharge tube was 1 inch in diameter and 1 meter long. I covered both ends and pumped air from it until the discharge started. Later it turned out that it was better to use only one electrode." With this tube, he could also generate energy. He once said that the greatest invention of his life was a tube from which a lot of energy could be extracted.

He told a journalist about this tube: "It's a new kind of tube and the apparatus that goes with it. As early as 1896 I used a tube that worked at 4 million volts. Later on I managed to reach 18 mil­lion volts, but then I ran into obstacles that seemed insurmountable. I became convinced that we had to develop a completely different type of tube to overcome these problems. This proved to be a much more difficult task than I had expected, not primarily in making the tube, but in making it work. For years, progress was slow. Then I achieved complete success. I invented a pipe that is difficult to improve. It is ideally simple, does not weaken over time and can be operated at any high potential or voltage. Quite high currents can flow through it and it can be used for energy con­version at any realistic level. It is easy to control and therefore I can expect very big results. Among other things, it will enable us to produce cheap radiative materials in any quantity, and will be much more efficient than converting material by artificial radiation."

His carbon-button lamp was a spherical vacuum tube. The only electrode was a circular flat plate of carbon, and the high-frequency current caused the gas to vibrate continuously inside the tube, glowing and giving off a beautiful light. This phenomenon was made possible by the constant bom­bardment of the electrode, the thinned gas (plasma) around the electrode vibrated at high speed and frequency. This curious little spherical lamp was also the ancestor of the electron microscope, because the device known as the ion microscope is based on a similar principle.

Tesla also created lossless lighting with these experiments. Longitudinal waves excited the fluorescent layer on the inside of the tube without any heat loss. (Even after 100 years, only 3% of the energy fed into our incandescent lamps is still used as light, while only 10% is used in our fluorescent tubes. The rest is converted into heat, wasted. This phenomenon is particularly unplea­sant in film and TV studios, where poorly efficient lamps create a hellish heat. Temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius will quickly destroy even an incandescent lamp, which burns out with a huge explosion.) Tesla's lamp, on the other hand, which is excited by magnetic pulses, never fails. Since it contains no filaments, there's nothing to go wrong. Even if air gets into it, it doesn't fail, because the light-emitting layer is not excited by electron emission in a vacuum, but by etheric energy particles that ionise the air molecules. It is likely to be the ideal light source of the future. The price will not be high either, as the electronic design of the soliton excitation is no more complex than that of a compact lamp.

By using soliton waves extensively, Tesla has also demonstrated motors that were connected to the grid with only one wire, with the energy propagating through the air instead of the other wire. Often interesting, unexpected results were achieved. One day, experimenting in the relatively clear air, he noticed that a fog had formed in the large laboratory so thick that he could barely see his hands. Although he did not set out in this direction, he felt that the effect could be used to irrigate dry places. Another interesting thing that can be gleaned from his diary is that strange fireballs ap­pea­red during his experiments and moved relatively slowly, usually in a horizontal direction. These fire­balls were already known as ball lightning and Tesla had heard of them. Did he produce ball lightning? In any case, he describes it clearly in his diary. He ar­gued that the initial energy might not be enough to keep the phenomenon alive, but that it would receive constant energy from the sparks around it, and so it could exist continuously. This theory was revived decades later by Nobel laureate Pyotr Kapica, but it has not been experimentally proven that these glo­wing spheres do indeed exhibit the same properties as the spherical lightning observed in nature.

It also soon became clear that soliton waves are most effective at exciting the aether. For this purpose, he built the famous Tesla coil, which he used to ge­ne­rate excitation voltages of several million volts. This was the way he wanted to realise his dream of wireless power transmission. Fortunately, it failed because he did not receive funding. If it had been realised, it would have created a strong electro smog in the area that would have destroyed the biosphere. The energy transmitted through the ether induces electricity not only in metal conductors but also in electrolytes (switched-off electric lights have been lit up for miles around Tesla's laboratory in Colorado Springs). Intense mag­netic excitation also causes can­cerous lesions in animals and plants. The energy should therefore not be transmitted either through the ether or through power lines, because even a high-voltage power line within a radius of 100 metres can cause cancer in living tissue. The energy must be genera­ted on site, at the user, and transported by the shor­test possible cable to the load, i.e. the power-consu­ming device.


As you can see, all of Tesla's inventions are based on the use of soliton waves, also known as translati­onal waves. A soliton is a pulse with a slope greater than its rise time. Its regular waveform is not known but is already in use. In the fibre optic cables that make up optical fibres, soliton signal transmission ensures lossless transcontinental communication. It is this specific light wave that allows the Internet to cover the entire globe. After the failure of wireless power transmission, soliton excitation was reintro­duced in the early 1930s. In developing the conver­ter that bears his name, he soon realised that he could not do without soliton waves. The LC resonant circuits cascaded in a cascade, which were found to be suitable for energy multiplication, could not produce excess energy even when tuned to resonant frequencies. To do this, energy must be accumulated in the metallic conductors. In metallic conductors, energy is created by free electrons. So they have to be multiplied.

The soliton wave is also suitable for this, only the signal shape of the excitation current has to be modified. The sine waveform that allows harmonic oscillation must be replaced by a soliton-shaped excitation signal. Then, in the slow-ramp-up phase, conventional excitation takes place in the me­tallic conductor, in this case the inductance. However, after reaching its maximum value, the vol­tage is suddenly interrupted. The free electrons are then ordered back to the outermost electron shell of the metal atoms. The universe, however, cannot tolerate the vacuum and tries to fill it as soon as possible, so the free electrons are replaced by ether particles (ether ions) that penetrate the metallic conductor. They collide with the metallic atoms at a speed of up to 12 orders of magnitude greater than the speed of electrons, and separate large amounts of electrons from their outermost electron shells. Then comes another run-up phase of the soliton wave, which further increases the number of free electrons due to its excitation effect. Then the excitation stops again, and now even more free electrons are rearranged. This causes the gap in the metallic conductor to become even larger, allo­wing even more ether ions to flow in. Thus, cumulation occurs, which, multiplied in each step, re­sults in significant excess energy. This then just needs to be coupled out of the converter. Of course, the multiplication process cannot go on indefinitely because the number of metal atoms in the thin copper wire of the inductance is limited. The next stage, however, contains a larger transformer with a thicker wire, so there is no obstacle to further multiplying the energy obtained.

Tesla and Moray transformed the excess high-voltage current produced by voltage multiplication at the end of the chain to a value that could be connected to ordinary electrical loads. This propor­tionally increased the load capacity of the converter, which meant that this particular device was capable of delivering currents in excess of 10 amperes in addition to the normal mains voltage. Ho­wever, by increasing the number of voltage multiplying units, this capacity could be further in­creased. The circuit according to the invention was probably designed for this capacity because this power was already capable of meeting the needs of the time. The inventors also placed great emp­hasis on small size and portability, as they often had to demonstrate at public demonstrations that the box in which the device was housed could not accommodate a battery large enough to power an iron and high-intensity incandescent lamps connected to the output for hundreds of hours of observation. Ease of transport was also necessary because the device has been taken on more than one occasion in different vehicles to prove, in a remote desert or in the middle of the ocean, that the converter does not draw its energy from the power lines of inhabited settlements or from the signal of nearby radio transmitters, but actually generates it using the ether.

 In devising the principle of energy multiplication, Tesla also chose parallel LC circuits because he had already realised during the design of the Tesla coil that the higher the voltage, the greater the soliton effect. By cascading the parallel LC circuits, it is possible to transform the voltage of each stage upwards. The primary winding of the twelfth stage probably already had a voltage as high as that measured in the series transformer (mill winding) of our cathode ray tube television. The Tesla converter is therefore quite dangerous. The breakdown strength of dry air is 21 kV/cm. In a room with humid air, this can be reduced by half. It is therefore strictly forbidden to touch the converter once it has been dismantled from its metal housing and connected. After disconnecting it, wait until the energy in the capacitors has been discharged.

Extra care must also be taken when reconstructing the converter, as even a careless movement can result in a fatal electric shock. (If it is unavoidable to touch a working appliance, put on rubber gloves used by electricians. And attach three catches to the ceiling above the appliance. On two of them, hang a sign above the appliance with the inscription: WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE! For emphasis, paint a skull and crossbones underneath. From the third hook, hang a high-intensity incandescent lamp of at least 500 W, which, when switched off, is hung on the appliance. Reach in only when the light from the bulb goes out. This may keep you alive.[4] 


Developing the Tesla converter was not as easy as we might think today. The implementation of soliton excitation was not easy. At the time of Tesla's work, at the end of the 19th century, there were no diodes, no transistors, and even less a signal generator. Tesla used a spark gap generator to produce soliton waves. (He called this mechanical signal generator a specially designed alternator.) This mechanical signal generator is nothing more than a converted alternating current motor. In this case, the electric machine is not a motor, but a generator. Now, an external motor must be used to drive the single-phase AC motor and the soliton signal must be diverted from it by the carbon brush. The AC generator is not suitable for this purpose, because the current generated in it is not con­ducted by a commutator but by slip rings. The spark gap, which is very important here, is therefore eliminated. The asynchronous motor is also not suitable because it has no commutator due to the short-circuited rotor. The excitation current flows up the commutator plates and is then suddenly interrupted by the insulating gaps between the commutator plates. The excitation is then stopped. This creates a continuous wave consisting of signals with a slow rise and then a fast decay. This is nothing other than a soliton wave. Tesla didn't know this because at the time there was no name for this generating nonlinear wave.

The imitators also found a simple method to produce soliton waves. They fixed an insulating disk perpendicular to the axis of an electric motor, on which they had previously formed metal la­mellae. A carbon brush was pressed against this, which acted like a commutator as the disc rotated. However, it was not mechanically stable. Today, there is no need to struggle with mechanical gene­rators that are unreliable and subject to wear and tear, because transistorised and now integrated amplifier signal generators produce signals of stable frequency and shape. With this in mind, it is easy to revive this device.

Because of the mechanical method of generation, Tesla struggled a lot with the tuning of the converter. He solved the problem of tuning each stage to its resonant frequency by making the iron core of the transformer's primary winding movable in and out, and by inserting a variable-capa­citance capacitor between the high-frequency generator and the primary winding. We can use this method effectively to bring the board model to life. By rotating the capacitor and adjusting the amount of insertion of the iron core, we can quickly tune to the resonant frequency. Instead of a rotary capacitor, we can also use a capacitive decadic cabinet, but the coil cannot be replaced by an inductive decadic cabinet, because here we do not need to tune a simple inductance, but a trans­former. In the final version of the converter, there is no longer room for a push-in iron core. At the end of the development, precisely sized transformers (operating at resonant frequency) must be used. This can be achieved by reducing or increasing the number of turns of the primary and secondary windings.

In our experiments, we should not forget that we are dealing with high frequency excitation, so we have to use ferrite core transformers. A conventional soft iron plate transformer saturates above 150 Hz. To reduce the risk of breakdown, the output transformer should be modelled on the old cathode ray tube transformer of the old cathode ray tube television sets. This type of design provided a high degree of safety for the excitation of colour television picture tubes up to 45 kV. Tesla set the excitation frequency to between 20 and 30 kHz. This does not mean, of course, that we cannot try higher values. With signal generator excitation, there is no problem. Tesla was not able to do this because he could not spin the AC motor producing the soliton wave at too high a speed. (There are ferrite cores that can be operated up to 1 MHz, but all ferrite core transformers can be excited up to 60 kHz.) With antenna excitation, we will not be able to do this because in this classical version the frequency of the aether noise clearly determines the resonant frequency of each stage.


The next step in the reconstruction is therefore soliton excitation. This is not easy for us either, because there are currently no soliton generators in production. The signal generators on the market, also known as function generators, function ge­nerators or signal generators, produce sine wa­ve, square wave and sawtooth signals. Howe­ver, the bisected sine signal is probably suit­ab­le for this purpose. Connect it to the input of the first stage and set its frequency to the resonant frequency of the LC circuit tested earlier. We find that the resonant circuit works, but does not produce excess current. Despite the soliton excitation, the current in the reso­nant circuit does not in­crease, but only circu­lates. The capacitor is char­ged when the signal rises and discharged when it falls. Its energy is transferred to the induc­tance. The magnetic field of the induc­tan­ce then collapses and its energy flows in the op­posite direction into the capacitor. The coil and the capacitor alternately act as energy so­urce and energy storage. The result is oscilla­tion.

However, what we need now is not an oscillator operating at resonant frequency, but an energy absorber. We can achieve this by preventing oscillation and preventing magnetic energy from flowing back into the coil. Tesla solved this problem very simply. He inserted a diode between the coil and the capacitor. Since current can only flow in one direction through the diode, it cannot flow backwards. So there is no oscillation. Tesla put this requirement as follows. In producing this wave, harmonic oscillations must not be allowed, the current pulses must be unidirectional." Since the current cannot flow backwards, the next soliton wave will build on the previous one. This increases the energy in the inductance, in this case the primary winding of the transformer. Moray called this process "winding". Tesla's configuration is only apparently similar to conventional transformers, the mechanism of operation being very different. This circuit is nothing more than a cumulator combi­ned with a transformer. The voltage of the energy waves collected by the cumulator is transmitted by the transformer by transforming it up.

Now there is no obstacle to the production of excess energy. However, it does not go very far. Although soliton waves can generate a lot of power, they can only do so if they have a lot of mass. In circuits with low-mass components, they cannot produce several kilowatts of excess current. The voltage of the electricity produced can be increased to millions of volts, but the current will be small. Tesla's spec­tacular demonstrations of this po­wer flowing through himself on more than one occasi­on prove this. The high-frequency, high-voltage cur­rent passing through him did him no harm, though sparks did fly from him and he himself swam in the darkness in a ghostly blaze of light. The low current and the skin effect did him no harm. If he touched a 750,000-volt trans­mission line like that, he'd burn to a cinder. There's electricity in it. Des­pi­te the low amperage, the multi-sta­ge con­verter provided at least 10 kW of additional energy. The diodes we­re also involved in the power ge­ne­ration.

Since there was no oscilloscope in Tesla's day, the inventor was un­awa­re that the high metal con­tent of cold cathode electron tube diodes had a negative internal resistance. This means that they not only rectify, but also pro­duce excess energy. And not a little of it. We can use this additional energy, but in the age of semiconductors, it is more comp­licated to achieve. The main problem is that con­ventional double-layer germanium and silicon dio­des do not have negative internal resistance. Tun­nel diodes (Esaki diodes and backward or Gunn diodes) do. But these diodes have very low reverse voltages. They could only be used in the first three stages. In the further stages, they would become short-circuited due to the voltage build-up. For these grades, a tunnel diode with a high closing voltage is needed. This can only be achieved by adding a low-doped semicon­ductor layer to the tun­nel diode. This three-layer diode can be used in all stages because it has a low opening voltage and a high closing voltage.

Such a diode is not yet produced anywhere. However, the possibility exists. One of my inven­tions of forty years ago can presumably satisfy these two requirements. The functional and patent description of my invention, "Field Electric Semiconductors", can be found in the Kun Electronic Library. A semiconductor factory would have to manufacture samples and measure them. If their threshold voltage drops to near zero and their load characteristics bend back strongly, we have a winning case. In this case, there is nothing to stop us from reconstructing the Tesla converter with modern components.

Nor do we have to wait for the samples of field-electric semiconductors to arrive. Although pnp-type transistors only rarely exhibit negative internal resistance, the majority of npn-type transistors do. This is most evident in the 2N1613 transistor. npn transistors are very easy to convert to field effect diodes. All that is needed is to short-circuit their base electrode to their collector electrode. You have a bipolar power-generating diode. The only drawback is that its threshold voltage is 0.6 V, so it can only be used in stages where the primary coil voltage is well above this value. In the last stages, high current transistors are needed. Therefore, the load characteristics of high power npn transistors should be measured and the one with the most bias curve should be chosen.   

Using semiconductor diodes and a stable signal generator, it may be easy to build a Tesla con­ver­ter with fewer cascaded stages. No adjustment of the signal generator is needed, because it has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. Of course, a whole signal generator does not have to be built into a series-produced Tesla converter. Only the circuit that produces the split sine wave needs to be mounted on a small panel. This should be designed as a CMOS circuit (p and n type FETs) to minimise the current consumption. If we are designing a miniature signal generator, it would be worthwhile to develop a type where the sine wave is not cut in two, but just pre-decided, like a natural soliton wave. In this way, sine waves similar to those of a rapids would be generated. Such waves can be seen in videos showing surfers.[5]  For experimental purposes, a second potentiometer should be fitted in addition to the frequency-control potentiometer to vary the rightward slope of the sine curve. By alternating the two types of signal, it would be possible to decide which excites the Tesla converter more efficiently.   

The most suitable battery to power it would be the lithium battery used in notebooks. This long-life battery can power the Tesla converter for up to 10 years. For operational safety, the battery should be connected to the excitation circuit with a soldered connection. The battery holder in portable devices cannot be used here. The spring contacts will corrode over time, resulting in power failure. Some devices, such as computers, will stop working after only a few hundredths of a second of power failure. In the event of a power failure, neither word processing programs nor the ope­rating system will return the opened document, so the whole day's work can be lost. And if you use the Tesla converter in a car, the battery can easily be ripped out of the battery compartment. This can cut off the power to the engine, which can cause a fatal accident.

A better solution is to use the voltage fed back from the output to power the signal generator. The consumption of a few milliamperes can be provided by a small transformer and a valve transistor stabilised by a Zener diode on its base. The disadvantage of this solution is that a small inductor is required to revive the signal generator. This is nothing else than a soliton coil with a high field magnet rod pushed inside. (Tesla used it to revive his converter.) This can be automated with a push-button solution. Pressing the start button a few times charges a buffer capacitor, which, when connected to the signal generator's supply voltage, can start the circuit. Tesla did not have a signal generator solution because transis­tors were not available at the ti­me. He could only generate soli­ton waves with a commutator mo­tor. However, the installation of such a motor would have signi­ficantly increased the size of the converter and would have consu­med a significant part of the ex­tra current. He therefore used et­her noise for excitation. Howe­ver, this method requires a zero threshold voltage diode, which is unlikely to be produced from a se­miconductor.[6]   


A major drawback of this converter is that it has to be excited. And the Tesla-built version did not need a signal generator (alternator). The version built into his car was self-excited. All it needed was an antenna. The signal was provided by the ether noise collected by the antenna. This could presumably be any movement that disrupts the smooth flow of the subatomic energy particles that make up the aether. Such an effect could be caused by sound vibrations in the air, wind, vehicle motion, rain, lightning or any mechanical change of position that might occur on a living planet. To this must be added electromagnetic emissions (radio waves, signals emitted by television transmit­ters or mobile phone signals). However, these are not included in the excitation because the valve diodes of the converter exclude harmonic electromagnetic waves from the excitation. The Tesla converter collects neither the excess energy nor the excitation energy from nearby transmitters. It uses only longitudinal waves.

The signal from the cosmic background radiation is not large, but it is sufficient to compensate in the input stage for the loss due to the thermal motion of the electrons as they collide with each other. In the following stages, this is no longer a problem, becau­se after the energy has accumulated and the voltage has been transformed, this loss plays a negligible role. The existence of ether noise is easily verified by turning on the radio or television. If you tune your radio between two stations in the VHF band, you will hear a hissing sound. This is the ether noise. On television, we can also see ether noise, also known as cosmic background radiation. If we stray to a channel that is not broadcas­ting, we also hear a hissing noise and black and white dots appear on the screen in chaotic motion.

In his patent specification, Tesla also provided a cir­cuit diagram of the input stage. But he did not des­cribe the frequency at which it should be tuned. There­fore, we have to measure the frequency of the ether noi­se and tune the resonance frequency of the first and sub­sequent stages to this value. For tuning, first use an Esa­ki or back­ward diode. If the threshold voltage of this dio­de is too high, and therefore the few milliwatts of energy that can be extracted from the wire antenna cannot pass through it, then the n-type field diode suggested above should be tried. In principle, this has a threshold voltage close to zero. The creation of this diode was a problem from the very beginning. All we know about the diode material is that Moray experimented with germanium, molybdenum sulphide and bismuth crystals in the 1920s and 1930s. The degree of doping must have been important, because he was constantly concerned to clarify the chemical composition of the crystal. This suggests that this particular device was a rudimentary tunnel diode based on germanium. Tesla also used a cold-cathode electron tube for this purpose. (If fabricated in miniature, this component would take up no more space than a discrete transistor.) 

When reviving the input stage, it should be remembered that this circuit, even using a zero threshold voltage diode, does not supply enough voltage to revive the additional stages. The ether noise can only cover the loss in the LC circuit. To turn on the converter, a starting pulse is required as mentioned above. In other words, a voltage must then be applied to the input stage for a pulse that far exceeds the signal level provided by the ether noise. After that, the continuous excitation can be provided by the antenna. Tesla used external magnetic excitation for this purpose. Presumab­ly he inserted two magnet rods of opposite poles into the system, while Moray used a horseshoe magnet to "caress" a component covered with black tape. In all probability, this unit was a coil that, when magnetically excited, was capable of inducing a voltage sufficient to bring the circuit to life, providing the initial voltage needed to start it.   

However, at the current state of electronics, this problem can be solved more elegantly. The simplest way to construct an inductor connected to the first stage is to use an electric pushbutton. Attach a small bar magnet to the end of its shaft and place a solenoid made of enamelled copper wire around it. When the push-button is pressed, a voltage is induced in the coil that can revive the converter. Since piezoelectric crystals did not exist at the beginning of Tesla's work at the end of the 19th century, it would be worth putting a small piezoelectric coil behind the push-button shaft. (Beware of using piezo igniters in lighters, used in gas stoves and built into gas convectors. These are fitted with multiple coils stacked on top of each other and the thousands of volts they generate will short-circuit the converter. (The output voltage of a gas stove igniter is 15 kV.)


The output transformer must be designed to transform several kilovolts of voltage to an effective voltage of 230V (110V). This raw electricity is already perfectly suitable to power a heating coil (radiator, electric stove, water boiler). To ensure that the pulsating direct current does not interfere with nearby communications equipment, the output voltage can be smoothed by a high-capacity electronic capacitor. Before doing this, there is one more thing to try. If we introduce current in the form of soliton waves into the heating elements, the aether in the heating filament will also help to multiply electrons.[7]  This means that the heater cartridge can handle less current, with a smaller con­­verter attached. For fire safety, the converter should not be left switched on when not in use. The easiest way to turn it off is to ground its antenna. For this purpose, an additional push button should be fitted on the front panel. If a soliton signal generator is used, the generator power shall be switched off. 

The finished converter only needs to be protected against short-circuits. Without it, the converter would overheat and burn out in the event of a consumer short circuit. In the event of overload, one of its components would fail. The simplest and cheapest solution for short-circuit protection is a fuse. However, this is not recommended, firstly because it increases the internal resistance of the power supply, which impairs the stability and load capacity of the converter. More importantly, in the event of a short circuit, the user does not have a spare fuse, so the blown fuse is "blown". This will cause the converter to burn out. Recognising this danger, households have already stopped using fusible links. Nowadays, all homes have a circuit breaker that will trip in the event of a fault. In this case, all you have to do is to remove the short-circuiting device and then turn the circuit breaker back on.

The disadvantage of the circuit breaker is that it also increases the internal resistance of the power supply and is not fast enough. The tripping is done by an electromagnet with the mains current flowing through the coil. In the event of a short-circuit, the electromagnet pulls a trip wire, which breaks the circuit. Instead, the parallel short-circuit monitoring circuit that I have invented should be used. None of its sensing elements are in series with the supply current, so it does not increase the internal resistance of the power supply. Another big advantage is that it has no reaction time. Since the electromechanical switching element is tripped by the opening contact rather than the closing contact, the response time of this overload protection circuit is zero. Its manufacturing cost is no higher than the purchase cost of a relay. The invention entitled Short-circuit protection (Controllable electromechanical overcurrent and short-circuit protection for any type of power supply) can also be downloaded from the Kun Electronic Library.

For high power Tesla converters of several kilowatts, it is not necessary to use a large relay. Inexpensive, small relays can also be used for disconnection. In this case, the antenna must be grounded or the signal generator supply voltage must be interrupted in case of overload. A hermeti­cally sealed reed relay is ideal for this purpose. In cars or aircraft subject to vibration, however, the use of mechanical switching elements is risky. They can shake (bounce). There is also a risk of contact chafing due to outdoor use. Therefore, in this case, it is advisable to incorporate a varistor in the stabiliser supplying the signal generator, which will cut off the signal generator supply in the event of a significant output voltage drop. In the absence of a signal generator, the Tesla converter will shut down, which does not happen immediately. The supply voltage drops to zero only after a few tenths of a second, because the energy in the capacitors must be burned out through the load.

Once the Tesla converter is reconstructed, manufacturers of electronic devices will most likely switch to converter power. They will incorporate a Tesla converter in their products, sized to match the power consumption of the device. However, they cannot do this with the appliances they have previously produced and sold. They still have to be powered from an external power supply. It will also take 10 to 15 years before the communication equipment, jukeboxes and computers currently in use become obsolete and are replaced. However, mains electricity is not needed to power these devices either. For this purpose, a portable or wheeled converter should be provided, which should be supplemented by an inverter. The inverter converts the pulsating direct current into alternating current of 230 (110) volts at 50 (60) Hz. This portable converter is likely to be used for a long time in the long run, because it is not possible to install the converter in hand-held appliances (e.g. hair dryer, electric shaver). This would increase the size and weight of the device to an extent that would make it unmanageable. However, it is conceivable that manufacturers could include an adaptor with their portable devices that contains a mini Tesla converter. As with charging adaptors for mobile phones, these small converters could be standardised to be used with any type of device from other manufacturers. So for both hairdryers and electric shavers, make only one type of adapter.

ircraft designers are also waiting for the Tesla converter like the Messiah. Unlike electric cars, converting aircraft to electric propulsion is impossible at the current level of technology. This is due to the low energy density of lithium-ion batteries, i.e. how much energy they can store per unit mass. For the most advanced batteries available today, this value is 400 Wh/kg. In contrast, kerosene, the fuel used to power aircraft, has an energy density of 12 000 Wh/kg. That is, it contains thirty times as much energy. The take-off weight of a B737 passenger aircraft is min. The maximum take-off weight of a B737 aircraft is 80 tonnes. Of this, 21 tonnes is kerosene. To replace that much kerosene, 630 tonnes of batteries would be needed. With this extra weight, the aircraft would not be able to take off.

The situation is not much better for hybrid aircraft. In this system, a gas turbine on board gene­rates electricity to power the electric motors of the propeller-driven aircraft. Since a propeller-driven aircraft can use only 20% of petrol and the electric motor is more than 80% efficient, the 30-fold weight gain can be reduced by a factor of ten. However, this also requires a split propulsion system, cryocoolers and superconducting engines. This in turn makes the production cost of the aircraft significantly more expensive. Airlines would even accept this, but the tenfold increase in fuel would reduce the range of their aircraft by a tenth. This would mean that intercontinental flights would be eliminated. Even within a continent, passengers would only be able to get from one country to another with multiple connecting flights.

Another problem is the speed reduction. A propeller-driven passenger aircraft can fly at around 600 km/h, compared with 900 km/h for the jet passenger aircraft currently in use. (The Boeing 787 Dreamliner can briefly exceed the speed of sound, i.e. 1225 km/h.) And the Concorde jet aircraft had a maximum speed of 2,754 km/h.) The almost halving of the airspeed would double the journey time, which would not please passengers. The best solution would be an antigravity engine. It would need no fuel, weigh negligible compared to the weight of the vehicle, cost minimal to pro­duce and have a maximum speed of 72 000 km/h at 32 km altitude after leaving the airspace. The only prob­lem is that nobody believes it is feasible, so nothing is being done to make it happen. 

With the development of the antigravity engine, road and sea freight transport will be shifted to the air. But this will take decades. In the meantime, cruise ships and cargo ships would have to be converted to electric propulsion. In these monsters, diesel engines consume 300-400 tonnes of gas oil a day. So the fuel consumption of a single container lorry is equivalent to that of about 50,000 cars. It is estimated that at least 100,000 of these are constantly sailing the seas, transporting goods from one continent to another. This means burning 35 million tonnes of diesel every day. This means that cargo ships alone consume eight times more fuel than the world's passenger car fleet combined. Multi-decker cruise liners consume similar amounts of fuel to container ships, and there are at least a few thousand of them on the water. To sum up, mega-cargo and passenger ships at sea consume ten times more fuel than the world's total passenger car fleet. And that's just the consumption!

In terms of pollutant emissions, the situation is much worse because passenger cars use less polluting refined petrol and diesel. Container trucks, on the other hand, use the worst quality diesel oil, which is very high in sulphur. While sulphur emissions from cars are strictly regulated, the limit for marine fuel is four thousand times higher. So while their carbon dioxide emissions are only ten times higher, their sulphur dioxide emissions, which are extremely harmful to health, are 40,000 times higher than those of all the world's cars. In terms of sulphur emissions alone, a cruise ship emits as much sulphur dioxide as 200 million cars.

The situation is not much better for passenger aircraft. On average, they consume between 4 and 10 tonnes of kerosene per hour, which translates into an average of 200 tonnes of fuel per day. Statistics show that an average of 25,000 passenger and cargo aircraft are in the air at any one time. Their total consumption is 5 million tonnes of kerosene per day. This is just the equivalent of the dai­ly consumption of all passenger cars.


When developing the circuit board model, avoid the plug-in, flying lead connections that are fashionable nowadays. When these miniature banana plug wires are connected, a contact potential occurs which prevents the transmission of signals of a few millivolts. In addition, both the plug and the sleeve can corrode, leading to contact failure. Instead, use a classic modeling board with a tubular rivet. Drill a 2 cm square hole through a 4-5 mm thick textile bakelite plate, insert a 3-4 mm diameter copper rivet into each hole, bend the other end back with a dowel and hammer, and run a soldering iron through it. Screw a plastic foot into each of the four corners of the textile baking sheet to avoid burning the table during soldering. Solder the legs of the components and the con­necting wires to these tin-plated pipe rivets. Use insulated cable twisted from hair-thin tin-plated copper wires as connecting wire.

Also ensure that the soldering iron is clean. Always have a piece of resin next to the soldering iron, and prick it to remove the reed from the tip of the iron. Only use a resin soldering iron for soldering. To protect the components, the soldering iron should not be used with an operating voltage of more than 12V. When selecting components, use good quality foil capacitors (e.g. stiro­flex, polypropylene, epoxy resin). Since the electrolytic capacitor is polarized and has a high leaka­ge current, its use should be avoided.

Once the board model is operational, it is time for technology and industrial design. The compo­nents must be mounted on printed circuit boards or on a base plate made of thick textile bacelite, and the transformers must be placed on it so that their mass is balanced in the coffee. In this way, the converter will not tip over when lifted, and moving and transporting it will not be an accident hazard. For reasons of protection against contact and to avoid spillage with communica­ti­ons equip­ment, the apparatus shall be enclosed in a soft iron case approximately 1 mm thick, with a threaded stub welded on the back. Grounding can be carried out by means of this threaded bushing fitted with two nuts and a spring washer. The inner metal casing can be covered by a plastic housing with a design. This should be moulded from unattractive polystyrene, which is fragile. Polycarbo­nate is not good either because it is expensive. PVC is best because it is cheap and flexible.

After making it, you need to test whether the Tesla converter emits magnetic radiation. The easiest way to do this is to use a compass to approach the grounded metal housing. If there is signi­ficant magnetic emission, this should be noted in the instructions for use. In this case, the situation is complicated because you need to check how much this affects your health. Unfortuna­tely, mag­netic radiation cannot be shielded because etheric particles penetrate all materials.  If the radiation is strong, there is a "mouse path" for us.[8] Set the frequency of the soliton wave to 28 kHz. At this frequency, the etheric radiation has a healing effect on the body. (Keeping animals at home will also be a problem, because animals have an alpha brain frequency and are therefore very sensitive to magnetic radiation. In this case, our civilisation will have to decide what is more important, the environment, brain energy or the keeping of dogs, cats and other pets.)


Since the Tesla converter is a revolutionary esoteric device in our world, it is likely to be looked upon with aversion and fear. To reassure consumers, the following text should be included in the instructions for use:

The Tesla converter harnesses the kinetic energy of electrons flowing in parallel LC circuits, with transformer spin-off. The excess energy is due to the amplification effect of the rectifier diodes of the 12 stages, which is due to the negative internal resistance. To this is added the additional energy from soliton excitation and the tuning of the last stage to resonant frequency. Since the operation of this generator is based on a well-known basic electrical circuit, the parallel LC resonant circuit, the device does not emit electromagnetic, radioactive or other harmful radiation. Its use does not involve any harm or danger. There is even no risk of electric shock on earthed mains power lines. However, it is strictly forbidden to touch the output terminals at the same time, as this generator also supplies the same voltage as the mains lead. Therefore, the consequences of electric shock resulting from inattention or carelessness are the same. Nor is it less current-carrying than the mains supply. The Tesla converter is therefore capable of supplying the entire power supply of a family house.


The reconstruction of this converter will certainly revolutionise the world's energy supply. As the cost of producing Tesla converters is low, there will be no need to consolidate energy in buildings within each municipality. In fact, because they are cheap to produce, they can be used to power each individual consumer with a separate generator. The power circuit can also be built into the con­sumer's appliance housing. This eliminates the need for power cords. This also eliminates the elect­rosmog emitted by the power cables running through the room. So this power supply system not only provides free electricity, it is also good for your health. As these converters have no mo­ving parts, they require no maintenance and cost no more than the purchase price of an average house­hold robot, they can be used to provide individual power supplies for homes without any difficulty. In this way, not only high-voltage transmission lines can be eliminated, but also the elect­rical interconnection cables within a municipality can be eliminated. This will save countries and citizens a huge burden and expense.

In our domestic context, the Paks nuclear power plant currently generates electricity for HUF 8 per kW. This is passed on to consumers by the electricity companies for 42 cents. What is the point of paying a 500% premium for electricity when it can be produced locally, and for free. It is comp­letely unnecessary to build and maintain thousands of kilometres of high-voltage and low-voltage transmission lines, thousands of transformer stations and then install millions of electricity meters to measure consumption. Not to mention the fact that centralised electricity supply can be cut off at any time. Storms or ice can tear down power lines, fallen trees can damage local overhead cables, and lightning strikes can burn out high-voltage transformers. Underground cables are not safe either, as they are torn up by road construction and maintenance machinery. There is also the danger of wiring up buildings. Worldwide, thousands of industrial plants and homes burn down every year due to partial damage caused by poorly installed cables.

Just as much trouble and just as dangerous is the maintenance of thousands of kilometres of gas pipelines, which is also unnecessary. If sufficient electricity is available, the use of relatively cheap gas is unnecessary. The gas pipes will be removed from the walls of your buildings along with the electricity, giving your houses back their natural appearance. (With the switch to electric heating, there will be no need to build chimneys on the roofs of your houses.) There will be no more gas explosions, no more fires caused by electrical blackouts. By dismantling radio, TV, mobile phone and other microwave towers[9] and removing power lines, the landscape will be more beautiful and our neighbourhood more liveable. The harmonious landscape of thousands of years ago will return without having to give up our civilisational achievements. And with the end of power stations, explosive vehicles and fossil fuel heating, global warming will stop and, in time, nature will re­ge­nerate. The Earth's mineral reserves will not be exhausted prematurely either, as millions of tonnes of easily smelted iron and copper are produced from dismantled power lines worldwide, providing decades of raw material for industry.


The Tesla converter could also help to overcome water shortages. (Only three percent of the earth's water supply is freshwater, and even four-fifths of that is used for agriculture. That means that nearly eight billion people share less than half a percent of the total global water supply.) Developing countries already face a shortage of clean water. In coastal countries, fresh water is produced from seawater. But this process has not become widespread because it is very expensive. Filtering the water by osmosis requires electricity, which is expensive. (4.5 kilowatt-hours of elect­ricity are needed to produce 1,000 litres of water.) Distillation is also very energy-intensive. Howe­ver, the energy generated by the Tesla converter is free, which allows distillation to be used on a wide scale. (The latter process does not require an expensive membrane filter.) Boiling water with the Tesla converter also eliminates pollution because it does not require power plant electricity. Fossil fuels will not be needed either (Saudi Arabia currently uses one and a half million barrels of oil a day to power its desalination plants.)

(71% of the Earth's surface is covered by seas and oceans, at an average depth of 3 km.) In the future, there will be no obstacle to transporting desalinated water over long distances. With the disappearance of gas and oil transport due to free energy, the remaining pipelines will be able to transport fresh water to the interior of continents. Europe will also need this, because global war­ming will cause the glaciers in the Alps to melt, drying up rivers in the summer and cutting off the water supply to large cities. This could even cause a pandemic. Just think what would happen if Budapest's water supply were to be cut off overnight. (This could easily happen, because our capital is almost entirely supplied by the Danube. Without water, it would be impossible to bake, cook, wash dishes, do the washing up, water the garden. 2 million people would not be able to clean themselves, nor would they have enough water to flush the toilet. In a matter of days, this would create an epidemic risk so great that the entire capital would have to be evacuated. (The entire stretch of the Danube currently supplies tap water to 20 million people, and is the source of drinking water for many.)



The Tesla converter is a very useful thing, but we can't use it everywhere. Today, everything is over-miniaturised and the "flat" mania is raging. Not just smartphones, but televisions, computer monitors, and more recently notebooks, are getting flatter. A 7-8 mm thick device will not fit a Tesla converter's fist-sized output transformer. An electronic converter would be needed to power these devices. A circuit consisting of semiconductors or flat capacitors at most. An electronic transformer capable of transforming the weak signal from the input stage of the Tesla converter without an in­ductor (transformer). Sooner or later some­one will invent this converter.

 In the meantime, it might be worth look­ing at the Greinacher-Willard connection. The cascade vol­ta­ge multiplier diodes and capacitors can be used to increase the con­nected voltage to any value. Increasing the voltage supplied by the input stage of the Tesla converter by a few milli­volts to seve­ral volts is therefore not a prob­lem, but it do­es not increase the po­wer. So­li­ton feeding is not an obstacle he­re either. Although the Greinacher-Willard circuit requires an AC supply, a signal ge­nerator can also be used to produce a hal­ved sine wave, or soliton, signal from a re­gular sine wave. A Graetz rectifier bridge is then con­nected to the end of the conver­ter to con­vert the AC cur­rent into DC current. The pulsation of the cur­rent can be eliminated by a high-capacitan­ce electronic capacitor. The use of field diodes is not an obstacle here either, so it is likely that a large amount of excess energy can be extracted from this converter.

If the energy multiplied up to 5V for smart­phones or 12V for notebooks is not sufficient to power the device, the voltage will have to be mul­­tiplied further, increasing the number of rectifier bridges connected in the cascade. In this case the output voltage can be several hundred volts. To re­duce this, a transformer would be nee­ded. This do­es not fit in the device. There is, ho­wever, a work­­around, the switching power supply. Until about 1990, the power supply for computers contained a soft-iron transformer weighing seve­ral kilo­grams. Then came the switching power supply, which, despite delivering 500-600 W of power, is almost as light as a feather.

This is made possible by the fact that the trans­forming is not done at 50-60 Hz but at 20-50 kHz. The mains voltage is first rectified and then buffered (stored in a capacitor, smoothed). It is then clipped using a transistor. The current, with a fre­quency of about 30 kHz, is then passed to a pulse transformer. The voltage coming off the secon­dary winding is rectified by a fast switching Schottky diode, then filtered and buffered. Finally, the vol­tage regulation electronics follow. This also works differently from linear voltage regulators because it is done by varying the pulse width. (The higher the power load, the wider the pulses applied to the transformer.)

The design of a switching power supply may seem complicated compared to a linear transfor­mer, but it has one big advantage. Since the vol­tage transformation is done at high frequency, a much smaller iron core is needed. Even in the power supply of a high-performance desktop com­pu­ter, there is only a tiny ferrite-core transformer. Since a notebook consumes one tenth of the power of a desktop computer and a smartphone one hundredth, the size of a ferrite core or ferrite ring transfor­mer can be further reduced. Small enough to fit in a small flat box. It is advisable to use a flat or planar iron core. In this solution, the coil can be formed on the printed circuit board by etching it into the copper foil. The printed circuit coil itself has very low inductance. And the planar iron core placed on it thickens it considerably. Today, however, iron core coils are also produced in printed circuit design. In this solution, a ferromagnetic layer is applied to the inner layer of the substrate using nanotechnology. Using a double-layer sub­strate, this process can also be used to create a toroidal coil in printed circuit form.[10]  

Another major advantage of voltage conversion with a switching power supply is that while conventional transformers made of soft iron plates have an efficiency of up to 85%, switching power supplies can have an efficiency of more than 95%. However, the real size and price reduction is not achieved with this, but with the voltage stabilisation circuit that follows. While the voltage of a plate transformer can only be stabilised using a series valve transistor process, this is much easier to achieve with switching power supplies. As the load increases, only the width of the switching sig­nals needs to be increased, with no loss of power. The valve transistor solution requires a much higher input voltage to stabilise the output voltage. The difference between the two voltages genera­tes a significant excess power in the stabilizer, which is dissipated by the valve transistor, con­ver­ting it into heat. For this reason, the efficiency of linear power supplies is only 40 %. Another factor contributing to its size reduction is the absence of a heat sink, which protects the valve tran­sis­tor from overheating in linear power supplies.    

Since the permeability of a ferrite iron core is much lower than that of a soft iron core, many may wonder how it is possible to make a power supply with much better efficiency than soft iron transformers.[11]  This is because, unlike a soft iron core, a ferrite core can be excited at high frequen­ci­es, up to several hundred kHz. This has made it possible to create small and cheap switching power supplies. Yes, but increasing the operating frequency alone does not increase the efficiency of the transformer. This is already happening in switching mode power supplies. So much so that their efficiency exceeds that of soft-iron transformers. This is due to the high frequency excitation. It is very likely that, as with soliton excitation, ethereal particles enter the copper coil when the square wave excitation is used. As the square wave propagates, the interatomic space is emptied and filled by aether ions. These collide with the copper atoms, separating significant amounts of free electrons from their outer electron shells. The higher the frequency, the more they irritate the copper atoms. The resulting extra electrons increase the efficiency of the ferrite-core transformers. (If this is proven, scientists will be struck by the fact that the ether they have declared non-existent is already involved in the transformation.)    


Now there is only one unpleasant side effect of using a Tesla converter: the antenna. Tesla used an antenna nearly 2 meters long, while Moray used an antenna 150 meters long. When used in a car, stretching out the 2 metre insulated copper wire is not a problem. For electronic devices, however, it is a problem. It is useless to get rid of the mains cable if the Tesla converter's antenna is still hanging out of it and cackling along the wall. And with mobile phones, it is particularly dangerous to drag a 2 metre long cord behind you. A solution would be to wind up the antenna and hide it inside the casing. Wrapped around the inside wall of the cabin, it would not take up much space. The question is whether the converter works this way. It would probably not detect enough ether noise in this form. Therefore, it would definitely have to be switched to signal generator excitation.

The most ideal way to do this would be to use a signal generator that does not require any power supply and does not need an antenna. It emits energy from itself, which can then be used for excitation. This could be a crystal. Unfortunately, there is no crystal in nature that can do this. There are radiation sources, but they are not suitable for us. Radioactive isotopes emit very high energy, but they are both dangerous and electrically useless. The alpha, beta or gamma rays they emit cannot induce a current in the electromagnet. However, the situation is not hopeless. Esotericism, which is anathema to official science, can help us out of our predicament. The solution is quite transcendental, but we should get used to the idea that in the future science, religion and esotericism will merge and become a highly effective common science.

We were at the point where we needed a crystal that emitted magnetic energy. We would just have to surround it with a solenoid or put it in a toroidal coil and the electromagnetic energy indu­ced by the crystal could be conducted out of it. But we do not have such a natural crystal. There is a crystal with magnetic emission (e.g. magnetite), but it is a permanent magnet. And permanent mag­nets can only induce when they are moved. We need a crystal that pulsates. No one has ever heard of such a crystal, but it exists. We just don't know what it pulsates and why. Those familiar with the esoteric literature will be familiar with the reports of the Bosnian pyramids. They mention that in­side one of the 30,000-year-old pyramids is a huge stone weighing 800 kg. This disc-shaped stone, called Megalith K-2, emits positive magnetic radiation at a frequency of 28 kHz. Therefore, anyone who lies on this stone will, after a while, be charged with etheric radiation, which will make them feel better. And after repeated use, you will be cured or your illnesses will become bearable.

We should investigate what is emitting the health promoting or disease healing 28 kHz frequency. Is it the stone block or the source of the radiation underneath? We also have such an etheric radia­tion source in Tápiószentmárton on Attila Hill. Many people come here for healing. The famous Hungarian miracle horse, Kincsem, was filled with positive energy here. His owner rested him here between two races. On his way home, he lay down on Attila Hill next to his stable to recharge. It was due to the ethereal energy that he was entered in 56 races and won all 56. Unfortunately, you can't climb down in these places to find the source of the radiation. Most likely, we wouldn't find it either, because these rays are created by a geological anomaly from deep within. A lava flow or the intersection of the earth's dragon lines can trigger such radiation. And we can't mine that in crystal form.

In the past, we would have had easier access to devices that emit magnetic radiation. By exa­mining them, we could have found out what makes them radiate. We know from the Bible that Noah was given a "luminous stone" by God to keep him from having to light a fire in the darkness of the ark.[12]  And medieval records mention everlasting lanterns. In 1401, the tomb of the son of the former king of Troy was excavated and a lantern was found still burning. King Pallas of Troy lived in the 12th century BC. The lamp had therefore been burning for 2400 years. In 1539, a lamp that had been lit for 1200 years was also found in a Catholic church in England. The curious find was reported to King Henry VIII, who believed the ever-burning lamp to be a Roman pope's trick and had it destroyed. So we cannot examine this one either.

The last ever-burning lamp was found by a Swiss soldier, Du Praz, near Grenoble, France. He took it to a monastery, where it was studied for months, but no one could find out what kept it burning for so long. The level of oil in it did not decrease over time. Eventually, one of the monks dropped it and the oil spilled out, along with the hope of a solution. It is no coincidence that the monks never found the secret of the everlasting. After all, these lamps were not lit by flame. A reference to this is found in the Bible. In the third book of Leviticus it says: And thou shalt command the children of Israel to bring thee pure oil of olives for the laver, and to put thereon the „ever-burning lamp”. The ever-burning lamp must have been some kind of subatomic energy emitter that ionized the air and it glowed. As we know, the amount of subatomic energy locked up in matter is almost infinite, so it is not at all far-fetched to say that these lamps were ever-burning.

Despite all the failures, our situation is not hopeless. It is true that we do not have pulsating magnetic crystals, but civilisations more advanced than us do. We don't have to go far to get it. We don't have to contact extraterrestrials, because the Atlantean civilisation already had that. The people rescued from Atlantis, which sank into the ocean, moved underground and into the depths of the sea. Now they live in an artificial bubble world, on the site of their former continent. Their old world has not disappeared without a trace. It has just sunk to the bottom of the ocean and been washed away by the mud. Their huge pyramids are covered in mud, but they still function. That's what's causing the anomalies over the Bermuda Triangle.


Many people have heard of mysterious disappearances in this area. These are not annihilations, but time travel. Their largest pyramid, 300 metres long and 200 metres high, emits a powerful mag­netic radiation that causes time dilation. This was the phenomenon experienced by the passen­gers of the passenger plane that arrived half an hour early. When they landed, they were surprised to find that their watches were invariably half an hour late compared to the airport clock. They could not be accused of imagination, because they found that the aircraft had enough excess fuel to last half an hour.

The journey of flight 513 took longer than that and did not end so happily. The passenger aircraft took off from Santiago airport on 4 September 1954. A total of 91 people were on board the flight to Germany, but they never arrived at their destination. Radio contact with the plane was lost over the Bermuda Triangle and no news has been received since. For 35 years. But on 12 October 1989, it appeared in the sky over Porto Alegre Airport in Brazil. Air traffic controllers were shocked when they identified the plane, which had been missing for 35 years and had been circling the airport for 35 years, and could not be contacted. After the plane landed, the authorities went to the runway and then on board, where they found the skeletons of passengers and crew. Anthropological examination found that their bodies had started to decompose when the plane returned to the present, and that the passengers and crew had suddenly aged 35 years. Interestingly, everyone sat in the same place they were originally supposed to.

 This rapid ageing is not a unique phenomenon. It has happened elsewhere that, in almost minu­tes, someone has aged so much that they have died and their body has been mummified. In November 1961, a 48-year-old clerk, David Lowe, and his wife in Darlington, in the north of Eng­land, were unsuspectingly watching the evening television programme when she became bored and went upstairs to her bedroom. Lowe, however, watched the film through and did not follow her until an hour later. Not wanting to wake his wife, he undressed in the dark. He was about to go to bed, but he was suspicious of the deep silence and the fact that he could not hear his wife breathing. He had a strange feeling and turned on the light. He saw a horrible sight. His wife was no longer alive. His shock was heightened by the fact that it was obviously no ordinary death. Her body was brown and shrivelled. The terrified husband found a mummy in the bed. Her missing teeth were protruding from her open mouth. The teeth that had fallen out were later found in her mouth.

The police and the coroner also discovered other anomalies in the bedroom. They found blacke­ned plant fibres in her flower vase, which may have been the remains of a bouquet of flowers she had placed in it the day before. The bed linen and furniture covers also bore the marks of a long period of time, even though the Lowe's had bought new bedroom furniture the year before the incident. It was also noticed that the floor and the furnishings were covered with a thick layer of dust, which takes decades to settle. This could not have formed in the past because she vacuumed the room every day. The husband recognised the dead woman as his wife, although the 42-year-old woman looked more like her own grandmother. The autopsy concluded that the deceased was an 85-90 year old woman who had lain unburied for several years after her death, her body mummified in the dry air. The husband had no idea how his wife could have aged 30 years in just 1 hour while she slept. She then died and was mummified without either he or the neighbours noticing any ab­normalities in the area.

Going back to the crystal pyramids of Atlantis, the aircraft that flew over the top of the pyramid experienced a much greater time dilation. They were transported back in time to the world of Atlantis. The disappearances began in 1945, with the case of the 19th military unit. On December 5th, six military planes took off from Florida. An hour later, each pilot reported to headquarters that they were lost and did not recognize the landscape below. The control tower recorded the conver­sation with the pilots. One of them said, "My navigation instruments are going crazy. The compass is spinning round and round. The sea has changed. I can see a landmass that shouldn't be here, be­cause according to my chart and my knowledge of geography, there are no islands. In comparison, there is a green continent below me." Their instruments then became completely inoperable, and they were unable to control the distressed aircraft from the tower. One of the rescue aircraft sent after them also disappeared during the search. It was probably searching over the pyramid. In the days that followed, hundreds of ships and planes searched nearly 250,000 square miles of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, but neither the 27 victims nor the wreckage were found. Records since 1851 show that 8127 people have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. In addition, more than 50 ships and 20 aircraft have disappeared without a trace.


Such time travel also occurs in pyramids in our world. In villages near the pyramids in Egypt and Bosnia, parents have been warning their children for centuries not to play near the gulas. Their fears are not unfounded, as several children have disappeared without a trace in the vicinity of the pyramids in the past. They have never been found. Residents of nearby Bosnian villages say they see strange lights flashing near the pyramids at night. Arab children are warned of the same by parents living near the Great Pyramid. According to one traveller, he became dizzy near the dome and suddenly found himself in another world. Gone was the pyramid, gone was the Sahara, and he found himself on a strange beach, where seagulls screeched and green waves lapped the piers and boats. Further inland from the shore, he saw a straight street leading into the interior of the island. There were streets paved with marble, where people in white dress walked among palaces built of crystal. He was about to go into the city to have a closer look around when he was back in the Sahara in an instant. In the sandy desert, he was saved from dehydration by being found by a caravan.

According to a medieval Bosnian adoma, some children once disappeared near the Pyramid of the Sun. Their parents searched the area for months. They had given up on them, mourned them, when suddenly they turned up. They were wearing the same clothes they had disappeared in, and they hadn't lost any weight. When questioned, they said they were playing by the pyramid when they saw an opening in the side of the vegetated goula. Curious, they ventured into the cave. Once inside, however, they were frightened by the light coming from inside. But their curiosity drove them further, but they did not reach the source of the light because they suddenly felt a blow on their forehead and felt dizzy. They thought they had hit a stone wall, but the next moment they opened their eyes and found themselves on the shores of Atlantis. They couldn't understand how the sea came to be here, since no sea washes the borders of Bosnia. They too heard the screeching of sea­gulls and saw the ships anchored in the harbour. They don't remember anything else, because sud­denly they were back. Asked what they did for the four months they were away, they could not ans­wer. They said that when they tried to go inside the island, they got dizzy again and found them­selves back in their village in an instant. They swore that they thought the adventure lasted no more than 10 minutes. Such adventures have happened in other countries. Similar disappearances have been documented at the Mayan pyramids, the Chinese pyramids and the Mongolian pyramids. It is clear that this is time dilation. This also explains the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.


In October 2012, American and French scientists led by Dr Verlag Meyer discovered a pyramid larger than the Kheops pyramid on the Atlantic Ocean floor. Diving underwater in wetsuits, they found that the pyramid was made of some kind of white crystal. And their instruments indicated that the top was magnetic. Visual observation showed that it was emitting some strange light. It appea­red as if the top was pulsating.   This is not the first time. Divers have found crystal pyramids in the ocean off the coast of the Yucatan, off Louisina, Florida, before. The most famous case occurred in 1970, when an amateur diver, Ray Brown, got lost while diving off the Bahamas. Thirty kilometres off Berry Island, he became separated from his companions.

While searching for them, he noticed a strangely luminous pyramid-like structure in the ocean 30-40 metres below the surface. He said the pyramid was at least 100 metres high and covered with a perfectly smooth, crystalline material. The pyramid glowed with a slight glow, turning the other­wise pitch blackness milky white. Brown discovered two openings in the pyramid, and through one of them he entered the interior, where he found a completely clean room, free of all marine plants and animals, the walls of which also glowed with a vague whiteness, like the outside of the pyramid. Inside he could swim from room to room. On the walls he saw writing of unknown origin, unlike the letters of any language on earth. Gazing around the pyramid, he had a sense of presence all the time, as if the guardian of the pyramid were watching him.

When he left, he brought with him a piece of crystal lying on the ground, which was apparently of the same material as the pyramid. This was later subjected to laboratory tests, which concluded that: 'The material of the crystal is not found on our Earth. It is not identifiable with any other crys­talline material on our planet." It has also been shown to multiply the energy radiated into it in unknown ways. For example, it multiplies the light emitted into it many times over. It would be useful to borrow this crystal fragment and put it inside a toroidal electromagnet. If its pulsating magnetic discharge creates an induced voltage in the coil, then we have found the ideal excitation circuit for the Tesla converter. If the Atlantean civilisation were to reveal how this crystal was made, all obstacles to the mass use of the Tesla converter worldwide would be removed. 


Budapest, 21.01.2018.    







Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                      


                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos



Tesla generator

(Operational description)


Update: 01 Febuary 2022.


A careful study of the esoteric literature will teach us many lessons. In particular, the work of Nikola Tesla is worth looking at. 120 years ago he developed several inventions that we desperately need. One is the Tesla converter, which is currently be­ing reconstructed. The other major invention is an auxi­liary device, the secondary effect of which took Tesla by surprise. We already know that almost all his inven­tions were based on the energy multiplying effect of so­liton waves. He produced the soliton waves with a com­mutator electric motor he called an alternator. These wa­ves behave in an unconventional way. Unlike the trans­verse waves we use today, the soliton produces a lon­gitudinal wave. Longitudinal waves, on the other hand, do not create an electromagnetic field around them­sel­ves, but a purely magnetic field.

Magnetic waves emitted strongly from Tesla's devi­ces and equipment. This put him and his colleagues at great risk. Both he and his laboratory staff suffered from indigestion, stomach and bile disorders, constipation and flatulence. Tesla had no idea that magnetic radiation was the cause. He did not know that the human body was powered by the same magnetic energy he was experimenting with. He had no idea about the meridian system and the aura that surrounds the human body, although he had seen it before in the form of a fog-like bubble during a medical con­dition. Magnetic rays can draw energy out of or overload certain meridians, and disruption of the energy balance can trigger a variety of diseases. 

The alternator operated mostly at a frequency of 30 kHz. It probably broke down and was rep­laced by a new one with a frequency of 28 kHz. Tesla was not too worried about this because it worked just like the previous 30 kHz version.  But the activity around the mechanical oscillator cured them all in a week. None of them got sick in the four years they used this machine. On one occasion, Mark Twain visited the laboratory. By this time, the world-famous American writer was in a rather poor state of health. He was suffering from various worrying and dangerous illnesses, Tesla recal­led. However, during his visits to the laboratory, he recovered within two months. The Yang energy of about 28 kHz emitted from the mechanical oscillator cured him.

With all these facts and evidence, the suggestion that we should take advantage of this oppor­tunity seems obvious. All the more so because this is the frequency that nature uses in its famous healing spas. In Tápiószentmárton, such places are the Attila Hill, Dobogók Stone, in Pilisszentiván the Devil's Rock, the Majki hermitage, the ruins of the Cistercian monastery near Pilisszentkereszt, the Wild Stand Stone and the Miracle Tree Chapel near Dömös, the Hegyesk Stone near Monoszló and the stones of Bükkszentkereszt. The most famous of the foreign energy spas is the Bosnian pyramid. As already mentioned in the description of the Tesla converter, the disc-shaped stone in this pyramid, called Megalith K-2, also emits positive magnetic radiation at a frequency of 28 kHz.

It would be worth travelling there and using a frame antenna and an oscilloscope to measure the exact value of this frequency.[13]  It should also be clearly determined whether this radiation is Yin or Yang. This does not require expensive gravimeters and other instruments to be transported to the site. A compass will do. If the stone is attracted to the north (black) pole of the compass, it is Yin, i.e. it is emitting gravitational waves. If it is attracted to the south (white) pole, the emission is Yang, or ethereal. It would be worthwhile to carry out this test in Tápiószentmárton, on Attila Hill and in Dobogókõ. From the shape of the signal on the oscilloscope, a clear conclusion can be drawn about the time course of the natural soliton wave. Based on this, we could see what signal we should produce with our signal generator. This would also be of great help in the reconstruction of the Tesla converter.

With the measurement results, we can now start to build such a generator. Since we have a signal generator, it is not necessary to make an AC commutator motor. The soliton wave supplied by the signal generator only needs to be amplified and lashed onto a ferrite toroidal ring coil or a Klein-shaped electromagnet. This arrangement has the disadvantage, however, that it can only be used by one person because it is forward beaming. Since there are many sick people in the world, and the­re­fore a mass cure is needed, a circular emitter must be designed. Extraterrestrial civilisations also use such a generator, Once, during a fourth type of encounter, they showed such a generator to people invited on board their spaceship. The "abductees" were told to stand in front of it and move, jump and dance. This was probably necessary to allow the healing energy to penetrate every part of their body, even into the depths of their joints. After the unexpected treatment, the returnees reported an extraordinary increase in energy and a very good sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, nothing was said about how the device worked, but witnesses said it looked like a large electric motor. It differed from a conventional electric motor only in that the rotor was fixed to the floor and the stator was fixed around it. Here, therefore, the magnetic energy did not flow out from inside the motor, but was emitted directly by the outer part, which emitted healing soliton wa­ves. If we were to succeed in producing such an electric motor, we would have no choice but to place it in the middle of the waiting rooms of doctors' surgeries. That way, patients could even be cured during the hours they wait. They won't even have to go to the doctor.

This mysterious frequency value has already captured the imagination of researchers. Many of them have carried out serious studies on the physiological effects. Not here, because our scientists in their iron hats would excommunicate any colleague who dared to do such a thing. In India and China, however, esotericism is not an excommunicated science. There is also serious research going on in the pars sciences. As a result, two Indian scientists have studied the effects of 28 kHz soliton waves on the body. The results are surprisingly varied. Here are the findings of Dr Siva Poobala­sin­gam and Nisha Lakshmanan:


Ø   Scalar energy can even be incorporated into our own DNA.

Ø   It eliminates and neutralizes man-made, unnatural frequencies in the human body.

Ø   Raises the energy level of every cell in the cell to the desirable 70-90 mV level.

Ø   Raises the covalence of every hydrogen atom in the body as measured by spectrographs. This is significant because our DNA is held together by covalent hydrogen bonds.

Ø   It increases the permeability of the cell wall, which helps nutrients to enter the cells and toxins to be excreted and removed from the cells.

Ø   Reduces the surface tension of the material, so the body needs significantly less time to digest it.

Ø   As the energy levels of billions of cells increase, so does the energy level of the body as a whole.

Ø   It cleanses the blood, improving the levels of proteins and fats floating in the blood, trig­ly­ceride levels and blood fibrin patterns.

Ø   Independent laboratory studies have shown that it boosts immune system efficiency by 149%.

Ø   Improves mental concentration and focus as evidenced by amplitude increases in EEG studies.

Ø   It also balances the two hemispheres of the brain as shown by EEG tests. More specifically, it coordinates the functioning towards the intuitive domain, which also provides a sense of co­herence..


A detailed account can be found in their English book "Optimal Energy for Peak Performance with Scalar Energy".


Lemniscata pipeline

(Functional description)


We know from Masaru Emoto's books "The Message of Water" and "The Hidden Wisdom of Water" that structured water has magical powers on our bodies.[14] Its healing power rivals that of soliton waves. So we don't have to wait for someone to reconstruct the Tesla generator, because we can start treating patients on a mass scale right now. All that is needed is to energise the water that comes out of the tap. No expensive equipment is needed, because the ether does it for us. We just need to get to work. A well-known phenomenon in physics is inertia, which is caused by the ether. Aether particles travel across the universe and nothing can stand in their way. They also flood our bodies, but we only notice this when we are driving a vehicle and it suddenly accelerates or slows down. Then we fall backwards or forwards. When we accelerate or decelerate, the dense aether cannot flow into our bodies, so it pushes us like a concrete block. It does the same thing with water, but water has a special property: it can absorb excess energy and retain it for a long time..

 The presence of etheric energy is not without consequences. The etheric particles use their ener­gy to eliminate the destructurisation of water resulting from environmental damage. They create structured water with a regular molecular structure. This is exactly what the body needs. Many pe­ople are on the verge of dehydration. As we know, we should drink 2.5 litres of water a day to stay healthy. Some people consume a tenth of that. It is good to drink 1-2 glasses of water a day. They know they should drink much more than that, but they can't. They say they don't want water. Their bodies have an in­stinctive aversion to destructured, chlorinated tap wa­ter. This situation is radically changed by drinking struc­tured water. The feedback is that normalising its mole­cular structure makes tap water soft and silky, which makes them feel thirsty again and allows them to drink enough water. Drinking structured water not only eli­minates fluid deficiencies in the body, but also enhances deto­xification and nutrient absorption. Structured water has a healing effect on the body. Over time, it eliminates all our diseases and strengthens our immune system. It also works wonders in industry and agriculture. Many people ha­ve recognised this beneficial effect and have created many inventions to exploit it. The most re­markable of these is the invention of a German physicist. This is also because it can be produced quickly and very cheaply.     

Wilfried Hacheney[15] designed a large device shaped like a lemniscate[16] to release etheric energy particles into water. The water flowing through the horizontal figure-eight tube is forced to change direction constantly, forcing large quantities of ether into it. The lemniscata shape is so effective because every centimetre of this pipe forces the water to change direction. As a result, it constantly bumps into the ether and absorbs a lot of ether ions. Many organic growers use this etheric water to water their plants so that they grow faster. Seeds also germinate better if soaked in this water before sowing. Bread baked in this way will be looser and the dough will rise higher. It has also been observed that concrete mixed with water enriched with ether is stronger than usual.

The efficiency of absorbing the primary energy can be further increased by placing several lem­niscates next to or on top of each other. The simplest way to do this is to bend the hot metal pipe into a template and allow it to cool before cutting it into pieces. It is not necessary to fold the ends of the tube by hand, gripping them with pliers, because this task is carried out more precisely by the articulated device[17] used to make the lemniscate. It is thus possible to make a device with up to ten layers, which increases its efficiency by an order of magnitude. Also try to increase the width as long as the technology allows. The wider and the higher the Lemniscata pipe system, the more ef­ficient it is. The pipe snake only needs to be coated with a layer of anti-corrosive anchor and can be used for decades without any problems. (If it is to be buried in the ground or in a pit designed for this purpose, it should be coated with aluminium and at least one layer of oil paint or tar. Also make sure that the top is at least 80 cm below the ground surface to prevent freezing in winter.)[18]

By the way, this method is not entirely new. As early as 1930, Viktor Schauberger developed an energy-enriching device for the artificial production of spring water. The Austrian naturalist used a spiral pipe in which the flowing water is also forced to change direction constantly. However, the efficiency of the spiral shape is much lower than that of the lemniscate. The only advantage of the spiral solution is that by reversing the direction of flow of the pipe or the water, it is possible to pro­duce water that rotates to the right.

Its low-cost production technology makes the lemniscata energy concentrator accessible to any­one. It has no running costs and therefore does not increase the price of the fruit and vegetables it produces. And the cost of purchase is recovered in a few years through an increased yield. In a few years, this equipment could easily become an integral part of every garden or rural household. It could also be easily used by urban water suppliers. All they would have to do is push the water into the hydroglobe bus through a pipe bent into a lemniscata shape rather than a straight pipe, and dis­charge it through the same kind of pipe. If necessary, an easily bendable plastic tube (rubber or plastic hose) could be used for this purpose. Industrial plants would also benefit greatly from this water, because it would soon become clear that the use of ether-enriched water would not only be beneficial for concrete production, but could have a beneficial effect on almost all products.

The potential for this is already beginning to unfold. For example, similar solutions can save a laundry owner €12,000 a year because less detergent is needed in ether-enriched water. In a riding school in Vienna, horses drink water enriched with ether and are no longer suffering from colic, while in a plastics factory, the use of cooling water has been optimised with the help of special wa­ter. Naturopaths have also praised the water. Patients who drink it get rid of eczema, leg swelling and headaches. It seems that the possibilities in this field are also unlimited. The opponents of the method speak of esoteric humbug, but the positive results and enthusiastic reports, which are multi­plying day by day, do not prove this. The improvement in water quality and the benefits it brings are visible, tangible and undeniable.

The most virulent opponents of ether-enriched water are the official scientific community. Ac­cor­ding to academics, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon, so they talk of fraud, placebo effect and 'selective perception'. But if every positive result is a figment of the imagination, then overnight we have become gods. We can heal ourselves and others with our thoughts alone, and make effective gains. That would be the real success, because then we could magically solve all the world's problems. Unfortunately, we cannot do that, so for the time being we have to make do with exploiting a physical phenomenon that fortunately works even if the scientific academies refuse to acknowledge it.

In order to avoid disbelief and heated debate, it would be advisable to test this method on a large scale and under official supervision. This would involve designating two blocks of flats in a housing estate or residential area and assessing the health of their occupants. Then a ten-piece lemniscata pipe snake would be installed in front of the inlet pipe of one of the houses. In a year's time, the health assessment should be carried out again in both blocks. After comparing the results, clear conclusi­-ons could be drawn about the effectiveness of this method. It would also be worthwhile to install the lemniscata pipeline in a hospital. After a year, it would then be possible to examine how the reco­very rate of patients has developed. Whether the length of time patients spend in hospital has dec­reased and whether the statistics on hospital-acquired infections have improved.

If there is no dramatic improvement, it is due to water pressure. The water company squeezes wa­ter into the street pipe network at 6 atmospheres (6 bar) to up to 10-storey tower blocks. Measu­rements show that this high pressure contributes significantly to the destructuring of the water. In this case, the restructuration should be carried out at the consumer, immediately upstream of the outlet tap. A half- to three-quarter-inch diameter tube containing 10 lemniscats should be placed in a plastic box under the bathroom sink or kitchen sink. The inlet and outlet stubs should be po­sitio­ned so that they are flush with the bottom of the enclosure. In this way, they can be installed in a recessed position. Covered with tiles, the structure becomes invisible.

Consumers of mineral water should not be deprived of the benefits of structured water. To do this, a 1.5 litre glass bottle with a metal screw cap must be manufactured. A pipe fitting consisting of 5 to 10 lemniscates is welded onto the top of the bottle. Both the cap and the quarter-inch dia­meter tubing should be made of corrosion-resistant steel. The width of the fitting should not be lar­ger than the diameter of the bottle or it will not fit in the refrigerator door. It is also not advisable to make it too high, as this will also prevent it from being placed in the refrigerator. It is also advisable to make a rubber cap. This can be used to prevent carbon dioxide from escaping from the 'bubbling' water. The device is very simple to use. You unscrew the pipe fitting, fill it with mineral water in a plastic bottle and screw on the metal cap. By tilting the glass bottle, the water flowing through the lemniscata-shaped fitting will now flow in a structured way into the cup underneath. The optimum number of lemniscates can be determined by freezing the outflowing water and exa­mining its crystal structure under a microscope.

If significant cures are observed with the use of lemniscate piping, this water treatment method should be implemented immediately throughout the country. It would save a great deal of expense to the public health fund, and would also greatly improve the public's sense of well-being and zest for life. This survey is unlikely to meet with resistance from the authorities, because official science says that this method is ineffective. And if it is ineffective, then it can do no harm. If it does, then it makes no difference whether the water enters the building or comes out of the tap through a straight or a tortuous pipe.


Budapest, 23.01.2018.


Form radiation

(Functional description)


There are many ways to maintain health, to cure diseases with ether. Most of them do not require expensive investment. As with lemniscate, shape radiation has a low-cost health promoting or hea­ling effect. The only drawback is that its effect is size-dependent. It can only induce rapid healing in large sizes. For the time being, only nature can create a mould radiator several kilometres in diameter. At depths of 10-30 km, the earth's crust is already in a plastic state. If the magma glowing in the interior of the globe can filter this plastic layer in such a way that it becomes convex when viewed from the surface, the shape radiation emitted from it will have a harmonic effect on living organisms. (Not only living organisms but also inanimate objects have an aura. This is called form radiation. Depending on their shape, these radiate beneficial or harmful radiation to living things.)

Beneficial crustal condensation is found in many parts of the world. The most significant in our country is the Attila crustal folds 10 km below the Attila hill in Tapioszentmárton. The energy ra­diating from the folds, which extend for several kilometres, has made Attila Hill a sacred site. It is named after Attila, the Hun king, who built his wooden palace on this hill on the advice of his shamans. (Our ancestors knew where to build; they were aware of the existence of radiations that could cause illness and those that could heal. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been lost with the advance of modern science. Our scientists have declared the science of their predecessors to be pseudoscience, and forbidden its research.) The rediscovery of this healing area is thanks to the owner of Kincsem Horse Park, who noticed that his horses liked to lie and roll around in a particu­lar part of the property. (Kincsem, the wonder horse, also owes his world-famous winning streak to this energy-boosting magnetic radiation. On his return home, he lay out on the Attila Hill near his stable to recharge. After a few days he recovered and was full of energy for the next race.)

The news of the miraculous cures spread like wildfire, and by the spring of 1999 thousands of people had made pilgrimages to Tápiószentmárton in the hope of being cured. Tourists can sit on the benches laid out or lounge on our blankets on the grass all day. After seeing the great success, the owner of the area decided to investigate the matter, trying to find out the cause of the positive changes using scientific methods. Instrumental tests showed no gamma or other radioactivity. Ho­wever, the levels of magnetic radiation were very high. According to comparative measurements by Hungarian researchers, while the magnetic balance in Medjugorje and Lourdes was between 50 and 80, the Attila hill had a magnetic balance of over 200. Many of the visitors have seen improvements in their coordination of movement. Those with musculoskeletal complaints have experienced a sig­nificant reduction in pain after sitting here for a few hours. Poor la-bor values (e.g. high blood pres­sure, rapid heart rate, high blood sugar, high cholesterol), which can cause a variety of ailments, al­so normalised after two to three weeks in the site.

However, these healing places cannot be left indefinitely because they overload the body with positive energy. This also upsets the balance of the meridian system, which can lead to a weakened immune system and infertility. Our ancestors, who were well versed in geomancy, were aware of this. In China, 4000 years ago, an imperial decree forbade the building of dwellings on such a site. Only pagodas, temples and healing sanatoria were allowed to be built on it, where people could stay for a period of time. There are also visitors who do not benefit from the radiation. The reason is that the concentrated etheric waves emanating from the earth only heal those whose illness is due to Yang's lack of energy. It has no effect on other types of energy imbalance.

By the way, most of the patients are suffering from Yang's energy deficiency. The Earth cons­tantly supplies us with Yin gravitational energy, but Yang energy can only be drawn from the ether. This is not very effective and only reaches the desired level in healthy people. Those whose chakras are slowed down, absorbing the surrounding energy with insufficient efficiency, can only access sufficient amounts of positive energy in places with increased space. Subsequently, not only are the diseased organs healed, but the vitality of the patient is increased and the energy available in the previous environment can now supply the Yang energy needs of his body. This, however, requires a full course of treatment, i.e. 10-12 visits or a continuous stay of two weeks. A single trip there will not work wonders, although it will improve well-being considerably. Magnetic radiation also cleans the air. According to measurements taken by the Institute of Radiobiology and Radiation Health on Attila Hill, "the air in the area is extremely clean".

Form radiation can have harmful as well as beneficial effects on the body. In nature, it occurs where the earth's crust is crumpled into a concave shape. Such a highly damaging site is in the Swansea Valley in England. Two English parapsychologists wanted to investigate the healing po­wers of Corn Leckart in a prehistoric burial site. They stepped into the centre of a circle of stone piles. Unfortunately for them, the circle proved to be harmful rather than healing. Claire Williams felt herself being pushed out of the circle by an unseen force, and Brian Perinton began to suffer from a stomach ache. After they went home, both of them had incessant headaches and gradually became weak. Doctors were unable to determine the cause of the weakness, a major deterioration in well-being.

These symptoms were caused by the disharmonious magnetic radiation of the earth's crust, which upset the energy balance of their meridian system. Our ancestors, thousands of years ago, were perfectly aware of this danger. They warned of this by fencing off the danger area with stones. The two researchers did not know this, so they entered the centre of the circle enclosed by piles of stones. Our ancestors, who lived thousands of years ago, also marked places with harmonic radia­tion. They used stone pillars with pointed ends to mark them and concentrate the energy emanating from the earth. They healed themselves by leaning against these stone pillars dug into the ground or by staying in an area enclosed by several stone pillars. This was the role played in Europe by kur­gans and in our country by kun hillocks. Civilisations more advanced than ours had already made deliberate use of shape radiations and used them to produce a powerful concentrating effect.

The people of the previous civilisation, Atlantis, were perfectly aware of the natural magnetic radiation nature offered them, and this energy permeated almost every aspect of their lives. Atlantis was not yet familiar with electricity. They satisfied their energy needs with form radiation, crystal radiation and a special oreichalcite ore ore (not much is known about oreichalcite, which is more precious than gold). According to ancient writings, its magnetic radiation was so strong that it ionised the air. "It emitted a fiery light." The Greek gods also used this ore. They used it to make destructive ray guns, which they used in their wars with each other.) Unfortunately, this ore is not found on any continent in our world. However, their shape-radiation techniques have survived. These pyramids are found on almost every continent. From China to Europe and North Africa to South America, they built hundreds of huge pyramids in which they hid their knowledge, inscribed on gold plates, so that the coming flood would not wipe out all traces of their existence. (In the Egyp­tian pyramids, underground chambers containing these documents have already been discovered by ground scanners. We will soon have the opportunity to uncover them.)

 But the pyramids were not just for the preservation of knowledge. They were also built to prove their high level of knowledge. So they did not create simple stone mounds, but stone structures that produced a mystical magnetic radiation inside them. The most suitable spatial form for this purpose was the globe. This node, which ends at the apex, is a highly effective shape radiator. When concen­trated, it collects the etheric (Yang) radiation that is ubiquitous in the universe, which is most strong­­ly manifested in the lower third of the globe. A cone would do the trick, but the cone is cap­ab­le of more. If its edges are oriented north-south, it will also collect the gravitational (Yin) radia­tion ema­nating from the Earth. This radiation is also strongest in the lower third of the globe. The reason for the precise orientation is that this is where most of the magnetic lines of force intersect the gula. Both radiations are so strong that anyone who lies on a stone slab placed in the third of the sphere not only experiences a strong healing effect, but also activates the organs in his brain (pineal gland, pituitary gland) that cause various parapsychological phenomena.

In a normal environment, such strong shape radiation does not occur. This is part luck, part mis­fortune. Unlucky because we cannot enjoy the positive effects. Since we don't live in pyramidal buil­dings, we don't have all the positive effects that the inside of a pyramidal structure has on a living organism. It's lucky, too, because people suffering from energy deficiency would not be able to to­lerate this environment in the long term. Headaches, nausea, organ ailments, they would eventually escape. These extremely strong form radiations have a positive effect only on inanimate objects and perishable materials for an unlimited period of time. The sustained Yang energy radiation causes mechanical stresses to be amplified. For example, the edge of a razor blade that has been disfigured will be straightened and sharpened again. The microbes in the food are destroyed. The excess ener­gy overloads their meridians and they become unviable because of the upset energy balance. The beneficial effect for us is therefore the destruction of viruses and bacteria. Concentrated in this form, the strong form radiation is not extinguished but is sustained. However, it does not leave the space bounded by the geometric shape.

In our environment we encounter only weak form radiation. This is the energy radiation emitted by objects of different shapes. As we know, inanimate objects also have an etheric body and thus an aura. Under normal circumstances, this energy radiation is so weak that it has no significant effect on us. There are, however, geometric shapes from which there is a concentrated outpouring of form waves. These include lines crossing at right angles, or edges of different angles in three-dimensional objects, and concave shapes. Magical objects emit a particularly strong radiation. The most famous of these is the "Nile Key" or Ankh cross, found in ancient Egyptian tombs. A similar feature to the cross with ears is the idol resembling the Greek letter "Ф". If a copper or iron ring is fixed to a rod made of the same material, so that the ring is placed symmetrically at the end of the rod, a harmo­nious device is obtained which neutralises harmful rays. This effect, however, only starts when properly oriented. When worn around the neck or on clothing as a badge, it should be placed with the stem facing downwards. If we use it horizontally (e.g. in our room), it should be oriented so that the stem is pointing directly towards the North Magnetic Pole.

Instead of beneficial, you will get very harmful form waves if you cut the ring in half and assemble this device so that the half circles fit back to back on the rod. In the vicinity of this shape, which resembles the Cyrillic letter „Ж, we become restless, sleepless and very soon ill. Complex geo­metric shapes also emit powerful waves of energy. Symmetrical shapes have a positive effect on the equilibrium of the living world, while asymmetrical shapes release harmful energies. The concave mirror is known to collect and focus light rays. Observations have shown that this is also true for magnetic radiation, so avoid staying on the axis of concave objects, and especially not at their focal point.

The aforementioned form of shape radiation that emits harmful waves can only enter the home by accident, through an improperly designed flower holder or other wrought iron ornament. Howe­ver, a less dangerous but much more common form of damaging radiation source, the cylindrical body, can be found in every household. If they are found in a room in even numbers, their radiation excites each other; if they are in odd numbers, arranged in a row, there is increased excitation. The health-damaging radiation of this nerve agent, which usually takes the form of bottles, jars, pots and pans, becomes really noticeable when a few centimetres of water or other liquids are present. It is not the water that is the problem, as water attracts radiation from the earth, so its presence could be beneficial. The problem is that turbulence develops between the bottom of the liquid in the vessel and the top mirror formed by the liquid surface, causing the water to radiate outwards, amplifying the magnetic radiation it collects.

This radiation is predominantly directed upwards, but if the bottom mirror and the liquid surface are at an angle to each other, the radiation will be oblique. This phenomenon disappears, however, when the half-empty bottle is put to bed. The other solution is to place an object (e.g. a copper ring) in the bottom of the vessel. This breaks the reflective effect of the bottom mirror, which prevents turbulence from forming between the two liquid surfaces. None of this is necessary when the bottle is full. In this case, the contraction of the neck eliminates the upper liquid mirror. This effect does not apply to previously manufactured bottles with a pressed bottom.

Form radiation, also known as idom radiation, is the beneficial or harmful radiation emitted by objects. Form radiation is not the radiation emitted by objects themselves. There are no large ob­jects around us that have significant intrinsic radiation. Compared to the gravitational pull of the Earth, the gravitational radiation of the objects around us can be considered almost zero. Their ra­diation from their etheric skeletons is also negligible. The bioenergy emitted by living organisms, such as the human body, far exceeds that of inanimate objects. Objects around us can only emit in­tense energy if they collect it from the environment. We know from the Esoteric Cycle that a wrought iron flower stand placed over a vein of water can itself emit a level of harmful radiation that can make us ill. Form radiation manifests itself in two ways. One is that they emit concentrated bursts of earth, water vein, Hartmann node and other harmful radiation. This happens when a ring sawed in two is welded to the rod of a wrought iron flower holder so that the semicircles fit back-to-back. In this case, the harmful magnetic waves collected by the flower stand are concentrated on the two extensions of the semicircular arches. If these waves are permanently directed towards your chair or bed, you will fall ill even if the source of the harmful radiation is only a few metres away.

The other most common manifestation of shape radiation or nerve radiation is extinction. In the case of a flower stand, this is manifested when a circular ring is attached to the support rod. In this case, the rays collected by the metal structure are not scattered but concentrated inside the annulus, where they cancel each other out. Furniture made in this way therefore neutralises the harmful rays of the environment. The harmful or beneficial effects of shape radiation also depend to a large ex­tent on symmetry. We know from experience that they are amplified in the case of odd-numbered cylindrical bodies and extinguished in the case of even-numbered cylinders. Buildings of asym­metric design also amplify the rays from below, while those of symmetric design largely neutralise them.

This suggests that modern architecture, which favours asymmetrical forms, has also contributed greatly to the rapid increase in diseases affecting humanity. The only reason these effects have not become clear is that they are not always manifest. If there are no harmful radiations in the vicinity of inappropriately designed furnishings or buildings, they are not collected. Therefore, they cannot be emitted. In this case, there is no danger to people in the vicinity. This is why the harmful conse­quen­ces of design changes, inappropriate trends and fashion trends are not so obvious.

Civilisations outside the Earth have long been aware that angular shapes and intersecting edges block the flow of energy and emit harmful rays. That is why they live in houses with rounded edges, in complexes of buildings that form harmonious shapes. There is no peak, no canting. Their mostly ring-shaped buildings are dome-shaped, dome-covered halls of varying sizes. They are free from harmful radiation, and the pyramidal effect of the dome radiates beneficial energy into the living space. (The dome is not as powerful an energy concentrator as a cone or a cone, so staying under it for long periods of time does not cause overloading of the body. However, it has a significant feel-good and calming effect.)

On their own, these small glands do not have a significant effect on the body. There is, however, a way to multiply their effects. We have seen in the previous work with glass bottles that they amplify each other's radiation when arranged in a row. When using an odd number of bottles, they excite each other. Unfortunately, the literature does not address the question of how far apart the bottles should be placed to maximise the radiation. It would be worth experimenting with this. For esotericists, the increasing radiation from cascaded nodes is not an unknown phenomenon. They have therefore created complex nodes that have a noticeable therapeutic effect on the body.

The best-known experimenter was the Russian-French engineer Dr Georges Lakhovsky. Born in 1869, the inventor created a revitalising device called the Multi Wave Oscillator, which is nothing more than a disc the size of the palm of his hand. On this plastic sheet he formed concentric open metal rings that excited each other. The gold metal rings, pre­su­mably galvanically deposited, enhanced the excitation efficie­ncy.[19]  In the electroplating process, the 24 carat gold is de­posited on the object to be coated with high purity, and the purer the material, the more efficiently it can be excited. Ac­cording to the last great alchemist, the Frenchman Fulca­nelli, an atomic bomb can be made from just a few grams of metal and entire cities wiped off the face of the earth. This is possible because "certain geometric ar­rangements of very pure metals can trigger an atomic explosion without electricity or vacuum". In this case, the explosion is most likely to be triggered by shape radiation. The secret of how this bomb could be made was thankfully not revealed by the hidden 20th century scientist.

Lakhovsky recommended this 100 mm diameter disc for self-healing. Its operation is based on the principle that concentric rings emit the etheric particles flowing into them in a harmonic form and amplified. This disc, like sacred healing spots, eliminates pain and recharges the depleted body with energy. After Lakhovsky's death in 1942, the patent protection of up to 20 years expired. In fact, more than 70 years after his death, his works are no longer protected by copyright. This situation was ex­ploited by the Serbian Dr. Dino Tomiæ, who started to produce this disc in large quantities and market it under the name Polaris. This would not have been a bad thing in itself, but his activity was not motivated by altruistic helpfulness, but by the desire to make a quick buck.

The version he produced is nothing more than a textile bakelite disc 80 mm in diameter, covered with a thin copper foil. A common printed circuit board, which is found in all electronic devices. The components are soldered onto it. Such a single-si­ded PCB board is produced on a contract basis by printed circuit board manufacturers for a few hund­red forints. Yet Mr Tomiæ charges 13 000 for it. Plus a delivery charge of HUF 2 000.[20]  He has also removed the gold plating from the copper foil to make the disc even cheaper to produce. He pre­vented the oxidation of the copper foil by painting the disc with light green lacquer. This significantly reduced its efficiency.

Nevertheless, he sells this reduced-impact devi­ce with a profit margin of over 1000 percent. He is thoroughly exploiting the vulnerability of sick people and charging extra profit. He boasts that his remedies are being sold like hot cakes in Germany and America. He has probably sold tens of thou­sands of them, making a fortune of hundreds of millions of forints. His product is accompanied by a detailed instruction leaflet[21] in which he extols the disc's efficacy for almost every ailment. And on its website, users sing its praises. The problem with these reviews is that they only contain positive testimonials. The negative comments have been omitted, silenced.

We know from blog posts on the internet that even the most perfect products are vilified. If some­one catches a faulty one from the factory, he will say everything bad about it, he will badmouth it endlessly. There are no such posts on Mr Tomiæ's website. He has carefully filtered them out. Ho­wever, there are some on Facebook, which he cannot remove. Several people have also written that this disc is completely ineffective, just as much a scam as other esoteric gadgets. This is not true. Shape radiation is not a scam, it is just not effective enough in the way it is implemented. This small disc emits a rather weak magnetic radiation. Therefore, to have a noticeable effect on the body, it must be used for at least a month, on a daily basis. The critics had no patience for this. They thought they could just press it a few times on a sore part of their body and be cured.


A remarkable use of form radiators is chakra medicine[22]. Every organ in our body and its cells are supplied with energy by the meridian system. However, the meridians draw their vital bio-energy from the constantly rotating, funnel-like energy centres of our body, through their roots. Thus, if one of our chakras is damaged or constricted, the meridians connected to it will experience an energy deficit. Neither acupuncture nor magnetopressure can deal with this situation. These treatments can only regulate the existing bio-energy, they cannot recharge the meridians. The chakras can only be rep­lenished or dampened by energy radiators. The simplest and cheapest way to passively radiate energy is through form radiation.

The chakras need to be replenished or dampened one by one. Along the spinal column, seven radi­a­ting energy fields, seven circles of force, are positioned one above the other like spinning wheels. These centres of life energy are the chakras. At the bottom of the spinal column is the purely sub­jective, immaterial energy field, reflecting the state before the big bang. The second chakra is the subatomic energy field, which perpetuated the state after the big bang. The third is the atomic energy field, which preserves the beginning of the formation of the material world. The fourth is the mo­lecular energy field, which created the precondition for the beginning of the living world. The fifth energy field is related to cells, the sixth represents the individual organs, while the seventh energy field is the result of the living organism chakra, which is visible and perceptible to all.

The energy centres of our etheric body make up our aura. However, the chakras not only emit energy, but are also very sensitive to the energy radiations of the environment, and even to colours and sounds. So it is no coincidence that different colours and music can affect our health. The root chakra, located on the dam and pointing towards the earth, is sensitive to the colour red and to the lowest note of the musical ladder, the 'c' sound. This energy centre affects physical well-being, vitality and is associated with healing illness, power over other people and sexual energy. The second energy centre is the sacral chakra, which is located below the navel and is associated with the colour orange. Its frequency is the "d" sound. On this centre depends the quality of intellect, spiritual clarity, and the ability to think logically. It affects the process of elimination and purification in the body. The third chakra is located under the breastbone and is often called the solar plexus chakra. Its colour is yellow and its frequency is the "e" sound. This chakra nourishes self-awareness, intuition, general sensitivity and helps to transform gross material into spiritual and mental value.

The fourth energy centre is the heart chakra. It is located on the breastbone, in the line of the nipp­les. Its colour is green and its frequency is the 'f' sound. The energies of the capacity for love flow through this centre. It is the centre of the joy of life, the chakra of growth, wealth, spiritual and ma­terial well-being, but also influences the relationship with the afterlife. The fifth is the laryngeal chakra, which is located in the nape of the neck. Its associated colour is blue and its frequency is the 'g' sound. This energy centre is the sound, the source of expression, the distributor of creative ener­gies. The sixth is the forehead chakra, also called the third eye, because it is located between the two eyes, in the brow line. Its colour is indigo blue and its frequency is the 'a' sound. All manifestations in relation to the spiritual world and man's psychic abilities take place through this centre. The seventh energy centre is the cephalic or crown chakra, located in the cuticle, which is fused after infancy. Its colour is purple and its frequency is the "h" sound. It is through this centre that the cosmic conscious­ness of total union with etheric energy and God, and of union with the universe, is achieved.

We are alive because our bodies are permeated with life energy. Without life energy we would die within 5 minutes. Our chakras absorb etheric and gravitational energy from our environment and distribute it through our body via the meridians. If this happens evenly, we will be healthy. If the ba­lance is upset by some external influence, we become ill. In such cases, magnetopressure[23] helps by injecting or withdrawing energy to restore the balance (acupuncture only partially helps because it can only inject energy, not withdraw it). Acupuncturists try various tricks, such as silver needles, but these are not effective enough to remove the excess energy.)

Since magnetic energy flows in a rotating vortex, this is also how the chakras absorb and release the missing or excess energy. Yang radiation has a counterclockwise, i.e. positive, swirling motion, while Yin radiation has a counterclockwise, i.e. positive, swirling motion. The rotational energy of the chakras does not depend on age or gender, their movement is influenced by the body's energy sa­turation. They rotate clockwise when they take energy in and counterclockwise when they release energy. The chakras are energy centres that are closely interconnected. They are connected to com­mon energy conductors that run along the spine. According to tantra yoga, the ida, which transmits negative (yin) energy, runs along the left side of the spine, and the pingala, which transmits positive (yang) energy, runs along the right side. The Ida carries energy upwards and the pingala carries ener­gy down­wards. The two channels do not run parallel, side by side, but intertwine, intertwining like a snake.


In between is the path of the neutral sushumna, on which the yogi raises his physical, mental and spiritual consciousness to ever higher levels through the centres of the swirling chakras. The susumna runs in a straight line along the spinal canal. For ordinary people, the su­sumna is closed, meaning that no energy flows through it. In this state it resides in the root chakra, coi­led up. The susumna is filled with energy by the kun­dalini. Pra­na, or life energy, can only flow into the su­sumna and upwards into the brain when the Yin and Yang energies are in complete balance. The ida and pin­gala are con­nec­ted to all seven chakras. The ida is char­ged with Yin energy from the chakras on the back of the body, or the back, while the pingala receives its Yang energy from the chakras on the front of the body.

The chakras depicted in the literature on the thoracic side do not end at the spine, but have an additional pair on the back of the body. The opposite chakras are not projections of each other. They do not collect energy from the front and back in the same place. The dorsal chakras widen into the same funnel as their anterior component, but they can function differently. This means that if one thoracic chakra is functioning well, its dorsal counter­part may still be closed. Although not mentioned in the literature, the chakras on the front of the body are pingal, the ones on the back are connected to the ida channel. In this way, the front chakras take in and release Yang energy, while the back chakras release Yin energy. It is common for the energy in the front chakra to move in­wards normally, i.e. clockwise, but in the back chakra the energy vortex rotates in the opposite direction. This out­ward flow detracts from the beneficial effects of the front chakra or inhibits the abilities associated with it. It is therefore always advisable to extend the chak­ra treatment to the back of the patient. The easiest way to check the intensity and direction of the energy flow in the chakra is to use a pendu­lum. The size of the circle drawn by the pendu­lum de­pends on the strength of the chakra and the amo­unt of energy flowing through it, but is also influ­enced by the amount of bio-energy of the hea­ler. The circular movement fol­lows the direction of the energy flow. If the mo­vement of the pen­du­lum deviates from a regular circle, this indi­ca­tes psychic distortions. If its displacement is mi­nimal, or if it does not start cir­cling even when held di­rectly over the skin, it is a clear sign of chronic constriction of the chakra.

The root chakra affects the immune system, the skeleton, and the joints, spine, teeth and gums. The sacral chakra, also known as the abdominal chakra, is responsible for the nervous system, bi­le, liver and genitals. Its associated organs are the ova­ries, breasts, muscles, endocrine system, par­ti­ally the small intestine and stomach, and the tongue. When blocked, it causes diseases related to the uterus, ovaries, menstruation, testes and pros­tate. Energy imbalances can also cause impotence, menopausal symptoms, intestinal spasms, gastri­tis and snow-bladder inflammation. In addition to the stomach and digestive organs, the abdominal chakra condition also affects muscular function.

It is from the navel chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, that the will, the passion, the impulse to act decisively, originates. The navel chakra also handles aggression, the fighting spirit. Its disturbance can cause anxiety complaints or outbursts, hysterical attacks, but it is also the source of inferiority complex, sadism and masochism. People with under- or overactive navel chakras of­ten appear uncompassionate, insensitive or ruthless. The organs associated with this chakra are the stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, diaph­ragm, small intestine and eyes. The heart chakra con­nects the lower three bodily chakras with the upper three spiritual chakras. It is responsible for the condition of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, skin and hands. It also influences the immune system, affecting the development of allergies, asth­ma, eczema, cancer and various infections.

The throat chakra affects the ability to speak, hear, write and sing. It also plays an important role in the core hearing and understanding of the 'inner voice' and has an effect on honesty and self-ex­pression. The throat chakra opens the door to the sphere of consciousness and spirit. Over- or un­de­ractivity of the chakra most often causes disturbances in speech and communication. The organs of the throat chakra are the neck, mouth, tongue, larynx, vocal cords, oesophagus, trachea. Blockages in the throat chakra can cause hoarseness, sore throat, coughing, ear problems, tonsillitis, asthma, neck pain, tongue problems. The throat chakra can also be blocked by past tribulations, past life shocks.  

The forehead chakra or third eye chakra is the centre of intuition, inner perception, cognition, wisdom. The organs associated with this chakra are the brain, face and nose. Its energy imbalance manifests itself in internal tensions, learning disabilities, distractedness, lack of mental clarity and a reticence to learn. Crown chakra blocks can trigger psychic distortions. In addition to neurological disorders, dysfunction can also cause genetic problems and bone and muscle disorders.


Dino Tomiæ seizes every opportunity to increase his profits. He offers his discs to people on the road who want to heal. For years, he has been advertising his product in a full-page advertisement in the journal Naturist. So many people know about it, but few can afford its horrendous price. The good news is that even those on a budget need not be put off. This disc can be made by DIY enthusiasts. There are no legal obstacles. The original inventor Lakhovsky is long dead, so his inven­tion is now in the public domain. It is no longer protected by patent or copyright. Even if it were patented, there would be no obstacle to production. The patent law allows anyone to make a single copy of any invention for his own use. There is no need to ask for a licence or to pay for it. The patent law only prohibits mass production and commercial sale. This requires a licence from the inventor.

For esoteric inventions, we do not need to count on this obstacle either, because they are not pro­tected. The invention offices will not grant patents for inventions whose operation is based on a physical phenomenon that is not officially recognised. Even if the inventor goes to court, he or she will be rejected, because the judge will ask the Academy of Sciences for its opinion and then dec­lare that, according to the current state of science, the invention cannot exist. And what does not exist cannot be protected. The inventor argues in vain that his invention works. Go out and see! They don't go outside. Those in esotericism are considered impostors, and impostors are not dealt with. 

To make one at home, first take a positive film of a foil drawing of one of the discs. (A con­ven­tional film camera is required. Since almost everyone nowadays uses a digital camera, this proce­dure is impractical for many people. However, this problem is easily solved. Take it to your nearest printing company, where they also do contract printing. Book publishers also employ platesetters, because books and colour magazines are now produced from colour-processed film. Once you have the positive film, you get the raw material, the PCB plate. Printed circuit board copper foil textile bakelite sheet is available in DIY stores, handyman shops or order it from web shops[24]. Cut the PCB sheet to size, degrease it with kitchen scouring powder and clean it of oxide film.

Once dry, spray with a light-sensitive varnish. Buy Positive 20 varnish from chemists or web shops. Shake well, then spray evenly over the raw panel in sweeping strokes from a distance of about 30 cm. P20 has a drying time of 24 hours at 20 °C. After drying, lay the positive film on top and illuminate the panel with ultraviolet light. (If it does not lie seamlessly on top, tape the flared edge to the panel with cellux tape.) P20 varnish is sensitive to UV light up to 370-450 nm. Our UV light source can be 12 1 W UV LEDs, or a mercury va­pour lamp stripped of its envelope, or a small quartz lamp used for facial tan­ning. Exposure time is approximately 15 minutes. Do not watch the process because ultraviolet light rays are harmful to the eyes. Do not use a sterilizing germicidal lamp for this purpose, as it is very bright.) Then etch off the excess copper from the textile bakelite plate. (This will leave the copper under the positive film pattern intact, while the illuminated copper will be etched off.)

An aqueous solution of ferric chloride is used for etching. This brown liquid is available from chemical stores or online shops.[25]  Pour enough of it into a plastic or glass bowl to cover the plate. Place the panel so that the cop­per foil is at the bottom. The etching time can be reduced slightly by occa­sio­nally shaking the bowl. At this point, it is a good idea to lift it out and see where the residue is, because if it stays in the bowl any longer, the ferric chlo­ride will bite into the drawing. You don't need to pour out the ferric chlo­ride afterwards, because it can be used repeatedly. Reuse only increases the etching time. The used ferric chloride can also be drained down the drain in a strong dilution. It is advisable to use rubber gloves when checking the process, but turning the cuttleboard over with your bare hands will not cause any problems (wash your fingers with plenty of water after­wards.) Do not start etching in your best clot­hes, as the­re is no way to remove the iron chlo­ride that has dripped on.

The easiest way to remove the var­nish that protects the drawing is with household scouring powder. (If you're stubborn, acetone or your girlfriend or wife's nail varnish remover will wipe it off in no time.) After it dries, coat the plate with colourless nitrocellulose to prevent the copper foil from oxidising. If you want a perfect job, take the plate to an electroplating shop where it is elect­rolytically coated with 10 micrometres of gold. This version does not need to be coated with protective varnish beca­use the gold does not oxidise.) There are several workshops on the Internet that do this. Ask for a quote. (This process cannot be done in-house.) If you are not a silversmith, you can have this disc ma­de on a contract basis. There are se­ve­ral workshops on the Internet that ma­­nu­facture PCB discs.[26]  Since no dril­ling is required, they will produce this palm-si­zed panel for us for a few hundred fo­rints.


The way the disc is used is somewhat exaggerated in Mr Tomiæ's brochure. It says not to use it for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time, as it causes overloading. It also says that if you do, take a shower and the water will wash the excess energy out of you, just like the crystals. But the reality is that this disc does not cause any overcharging. It's so weak that you can treat yourself for hours without any problems. (Don't sleep on it, though, and don't use it at night.) If you feel any signs of overload, use the disc on the back chakra. Experience has shown that this will draw out the excess energy, eliminating the complaint. Several weeks of treatment are needed to show signs of healing.

For longer periods of time, it is quite tiring to hold the disc against the sore point of the body or the chakras. However, this problem can be easily solved by sticking it to your skin with a sticking plaster. To do this, do not buy the plastic tape that is in fashion these days. These clay-covered ad­hesive plasters are not waterproof. If they get even a few drops of water on them, they will peel off the skin. They also peel off when the skin sweats. Let's stick with the classic version, the German-made Leukoplast. This is made of a strong rubber smeared on a canvas, which is waterproof. You can even take a shower while using it, it won't come off the skin. However, it is a little problematic to remove because it takes the hair off your skin with it.[27]  Glue a few centimetres of Leukoplast to the top and bottom of the disc and press the ends of the disc against your skin. This way, you can work in peace during the treatment because both hands remain free. Alternatively, you can wrap the disc in a thin scarf and secure it with two knots on the other side of your body.

In our fast-paced world, few people have the patience to treat themselves for weeks and see the effect. Instead, they take a pill. But drugs poison the body and cause new diseases as a side effect. But healing with energy (ether ions and gravitons) has no side effects. Moreover, unlike drugs, they do not suppress the symptoms but cure the disease at its roots. Energy medicine is therefore the way of the future. However, this requires effective tools and devices. Passive devices play an important role in this kind of healing because they are mostly small, portable and cheap. However, they are not the most effective. This can be improved through targeted development.

The first step is to increase the size of the disc by a factor of five. Make a disc with a diameter of 80 × 5 = 400 mm. Form 9 × 5 = 45 circular rings on it, in an increasingly wider band going out­wards. (It is important that the number of rings is odd, otherwise the radiation will remain inside the disc.[28]) Then we should measure whether the intensity of the radiation has increased. This will be problematic, however, because there is currently no instrument to measure the aether emission. The gravitational radiation can be measured with a gravimeter, but there is no way to measure the strength of the radiation, which consists of aether ions. This is because science denies the existence of aether. And if it doesn't exist, it doesn't need to be measured. Esotericists do have some methods of detecting this kind of radiation (e.g. pendulum, poles), but they are not exact methods. It is quite uncertain and cannot be scaled, it is not possible to express the amount of radiation in numbers or units.

The most reliable tool for measuring magnetic radiation at present is the compass. Approximate a large, bearing-mounted compass to a large disc that can be used for whole-body irradiation. If you are lucky with this size you will already experience some displacement. If not, try a bridge mount. In electronics, the most sensitive instruments are created with two bridge-connected sensor ele­ments. A small difference can be detected in the Wheatstone bridge. In the present case, the dif­fe­rence measurement can be created by placing two large compass needles on top of each other. As the beam source is approached, the tongues of these two compasses will separate or close like a Polish stick. If this instrument is found to be functional, it is then necessary to find out whether the separation and closure are caused by Yin or Yang radiation. (Be prepared for this type of instrument to be affected by the Hartmann node and water ore radiation.)

If neither the gravimeter nor the differential compass shows significant magnetic radiation, try the Egely wheel. Invented and manufactured by mechanical engineer Dr. György Egely, this mea­­suring instrument measures bioenergy radiation. It measures the amount of radiation by the speed of rotation of a special bearing-mounted copper wheel and red-yellow-green LED lights. Detailed information on its operation can be found here: https://www.zotyo.hu/para/egely2.htm and https://mek.oszk.hu/00600/00654/html/kerek.htm It is available at the following address: https://egely.hu/egely-kerek/ 


The main drawback of the Lakhovsky's medicine disc, or Polaris, is that it is two-dimensional. The circular rings resonate with each other and contact each other laterally with a surface area of max 0,1 mm.[29]  It is therefore not surprising that the radiation of the disc is rather weak even when multiplied. This is because extremely thin surfaces oscillate with each other. A significant increase can only be achieved by making this resonator three-dimensional. Lift the circular ring patterns out of the panel plane to increase their lateral radiation by orders of magnitude. This can be done by using copper tubes instead of copper foil. At first try, the length of the copper tubes should be 80 mm.

The drawing of the ground plane should also remain 80 mm. The copper tubes with the walls increasingly thicker towards the outside should be placed on this drawing. The professional version is formed in a white bakelite bowl. (The bakelite is necessary because glass or ceramic will break if dropped.) However, a plain glass jar top is also suitable for experimentation. Pour about 2 mm of araldite resin into the jar and insert the copper tubes from the inside out, following the drawing. Before doing so, slit the copper tubes open. (Use a circular saw to cut a few millimetres wide strips from the casing.) Once the glue has set, take the measurements suggested above. If you are lucky, you will finally experience a noticeable discharge. Brass and bronze tubing cannot be used for this purpose because the zinc and tin used to alloy them are considered contaminants. According to Fulcanelli, only high-purity material can achieve significant mould radiation. Therefore, even if no significant radiation can be measured, the copper tubes should be taken to a galvanising shop and run with gold before soldering. As the gold atoms in the plating bath migrate through the bath to be coated without impurities, this coating is considered to be of high purity.

Afterwards, the tubular mould-radiating device will emit measurable magnetic waves. You also need to measure where the emission is strongest, on the sides or on the top. If it is on the side, it is no longer handheld. The magnetic waves also affect the meridians. Since 3 meridians start from the fingers of the hand and 3 meridians end at the nail bed, these energy lines can be overcharged or discharged. This can trigger various diseases. To avoid this, this device should be placed on a height-­adjustable stand and stood in front of it. It can also be placed in a lying position on the chak­ras, but here several hours of treatment is not allowed. This type of construction is rather expensive because of the high copper price and the gold coating, so it would be advisable to see if it can be constructed from cheaper materials. The cheapest raw material is glass. Get glass tubes of different diameters and wall thicknesses and slice them carefully with a diamond circular saw blade. If you can use glass tubes, you can reduce the production cost by at least an order of magnitude.

For higher volume production, the cut glass tubes can also be produced by pressing. In this case, it would be worth testing the efficiency gains that can be achieved with a completely pure quartz crystal. In the semiconductor industry, the raw material for transistors and microprocessors is produced from high-purity silicon by crystal growth. Single crystal ingots grown by the Czochralski method are extremely clean and free of impurities. These crystal rods are cut into slices, polished to a high gloss and then used to form the circuitry of the microprocessor by photolithography. The material is then carefully inspected and discarded if the slightest damage is found. These broken, damaged rods could be bought up cheaply and melted and moulded. By measuring the device thus produced, it would be possible to verify the truth of Fulcanelli's claim. Does the purity of the raw material really greatly increase the efficiency of the moulding process?


If the 3D mould radiator lives up to its promise, we can start to clarify the working principle. The various claims need to be verified. We need to clear the fog about magnetic radiation. We still don't know whether the beneficial magnetic radiation emanating from the earth is Yang or Yin? Can Yang radiation even flow out of the earth's crust? Is the harmful radiation Yin in nature? According to some esotericists, yes. More sober esotericists explain this phenomenon differently. They believe that only Yin radiation can emanate from the earth. Its usefulness or harmfulness depends on the rotation of the swirling energy. They compare the energy emanating from the earth's crust to water ore radiation. It is said that left-turning water wheels and magnetic vortices are harmful, while right-turning ones are healing.

It would also be good to know what type of form radiation emanating from each object is Yang or Yin? With a sufficiently sensitive instrument, should it also be possible to determine whether the chakras at the front are indeed Yang and those at the back are taking in and giving out Yin energy? Then we would need to find out how magnetic radiation heals. And what does harmful radiation destroy in the body? Does it restore or upset the energy balance of our meridians? Or does it repair or damage the distortions in the etheric body that are transmitted to the physical body? The 28 kHz longitudinal waves used by Tesla probably corrected distortions in the etheric body, which then manifested in the physical body. Psi surgeons, unlike the Filipino healers, do not open up the body, but perform the operation on the etheric body above the body, which is then transferred to the physical body.

This leads to the conclusion that there is a great deal of uncertainty in this field.[30]  Almost not­hing is known about the world of subatomic energy particles, and we are still in the dark. Extra­terrestrial civilisations far more advanced than ours could help us to clear the fog in our minds, but they are in no hurry to enlighten us. It would be good if this uncertainty could be resolved, because until we understand the physical basics, the way esoteric tools and devices work, we cannot develop effectively. Our world is in great trouble in all areas. To get out of the current pit, we need to act quickly. We can only move forward very slowly and bitterly on our own, and we fear that the waves are crashing over our heads.


Budapest, 21.01.2022.


In the meantime, the Lakhovsky disc has been tested. At first glance, it looks like a nice piece. It has a fibreglass textile bakelite plate with gold-plated copper foils on both sides. Despite its aesthetic appearance, it is useless as a medicinal disc. It has no effect on the body. It does no good, but it does no harm either. Its ineffectiveness is due to the fact that this disc has an even number of rings (14). Therefore, it does not radiate outwards but inwards. This is also mentioned in the brochu­re, which states that this 100 mm diameter disc neutralises negative energies (EMF radiation[31], MWO antenna radiation[32]). However, this could be improved by making it three-dimensional. Built as a tube version, this device could be made into an efficient space harmonizer. The larger the dia­meter and the longer the tubes glued to the base plate, the more intense the effect. Care must be ta­ken here to ensure that the number of rings or tubes is even.


First try to make the medicine disc three-dimensional. This requires an odd number of copper tubes. At first try, this should be 9. The optimum thickness of the tubes and the distance between them should be determined by experimentation. For the initial version, the central tube should have an outer diameter of 6 mm and a wall thickness of 1 mm. This can be sanded with a circular saw blade. A narrow strip should be sawed out of the casing of the tubes placed around it. The width of the strip should be twice the thickness of the pipe. The distance between each tube should be 1,2 times the distance in front of it. The wall thickness of each tube should also be 1,2 times the previous thickness. (A gap of 1,2 mm should therefore be left around the central tube with an external dia­meter of 6 mm and a wall thickness of 1 mm.) A tube with an internal diameter of 8,5 mm and a wall thickness of 1,2 mm should be glued around this tube, and a strip 2,4 mm wide should be sa­wed out of its casing. This is followed by a tube with an internal diameter of 14 mm and a wall thickness of 1,5 mm, from the casing of which a strip 3 mm wide is sawed out. The size of the fol­lowing tubes:

20 mm inside diameter and 1,8 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 3,6 mm wide is sawed.

27 mm internal diameter and 2,2 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 4,4 mm wide shall be sawed.

37 mm internal diameter and 2,7 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 5,4 mm wide shall be sawn.

47 mm internal diameter and 3,3 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 6,6 mm wide shall be sawn.

60 mm internal diameter and 4,1 mm wall thickness, of which a strip 8,2 mm wide shall be sawn from the casing.

76 mm internal diameter and 4,9 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 9,8 mm wide shall be sawn.

These are not standard values. Since copper tubes of this size are unlikely to be available, the nearest standard size should be chosen. For example, instead of a tube with an internal diameter of 76 mm and a wall thickness of 4.9 mm, you would have to buy a tube with an internal diameter of 75 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm. The degree of slippage can also be rounded. In the present case, saw a 10 mm wide strip out of it. The length of the copper tubes should also be a round value, say 80 mm. To prevent the inner rings from leaning on each other before the glue dries, support them. (Put an easily removable plastic or rubber cap on the ends of the tubes.) To avoid symmetry and bending, glue the tubes to the base plate from the outside in. Finally, cover the annular rings. This is necessary because if a metal particle falls between the lamellas, it will create a seal between the annuli. This would have the consequence of reducing the number of tubes by one. This would turn the device into a harmonizer. A cover would also protect the device from dust and dirt. The easiest way to seal it would be to put a white bakelite tray on top of the tubes as well. Pour about 2 mm of two-component araldite resin into it, insert the ends of the tubes and wait for the glue to set. 

Once the 3D version is ready, measure the increase in the radiative efficiency. If it is emitting Yin radiation, this can be done with a gravimeter. If it's Yang, you're in trouble, because you don't have the instruments. Our only option is to look for a "seer" who can detect the aura emanating from living and inanimate bodies. From the strength of the emanation, we can deduce the healing power of the device. The "seer" could also help us to know which energy channels are connected to the front and back chakras on our body. It might also be able to determine the direction of the flow of energies in and out of the body. Until these theoretical foundations are clarified, we cannot move forward. If a stronger shape radiator or space harmonizer is needed, try lengthening the copper or glass tubes first. Gilding the copper tubes inside and out before gluing them in place would also be worth a try.


Budapest, 01.02.2022.







Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                     


                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos


Cancer medicine

(Functional description)


Update: 21 April 2021.


Since 1934, the only known successful method of curing cancer has been magnetic irradiation. Despite this, no one uses it. In all fields, but especially in health care, rapid progress is unacceptable. If people can be cured of cancer in 3 minutes, what will doctors do, what will the pharmaceutical companies do? In Hungary alone, 160 000 people work in the health sector. If we eliminate all dise­ases, how will we continue to employ doctors, nurses and ambulance staff?

While AIDS is called by many a punishment from God, cancer is considered the scourge of humanity. In no other field has medical science had to endure so many failures as in the cure for cancer. Despite successive miracle cures and new procedures, heralded with great fanfare, millions of people die of this disease every year. Curing cancer patients is also very expensive. The world's countries spend $50 trillion a year. But a universal cure is still a long way off. The fact that there are at least 200 types of cancer makes research very difficult. Subsequent research has also revealed that 600 million mutations in 600 genes cause cancer. The obstacle to finding the perfect treatment for all types of cancer is that we do not understand the nature of cancer. But, says Vita: "What we have written about cancer fills libraries; but what we know about cancer fits on a visit card".

The WHO reports that 18 million new cases of cancer are registered worldwide every year and 9 million people die from the disease. This number is rising steadily year on year. In France, for example, the number of cancer cases increased by 60% between 1960 and 2000. It is predicted that by 2020, the number of new cancer cases will rise to 25 million a year and the number of cancer deaths will reach 10 million. This means that every year, Hungary's total population will be reduced by the world's population as a result of a disease that could be eliminated with a few minutes of treatment. It would also be possible to eliminate the mutilations (mastectomies, rectal hollowing out) that are more psychologically traumatic than the fear of impending death. Nor would there be any mutilation as a result of misdiagnosis. In Germany, for example, 300 women had unnecessary breast operations in 2000.

The situation is particularly bad here. In international comparison, we have the highest death rate from cancer. While in the developed Western countries the rate of increase has at least slowed down thanks to prevention and awareness-raising activities, the number of new cases is rising rapidly in our country. Currently, 33 thousand people die every year in Hungary from various cancers. Colon cancer is becoming more and more common as a result of the increase in the consumption of indus­trial foodstuffs containing additives. In the United States alone, 100 000 people die of colon cancer every year, and together with other colon diseases, another 200 000 have their rectum implanted in their abdominal wall and have an ostomy bag tied to their abdomen.

All this has happened despite the fact that new methods of curing cancer are being developed all over the world. Every now and then, news emerges that scientists have developed a new miracle cure for cancer. But it later turns out that there is no miracle cure. It is only effective against certain types of cancer, and not always. There are more than 200 types of cancer, so it is impossible to try a cure for all of them. If only because it costs $800 million to develop a new drug and takes 5 years. There is only one universal method for killing cancer cells: physical destruction. A real break­through can only be achieved by magnetic irradiation. But we refuse to consider this possibility. We prefer to bury our parents, our brothers and sisters, we mourn our children, but we still do nothing about it. We send clowns to the hospital beds of children dying of cancer instead of curing them. We should not be cheering up sick children, we should be giving them back their health. We are hypocritically passing one child protection law after another that strictly prohibits the slightest cor­poral punishment of minors, while sending millions of them to their deaths. With our indifference, our carelessness, our disbelief, we are destroying not only the world around us, but also ourselves.

Our behaviour could be considered negligent homicide or mass murder, because the simplest, most effective and cheapest way to cure cancer has been known for 80 years. The most effective way to kill cancer cells is frequency-specific radiation. This is the most efficient and effec­tive way to treat cancer. Royal Raymond Rife[33] (1888-1971) discovered 80 years ago. The Ame­rican biochemist is credited with several ground­breaking inventions. One of these was an ex­tre­mely high-resolution light microscope, which he used to study living microbes in colour and at high resolution as early as 1920. He noticed that some of them were much smaller than usual, but also much more vivid than others. In experiments repeated more than 400 times, he observed that each bacterium and virus had its own resonant frequency. Each microorganism vibrates at a different frequ­en­cy, and this is what makes them extremely vulnerable. By manipulating this physical cha­racteristic, they can be destroyed in such a way that other cells are not harmed in the slightest. In addition, the aura (magnetic radiation) of cancer cells is even greater than that of other cells, as they become more active once they are out of the meridian chain. Rife also recognised the organisms in or causing cancer tumours by their characteristic purplish-red emission and named them BX bacilli. It turned out that they are anatomically present in all organic media, but only transform into a disease-causing form under certain trigger conditions (shock, toxins, radiation, i.e. chemical trauma to the weakened body). Rife hypothesised the existence of 10 basic microbes, from which changes in the environment can produce disease-causing or harmless variations. The 4 different forms of cancer micro-organisms he observed were shown to be convertible back and forth into each other, so that the disease-causing ones could be rendered harmless again!

From there it was just a step to developing his other ground-breaking invention, the frequency device. He realised that all he had to do was excite the cancer cells. Just direct magnetic waves at them at a frequency that makes them explode. We know from our studies of physics how much da­mage resonant frequencies can cause in the material world. If you direct sound waves at an object at the same frequency as its own resonance frequency, it will start to move at an increased rate, and this movement will become so intense in a short time that the object will break into tiny fragments. In this way, a tower block can collapse.[34] Electromagnetic excitation at resonance frequencies in­crea­ses the energy absorption of cells, causing them to heat up and die. After discovering that dis­ease-causing organisms can be vulnerable to special frequency irradiation, i.e. bombarded to de­stroy them, he mapped the deadly oscillating frequencies of all bacteria and viruses considered dangerous. Rife used this resonant frequency irradiator to treat his serious patients, most of whom were considered unsalvageable, for 3 minutes every three days to give the body time to clear the dead micro-organisms. The first treatment for serious cancer patients was carried out at the Univer­sity of South Carolina in 1934. The trial, which lasted four weeks, was 100 per cent success­ful, and the new painless, drug-free procedure was used successfully in several clinics until 1938.

And that was the problem. While conventional medicine cured cancer patients with extremely poor efficacy, Rife cured all his cancer patients. The medical community was moved to do so. In 1938, the American Medical Association launched a crusade against all doctors who used frequency therapy. The success of Rife's over-simplistic method of curing almost all viral diseases threatened the entire medical profession with existential collapse. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical devi­ce manufacturers, doctors, paramedics, research institutes and various laboratories would be out of a job overnight. If every disease can be cured in 3 minutes without the need for any drugs or aids, what will the traditional medicine people do? If they are not sick, they will not be needed.

So the machinery of impossibility was set in motion and the air around Rife, as we would say today, 'froze'. The American Medical Association was at the forefront of the professional vilification. Their campaign against Rife and his fellow doctors was justified on the grounds that they were 'not working according to the accepted understanding, i.e. not according to the usual national safety requirements'. In other words, they were not using the traditional method of curing cancer. The si­tua­tion has not changed since then. Now the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) are doing the same.


This campaign has been supported with full intensity by the demon world. The otherworldly beings are perfectly aware of how the ills of the world can be reckoned with. However, Satan's interest is not in helping us, but in causing us as much suffering and loss as possible. Therefore, they have done everything to stop and eradicate this unfavourable process. Subsequently, Rife and all those who were connected with his cure were struck by a series of plagues as a kind of "Pharaoh Tutenkamen's curse". His laboratory was left to rot in 1939. His immediate collaborator, Professor Dr Milbank Johnson, was poisoned in 1944 (hours before he was due to publish the results of his research between 1935 and 1938 at a conference). Subsequently, almost all the records of the so­ci­ety he had founded were destroyed. Shortly afterwards, an armed assassination attempt was made on Dr Raymond Seidel[35], a sympathiser of Rife. And a newly employed technician stole the quartz prism of Rife's universal microscope, rendering it useless. Beam Ray Corporation, the manufacturer of the Frequency devices, went bankrupt in a trumped-up lawsuit, and doctors using the method were bribed or intimidated. Finally, the scientist himself was put on trial and all his research results, records and papers were confiscated. Rife, who had a nervous breakdown, gave up the fight after 1946 and ceased his professional activities.[36]  

His enemies had done such a thorough job that it became impossible to repeat Rife's experiments and revive his technique in later years. Reconstruction is made more difficult by the fact that after 1939 there were few people left who would even admit to having met him. Efforts to resurrect the Rife method can only rely on a few surviving documents and letters, as well as available accounts of recovered patients. In this case, the same thing happened as with the Tesla converter. It was invented in America in the 1930s and destroyed for similar reasons. But we paid a high price for it. The consequence is global warming, the ozone hole, the rapid destruction of nature. And the price we pay for not using Rife's cure is the death of hundreds of millions of people worldwide every year. This method could be used not only to eradicate cancer, but also to cure AIDS, tuberculosis and all other infectious diseases. Moreover, it would cost nothing. Patients' families would not be burdened with the cost of extremely expensive conventional treatment, and social security would not be on the verge of collapse. We are the only ones to blame for the situation we are in. We deserve our fate.


So our catastrophic situation is no accident. We got ourselves where we are. We have been given countless opportunities to get out of our difficulties over the past decades, but we have not taken advantage of any of them. Our short-term goals, our self-interest and our down-to-earth mindset have prevented us from seizing the opportunities that have presented themselves. We could have solved all our problems, from environmental degradation to the energy crisis to combating various diseases, but we turned down every opportunity. The profit motive has completely overwhelmed our minds, money has become more important than our lives. Never mind that hundreds of millions of our fellow human beings die every year, as a result of polluted water, air and soil, and from diseases that are considered incurable.

One manifestation of our mindless behaviour is our attitude to cancer. Worldwide, 9 million people die every year from a disease for which a 100% effective cure has been known for 80 years. Rife has developed the only effective cure for cancer, which we ignore, and the medical community is fighting it with a vengeance. (It would be worth asking doctors how they reconcile their be­haviour with their Hippocratic oath.) Recently, new details have emerged of the campaign against it. In the April 2014 issue of the Green Newspaper (pages 16-18), you can read Rife's diary and in­teresting case histories (including photos of the devices and equipment developed by Rife).

The most important of these was the frequency apparatus and the universal virus microscope, which had a magnification of 60,000 times and a resolution of 30,000 times, enabling it to distin­guish shapes down to 10 nm, surpassing electron microscopes. He also created a device operating at audio-spectral resonant frequencies with helium gas-filled tubes, which he used to suc­cessfully treat various diseases. These results were initially highly acclaimed in scientific circles. In recognition of his work, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Heidelberg. Thanks to his high-resolution microscope, he discovered that all disease-causing organisms are vulnerable to a specific frequency irradiation that has no effect on other living media. After years of experimen­tation, he mapped the deadly oscillating frequencies of all the bacteria and viruses he considered dangerous. He created several devices operating at these resonant frequencies to cure various di­seases, including cancer. He determined the lethal frequencies of more than fifty viruses with abso­lute precision. Unfortunately, these documents have not survived.[37] 

As early as 1934, in the initial phase of his research, Rife and his colleagues treated 16 patients with serious cancers that medicine had declared unsalvageable. He used this resonant-frequency irradiation device on all his patients for three minutes every three days. (He found that if he treated them more than this, the masses of dead micro-organisms accumulated faster than the lymphatic system could remove them.) Over the course of the treatment, the cancerous tumours gradually re­gressed. Within three months, 14 patients had fully recovered. After another four weeks, the two re­maining patients were stabilised and slowly cured. The test proved to be a 100% success. This met­hod proved effective even in the most hopeless cases. It has helped patients who Rife himself did not believe could be cured. Excerpt from a 1956 account by one of his colleagues, Dr James Couche:

What really got me and kept me more than anything else in research was the case of a man with stomach cancer. He was in the last stages of cancer when he dragged himself to the examination table. His body was all skin and bones. As he lay there on the table, Dr. Rife and Dr. Johnson said to me: "Just feel this man's stomach". I put my hand in the cavity where his abdomen was and all I noticed was a dent. The poor guy was so skinny that his spine and navel were almost touching. So I put my hand over his stomach, which was a hard mass in which I detected a handful of nearly heart-shaped tumors. It was absolutely hard. Seeing that, I thought, wow, there's nothing to be done here. Nevertheless, we started treating her with Rife frequencies and after two months, to my utter amazement, the patient had made a full recovery. He recovered so well that during the treatment he asked for permission to go to his farm in El Centro to see his cattle. Dr Rife warned him that he did not yet have the strength to drive to El Centro. Of course he did, she replied. In fact, he drove his own car home, where he had a sick cow, and stayed up all night with her to help her. The next day he drove his car back to the clinic without rest. So you can imagine how well he recovered.

In 1953 Rife wrote of his experience and the results of his 1934 cure: "In the treatment by the frequency apparatus the patients feel no pain, no sound is heard, and nothing is felt. A tube lights up and three minutes later the treatment is over. The virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body naturally clears itself of their toxic effects. Several types of illness can be treated simultaneously in one go." The studies were carried out under the supervision of six doctors. And that was the problem. Once the American Medical Association was convinced of the perfection of the procedure, it launched a consistent and devastating campaign against Rife and his colleagues and all doctors using the frequency devices. 


The vehemence of their persecution is the stuff of horror stories. In March 1939, a medical sympathizer's laboratory mysteriously caught fire and burned to the ground while he was visiting Rife. The assembled researchers were about to announce the confirmation of Rife's method. Within moments, the flames had grown to such a terrifying size that, according to a front-page article in the New York Times, 75 people could not extinguish them for several hours. In 1944, someone poi­soned Dr. Milbank Johnson, a professor of psychology and clinical medicine, a few hours before a press conference at which his company was to publish the results of its research from 1935-38. The poisoning occurred in a hospital where he had been admitted just before the conference. Shortly after his death, all the documents of the society he had founded were destroyed and its existence is now denied.

Subsequently, his colleagues, the remaining members of the University of Southern California, were literally in fear of their lives. But not all the records were destroyed, and there are still tes­timonies and testimonies of recovering patients. Studying these, one of Rife's sympathisers, Dr Raymond Seidel, published an article in the Smithsonian. After the article was published, he noticed that his every move was being followed and an unsuccessful gun attempt was made against him. Shortly thereafter, a newly hired technician stole the most valuable component of Rife's universal microscope, his quartz prism, rendering it useless, as mentioned above. Beam Ray Corporation, the sole manufacturer of the frequency devices, went bankrupt in a trumped-up lawsuit, despite being cleared of all charges.

Some doctors were paid off to falsify their results, others who refused were intimidated or ban­ned from practising medicine. Arthur Kendall was bribed to the tune of nearly a quarter of a million dollars and left his job to emigrate un­expectedly to Mexico. Rife and his as­sociates were also brought to trial. The facts of the cures were not consi­dered probative by the court. All Rife's rese­arch results, papers and notes were confiscated by the authorities. Rife him­self endured until 1946, when he be­ca­me a nervous wreck, a drunkard, and a gradual degradation. Another labo­ra­tory, independent of Rife, where si­milar research into 'healing electrical energy' was carried out, went up in fla­mes, again under mysterious circum­stances. Only one doctor remained, Dr James Couche, who held on as long as he could despite all the atrocities.


But the progress of esotericism did not stop. In spite of all the prohibitions, our esoteric knowledge has increased greatly, in the light of which it is possible to determine in hindsight what happened and why. Once this has been clarified, Rife's method could be reconstructed in a few months. The universal virus microscope was indeed an extremely high-resolution microscope that could have revolutionised microbiology at that time. Today, however, electron microscopes are capable of even higher magnifications, so there is no difficulty in observing viruses and bacteria. They can easily identify microbes, so there is no obstacle to determining their resonance frequency.

However, cells and microbes living in an electron microscope cannot be studied in vivo because of the sample fixation, vacuum, dehydration and special staining procedure. In the Rife high magnification transmission light microscope, however, bacteria and viruses could be seen in their life processes. This possibility was lost to us for 80 years. But the laser light microscope developed by Stefan Hell in 2000 solved this problem. The STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion) micros­cope has a resolution of 60 nanometres and is therefore suitable for observing viruses in vivo.[38]  In 2006, Eric Betzing and William Moerner developed a microscope with a resolution of 20 nanomet­res. This allows even the tiniest virus to be seen. These methods are called nanoscopy and are now used worldwide. The three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2014 for their super-resolution microscopes. These microscopes are now fit for purpose, but still fall short of the original, destroyed version. RIFE's prismatic microscope, made of quartz crystals, had a resolution of 10 nanometres and, unlike an electron microscope, produced colour images rather than black and white.

Nobody denies the fact of resonance frequency, because as we know, everything in the universe is vibrating, nothing is at rest. The reason is that everything is made of etheric particles, including matter. The etheric particles vibrate at a very high frequency, which decreases and becomes specific as they densify and become matter. Depending on the structure of its atoms, the vibrational frequ­ency of all matter is different, and this also applies to living organisms. Hence, all that is needed is to scan viruses and bacteria under a light microscope with a frequency generator and determine their resonance frequency, i.e. the frequency at which they die. For irradiation, Rife used an "audio­spectral resonant frequency" tube, which is most likely identical in operation to Tesla's high-frequency plas­ma discharge tube. This tube is very similar to our fluorescent tubes, except that it emits magnetic particles rather than light. It was this magnetic radiation that killed the microbes.[39]  

Magnetic monopoles are known to exist physically, but we don't use them for anything. They are the key to our development. If we don't use them, we will never get out into the cosmos, and we will continue to be plagued by our troubles, our seemingly insurmountable problems in the material world. It is the gravitational particle (graviton) and the etheric particle (etherion) that give rise to all transcendental phenomena, which are in fact nothing more than physical phenomena unknown to us. The development of a tube that emits magnetic monopoles filled with helium gas could be feasible, but it is not worth pursuing. The irradiator used by Rife, the hydrogen-filled gas-discharge tube[40], was a field irradiator. It not only irradiated the patient, but also his environment. This is probably the reason for the mysterious, unquenchable fires. It is not certain that arson caused the burning of the laboratories.

Judging from the consequences, Rife was certainly using a source of radiation emitting gravi­tational particles to heal. As we know, the infiltration of etheric particles cools the material, while gravitational particles heat it. Above a certain concentration, this heating effect is so great that it triggers spontaneous combustion.[41] This kind of fire cannot be extinguished by conventional me­ans. This is illustrated by the contemporary account of the experience, which says: "The flames grew to such a terrifying size in a matter of moments that 75 men could not extinguish them for several hours." The fire was only extinguished after the entire laboratory had burned to the ground. This was because the fire was extinguished in the usual way, with water. And we know from mythology that you cannot put out a 'dragon fire' with water. Water is electrically conductive, so it also con­ducts magnetic monopoles well. Splashing water on a substance saturated with magnetic particles is like trying to extinguish a conventional fire with petrol.

To avoid these accidents, we need radiation sources that emit concentrated beams of radiation that only irradiate the diseased body. The Klein formation would be best suited for this. This mag­netic monopole, coiled from a hair-thin copper wire, is powerful enough to produce a sufficiently strong magnetic beam and radiates in only one direction. To excite it, a high voltage frequency generator is required. To increase the efficiency, the excitation should also be performed with a soliton wave. In recent decades, attempts have been made to revive this technique, but due to a lack of basic esoteric knowledge, the research has not been successful. Traditional treatments have proved to be a dead end. Neither gamma radiation, nor chemotherapy, nor hyperthermic cancer treatments have yielded breakthrough results. But researchers have now discovered that cancer cells do emit blue light. By exploiting this, they can more easily remove cancer cells from body tissue during laser surgery.


Extraterrestrial civilisations have also used magnetic irradiation to cure diseases caused by viral and bacterial infections. They also use it to cure cancer. But they do not mince words. They destroy all the cancer cells at once, which the patient then has to endure days of agony to get rid of. But then he is completely cured. The operation was performed on a terminally ill American woman whose body was full of metastases, so that death could be expected at any time. But this did not happen because she was cured during a UFO abduction. Helen originally suffered from hip cancer. The operation was unsuccessful as metastases had formed on her pancreas. Further surgery revealed that the metastases had spread to her other internal organs. As usual, the operation was interrupted and her abdomen was stitched up. After chemotherapy failed to help, she was told to say goodbye to her relatives because she was going to die soon. By then she was in terrible pain and could barely drag herself. He lay at home waiting to die.

Meanwhile, one night he woke up because he heard his name being called. He then felt an irresistible urge to get into a car and drive in the dark night to the place suggested by the unknown voice. After travelling about 5 kilometres, he was surprised to see a UFO hovering above the ground at the place indicated. After stopping in front of it, figures wearing metallic flesh-like clothing stepped out of the huge craft and carried it on board. They laid him on the operating table and examined his entire body. A small, inverted mushroom-shaped instrument was used. After a few strokes of the red light-emitting instrument, he was told that he had cancer in his left breast, liver, right kidney, pancreas and bile. The diagnosis was followed by a painful treatment.

First, a device similar to a metal tray was used. This was passed over his body about ten times with a handle at each end. During this time Helen felt terrible heat and pain. As she later told me, she was only able to endure the ordeal because the doctors on earth had done worse things to her before. In the next phase of the treatment, the aliens injected some kind of crimson liquid into his abdomen. They then drained a few decilitres of very dark coloured blood from him. Injections were then given into his abdomen and both sides. After the injections, he was scanned all over with instruments and told that he had been cured. He can get dressed now the treatment is over. Finally, he was told to stop taking any medicine and to consider himself cured. Before he was discharged, they took out a celestial map and showed him where they had come from. All Helen could remember was that it was from somewhere in the Orion area.

After the strange procedure, she drove home and collapsed exhausted on her bed. The next morning she felt very ill, in more excruciating pain than before. She told her night's adventure to her worried son, who did not believe her and went to the scene. There all his doubts were dispelled when he saw the huge circular imprint and the peculiarly scorched vegetation. The final phase of Helen's recovery was rather unusual. In the afternoon, she vomited up a foul-smelling, ugly black liquid. Frightened, she immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors told her that this was a sign that she would soon die. Over the next two days, she felt terribly ill. He lost consciousness several times. The doctors tried to give him painkillers, but he refused to take them, remembering the warning. However, his condition then took a turn. Despite the expectations of the nursing staff, the patient did not die and was getting better. Three days later, he was completely cured. The doctors examined him and were surprised to find that there was no sign of cancer in his body. When she went home, Helen felt as if she had never been ill.

The above medical history is perfectly documented in every respect. Both the pre-operative findings and the results of the post-operative tests can be verified retrospectively. 25 years later, Helen is still alive. She is in good health. This case is not unique. American Professor John E. Mack has investigated hundreds of diversion cures over the past decades. Some of them have been pneumonia cases, patients with white blood cells and muscular dystrophy. This number is not so high when you consider that, according to statistics, more than 5 million people in the United States have been diverted by extraterrestrial civilisations. Most of them are merely examined, but if they are found to be seriously ill, they are usually cured.

In this case, it is also possible to guess what procedure was used during the operation. The metal tray-like device may have been a device that emits subatomic energy beams. From the thermal effect it produced, it can also be inferred that it emitted concentrated energy beams of a Yin nature. This was used to destroy cancer cells. The cells that had become unviable then had to be removed from the body. This was done by a purple injection into the abdomen. The waste matter absorbed into the blood was drained off on the spot and the stomach contents were later vomited up by the patient. The cancer cell residues in the intestines were presumably passed in the faeces. Since cancer cells attack and destroy healthy cells over time, cell regeneration was certainly necessary. This was probably the purpose of the injections given afterwards. Studies of other UFO cases also confirm that almost all advanced civilisations have a special fluid that can regenerate dead cells based on the etheric body. Once this had been done, a thorough instrumental examination followed, which established that everything had gone as expected.


We are still a long way from that stage, and we have all the information we need to combat the dangers we face, but we cannot put it into practice. We cannot start down this road because of the forces of retreat. But we could avert the above-mentioned scourges one by one. This would not even require a substantial investment, because all esoteric inventions can be built for a few thousand forints. But there is no one to do it. The experts are not moving in this direction because they do not believe in its feasibility. Now everyone is pointing the finger at others, waiting for someone to 'throw the roast pigeon in their mouths'. But nobody wants to do that. So everything stays the same, and we march like octondon sheep to the slaughter. But the esoteric researchers and developers of the future will not have to face an inhuman struggle. The theoretical foundations are there, they just need to be built on.

On this basis, cancer cells could easily be destroyed. With Dr Rife's method, which has been available to us for 80 years, all cancer patients could be cured in minutes, but no one does anything for them. Humanity has decided that we would rather die in a heap, but we don't need this method. Then we feel sorry for them and their relatives bury them in tears. Then they mourn for the rest of their lives, blaming fate for what happened. It never occurs to them that they died because of our own stupidity and stubbornness. After the liquidation of Rife and his colleagues, 700 million people died of cancer worldwide, completely unnecessarily.

The biggest obstacle to eradicating cancer is the tacit conspiracy in the background. At its heart is the fact that those who could do so are doing nothing to cure cancer patients. Doctors fear for their jobs, pharmaceutical companies fear for their extra profits, and politicians claim that if eve­ryone is cured, there will be a lot of pensioners. And the pension fund can no longer cope with the current burden. Since this method would eliminate all infectious diseases, only a fraction of the doctors needed to treat accident victims would be needed in the future. Nor would diseases resulting from organic lesions afflict mankind. Tuned to a frequency of 28 KHz, the magnetic soliton pulses emitted by the Tesla generator harmonise the meridians, repair damage to the aura and optimise the functioning of the chakras. And when the etheric body is healthy, the physical body is healthy. Politicians do not like this either, because humanity is already in danger of overpopulation.


War message to microbes

(Functional description)


The man of our time has no claim on thousands of years of science, rejecting the achievements of our ancestors. No wonder, because we did not claim our scientific successes of a hundred years ago. As early as the mid-19th century, Ignác Semmelweis drew the attention of the medical pro­fession to the importance of hand washing. Yet even today our hospital doctors do not consider frequent hand washing important. So they pass the infection from one patient to another. Thus, every hospital is now a veritable infection. Anyone who goes in is likely to come out sick, if they come out alive at all. Royal Rymond Rife's germicidal method could get rid of all infectious diseases, but the medical lobby and the drug mafia have wiped it out, along with its creator. And frequent hand washing is considered inconvenient by doctors. In such circumstances, hospital pati­-ents drop like flies in autumn. Many think it's fine to let them die. After what we've done, the way we've behaved, we deserve it.


"Doctor, wash your hands before you touch me." Even if such a sentence may seem absurd in a hospital bed, the admonition can be a life-saver. After all, patient care workers save about two out of every three hand washes. Large international studies show that women wash their hands more often than men, and that nurses do better than doctors in this 'genre'. In Hungary, around 50,000 patients suffer hospital-acquired infections every year because of sloppiness. The number of serious intestinal infections in Hungarian hospitals has increased two and a half times year on year. In 2012, more than 1,000 people died from the disease, which in mild cases only causes diarrhoea, and in more severe cases causes colitis.

There is still no answer as to why this bacterium is causing an explosion of hospital outbreaks. Findings published in the official journal of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) clearly show that a single so-called super spreader - such as a radiologist or physiotherapist who moves frequently between hospital departments and fails to wash their hands - can spread infections at a rate equivalent to 23% of all hospital workers failing to wash their hands regularly.

Even the touching, stroking, touching, encouraging hand is teeming with millions of tiny infec­tious creatures. Every square inch of the average patient's body is home to ten million bacteria that cause urinary, respiratory, wound and bloodstream infections. One million cells are shed from intact skin every day, and are transferred to the bed, bedding, utensils used by the patient, and from there to those who come into contact with them. Nurses and doctors who come into direct contact with the patient can find hundreds to thousands of pathogens on their hands after touching the bed linen and turning the patient over. More than a quarter of nurses working in intensive care units have carried pus-carrying bacteria, and if they neglect to wash their hands, they pass it on to the next carer.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 5-10 percent of patients in developed countries become infected during a hospital stay, while in developing countries the rate can be more than 25 percent. European figures show that 37,000 out of 4.5 million infections end in death, with a further 110,000 cases contributing to patient death. According to a survey by the Hungarian National Health Service (ÁNTSZ) two years ago, around 90,000 people in Hungary get infections in hospitals every year, half of which could have been avoided by thorough hand washing. This cau­ses a lot of trouble, not only because of the longer treatment time and the increased resistance of pathogens.

The additional costs can also place a huge burden on the healthcare institution. In fact, careless­ness can have a high cost: the cost of treating a single patient with MRSA (multi-resistant hospital-acquired bacteria) can run into millions of forints. Healthcare-associated infections are one of the most pressing issues of patient safety worldwide. For years, there have been huge campaigns around the world to promote hand disinfection, yet the leading cause of hospital-acquired infections re­mains the lack of hand-washing. Here too.

"I hardly ever saw a doctor washing his hands. Even the nurses mostly sprayed their hands with the usual skin disinfectant spray before taking blood samples before touching me," says the woman, barely 30 years old and with a severe autoimmune diagnosis, who has been treated in the intensive care units of several hospitals in her country in recent months. Asked how much she was bothered, if at all, by the situation, she says a resounding yes. "Since my survival depended on me not getting any new infections, I wanted to ask her: 'Doctor, did you wash your hands before you touched me? But I didn't. Not once. I was afraid of infection, but even more afraid of offending the doctor, of making him angry with me, and then it would be harder."

In intensive care units and emergency rooms, only 40-60 percent of the necessary hand disinfec­tion is done, Dr. Judit Lám, a lecturer at the Centre for Health Management Training at Semmelweis University's Faculty of Public Service, told us. According to recommendations by the WHO and other international health organisations, hands should be washed before touching a patient, before all punctures (blood draws, infusions), before wound care, after treating a patient, or after touching the patient's immediate environment, such as bed linen or other objects, or after coming into contact with secretions. This recommendation is well known by care providers in Hungary, but in practice it is not possible to ensure that people who come into contact with patients always wash their hands when they should. Often, the conditions are lacking - a tap, soap or a bottle of alcohol disinfectant that can be carried in a pocket and hung on the end of the bed in the immediate vicinity of the pa­tient's bed or examination area. And even if these are available, time is short.

In intensive care units, a nurse has to make the bed quite a few times in a single shift. Three or four times a day, she has to give injections, dispense tablets, hook up an infusion set, take blood pressure, pulse and temperature several times a day, change the catheter bag as needed, make the bed and who knows what else. If you only count the above, you still have to wash at least 300-400 hands per shift. If you want to do this regularly, you would need 40-60 seconds for a traditional soap and water hand wash and 30 seconds for an alcohol rub. International measurements show that even when health workers wash their hands, they do not take more than ten seconds.

Dr Judit Lám says another reason why handwashing is neglected is that there is no immediate, immediately noticeable consequence. Even if an infection is passed from one patient to another in the hospital through unwashed hands, causing deterioration or even death, there is no way to prove that this is due to the lack of handwashing. But there is also no economic measurement that clearly shows how much the hospital can save by following handwashing rules. Measurements have been taken in wards treating the most vulnerable patients (intensive care, emergency, premature birth) to show how the rate of hospital-acquired infections varies with the frequency of handwashing. For example, where handwashing rates were improved from 48 per cent to at least 66 per cent, the hos­pital infection rate fell from 17 per cent to less than 10 per cent.[42] 


Nurses working in intensive care units in hospitals should wash their hands at least 400 times per shift in a single shift, during bed sorting, injection, pill dispensing, hooking up infusion equipment, taking blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, changing catheter bags, bed rest, changing nappies, etc. If the nurse wanted to do this regularly, washing hands with soap and water would take about 60 seconds per occasion. This would take 400 minutes a day, which means that 6-7 hours of her daily working time would be spent washing her hands. This is obviously impossible, because then when will he get to work. The same is true for doctors. To avoid transmitting infectious bacteria and viruses from one patient to another, they would have to wash their hands constantly. This precau­ti­onary rule is unenforceable, and its strict application would paralyse the work of hospitals and clinics. The job description strictly stipulates that:

1. disinfect hands before touching the patient.

2. disinfect hands immediately before aseptic procedures.

3. disinfect hands immediately after the possibility of contamination with secretions (after removal of gloves).

4. disinfect hands after touching objects in the patient's environment even if the patient has not been touched.

Only in this way can hospital staff protect themselves from pathogens and prevent their trans­mission to the patient's environment. However, the Code of Practice does not say when, if these rules are strictly followed, they will be cured. 

There is only one way to remedy this unfortunate state of affairs: a radical solution. Infectious bacteria and viruses must not be combated, but eradicated once and for all. They must be destroyed not by antibiotics and disinfectants, but by physical methods. The chemical solution requires frequ­ent, ad hoc application, i.e. it must be repeated for each patient, for each operation. But by applying a physical phenomenon, all infective germs can be killed in minutes. This physical phenomenon is magnetic radiation. Its most effective application, irradiation at resonance frequen­cies, has been de­veloped by the American scientist Dr. Royal Rymond Rife, Jr. The radiation gene­rator he developed can be used not only to sterilize patients in hospitals but also to sterilize various medical devices. The simplest way to disinfect equipment and hospital rooms is to absorb the magnetic beams of different frequencies with the water used to wash them. (According to Hulda Regehr Clark, a fre­quency of 33 kHz can destroy extremely harmful parasites in our bodies and environ­ment.) In this way, all healthcare facilities can be sterilised in a matter of weeks.


Multi-drug resistance, which means that viruses and bacteria are now resistant to every concei­vable antibiotic, even those that are not known. The situation is most serious in the field of cancer treatment, where the aforementioned resistance makes chemotherapy methods less and less effec­tive. In addition, cancer cells have developed a little 'pump' inside themselves that allows them to spit out chemicals they don't like, even if they have never encountered them before and have not had the opportunity to identify them and learn to defend themselves against them. There are already superbacteria that are not only resistant to antibiotics, but also consume them as food. (The first superbacteria appeared at the end of the 20th century and are resistant to all antibiotics. The NDM-1 bacterium has been introduced from India and Pakistan into many western countries and has already caused many deaths. Its danger is increased by the fact that its genes can be transferred to other bacteria.)

It is becoming increasingly clear that micro-organisms will win the war against us. The once effective weapons of antibiotic and chemical treatment are slowly being discarded, because all that is left are the harmful side effects they can do less and less. On top of all this, new viruses and bacteria are being released almost weekly from the depths of the felled rainforests, against which we have no means of defence. Most of them we can't even identify, so at any moment a global epi­demic could emerge and we would be completely helpless to fight it. And virologists are not ruling out the possibility that unknown pathogens could be found under the polar icecaps, as in the jungles. If global warming causes them to break free from the ice, the Earth will be hit by an explosion of viruses that will leave even humans with healthy immune systems defenceless. Our immunity has not been able to develop against the ancient viruses that are more than 10,000 years old.

The other problem is that identifying new pathogens, testing effective serums against them, brin­ging them into production and getting them approved as medicines is hugely expensive, not to men­tion time-consuming. Only the toxicological studies before the drug is authorised and the ex­pe­riments on animals and then on humans take time. It takes 5 years per product. In Western countries with sufficient technological development, the development of a new drug can cost up to USD 800 million. If we compare this situation with the rapidly growing number of new pathogens, we will soon realise that medicine will be bankrupt in a few years. We will not be able to keep up with the pace of the traditional way of doing things, and we will certainly lose out because of lack of time and money. This is already recognised by scientists themselves. The journal Archives Inter­national Medicine wrote in an editorial: "The question today is not whether we will lose the battle with the microbial world, but when we will lose it."

The only way to win this battle is to stop using chemical and organic means of defence and to switch to physical methods, the most effective of which is magnetic irradiation. The great advantage of the physical destruction of pathogens is that it is not species-specific. It can be used against all living organisms, regardless of their origin and size. The destructive effect is immediate and there are no side effects. As we have seen above, the reason for this is that healthy cells can replenish the energy drawn from the meridian chain by subatomic energy waves. By the way, this simple and cheap method is also used by extraterrestrials to fight viruses on Earth, which are unknown to them. According to the people they abducted, they saw a bluish light in the reception hall of the craft, which was very similar to our germicidal light. These sub-atomic energy waves, which produce a shimmering light, are designed to kill the micro-organisms we have brought into the spacecraft and then we are "sterile" when we enter the examination room.

Unfortunately, neither the intensity nor the exact frequency of these energy waves is yet known. This is something we have to try out with the help of biologists, doctors, physicists and engineers. This disinfection device is particularly needed in hospitals. In the United States, for example, 2 million people fall ill every year from hospital-acquired viruses and bacteria. Of these, 90,000 die. In other countries the situation is even worse. Outpatient doctors are also powerless against infec­tious diseases. They lack the necessary equipment to identify the pathogen. 


Microbiological cultures to identify the bacteria causing the infection are only carried out in hos­pitals. GPs are not able to provide targeted treatment. Therefore, they prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which has a carpet-bombing effect on the body. As well as killing the pathogenic bacteria, it also kills the beneficial bacteria (e.g. gut flora) in the body. An even more dangerous effect of frequent antibiotic use is multi-resistance. Over time, bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and become super bacteria. They then become untreatable because no drug can kill them. Some count­ries prescribe antibiotics only on the basis of microbiological findings. In the Netherlands, the number of multi-resistant patients is below 1% due to targeted treatment. But in Belgium, everyone can freely buy antibiotics at the pharmacy. Therefore, the resistance rate is significantly higher. The most controversial situation is in the United States, where patients can report a doctor if he does not prescribe antibiotics. Here, if someone sneezes, they rush to the doctor to get an antibiotic. The doctor will prescribe it even if he thinks it is unjustified, because he doesn't like to be sued.

The biggest mistake here is to insist on antibiotics even in the case of a viral infection (e.g. flu), even though antibiotics are completely ineffective against viruses. The only cure for viral infections at the moment is our immune system. If we do not take care of this defence system, if we weaken and destroy our immune system through an unhealthy lifestyle, we can die from viral infections and the complications they cause. It is no coincidence that hundreds of millions of people worldwide die every year from various infections. But this should not be the case. No human being should have died of infectious diseases for 80 years.


All dangerous viruses could be eradicated by magnetic therapy. All that would have to be done is to irradiate them with their resonance frequency. In nature, harmful insects and rodents could be eradicated. It is not necessary to irradiate them one by one. All that would have to be done would be to absorb the specific energy radiation with water, and to sprinkle the treated water over meadows and forests. The spraying could easily be done by mosquito control planes or drones. All ticks could be eradicated by this method. It would not even cost money, because the irrigation water from the rivers is free and the electricity consumption of the jet generator is negligible. Hospital infections could also be eliminated once and for all. All that would be needed is a thorough cleaning. The washing water should not be alkaline or hypotonic, but magnetised to the resonance frequency of the pathogens. Water treated with resonant magnetic waves can also kill superbugs (10 million people worldwide die every year from antibiotic-resistant infections.)


The method invented by Rife can not only cure cancer and infectious diseases. It can kill all microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi). Even parasitic insects. All you have to do is determine the resonance frequency of the pest and irradiate it. In minutes, it falls apart and dies. In nature, of course, it is not possible to irradiate every single diseased plant or insect pest, but there is no need to do so. In this case, several hectolitres of water need to be irradiated at this frequency and sprayed over the infested area. In this way, it would be possible to get rid of, for example, the burrowing beetle that destroys chestnut trees, the bark beetle that damages walnut trees or infectious ticks that hide in forests, all in a matter of weeks. We could also eradicate ragweed (it is not the plant itself that needs to be destroyed, but its seeds, which are hidden in the soil, that need to be rendered germinative). All the entrepreneur would have to do is to connect the device to his computer after buying a generator that emits magnetic radiation. Install a program with a list of pests and their resonance frequency, click on the germ or pest to be eradicated and start irradiation. The resulting water could then be marketed as a hectolitre. Magnetising tap water requires so little electricity that it costs almost nothing. And the overall benefits are infinite, because there is such a demand for pest control in the world that it is insatiable.

This technique could be used to bring back into production vegetables and fruits that are highly susceptible to pests. To take just one example, this method will enable Gros Michel to be grown again. This banana variety was much sweeter and tastier than the Cavendish banana currently grown, but the Fusarim oxisporum fungus attacked its roots and circulatory system. Because of this, the plant did not get enough water and died. Spraying was not a way to control it, because this fungus spreads in the soil and lingers for decades. However, by irrigating the infested soil with magnetic water, this microbe can be killed. This is what extraterrestrial civilisations do. They use a 100-metre-wide, seeder-like machine to go through the fields every spring and de-germinate the soil. The machine loosens the soil in a similar way to a rotary hoe. The soil clods are then magnetically irradiated by the machine. The seed is sown in the soil thus disinfected. Magnetic sprouting is so effective that no spraying or crop protection is required.

Since more complex organisms, including plants, have species-specific energy radiations, longitudinal magnetic waves could easily be used to eradicate weeds without chemicals. We could also eradicate ragweed, which causes hundreds of billions of forints of damage every year. All that would be needed would be to irrigate the infested areas with magnetic water treated to the reso­nance frequency of the ragweed seed. The great advantage of this method is that if the plant is sprayed with it, not only the weed is killed, but also its roots. This means that the perennial plants cannot sprout the following year and we can get rid of them for good. Meanwhile, the other plants will not suffer any damage. They react to this type of water as if it were ordinary irrigation water.


This device could be put to good use by the food industry. It would eliminate the need for preservatives. Preserves, canned goods and milk made on a conveyor belt would not pass through a pasteurising bath, but through a tunnel emitting magnetic beams. Magnetic beams penetrating all materials would kill all micro-organisms in hermetically sealed jars, metal cans and plastic bags. This disinfection is so perfect that food treated in this way would remain edible for decades. The problem of expiry dates would not arise in the future. Nothing would spoil anymore. The manufac­turer would only have to indicate on the packaging how long the food retains its nutritional value (instead of the expiry date, the best-before date would be written on the packaging).[43] By eliminating pasteurisation, the enzyme content of milk and various dairy products would be preserved, as would the vitamin C content of vegetables (without enzymes, the mineral content of food cannot be absor­bed, which causes various deficiency diseases even in the case of a balanced diet).

Cold stores would also be transformed. Food would no longer need to be frozen. It would be enough to subject them to magnetic radiation and then keep them at +1°C in an oxygen-poor envi­ronment to prevent them from drying out and oxidising. In addition, fruit should no longer be pic­ked from the tree unripe for fear of overripening and spoiling during long storage. People living in continental climates could also enjoy the flavour of ripe bananas, pineapples, mangoes and other tropical fruits, because the ether would preserve them.  The same could be done in households. In the future, sub-atomic preserving cabinets will be produced instead of refrigerators, without freezer drawers. In these, a low-power electromagnetic cell destroyer will preserve the freshness of food without freezing. The magnetic radiation treatment kills microbes, so there is no need for deep-freezing to prevent their multiplication. The new type of refrigerator will still have a compressor, because the food must be cooled to a temperature that is suitable for consumption. (This is parti­cularly important in the summer heat.) To prevent drying, fruit and vegetables can now be safely wrapped in airtight polythene film. They will no longer rot because of the sealing. Cheese will no longer mould. They will also be protected against drying out when wrapped in polythene film.

This new type of fridge also eliminates food waste. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of food cur­rently spoil every year in warehouses and supermarket shelves worldwide. This will be prevented by supplying refrigerators with germicidal electromagnets. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of food will also be lost from households. The main reason for food waste in the home is that housewives throw out food that has expired. But nothing will go bad in sub-atomic preserving cabinets. If we overbuy, we're bound to run out of leftovers after a while. No one will throw away edible food because it's like throwing your money in the bin. According to the FAO, 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away every year worldwide. The main reason they are thrown away is because they are past their sell-by date. This happens in a world where 1200 million people are starving and 30 mil­lion of them die of hunger every year.  

Radiation sterilisation is already used in the food industry and in the manufacture of medical devices such as hypodermic needles. At present, however, sterilisation is carried out using a radio­active source, which makes the process very expensive. The high cost is due both to the high price of the cobalt cannon that produces the gamma rays and to the need to use safety equipment to protect the operating personnel from harmful radioactive radiation. Since subatomic energy irradia­tion does not have such disadvantages, there is nothing to prevent the widespread use of this pre­servation technique. In addition, unlike radioactive radiation, preserved food does not produce hyd­rocarbons and free radicals that cause cancer, atherosclerosis and premature ageing. In addition, irradiated food becomes biologically dead. Clear proof of this is that potatoes, garlic and onions treated with gamma radiation do not sprout. This has been hitherto seen as an additional benefit by food distributors, but the price we pay for this is health damage. Concentrated magnetic radiation, however, does not damage cells and does not render the desprouted food lifeless.

A portable version of the subatomic energy emitter would also be of great use to hikers and tourists. Attached to their belts, they could keep away mosquitoes, ticks, bees, wasps and other insects. It would even protect them from being bitten by dogs and various wild animals. They no longer have to fear malaria, Lyme disease, rabid animals and predator attacks. This method can also be used to deter sharks. Sea Change, an Australian company, has developed a surfboard that uses a magnetic field to keep marine predators at bay. (Animals have an alpha brain frequency and are therefore highly sensitive to magnetic fields. The subatomic germicidal lamp described above will protect travellers from bacterial and viral infections. Even in tropical countries, it is safe to eat anything if you have been irradiated with this germicidal device. But we did not accept these oppor­tunities offered by fate. We valued the profits from conventional treatment of patients more than our lives and our health.  


Budapest, 30.01.2018.




Sadly, in the past year, nothing has been done to cure cancer and reconstruct the Rife germ-killing method. Microbes continue to decimate our world, and in the past year, nearly 10 million people have died of cancer worldwide, senselessly. Among them are some of the greats of our intellectual and cultural life. People who could have gone on creating for years, decades, to enrich our intellectual heritage. Our great ones have been fittingly buried, mourned (because we are very good at it) and we have no intention of preventing tragedies. And yet, at our present level of tech­nical development, we could easily reconstruct Raymond Rife's method. But no one is willing to do that. No one but family members is interested in saving cancer patients.

But the situation of technically unskilled relatives is not entirely hopeless. Even after Rife, there were still researchers who tried to beat cancer by expelling microbes from the body. Among the biomedical scientists exiled to the frontiers of science, the American Dr Hulda Regehr Clark stands out, who created an effective germ-killing device that many people use to cure cancer. The device she developed is similar to the BICOM and MULTICOM devices and is highly effective in the targeted kil­ling of borrelia, helicobacter pylori, wart viruses and other parasites.

However, the biofrequency genera­tor, marketed as the Zapper, is not 100% effective because Dr Clark uses elect­ric current rather than longitudinal mag­netic waves to kill microbes. High fre­qu­ency direct current. However, the high-frequency current does not penetrate the body due to the skin effect, but pas­ses through the surface, in this case the skin. This makes it an excellent met­hod for curing various skin diseases or killing small parasites (e.g. mites, nail fungus, herpes virus). Howe­ver, it is difficult to kill microbes that live in the gut (e.g. candida fungus) because the high-frequency current cannot pe­netrate that deep.

The effectiveness of the device would be greatly improved if soliton waves were used for healing rather than squ­are waves. The square wave also runs down steeply, so there is some soliton effect, but the signal is not natural. Ri­fe's pro­cedure did not have this prob­lem be­ca­use the magnetic waves pass through the material unimpeded, so they can enter the body. Incidentally, Ni­kola Tes­la also used longitudinal shock waves to cure cancer, with excellent results. It is a pity that he stopped these expe­ri­ments in the meantime, because he considered the transmission of electri­city without wires to be a more im­portant task. (If he had started mass-producing his alternator tuned to 28 kHz, which was presumably an elect­ric generator, he could have made a fortune. This electro­mechanical oscil­lator would have eliminated all disea­ses, so he could have sold hundreds of millions of them a year. So there would have been no need to go to ban­kers and industrialists for money and sub­sidies. He could have used his wealth to create without a care in the world for the rest of his life. His last years would not have been spent in immen­se poverty, bitterness and neglect.)


The Zapper's effectiveness led many to manufacture and improve the de­vice, and there are now more than 80 different models in existence world­wide. The most notable of these is the Slovakian-developed Super Ravo Zapper, which can be linked to a computer, allowing the results of the mea­surements taken by the device to be stored indefinitely. In the 20 versions currently in produc­tion, scanning accuracy reaches one thousandth of a second. This is very im­portant, because even a few hund­redths of a second difference makes it impos­sible or greatly reduces the likelihood of killing microbes. In the Super Ra­vo Zapper, a microprocessor ensures that the set frequency is accurate to within 0.001 Hz/s. (It continuously mo­nitors the output frequency by feed­back and corrects it immediately if it deviates from the set value for any re­ason.) This is also necessary be­cause during use of the device, various elect­rochemical reactions occur in the bo­dy that cause the set frequency to be out of sync. This makes the Super Ra­vo Zapper twice as effective as com­peting devices. The device comes with a multilingual (including English) me­nu and instructions for use. The two-line illuminated display shows the prog­ress of the therapy: time, current fre­quency value, voltage on the elect­rodes and battery status. The guide in­cludes all the frequency values (the re­sonance frequency of microbes) mea­sured during Dr Clark's many years of research.

The Ravo Zapper is factory set up with 100 programs that the user can test at will. These settings are stored in the instrument's memory. An additional 275 positions can be easily programmed on demand on the computer. Adjustable frequency range: 1 Hz - 900 kHz. Accuracy: 1 Hz. Develop­ment is ongo­ing. Encouraging news is that the Slovak company started in 2007 to reconstruct the Rife plasma tube. This is a very important step forward in the fight against microbes, as this glass tube emits magnetic waves that penetrate deep into the body and completely destroy any tiny pests in the body. From there, it's just a step to implementing the process Rife uses. (Biopsy sampling is no problem. The infected tissue can be examined by electron microscopy. By irradiating it with a plasma beam, they can determine the resonance frequency of the pathogen, or as doctors call it, the pathogen. The resulting value is set in the frequency generator, or in the computer that controls the generator, and the patient can be treated.)


While this is happening, we use the Super Ravo Zapper. This can save lives too. Countless case studies prove this. Some of these are reported in detail by the device's users. The case studies, collected by Slovak doctors, can be found in the appendix. It is striking from studying the reports that this device produces outstanding results in cases where professional doctors are unable to determine the cause of the illness. Patients have participated in all existing tests and the test series has been negative. The doctor then throws up his hands and says that, at the current state of medical science, your disease cannot be cured. The patient's condition then deteriorates further. As your pain worsens you desperately seek alternative treatments. Herbs and various natural remedies may temporarily reduce your pain, but they do not result in a permanent cure. The Ravo Zapper, however, scans the body over a wide frequency range and kills unknown microbes. However, finding this requires patience and a longer treatment. The pathogens identified in hospital tests are killed more quickly and without the side effects of drugs. (Moulds are very hard on the lymphatic system. If possible, start detoxification with them.)  

To highlight some of the case studies, Ravo Zapper can be used to effectively expel intestinal worms from the body. A seventy-year-old woman got rid of tinnitus and her medication for high blood pressure. A fifty-year-old patient has had significant relief of joint pain after just 14 days. There was a patient who had nail fungus so stubborn that no ointment helped. He had electrodes placed between his toes and after a short time his fungal infection disappeared. This procedure should also be used for ringworm. The electrodes are placed directly next to the callus and the results are visible even while the programme is running: the skin relaxes and the viruses that cause the callus are destroyed within 10 minutes. As a general advice, if any part of your body is sore or infected, the electrodes should be placed so that they are between the affected organ.

The device can also be used against pathogens in the oral cavity. By zapping, facial swelling can be eliminated in a few days. After that, the disease does not return and, unlike medication, there is no recurrence. A 40-year-old woman was suddenly overcome with nausea and fainting. Doctors could not find out what was causing it. A computer diagnosis revealed a papilloma virus on the patient's brain stem and roots. The woman then went back to the hospital, where a CT scan con­fir­med the diagnosis. After that, treatment was quick. After a month, the fainting stopped and the nausea subsided. A 60-year-old woman had breathing problems, which prevented her from walking, and a CT scan revealed that a golden staphylococcus had colonised her heart. With targeted treat­ment with Zappfer (about 5 times 20 minutes), the woman showed visible relief and the microor­ganism disappeared. A 74-year-old man who had suffered a stroke had a similar quick and lucky result. He could not speak or walk properly and all his muscles were in a lot of pain. After a few sessions with Ravo Zapper he started to talk and walk.

One patient was diagnosed with eye cancer and was scheduled for an eye resection. A Diacom scan showed intestinal worm larvae in the eye. Subsequent frequency treatments destroyed the intestinal worm, so no surgery was necessary. One woman complained that 9 polyps had been found in her intestines and she was awaiting a colorectal operation. After a few frequency treatments, the polyps disappeared. A man had been vaccinated against influenza at work. He had never had prob­lems with his respiratory tract before - the problems only appeared after the vaccination. He says he has been taking antibiotics for 5 years without getting better. His condition has improved drama­tically after just a few frequency treatments. Another patient had Staph Aureus bacteria in his body. When he first came to the clinic, he was coughing up phlegm, had rheumatic pains, and had a festering sore on his hands and feet. The diagnosis was severe asthma and irreversible damage to the bronchi. The doctor treating him said nothing could help him now. He then underwent frequency treatments. Soon after, he boasted that his symptoms were getting better. Some treatments had alrea­dy changed his diagnosis to mild asthma. He continues to receive treatment.

For two conditions, Zapper has always produced 100 per cent efficacy. One is tonsillitis. It can cause fever and malaise, but if you use the Super Ravo Zapper's six times ten-minute programme for tonsillitis, you feel relief almost immediately afterwards. At night, the body gets rid of the mic­ro-organisms destroyed by the Zapper. One session of treatment and the tonsillitis is gone and you can go to work the next day. The other disease is chickenpox, which can be eliminated in one hour. Children don't have to suffer for 2 weeks because their whole body is covered in itchy rashes, plus the healing white powder that goes everywhere. After treatment, the itching stops, the tiredness goes away and the pimples start to dry up the next day. As a preventative measure, it is worth repeating the frequency treatment to ensure that no pathogens remain in the body that could develop into shingles in adulthood.

The dreaded disease of our time is multiple sclerosis. Doctors are helpless against this disease. The patient's condition is constantly deteriorating. An 82-year-old patient has tried the Zapper treatment. After starting the Hand Tremor programme, he had no problems with his hand for three days. After the next treatment, he had no complaints for two weeks. Zapper was also shown to be effective for shingles. One woman had hemorrhoid problems that were so severe that surgery was considered. It has also relieved many patients of back pain and acute urinary tract infections.

Many people in our country also use Zappers. This is a Hungarian user's account of his experi­ence, published in a blog discrediting frequency medicine devices, as a rebuttal. The fracture was infected, attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria. It was horrible to watch my leg rot. The infection didn't respond to antibiotics. My partner begged me for Revo Zapper treatment. He had one of those things, which I had a good laugh at when he was gripping the tubes, saying it was healing. Since they were already talking amputation, I had nothing to lose. And it worked!!!! The infection or whatever stopped, stagnated for a while, then started to heal. Then I was off antibiotics, just went on this Zapper. My leg remained, but it did such a terrible job on the muscles that it was partially paralyzed. It looks very bad, missing muscle in bun sized pieces. But this is my leg, not a prosthetic. I don't laugh at the Zapper today, I don't know what the principle is, but it works.

The lymphatic system flushes the dead pathogens out of the body. Always drink plenty of fluids before and after the treatment. The toxic waste washed out of the body by the lymphatic system is removed by the liver and kidneys, and a lot of water is needed for effective cleansing. This process is relatively slow and can take several days. Therefore, zapping should not be overdone. You can treat yourself for up to 1 hour a day. If we treat our body for hours or run several programmes in a row, so many dead micro-organisms accumulate in the body that the lymphatic system cannot remove. This can lead to serious illness. One woman had to call an ambulance. Fortunately, she was better the next day in hospital. Too much toxic material in the body can cause the liver and kidneys to shut down, leading to serious illness. That's when people blame the Zappers for the harm of the treatment. But the Zapper can do no harm. Its mechanism of action is like that of homeopathic me­dicines. If someone is not sick, the medicine has no effect. If you take handfuls of little sugar beads, nothing will happen to you. If you set the Zappers to the frequency of a pathogen that is not in the body, nothing happens.  

Super Ravo Zapper can be ordered from our online stores. One of them is the website of Leviter Ltd. Their address is https://leviter.hu/termek/super-ravo-zapper/ E-mail: leviter@leviter.hu Tel: +36-30-591-7093. The price of the device is 210 thousand HUF. Zapper Technology's Hungarian headquarters website costs the same, but you have to pay in euros, not forints. The price is €570. Web address: https://zappertechnology.hu/ (First click on the E-shop icon and then go to the shop to find the product you want to buy. Then click on the shopping cart symbol in the top right-hand corner. From there the program will guide you through the purchase. Here you can also buy the plasma generator.)

For those who find this price expensive, there are cheaper Zapper devices available in online shops.[44] Patients on a budget are better off renting this device for a while or getting treatment at a naturopathic studio. We have many practitioners of this type of treatment, and it does not cost much. At the Conscious Health Centre in Gyõr, for example, a treat­ment costs just 1000 HUF. The weekly rental fee for the equipment is not astronomical eit­her. (For the exact amount, please call.) Add­ress: http://tudatosegeszseg.hu Another solu­ti­on is to join forces with relatives, friends, colleagues and buy a device together. Then we pass it around. If someone has something wrong, they ask for it and it heals themselves in a few days or weeks.

In the meantime, the plasma generator has come on the market and is now being used to treat patients in several places. The RPZ 14 plasma generator has a maximum operating frequency of 5 Hz to 900 kHz. According to its developers, it works in exactly the same way as the glass tube ge­nerator used by Raymond Rife. If this is the case, it would be worth investigating the nature of the magnetic waves emitted by this generator. If it is of a gravitational nature, then this laboratory and its control room should be urgently relocated to a building that does not contain any com­bus­tible materials. The gravitons will seep in­to the walls and furniture, and if they reach the level of self-ignition, the whole building will burn down just like Tesla and Rife's la­boratory. There is no need for complicated and expensive instruments to determine the nature of magnetic discharges. A gra­vimeter already exists, but this test can be done with a simple compass. If the radiation coming out of the glass tube is attracted to the black, north pole of the compass, it is gravitational.

The brief information provided by the developers does not make it clear whether the personnel carrying out the treatment are permanently present in the room. If they are, and if they are being treated all day, they are also accu­mulating radiation. This is not suf­ficient to cause spontaneous combustion. However, it does upset the balance of his meridians, which can trigger various diseases. If such complaints arise, the treatment staff must do what the developers of the antigravity drive did: go head to toe in suba. The magnetic radiation is not shielded by any material, but it is scattered by the fine, twisted fibres of the sheep's hair. So it doesn't seep into the body. Patients don't have to worry about this because the gravitational particles that seep into their bodies during a few minutes of treatment cannot upset the balance of their meridians. The Plasma Generator is also available for purchase on the Zapper Technology website. This is much more expensive. The Athon 7 generator costs €21 000, while the RPZ 14 generator costs €5570. A Quinton plasma is also ava­il­able on this website. People with compromised immune systems and chronic patients should also try this product.  (30 ampoules cost €37.) Detailed infor­mation on this product can also be found on the left-hand side of the website. 


Budapest, 28.03.2019.




Unfortunately, no progress has been made in this area in the last two years. In 2020, the corona­virus epidemic broke out, which very quickly culminated in a pandemic. There are now 135 million registered cases and 3 million deaths worldwide. Using magnetic resonance frequency irradiation, this epidemic could have been nipped in the bud. However, politicians do not believe in this proce­dure and, like all esoteric cures, consider it quackery. They have led scientists to believe that esote­ricism is a pseudoscience and that anyone who works in this field is a charlatan and a fraud. The­refore, they do not support developments in this direction. Instead, they advocate vacci­nation, which costs astronomical sums of money. (Two doses of the Chinese vaccine, for example, cost $64.) To achieve herd immunity, 60 percent of humanity would have to be vaccinated. This would cost $300 billion. Then they can start all over again in six months because, like the vaccine against the flu virus, this vaccine only provides protection for six months. In contrast, magnetic irradiation costs nothing. The little electricity the device consumes is supplied by a built-in Tesla converter.

 But this damage dwarfs the damage to the world economy. Already, the pandemic has caused a drop in GDP of about 10 percent in almost every country in the world. The closure of hotels, restaurants, cultural institutions and services will deprive countries of significant tourism revenue. In addition, millions of people have been made unemployed and scores of businesses have gone out of business. According to the Minister for Foreign Economic Affairs, we alone are losing HUF 15 billion a day because of the restrictions on the Covid scheme. In addition, more than 11,000 people are infected every day and the death toll exceeds 310. Yet nothing happens. The government is buying vaccines by the truckload, and hundreds of thousands of people are being vaccinated week after week, but the epidemic curve is not flattening. In a few months there may be a reduction in the number of infected, but then a new infectious virus will emerge and they can start vaccine research and production and vaccination all over again. Health leaders are unable to see that the cure they are advocating is a dead end. Curing infectious diseases must be taken out of the hands of doctors and handed over to electrical engineers. They can wipe out all the harmful microbes in the world in a few months with their own tools and methods.

 The solution they offer would make the economy work again, and would eliminate the confine­ment and existential impossibility of people. A year of quarantine is causing more and more people to become depressed and aggressive. More and more countries are taking to the streets to protest against the government's austerity measures. It is feared that the lock-in will eventually lead to a social explosion that could topple the government. Here, the opposition is already threatening mem­bers of the government with jail if they come to power in the forthcoming elections. The charge is professional manslaughter, mass murder. The opposition leader's speech in parliament has had a shocking effect on the government MPs. However, they are not so frightened that they are using all the means at their disposal to contain the pandemic. The demonstrators who have taken to the streets are not bothering to keep a safe distance and are not even wearing mouth masks, which is once again igniting the epidemic. Resonance frequency magnetic irradiation would eliminate all the problems, because it would not only cure people, but also allow the economy to restart. Engineers would achieve this in a very simple way. They would treat people not one by one, but en masse.

The device would not be placed in front of the patient, but mounted on the ceiling. Not on the ceilings of doctors' surgeries, but above the entrances to public buildings. Places where many peop­le go. e.g. supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls. While shoppers get a shopping trolley and then put the goods in their bags on the way out, they are healed under a source of radiation in the foyer of the store. Resonant irradiation can kill all microbes in 3 minutes. The same should be done in the lob­bies of cultural and educational institutions. People should therefore no longer be subject to qua­ran­tine. There is no need to impose a curfew. In fact, the opposite should be done. They should be ma­de sure to go out into the community. Go to the theatre, cinema, concerts, libraries. Students should go to school.

The more people who get out of the home, the more people who get well. The hospitality and hotel industries will be reinvigorated. No more banning foreigners from the country. On the contrary, they should be invited to travel to their favourite resorts. They will then be disinfected in the airport transit lounge. And at road border crossings, passengers should be asked to leave their cars for a few minutes and enter the border station building. There, they can sit down under the magnetic irradia­tion device suspended from the ceiling and be on their way in 3 minutes. No need for vaccination cards or tests. Those who are sick are cured, those who are not are not affected. With a high number of visitors to community buildings, the virus would have no chance of spreading. After a few weeks, the epidemic would be gone. Once the coronavirus epidemic has passed, the device can be tuned to the resonance frequency of the influenza virus or the bacteria or virus of the day.

This possibility also leaves politicians cold. But the drowning man is grasping at straws to save his life. But the world's leaders make no attempt to test ideas that seem reasonable. They reject out of hand all proposals from fields that academics have deemed pseudo-science. But they would risk nothing. To reconstruct a Tesla converter, for example, all you need are a few transformers and capacitors, which can be bought for a few hundred dollars. If the development were not successful, these parts would be put in storage and used for the next development. In a well-equipped labora­tory, it would take a few weeks to find out whether esotericism or subotronics is really pseudo­science or a huge opportunity. Academics already suspect that a paradigm shift is imminent, which is why they do not allow any esotericists into their research facilities.

The bridging solution would be to allow researchers who have been relegated to the margins of science to set up a private laboratory, but they have no money. This would require financial backers, the help of wealthy individuals. But billionaires don't care about the world's ills. They just want to exploit the Earth. Their boundless thirst for profit is depleting our planet's mineral resources and destroying nature. They are not willing to sacrifice anything to stop global warming, to avoid cli­mate collapse. They think that nature will last as long as they live, and then the flood, and now the fire. Now they are even more clinging on to their wealth because they fear an uncertain future. So they are sitting on their money, giving nothing to anyone. Their accumulation of wealth is slowly becoming an end in itself, because they can no longer spend their money. The pandemic has made it impossible for them to travel, to use luxury services, and the quarantine has deprived them of entertainment. Yet they are holding on to their money with ten fingernails because they are used to accumulating wealth.

Despite all these difficulties, research is continuing in this field. The problem is that it is not effective enough. Current magnetic irradiation devices are not powerful enough and are very expen­sive. Their amplification units are too complicated and their radiation sources are not powerful enough. This could easily be remedied by reconstructing the Tesla converter. The Tesla converter is the simplest, most efficient and cheapest amplifier in the world. It could increase the efficiency of current amplifiers tenfold and reduce their production cost by a tenth. But the devices available could already be used to treat patients with coronavirus. But they are not allowed into Covid hos­pitals. The most effective of the dozens of devices is the Plasma Generator, developed jointly by Slovak and Czech engineers. And these are the countries that need it most. In Europe, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have the highest rates of Covid infection and deaths per capita. This device could be of great help in this situation, but it seems that Czech and Slovak politicians are of the opinion that this treatment is a sham and not worth pursuing.


Although the state does not support esoteric developments, and the public health service does not claim the results of such research, this does not stop it. Private funding for esoteric developments is still being used. The products of these companies are bought by private individuals and naturopathic practices and clinics. Since they are not marketed as medical devices, their sale cannot be banned. There is no shortage of patients because patients want to be cured. If the public health service can­not help them, they turn to private clinics. Different solutions are also emerging in the field of frequency healing. The best known of these is resonance frequency therapy (Bicom, Multicom, Zapper). They are less effective than Rife's magnetic irradiation, but cheaper and easier to use.

A new approach to frequency healing is treatment with sound waves. The use of high frequency sound waves is not new in medicine. Ultrasound body scanning is a long-established technique. Unlike X-ray, computed tomography and magnetoresonance scanning, it does not damage tissue and can be used in pregnant women to detect fetal damage. The image it provides is not colourful and not sharp enough, unlike those obtained with X-ray scans, but it is usable and can be evaluated. It is an inexpensive and safe diagnostic procedure.

This is the path a Hungarian company took when it developed the ultrasound resonance frequency device. The diagnostic program they developed contains 10,000 vibration patterns, which generate the frequencies via the computer's sound card. The vibrations can then be transmitted to the body using a headset or other device connected to the body. It is completely safe to use, as a given frequency only affects a given microbe. This procedure also works in reverse. The analyser can be used to check how far the vibrations of a particular organ deviate from the healthy one, and also to see what bacteria, parasites and viruses are present in the body. NR-GYM 2004 Ltd. Website: https://www.magnetspace.hu/termekek/ Address: 3711 Szirmabesenyõ, Ady Endre u. 2. Tel: +36 20 986 6500 E-mail: magnetspacehungary@gmail.hu (You can also send us a letter via the Contact page of their website.) Click on the pictures to see a detailed description of the five types of equip­ment. The prices are 50 thousand, 200 thousand and 500 thousand Ft.[45]


Budapest, 21.04.2021.






Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                     


                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos

Longitudinal telecommunications

(Functional description)


Update: 12 November 2020.


The great inventor of our time is Nikola Tesla. Although he created most of his inventions at the end of the 19th century, his nimbus is still undiminished. His fame and prestige are largely due to the fact that we still do not understand how his inventions work. Not because he concealed it, but because he did the opposite. He gave do­zens of lectures in major cities in America and Europe, where he promoted his inventions in spectacular demonstrations. But he was unable to give precise, accurate explanations of how they worked, because the terminology to do so was not yet available at the stage of electricity 120 years ago. At the end of the 19th century, the theoretical basis was still rather incomplete, and physicists did not even know that electri­city was generated by electrons.[46] Tesla didn't even know what rays he was working with. He be­lieved that static electricity was the cause of the light phenomena he produced.[47]    

We now know that this phenomenon has noth­ing to do with static electricity. Tesla pro­duced magnetic beams. And the most perfect way of doing so, magnetic radiation free of electrical emis­sion. He did not work with electro­mag­netic waves like we do, but with etheric radiation. He excited it with soliton waves. He was not aware of this either, because at that time there was no oscilloscope to study the signal shape. He also pro­duced the soliton wave in a rather complicated way, using a modified commutator motor. Under these circumstances, he performed a real miracle. Experimen­ting with soliton waves, he had already invented the radio and even the mobile telephone at the beginning of the 20th century. He himself did not believe that he had created such a great thing, and so he did not even apply for a patent for the latter invention. However, the documentation that has survived proves his absolute pre-emi­nence in this field.

By using soliton waves in communications, Tesla had in fact discovered longitudinal signal transmission. This is the basis of the most perfect telecommunications system in the universe. It is also used by extraterrestrials. It is the basis of telepathy, and even the oracles use these waves to contact the other world. The essence of the longitudinal wave is that it is not generated by the electrical discharge, which creates a transverse wave perpendicular to its path. As the electron remains in the metallic conductor, the signal is transmitted by the oscillating transverse wave. This oscillating wave is called an electromagnetic wave and consists of photons. Because photons and electrons are roughly in the same size range, the speed of the electromagnetic wave is the same as the speed of the electron flow, which is the same as the speed of light.

In contrast, the longitudinal wave vibrates in the direction of propagation and is carried by the aether. As the electrons move forward, they collide with the aether particles. They modulate the aether by their thrust. Since the size of the aether particles is 12 orders of magnitude smaller than that of photons, their flow velocity is 12 orders of magnitude higher. This is the secret of their enor­-mous flow speed. This is the reason why electromagnetic waves are not used anywhere in the uni­verse. Not only are electromagnetic waves slow, their range is also quite short. It depends strong­ly on the wavelength. The shorter their wavelength, i.e. the higher their frequency of oscillation, the shorter the distance they travel. Even radio and television transmitters operating in the VHF band have a range of less than 60 kilometres. And microwave signals die out after a few kilometres. (That's why mobile phone companies are installing relay stations so densely. And 5G networks, which are being rolled out, use such high frequencies that they are shielded by the walls between rooms.)

But there is nothing to shield the etheric waves. Ether ions travel unhindered through the mate­rial world. Because they are not swallowed up, their range is very long. They can reach millions of light years away in an instant. It is therefore incomprehensible why we do not use this method of signal transmission. For the last hundred years, we have been stuck in Marconi's electromagnetic communication and our experts refuse to take Tesla's proposed method into account. Yet longitu­dinal transmitters and receivers not only have unlimited range, but also deliver perfect sound and picture quality. Moreover, they are much cheaper to produce. No relay stations or satellites are needed for their installation, because the signals emitted by the central transmitter station can reach the whole world through the globe.

Longitudinal wave propagation and reception is easier than you might think. As a transmitter, the longitudinal soliton generator invented by Tesla must be used, in a modernised form. (There is no longer any need for a spark gap generator, because elect­ronic signal generators perform this task with great sta­bility.) The point of this circuit is to prevent oscillation of the tuned circuits. No harmonic oscillation can occur between capacitors and inductors connected in parallel. In this circuit, current can only flow in one direction, not backwards. There is no need for a carrier wave, because this role is performed by the omnipresent ether. Signal transmission is achieved by varying the frequency of the soliton wave. (Unlike initial radio, therefore, there is frequency modulation rather than amplitude modulation.)

The receiver circuit is even simpler. The longitudinal receiver is essentially the same as the Tesla converter. Since no kilowatts of power are required, the first stage is sufficient to provide a signal suitable for amplification and further processing. After Tesla's failure, it seemed that we could forget about this communication system. The 'Sleeping Beauty dream' did not last long, however, as the American inventor Henry Moray[48] took Tesla's ideas and carried them forward. Moray did not use the converter to drive cars, but used it to power ordinary electrical consumers in his laboratory. He used an insulated copper wire about 6 mm in diameter and 150 m long as an antenna, and connected the ground wire to the water mains. Moray gave many public demonstrations of this device, which are on record, but he was unable to put his invention into practice. His patent application for the soul of the converter, the detector, was rejected in 1937 as his idea was considered too bizarre. He also faced bitter struggles, with several attempts to steal his invention, and finally the local electric company seemed willing to finance its manufacture. But the deal turned out to be a trap, as soon as they got hold of the device they smas­hed it with a hammer, destroying the competitor that was providing the energy for the device.


Moray not only used this device to generate energy, but also used it to eavesdrop on distant conversations by adding a rotary capacitor or a variable inductance coil. In this case, he connected the AC signal from the output circuit to a headphone via a demodulating diode and, after some tu­ning, could hear street noise, people talking, raindrops tapping or the wind howling. During a de­monstration, one curious journalist, against the ban, touched the tuning knob and moved it slight­ly. He then heard the sounds of the train station, about 5 miles away, the train whistle and the con­duc­tor talking to the stationmaster without a microphone or radio transmitter hidden nearby. Even to experts, the existence of this phenomenon seems incredible, but the biggest dilemma is how the resonant frequency of an LC circuit is related to range. This highly unusual radio transmission was certainly made possible by the fact that the sound waves modulated the surrounding subatomic par­ticles, and this particular variation in the vibration of the "aether" appeared, after demodulation, as a sound in the headphones that could be detected by the observer.

On the basis of this principle, the inventor also proposed a simplification of conventional radio sets. The new circuits he developed eliminated the need for many components that are an essential part of conventional radio circuits, but the quality of reception was not impaired, but actually im­proved. The simplification was made possible by the fact that subatomic communications do not require a carrier wave, because this role is played by the ether. Hence, the subatomic-based receiver circuit is simplified by the fact that it does not require a mid-frequency generator, a mixer stage or a pass filter circuit. With the proliferation of radio and TV broadcasters and mobile phone companies, there is little free spectrum left, so we need to move on this without delay. And interactive com­mu­nication is a prerequisite for getting out into the cosmos. Without it, we have no chance of our astronauts travelling astronomical distances and finding their way back to Earth.  Delays of several hours, months or often years are unacceptable in space travel. A space mission can only be suc­cessful if the astronauts can contact the mother planet without delay, if they can keep in touch with us.    

If Moray's proposals are implemented, these simple circuits are expected not only to make radio, radio and TV sets cheaper to produce, but also to reform the telephone network. In the future, telep­hone cables are likely to disappear and we will be able to talk to each other on mobile phones, which are even cheaper than cellular, via exchanges on satellites. However, it may well be that a satellite will not be needed either, because subatomic energy waves are not shielded by any material, so that even people on distant continents can communicate directly with each other via subatomic energy waves passing through the globe. Since subatomic energy particles flow unhindered through matter, they do not damage living tissue, unlike electromagnetic radiation. This means that users of new types of mass communication devices and people living near transmission towers do not have to worry about any health risks.

The cost of producing these devices will be so low that telephone companies will eventually dist­ribute them free of charge to those who want to use their services. At the same time, they will be much easier to use. There will be no more contracting, no more record-keeping, no more phone bills. They will be used in the same way as street telephones. When we want to call someone, we insert our debit card into the device, which automatically contacts our bank and checks whether we have funds on our account. If so, it authorises the call and charges the cost to our account. This eliminates the risk of phone misuse (line theft, unauthorised use of the phone, SIM card transfer, etc.). It is also safer for the phone companies, as computer pirates cannot crack the codes of the SIM cards they issue and make calls to the company's account. Anyone can borrow anyone's handset or lend theirs, because everyone can only make calls to their own account.

Another big advantage of this system is that you only have to pay for it when you use the service. We get rid of line usage charges, standby charges, and maintenance charges. In contrast to the cur­rent situation, telephone companies will not be able to collect fixed monthly amounts from people who do not use their handsets or use them only very little. The customer will no longer have to put up with harassment from the companies, because the personal relationship between the service pro­vider and the user will be broken. Law enforcement agencies will also not be able to prevent the spread of this system, as the bank statement will not only show the amount of the phone bill and the time of the call, but also the number the account holder called, i.e. who he called. This procedu­re will also benefit us, as we will receive a detailed phone bill together with the monthly bank state­ment, so we can check our calls afterwards.

A not insignificant economic advantage of this new way of communication is that it is not ne­cessary to build a new transmission network to deploy simple and cheap sub-atomic receivers. Existing radio, TV and telephone antennas modulate not only the high-frequency carrier waves they emit but also the surrounding ether. This would allow the two systems to coexist for the time being, allowing a gradual transition. (It would also allow civilisations hundreds of light years away to watch our TV programmes continuously.)


Returning to Moray's receiver, unfortunately the inventor has not given any clue as to why the speech detection distance depends on the operating frequency of the circuit. It is possible, however, that this conclusion, which is contrary to the laws of physics, is only apparent. It is possible that in this case, moving the tuning knob did not result in a frequency change, but in a loss of efficiency. The inventor, when he wanted to listen to a close conversation, tuned the device. This degraded the sensitivity, reducing the range, so that only ambient noise could be detected. When he wanted to hear conversations further away, he set the tuning knob to the exact resonant frequency of the LC circuit, thus increasing the range. And the direction from which he could hear the voices was solved by turning the antenna.

This is also how civilisations outside Earth communicate with each other. If our scientists were to build a Tesla converter using backward or Gunn diodes instead of the extremely complicated and expensive radio telescopes and use it to listen in space, they would probably be in for a big surprise. These special diodes owe their lossless rectification capability to the tunnel effect. In the strong electric field generated between adjacent weapons, the electrons are presumably replaced by ubiquitous etheric energy particles, which are not hindered by the electric potential barrier known as the threshold voltage. Since the propagation velocity of etheric energy particles exceeds that of electrons by several orders of magnitude, this effect also confers an additional property, negative internal resistance, to these semiconductor devices. The negative internal resistance acts as an amp­lification effect in the circuit, i.e. in addition to rectifying, the tunnel diodes also amplify with­out additional components.

It is not yet known exactly how this effect takes place. It could be that the electron flow genera­ted on one of the armatures modulates the ether, causing the electrons in the other to move in a similar way, or it could be that the extremely strong electric field causes the electrons to be trans­ported through the potential barrier, i.e. to travel between the two electrodes in the form of an ether body. Once they arrive, they revert back to electrons, but in the process, a special phenomenon oc­curs which causes the negative internal resistance, i.e. the amplification effect. The direct cause of this is the difference of more than 12 orders of magnitude between the electron and subatomic ener­gy particle flow velocities. The subatomic energy particles, which arrive at enormous velocities, strike the atoms of the semiconductor layer on the other side almost like a projectile, causing a very large number of electrons to be stripped off. To this are added the electrons that are released back from the subatomic energy particles, which together produce the amplifying effect.

Typical of the key importance of this diode is that, in addition to generating additional energy, it also performs two traditional roles in the circuit. One, demodulation, has already been mentioned. It allows signals emitted during communications or detected during remote interception to be conver­ted into audible sound. In addition to its role as a pass filter, the rectifying diode also acts as a valve, i.e. it blocks the current in the opposite direction. This is particularly important for converters used for power generation. Excess energy can only be dissipated from the inductance by means of the secondary winding. If an attempt were made to squeeze energy out of the capacitor, the galvanic coupling, due to the load caused by the consumer, would cause the circuit to go out of tune and the oscillator to stop. With transformer unloading this problem does not occur, but without a diode the excess energy would flow back into the capacitor. So this special diode in this case not only ge­nerates the excess current, but also acts as a valve to prevent it from flowing out of the coil, i.e. it ensures that the energy generated can be extracted and used. This triple function also explains the special placement of the diode, i.e. why it is wedged in the parallel LC circuit between the capacitor and the inductance.


 The direct cause of the slow signal transmission we use is the way the resonance is induced and the signal is detected. At our current state of development we still use transversely propagating electromagnetic waves for our communications. The essence of this is electrical excitation. On both the transmitter and receiver side, we create a parallel LC circuit into which we circulate electrons. These oscillating circuits produce nice sine waves for us, but slowly. These are the ones on which we superimpose the useful signal. As the first signal leaves the transmitter, it appears at the speed of light in the receiver, but it cannot detect it. For the modulator circuit tuned to the transmitter to work, a regular sine wave is needed, i.e. the negative range of the signal below the coordinate axis must also arrive. This is achieved by electrons flowing out of the inductance of the excited resonant circuit into the capacitor connected in parallel with it. However, this takes time. Since the speed of the electron flow does not exceed the speed of light, the propagation speed of the waves excited in this way does not exceed this value.

The situation is very different for signal transmission by longitudinal waves. Although these waves are also excited by electron flow, the electrons only play a role in generating the signal. The transmission of the signals is done by the ether. Therefore, there is no need for a high-frequency carrier wave. The longitudinal transmitter has no electromagnetic field. So there is nothing to drop below the reception level. Hence, longitudinal or scalar signals require orders of magnitude less energy to produce or travel orders of magnitude further. The range of purely magnetic signal trans­mission is further increased by the fact that the intensity of longitudinal waves decreases only line­arly with distance. In this system, too, a resonant circuit is needed because the transmitter has to emit the signal at a specific frequency and the receiver has to tune to that frequency to find the transmission that interests us. However, this transmission lacks the negative range of the signal. The parallel LC circuit only emits the positive signal range. So there is in fact no electromagnetic excitation, no field within the range of the transmitting antenna. (So there is no electrosmog. All that happens is that the signals emitted one after the other push the ether around. These motions are transmitted by subatomic energy particles and travel in a straight line to the receiver. It is from this mode of propagation that this wave gets its name.

When they reach the receiving antenna, the subatomic energy particles set the free electrons in motion, which excites the LC circuit on the receiving side. However, electromagnetic excitation is not a desirable phenomenon here either. It is therefore necessary to ensure that only longitudinal signals reach the signal amplifier stages. This is also ensured here by a decoupling, negative-range-removal diode. This solution appears to be very similar to the circuit diagram of a detector radio. However, in this circuit the diode is not a signal separator but a demodulator. It separates the positive range of the useful signal from the parallel LC circuit tuned to the appropriate frequency (transmitter). That is, the signal we need. The rest is therefore unnecessarily radiated by a huge ener­gy investment. In etheric signal detection, the diode is not placed after the resonant circuit, but in the resonant circuit, between the inductance and the capacitance. In this case, only the longitu­dinal signals can cause the circuit to oscillate.

This literally brings the receiver circuit to life. Not only can it detect the longitudinal signal, but it can also detect the etheric movements and all the vibrations of the living world. It can even pick up the communication of spirits from beyond. This circuit can be connected to the computer of the Higher Intelligence, and from there data can be retrieved, previously recorded events can be viewed. Longitudinal signals are then converted to transversal signals so that they can be detected by the antenna input of the TV set we use today.) In this way, transmissions from extraterrestrial civilisations can be intercepted. If not, we can only pick up their signals if we wedge ourselves between their transmitter and their home planet. But the probability of this is very small. But with SETI's very extensive observing system, there is a chance that we might be somewhere in the path of their sig­nals.)

But to do this, we first need to modify our receivers to detect longitudinal waves. In the elect­romagnetic system we use, it is physically impossible to detect magnetic pulses. We cannot even detect the gigantic longitudinal waves of stellar explosions. The first pulse excites the parallel LC-loop tuned to the appropriate frequency, but the excitation pulse, the negative range of the signal, does not arrive afterwards. Instead, another excitation pulse is received. Thus, the modulator is unable to oscillate. It is completely paralysed. The flow of electrons from inductance to capaci­tance in the modulator circuit does not start, no oscillation occurs. This is why SETI participants cannot register any meaningful signals from space, even though we are almost inundated with magnetic waves from all over the world. The oscillator for the transposition oscillates, but there is no need for it here, since there is no high-frequency carrier wave in longitudinal signal transmission, and the­refore no need for a medium-frequency generator for signal processing. (These circuits can be omitted entirely from the longitudinal transmitter and receiver circuits.) In a Tesla communicati­ons system, there is no need for frequency shifting. Adequate sensitivity, good noise figure and selec­tivity can be achieved without superheterodyne reception.

The main advantage of longitudinal signal transmission is the extremely high propagation speed. In this system, it takes only 1 second to cover a distance of 100,000 light years. The other major ad­vantage is its non-shadowing. The subatomic energy particles can easily penetrate any material, so there is no need to take into account geographical conditions or terrain obstacles. So with a single transmitter, we can irradiate the entire Earth. All this with a minimum of energy. Magnetic waves can also pass unhindered through the globe, and there is no need for a power station to excite the transmitter tower. However, the detection of low-intensity magnetic pulses, the ripples of the aether, has one important condition: the zero threshold voltage of the diode. The manifestations of the uni­verse, the communications of otherworldly spirits, the communication of extraterrestrials, are so low in intensity that they cannot pass through our diodes, which currently have a threshold voltage of 0.6-0.7 V. Therefore, conventional germanium and silicon-based rectifier diodes are useless. For this circuit, low threshold voltage Esaki or backward diodes must be used. Another great advantage of the tunnel diodes is that they not only rectify but also amplify. They multiply the number of electrons passing through them, making the signal even more intense.

Tesla called this signal transmission technique the "individualisation technique". He wrote in 1899: 'This invention is based on simple tuning. It enables signals, messages, to be transmitted sec­retly or exclusively, both in active and passive aspects. Each signal is an individual and in­disputable identity, and there is practically no limit to the number of stations or apparatus which can operate simultaneously without interfering with each other." This description also makes it clear that mag­netic waves propagate longitudinally, i.e. they are unintercepted. Signal transmission in this way could only be intercepted if we were wedged between the transmitter and the receiver. Ho­wever, this requires knowing the exact location of both the transmitter and the receiver. Since these signals can travel in any direction in space, it is almost impossible for them to meet or interfere with each other. Obviously, this type of transmission is not appropriate for broadcasting stations. For this pur­pose, omnidirectional transmitters must be used, which transmit in all directions, making the broad­cast receivable by anyone.

In this case, however, it will be necessary to allocate the magnetic waveband and to issue fre­quency licences so that the individual transmissions do not interfere with each other. This will not be too much of a problem for the communications regulators, as each station will probably be able to keep the frequency it currently uses. The only change will be that they will no longer broadcast transversal waves, but longitudinal waves. This has the advantage that bandwidth will not be needed. The number of transmitting stations transmitting side by side can therefore be increased by orders of magnitude. TV broadcasters can also broadcast 4K or holographic programmes without any problems, because the signal surplus does not increase the bandwidth, but the density of successive pulses (bits in digital transmission). Since the flow rate of magnetic waves is more than twelve times that of electromagnetic waves, there is no problem in compressing the information-carrying pulses. It is only necessary to increase the modulator frequency. The signals, which have a frequen­cy of several hundred gigahertz, do not attenuate rapidly with increasing distance, are not obstructed by spatial barriers, and there is no health risk because magnetic waves do not cause electrosmog. Longitudinal signal transmission has the additional advantage of being extremely stable. It is not affected by atmospheric disturbances, weather conditions (it does not stop transmit­ting during heavy thunderstorms, as is the case with current satellite TV channels) or ionospheric fluctuations. Since it penetrates all matter particles, it does not care about changes in the physical world. The radius of curvature of the Earth does not affect the transmitter range because longitudi­nal magnetic waves penetrate the globe.

We will soon be forced into this mode of signal transmission because the frequency of elect­romagnetic radio waves cannot be increased indefinitely. The reason is that beyond a certain limit, electromagnetic waves behave like light beams. The cut-off frequency of a signal that is still con­sidered a microwave is 3 GHz. Above this, its propagation is uncertain. Signals at 5 GHz can no longer penetrate the walls of buildings. Moreover, as the frequency increases, it becomes more and more expensive to provide coverage. Another major obstacle to the widespread deployment of 4G mobile phones is that they need twice as many repeater towers as the 1.8 GHz system requires. There is no other obstacle to increasing the frequency, as advanced gallium arsenide chips are ca­pable of generating vibrations at much higher frequencies than currently possible. Longitudinal sig­nal transmission will also be of great use in control technology. It will eliminate interference bet­ween different systems. Vehicle protection will also become safer. The unidirectional signal flow will prevent cars parked nearby from intercepting the unlocking code of remote-controlled central locks. In the future, thieves will no longer be able to disarm radio frequency armed alarms by code-interception.


After Moray's failure, it took nearly 40 years for longitudinal signal transmission to resurface. Again, its applicability was only tested from a reception point of view. The result is a time-mea­suring device, the chronovisor. It is not a time machine, but it is capable of projecting events of by­gone eras onto a TV screen. The intellectual inspiration for the invention came from the Italian monk Alfredo Pellegrino Ernetti, who gathered 12 physicists and communication experts from different countries to realise his idea. The result of these developments was the first working model in 1972, which still transmitted black and white images. However, it was not until 18 October 1986 that their invention was unveiled to the public in Riva del Garda, near Lake Garda. By then it had a colour screen. The device produced surprising results at the premiere. First, it conjured up a performance of an ancient Greek tragedy from 169 BC for astonished journalists and invited experts. The quality of both the sound and the colour images was perfect, and the experts present said there was no doubt as to its authenticity. Later, they were treated to the speech of Quintus Ennius, a Latin orator, and then to the music of a Doric orchestra in an original archaic performance.

According to the inventors, the device is composed of three main units. The first is a sophisti­ca­ted antenna system capable of contacting the Higher Intelligence computer and retrieving from its memory the events of the time it wishes to see. The next stage is a circuit capable of detecting and amplifying subatomic energy waves, while the third is a converter that converts etheric energy waves into electromagnetic waves. The signal is then simply plugged into the input of a commercial colour TV and any event in our history is revealed like a movie. Since the Higher Intelligence su­percomputers record every single manifestation of our lives, the chronovisor can be used not only for entertainment purposes, but is also expected to play an important role in settling scientific dis­putes. But it will be used most effectively by law enforcement agencies, because it will help them detect any crime in a matter of minutes.

However, this will have to wait for some time as the device is currently inaccessible. This de­velopment has a history of more than 30 years, as reported by the Italian newspaper Domenico del Corriere. According to their article of 2 May 1972, Father Ernetti was an Associate Professor at the Conservatoire of Music in Venice and was subsequently appointed Director of the Vatican Secre­tariat for Music. This is how he came into close contact with Pope Pius XII. The then head of the Church was delighted with the Benedictine monk's invention, seeing in it proof of the existence of the afterlife, of eternity. Ernetti's main assistants were Professor Germetti and Braun, a student of the famous Italian atomic physicist Fermi. The Portuguese Professor De Matios and a Japanese Nobel Prize-winning physicist also played a major role in the invention. The costs of the development were covered by the Vatican. The interview also revealed that the chronovisor differed not only in its input units from conventional communication devices, but also in the way it displayed images. Even the first device transmitted a hologram-like, three-dimensional image. It has been used to re­veal many events from the past. Among other things, they traced the life of Jesus. To their great astonishment, the Messiah did not tell everything as it is written in the Bible and as it had been taught for centuries. This caused great confusion in the Vatican. They also looked at Mussolini's public appearances, just to confirm their authenticity, but found no discrepancies. The fascist dicta­tor delivered his speeches in the same words as recorded by historians.

Their concerns were heightened by the fact that the chronovizor sometimes made himself sound like a self-styled hero. On one occasion, for example, he began to broadcast a secret meeting the previous evening between the US ambassador and delegates from the Palestinian Liberation Front. It was becoming increasingly clear that this device could not only scan the past, but also reveal events in the present. It could also eliminate political, military, scientific, industrial, business and private secrets at a stroke. Realising this, the Pope, Father Ernetti and the physicists concerned came to the conclusion that this invention was premature and that its use would have unforeseeable consequences in our world today. They therefore decided to stop development of the chronovisor and prevent its mass production.

Their decision was hastened by the increasing number of suspicious characters lurking around Ernetti after the public demonstration. The Russians were said to be the first to start sniffing around the invention. KGB agents were keen to get their hands on the documentation. The arrival of Ame­rican spies was not long in coming, and the Church authorities were forced to ensure the physical safety of the Father. They moved him into the Venetian monastery and hired bodyguards to prevent the agents from forcing their way in. All these events were described in a book by Ernetti's friend Francis Brune, published in 1998. From the work, and from an interview with the author published in the Italian magazine Terzomillenio (Third Millennium), issue 5 of 1998, it is also revealed that Ernetti was subsequently forbidden to divulge any information about the device.

Fortunately, they did not destroy it, as they did the Tesla converter, but took it apart. Its main parts remained in the Vatican, while the most important components were sent by diplomatic mail to church headquarters in other countries. The operation was conducted in such secrecy that the guar­dians themselves do not know what they were entrusted with. The documentation of the chrono­visor was deposited in a similar way. The death of the Pope who had ordered the secrecy, and even of Ernetti himself and 10 physicists from his group, significantly reduces the likelihood of un­authorised access. Now it is up to the goodwill of the Vatican and the current Pope whether this device will ever be recovered. Hopefully, the release of the chronovisor will not have to wait so long. With the ever worsening ills of the world, and the explosion of crime and terrorism, the Church will sooner or later see the need to put this device in the system and use it under proper supervision. Otherwise, our civilisation will be destroyed and there will be no point in further secrecy. The quickest and most effective way to put humanity on the right track is to expose secret manipulations, criminal intentions. This is the most effective way to defend ourselves against anti-social acts. After a time, the mere existence of this device will be sufficient to prevent the manifes­tation of dishonest ambition, of destructive intent, and the knowledge of its applicability will force people to live honestly.

Therefore, in the future, crime will be completely eliminated. This will not only happen because the man of the next millennium will have a more developed moral sense, but it will simply be senseless to commit any crime. By using the chronovisor, the identity of the offender will be unam­biguously and infallibly established, so that no crime will remain undetected. Police, prosecutors, lawyers and courts will no longer be needed. The judge will sit down in front of the chronovisor, look at the offence the victim is complaining about, then consult the code and impose the penalty on the basis of the paragraphs. The prison guards then go to the offender's home or hideout and take the prisoner to the detention centre. After a while, prisons can be closed down, because once crimi­nals realise that there is no way they can avoid punishment, they will stop this way of life. And anyone who does not give up this way of life under these circumstances is not normal. In this case, they should not be in prison, but in a mental hospital.

The chronovisor would provide information not only on the illegal actions of criminals and terrorist plots in the making, but also on the shady dealings of politicians. For God is keeping a clo­se eye on our world. The light beings know everything we do, track our every move, even our thoughts. No evil thought is hidden from them, and if our dishonest actions threaten the common good, they are likely to inform us. That is what they did in 1986. That is why church leaders were frightened by it and why it was dismantled. But now the trouble in our world is so great that we cannot save our civilisation without help from beyond. The very existence of this device is a deterrent to those in political power, and they will no longer be driven by self-interest, but will act for the good of society.


The installation of the chronovisor would also prevent accidents caused by technical failure and human inattention. Aircraft crashes, train accidents and road accidents are not the result of chance. Karmic causes also rarely cause such accidents. The increasing number of tragedies is due to the growing aggressiveness of demonic beings and the growing prevalence of forces that seek to de­stroy us. There is no other way to prevent attacks against us, we too must be connected to the cosmic database. The most effective way to fight the enemy is with one's own weapons. If we do not take advantage of the opportunity available, our fate will be like a dumb animal driven to the slaughter.

The military strategy of the Western world has proved a failure. Those in charge of the war effort spent billions to avert a nuclear attack, and then some primitive criminals came along with a knife and paper-cutting knife and destroyed America. This is further proof that we are not, cannot be, prepared enough for those who seek our destruction. We should finally admit that these actions are being directed from behind the scenes. The terrorists are no more resourceful than the authorities defending against them. But they get their ideas and suggestions from the demonic world. The planners of their diabolical deeds are the unseen beings who have sought to corrupt us for millennia. The lowly spirits in Satan's service watch our world with a wary eye, and no gap, no weak link that could be used to harm us, escapes their notice. They do not launch a frontal attack on us, but turn our mistakes, our errors, against us. To achieve this, they make the most of the opportunities offered to them by a spirit world without physical limitations. Because of their enormous superiority, we are helpless in the face of their activities.

The only way to defend ourselves is to call upon the other otherworldly power, the benevolent beings. Spirits in the service of God know everything that goes on in our world. They are also ready to inform us of the dangers and assassinations that are coming our way. But they cannot do this because we are not willing to contact them or ask for their help. Many even deny their existence. We do not make use of the data accumulating in the cosmic repository of information, even though we have had the technical means to do so for decades. In this memory, powered by lightbeings, every movement of our world is recorded. It is a service that anyone can use. It is also used by satanic beings, who rely on this information base to develop their nefarious plans. Even the Almigh­ty cannot stop this. Just as the sun shines on both good and bad people, this service is available to any being in the universe.


The unexploited potential of longitudinal telecommunications is also incomprehensible because we should not have to lift a finger to exploit it. Unlike the Tesla converter and the Tesla generator, we don't need to develop either device because they are already ready. Dr György Egely mentioned in an interview with him that three of his former colleagues had developed the longitudinal trans­mitter and receiver circuit. At their workplace at the Central Institute for Physical Research they had no opportunity to do so, but after they retired they got started and developed both of their kits. They just can't sell it because nobody wants it. The chronovisor doesn't need to be redeveloped either. You just have to ask the Pope for it. Surely the Holy Father realises that our world is in a ca­tastrophic situation and if we do nothing we will be destroyed.

Once the requested parts are assembled, this device will certainly be functional. It would also be advisable to ask for the documentation so that it can be manufactured and reproduced. Then it would only be necessary to send a copy to the countries of the world, to the central investigative and cri­minal investigation agencies. If the Pope is worried about the abuse of the chronovisor, a liste­ning centre could be set up in the Vatican, where investigators in various countries could pass on the news they receive, the unearthly warnings, to their governments.    


Budapest, 25.01.2018.








Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                     


                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos

Weather forecasting

(Functional description)


Update: 28 September 2021.


The need to control the weather is as old as mankind. Throughout history, hundreds of millions of people have died as a result of extreme weather events. People have been devastated by floods and landslides caused by too much rain, or starved to death by crop failures caused by drought. Tragedies were compounded by windstorms and tornadoes, and crops were often damaged by hail. In antiquity and the Middle Ages, these disasters were seen as God's punishment and little could be done about it. But with the advent of the industrial revolution, attempts were made to control the weather. These efforts, dressed up in mystical cloaks, often ended up in hoaxes, but there were also those who, however laboriously, managed to make it rain. 


Of all the weather extremes, drought caused the most trouble. Floods and inland water caused by heavy rains mostly caused only material damage. After a while the water receded and life resumed in the flooded areas. However, prolonged droughts destroyed crops and the resulting famine had disastrous consequences. Rainmakers were therefore the weather modifiers most in demand. In America, which was at the forefront of technological development, rainmakers appeared as early as the 19th century. Farmers passed them from hand to hand. The majority of them were very poor and their only wealth was the land.

The first recorded rainmaking took place in 1891 in Texas. The farmers first turned to the army for action. Not coincidentally, attempts were already being made to force the precious liquid, rain, out of the clouds with artillery fire. The Midland experiment was funded by the US Department of Agriculture and Congress. It was not a great success at the time. But it did have one benefit: many people began to wonder how rain could be artificially induced. Of course, most of them never got anywhere, and even some of the graduates were forced to give up after a while. The case, which was widely reported in the local press at the time, also captured the imagination of some people who had not followed the traditional intellectual path.

One of these was a certain C. B. Jewell, who has been undeservedly forgotten in the history of technology. Yet his name deserves to be remembered, for he was a truly efficient rainmaker. His successes are thought to have been due to his parachute skills. But he never admitted it. So he created a fake machine that 'did' the cloud-hanging. His invention was described in the February 1895 issue of Engineering News. Of course, from what we read about it there, no one could really know anything. Not by accident. Like inventors in general, Mr Jewell feared that someone would steal his invention and exploit it without his permission. So he jealously guarded its essence. All he told me was that it was a kind of gas that could be released into the clouds. He did not say whether this gas was homogeneous or whether it was a mixture of certain gases in some proportion. When journalists asked him about the mechanism of action of his invention, he said that his gas would inject something into the clouds that was missing to trigger the rainfall. Well, that didn't make any­one any the wiser.

Jewell was a railroad mailman. He sat in a mail car all day sorting mail. Then, at each stop, he'd give it to the small town postman to deliver to the recipient. He did this job for many years, scooting from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and it struck him how many places in this vast country were in drought. Then he had the idea of making it rain for the farmers. He has never said what he based this idea on, or how he discovered his rainmaking skills. Only a few comments suggest that this is not about physically squeezing out rain clouds. He once said that he did not make rain, but that he created the conditions for nature to make rain.

Because he knew the country's railway map well, he decided to reach drought-stricken areas by rail. So he bought a disused, covered railway freight car. All that outsiders could see of this moving laboratory and 'rain-making machine' was that at one end of the structure, which was raised up, three pipes stared into the sky on either side. It looked as if Jewell had pointed cannons at the clouds. Inside the wagon, all six tubes were connected to tanks containing a certain unnamed gas. At the other end of the wagon were shelves of chemicals, obviously the ones that the gas in question was made from. As a precaution, he always ordered the chemicals he needed from different manufac­tu­rers. This was to prevent any spying on him. He also had an assistant, but he had no idea what he was doing, he just followed orders. Above the shelf there was a power supply and a large, cauldron-like tank containing a liquid of unknown composition.

He later added a huge water tank on top of the wagon, which was always full. The water was presumably an important accessory for gas generation. However, it is also possible that he used the water for cooking, washing dishes and cleaning, since Jewell's apartment was also in this wagon. A bed, a desk and some cleaning utensils. When he was called somewhere, he would simply hop on a train going that way. On the way, he answered letters he received from farmers after he became a famous rainmaker. He made itineraries for himself of where he would go and how much time he would spend making rain. He was constantly on the move, and was a keen accepter of invitations from railway companies. They ordered and paid for his services to please the farmers of the coun­tryside. Later, when the business took off, Jewell had a train of three such wagons. With a larger lo­ad, he could cover more ground. There was no need to stop for 'shortages'.

According to Engineering News, Jewell's trips were quite successful. He deployed his contrap­tion sixty-six times in a single year, and each time he managed to make it rain. On only four occasi­ons did it happen that for reasons beyond his control (high winds) the rain was either not as intense as expected or did not fall exactly where it was supposed to. But the secret of his method was slow­ly being revealed. Curiously, according to contemporary reports, when Jewell arrived on the scene, there was not a single sheep cloud in the sky. If there were no clouds, he could release any amount of gas into the air, but that small amount would not create a huge cloud that would then drench the landscape. It was also suspicious that the clouds had arrived before he had set his device in motion. On one occasion, curious farmers fell into one of the wagons of a train that had been sidetracked. They saw a man sitting inside, completely still, looking ahead of him. Today there is no doubt that Jewell was concentrating or meditating. (Nowadays this is called mind control.) He called the rain clouds to the scene with his brain waves. 

This was followed by "cannonading", the release of a gas mixture into the air. In the meantime, the clouds became so dense that after a few hours the showers began. At the same time, heavy rain­fall fell in the area. After that, the farmers didn't really care how it got there. The next day Jewell dumped another inch of rain. Before that, the area had been sweltering, the air had become stifling dry and the fields had become dusty from lack of rainfall. All that water refreshed not only the plants but the air. No wonder Jewell was hailed as a hero. He saved them from starvation. But the inventor didn't spend much time in any one place. While the celebrations were going on, he was on his way to another, also drought-stricken region, where he was once again awaited like the Messiah. And they were not waiting in vain.


Not all rainmakers were so lucky. Those who lacked parapsychological skills soon lost their star. Charles Hatfield was declared insane by the United States Weather Bureau of the time. And his clients called him a con man, a charlatan. In the beginning, he was a traveling salesman peddling sewing machines. He travelled the country by road and noticed how many places were in drought. In the early 20th century, the United States was hit by two years of drought. It's no wonder that under these circumstances Hatfield got into the mood for making rain. He claimed that he had been self-taught in meteorology for seven years and was very good at it. Everywhere he travelled, he advertised himself and his special service: 'I make rain on demand!' He used a gas mixture for his rain-making machine. This also had nothing to do with rainmaking. He probably prayed to God for rain. On one occasion he was seen stan­ding on a hill with his arms upraised as if praying or plea­ding to someone up there. To disguise the essence of his activity, Hatfield erected a 20-foot-high pole of tree trunks at each of his stations. (He did this, no doubt, so that onlookers would not see what compounds he was pouring into the tub at the top of the column.)

Initially, the pleading was fruitful, Hatfield made it rain small, medium or large, as the client wished. He could also make rain that caused a down­pour accompanied by a veritable thun­derstorm. This solved the region's rain­fall problems for many months. After a while, his work became known through­­out the country. He made several trips up the west coast from the Mexican border up to Alaska. His most famous case occurred in 1916. This time the client was the San Diego City Coun­cil. They asked for a long rain, and Hat­field delivered. For two weeks, a total of 38 inches (nearly a metre) of rain fell in the area. The cisterns were full and the agricultural har­vest was excellent. Gardens blossomed and orange and lemon orchards were saved from destruction. (Such record rain­fall, by the way, has not fallen in the area to date.) True, the great success almost cost Hatfield his life. Either God or the fauns and elms were fed up with Hatfield using them as rainmaking labourers. So now they've played a practical joke on him. He got the rain he asked for, but they forgot to turn off the 'tap'. The rain just kept falling and falling. By the second week, there was so much of a good thing that the rivers had gone out of their beds, causing floods, that the angry farmers wanted to lynch the overly successful rainmaker. He could barely get his hide out of there.

Hatfield's career began in 1904. Then the drought-stricken Las Angeles Chamber of Commerce offered him $50 to make rain. (It was good money at the time.) A regular contract was made with the inventor, who undertook to produce rain of a specified size no sooner than three hours and no later than five days after the necessary preparations (building the tower, putting up the tub, mixing the gas, etc.) had been made. The rain came on the fourth day. It rained almost 40 millimetres and Charles Hatfield became a famous man in one fell swoop. Not only did the $50 slip into his pocket, but from then on he was invited to lectures, which, as was the American custom, were of course given for money, and enthusiastic devotees sent him cheques for gifts of varying amounts. In 1905 he signed a contract with the town of Yukon. Here he was promised a much larger sum if he could bring sufficient rain to the area, where drought was threatening to bankrupt the whole economy. By then he was rumoured to be a magician with supernatural powers. When he arrived in the Yukon, it was recorded that despite the heat and drought, people came out to greet him with umbrellas in their hands and calicoes on their feet. They were convinced that as soon as Hatfield set foot in their town, they would wave and it would rain.

In the first half of the 1910s, California was the worst hit by drought in America. (By the way, it's no different today.) Did the entire existence of Las Angeles and other cities depend on getting enough rainwater into nearby reservoirs? It hasn't rained in the river basins for practically years. In 1912, a large number of citizens demanded that a rainmaker be called. They didn't care whether it was the men of science or quacks who made the rain, as long as there was water! But most of the members of the city council listened to the men of science, who claimed that rainmaking was a superstition, that it didn't exist, and that the few who did succeed were just lucky. And so the wrang­ling went on for years. Meanwhile, Hatfield was working elsewhere, and he was making thun­der­storms with great efficiency. Faced with an intolerable drought, the scientific lobby finally broke and the city council was able to invite Hatfield. By then the cisterns were empty and the city's lar­gest reservoir had only a month's worth of drinking water left.

By then, the city councillors themselves had visited Hatfield. The task, they suggested, was to fill that large artificial reservoir, but to fill it completely. Then the city would have enough water for a few years again. Hatfield said that there was no problem, that he would be able to do the job. He then gave a rate proposal. Either he would be paid a thousand dollars for every inch of water he raised the reservoir level with, or he would get a discount: he would charge ten thousand dollars to fill the whole reservoir, which was several million gallons full! Finally, in December 1915, a verbal contract was signed for the ten thousand dollar version.

After that, sixty miles from San Diego, Hatfield's associates began construction of the six-foot-long wooden tower with the tub. When they were finished, the "maestro" arrived and the sealed tanks he had brought were hauled up to the platform next to the tub. Then Hatfield climbed up there too. The maestro stood and sat next to the tub for 24 hours. One by one, he lowered the contents of the gas tanks into it. No one but he could know what was in which tanks, when, in what order and especially in what proportion he would mix them into the tub. The gases rose into the air. The wind blew in and out and carried the clouds of gas further. Hatfield did a good job, and the next day the residents of the area saw the evidence. Huge rain clouds appeared over San Diego. Soon it began to rain, and then rain and rain. At first everyone was mad, but the rain refused to stop. The master only knew how to make the rain, he couldn't stop the rain from falling. Hatfield was tricked again by the otherworldly creatures. It seems they'd had enough of his hunger for money.

Meanwhile, the rivers in the area filled up, the reservoir was full, and the flood continued to rise. Slowly, bridges and railways were washed away, dams were breached here and there, and 50 people perished in the flood. Hat­field watched helplessly. Then the clouds lifted for a while, but a few days later the rain came again. After that, the city did not pay the $10,000 it had paid in advance. They claimed that they only had a verbal contract, no written con­t­ract was in their possession. In the end, he was not even reimbursed for his utility bills. He was told to be glad he was not being sued for damages. Hatfield didn't let it go and sued the city. The lawsuit went through every court in the land, and in the end, 22 years later, the California Supreme Court ruled that the rain was not Charles Hatfield's fault, but God's! The city attorneys argued that yes, it did rain, and more than it should have, but Hatfield could not prove that it was his doing. If he can prove it, he'll get paid, even after the fact, they smiled.

Hatfield did not mourn the financial loss for long, for the curious incident and each subsequent trial enhanced his reputation. After a while, his reputation grew to the point where he went to the US government. During the Great Depression of 1929-1933, the western states of the US were again hit by a major drought. The drought lasted for years. Hatfield then approached his govern­ment with a proposal that he should be given the job of making rain in the areas in question. His offer was rejected by President Roosevelt himself, who was informed by the eager staff of the weath­er bureau that Hatfield was a lunatic, a dangerous impostor who would end up making a laughing stock of the government that had contracted him. Hatfield died in 1958 and never lifted the veil on his sec­rets. He never told how he summoned the clouds, nor did he ever tell anyone the composition of the gases he used (or didn't use).[49]  


Official science has been working on weather manipulation, but not with much success. They have achieved slightly better results in ice retention, but the process they have developed is quite expensive and not perfect. Because there is a huge social demand for it, scientists have been trying to make it rain over arid lands for centuries. Their most notable achievement is the work of an American scientist, Vincent Schafer, who used dry ice (crystalline carbon dioxide) and silver iodide to create raindrops in clouds. The technique is very similar to hailstorm mitigation and its effecti­veness is similar. Another method was developed by G. Mathers, who worked in South Africa in the late 1980s. After a while, he noticed how often the smoke from paper mill chimneys caused rain. In the areas around the paper mills, in the wind line of the smoke from the chimneys, there were fewer complaints of drought. His research has revealed that there are plenty of hygroscopic salt crystals in the flue gases. These actually attract the water vapour in the clouds and can be the source of future water droplets. Based on this insight, researchers have created a technology and today they often make it rain in drier areas by spraying trillions of these particles into the clouds from airplanes.

In the early 2000s, a Scottish professor, Stephen Salter, came up with a similar technology and patented his invention. It consists of large tubes and turbines, tens of metres long, which are deployed in the open sea. Something like frequent sea winds move the structure, which sucks up seawater and pushes it up to a height of 21 to 30 metres as an atomised liquid, to which salt crystals are added by an automatic device. This process is essentially the same as the first, but more comp­lex and expensive. In the Vietnam War, the US Army also used some form of rainmaking to destroy the enemy. In this way, they made the Ho Chi Minh Trail impassable for a long period. The route along which communist North Vietnam had for years supplied munitions to the anti-American partisans fighting in the south. At the beginning of the third millennium, American scientists often claimed that in a few decades they would be able to shape the weather virtually anywhere on Earth. But they rarely think about what global interventions might entail. If you get a lot of rain from clouds in one place over a large area, it will show up as a lack of rainfall elsewhere.  This upsets the balance of nature and changes the normal weather patterns. This order has been established on this planet for hundreds of millions of years, and life has adapted to it. Artificially influencing this, and inappro­pria­tely interfering with the processes, could destroy our Earth's climate.


Weather can only be influenced temporarily and over small areas. Human intervention is only allowed to eli­minate extreme weather events. It must be done with great skill so as not to cause harm to others. However, the methods used so far are not very skilled and are very expensive. A paradigm shift is also needed in this area. Magnetic irradiation could easily be the ideal solution for weather modification.

Initial steps have already been taken in this direction. In the 20th century, in Imola, Italy, there lived an in­ventor, Pier-Luogi Ighina. In his youth, he was a colla­borator of Guglielmo Marconi, considered the inventor of radio. According to his biographers, he spent his who­le life doing "dubio­us things". Some mysterious mac­hines that no one knew anything about using. Near his house in Imola, for example, he erected a structure which he believed was used to capture unspecified 'cosmic ener­gy'. When we hear this, we cannot help thinking of Tesla's experiments. We are not far from the truth. Ighina was most likely reconstructing Tesla's famous tower. How­ever, he did not place a spherical radiator on top of the seven tall masts as an antenna, but triangular metal an­ten­nae re­sembling a fan. By rotating these, he could cont­rol the magnetic radiation, which allowed the effect to be concentrated in spe­cific areas. (This is a basic require­ment for rain­making, because drought can be any­whe­re.)

So Ighina's tower emitted magnetic wa­ves through its rotating antennae. It is also safe to say that, like Tesla, he was working with soliton waves, not electromagnetic ones. During his rainstorms, he emitted concentrated etheric particles into the atmos­phere. He did not deny this. Although he was also very secretive about his equipment, he once revealed that he could change the weather using energy extracted from the cosmos. He could make it rain. And in the cosmos there is only one energy, the infinite amount of ether ion. The gravitons that produce gra­vitational radiation only have a significant effect near celestial bodies. Ether, on the other hand, is everywhere and perva­des everything. In his house, he had a comp­lete laboratory, but no one but him was ever allowed to enter it. The curious could only stare at the strange structure on the hill next to his house. In fact, the tower was a sight to behold. The antennae, which Ighina calls wings, were painted seven colours of the rainbow. He said that this was essential for the storage of unknown radiation.

His equipment was very efficient. In fact, the peop­le around Imola never complained of drought, although no one around there believed Ighina's claim that they owed much of the rain to him. But the most important feature of the device was its ability to control the rains. It could even control the intensity of the rain­fall. Pier-Luigi Ighina's long li­fe was intertwined with rain­ma­­king. The tabloid press called him the "Rain God" as early as the 1980s, and he was the sub­ject of a huge hype. His fame reached its peak when he made a pub­lic bet with the meteoro­logist Dr Bernacza of Italy's big­gest state television channel. Ig­hina declared in front of the TV cameras that she could ma­ke it rain any­where in Italy at any time, even on the driest day!

The meteorologist, defen­ding the position of official science, slammed this pompous statement. He chose Rome, three hundred kilometres from Imola, as the place to make it rain (he also chose the capital because it was a big city, so if it failed, the inventor would be shamed in front of millions of people). Dr. Bernacca rode this opportunity too. In consultation with his meteorological col­leagues, he chose a day when there was not a cloud in the sky, not only in Rome but over the whole of Italy. He informed Ig­hi­na of the exact date only a day in advance, so that she would not have much time to prepare. All this took place under con­stant media scrutiny. Journalists, radio and TV reporters were as­king people who they thought would win the bet. But the hype didn't faze Ighina, who had con­fidence in her structure. He con­fidently claimed that he could use cosmic energy to make it rain any­time, anywhere. But he still would not tell us how.

The bet was that the rain would not just drizzle, but pour. And there was very little hope of that on that particular day. No rain without clouds, and the sky was cloudless over the whole country. Dr. Barnacca was very happy about this, and said that he did not believe in such mystical things. The excitement was at its peak. The people of the country were watching the events from the northern mountains to the southernmost tip of Sicily. On that Sunday morning, the sky was indeed perfectly clear and rain was forecast to be a thing of the past. On this day, not only the tabloids but also the so-called serious media did not avoid the issue. Everyone was anxiously waiting to see what would happen. Who would win? 

Early in the morning, all the signs were that the doctor would be the winner. Still no clouds appeared. Bernacca laughed as he told the radio reporters following him that he had already won the bet, because there was no rain and there would be none. After lunch, however, the first clouds appeared in Rome's sky. Then they began to thicken, and late in the afternoon the city was hit by rain the likes of which had not been seen for years. The embarrassed doctor of meteorology was not embarrassed by what was happening. He told the media that Ighina had nothing to do with the thunderstorm, as Imola is a long way from Rome. Interestingly, most people accepted the official position. Only one person believed that this could not be a coincidence. The director of the com­pany that runs the racecourse has filed charges against Ighina in the prosecutor's office. The accu­sation was that he had caused serious damage to the company by preventing the Sunday races from taking place. Ighina was happy with the accusation. He hoped that the case would go to trial and he could prove that he had caused the rain.

But the court held only one hearing, before the trial. There the judge decided not to take the case. The case against the racecourse operators was dismissed for lack of evidence. They had no choice, because if Ighina had been convicted and had been forced to go to prison, there would have been a huge furore. Ighina herself was extremely disappointed when it was announced that there would be no trial "due to lack of evidence". She said. If there had been a trial, the prosecutor would have been forced to ask for the opinion of scientists, and they could only have convicted me if their opinion confirmed my theory." Now that was the real reason for the refusal to prosecute. Transcendence cannot triumph over official science, and Rome knows it well.


Ighina cannot be considered the only inventor to have followed in Tesla's footsteps. Before him, the Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich used magnetic irradiation to make rain. Reich was a psychologist who had studied under the great Freud. He claimed that there was a general energy that moved everything, including the weather and even the human psyche. He called this mysterious force the organ. He claimed that this organ, which we call the etherion, is everywhere in the universe. For this claim he was roundly ridiculed by the scientific world. It didn't help that he was a man of science himself. Nevertheless, a panel of academics had no hesitation in expelling him from the bosom of science. Even today, the rigid, ironclad scientific worldview does not tolerate those who side with the pariahs in the scientific community. Those who rebel against and dare to criticise any existing scientific dogma have no place in the scientific world. So did Reich, who was also ostracised.

His first invention was the organ battery. This device resembled a telephone box. Like a pyramid, it collected cosmic energy, which had a healing effect on the person sitting in the booth. Reich also presented his invention to Albert Einstein, who lived in America. The world-famous scientist was initially enthusiastic, but in the end he did nothing to help Reich bring his invention to the general public. Nevertheless, he set about mass producing his device. The US FDA (a very strict agency that monitors the quality of food and drugs) got involved. In 1950, they banned the commercial marketing of organ batteries, classifying them as fraudulent. Reich was not discouraged. Instead, he developed a rainmaking machine. Thus was born the organ cannon, later dubbed the "cloud-buster" by the media. 

With the lilac cannon, he was able to produce any degree of precipitation from a small drizzle to a large downpour. But he kept the exact design of the device secret. What he did reveal, however, was what led him to create it. He was convinced that all atmospheric precipitation was caused by the concentration of orgone, and that the opposite was also true: drought. He sought to control the amount of orgone in the atmosphere. From this statement it is clear that he was also emitting magnetic waves into the atmosphere. Like Tesla, he excited the sky with longitudinal waves. In July 1953, the American press reported that the first successful attempts to control the weather had been completed. A photo of the device was also published here and there. The organ cannon was most reminiscent of the Soviets' World War II serial rocket launcher, the infamous "Katyusha". Its six barrels pointed skywards. It was therefore a portable version. It was taken to a place where there was a drought and put into service in minutes. But it didn't need much transport because its range was hundreds of kilometres.

The first public demonstration was in Maine, where it hadn't rained for six weeks. Farmers were worried about losing their entire year's crop. Soon after Reich fired his cannon, heavy rain poured down on the countryside. Reich, like the later Italian Ighina, was able to make it rain hundreds of kilometres away. From the state of Maine, for example, it triggered rain in New York and along the East Coast. A few hours after the organ cannon was activated, real downpours broke out in drought-stricken areas one after the other. Most of all, meteorologists were amazed. They could not under­stand where the clouds had come from that had never been there before. In the 1950s, he tested his device in a desert. The effect was to grow prairie grass, an event the oldest people living there could not remember.

But the press coverage bothered Reich. He feared that the Russians would steal his invention. And so it happened. From 1955 onwards, the weather in Moscow on May Day was always fine. The sun was shining and there were no clouds, even though the weather had often been very bad before and after. It even happened that it snowed. In other cities of the Soviet Union the weather was often bad on that day, but never in Moscow. Foreign correspondents observed large trucks carrying strange 'katyusha' all over the city the day before May Day. Apparently nothing happened, but soon the rain started to fall as cannon barrels were pointed at the sky. The Russians had cunningly 'deciphered' the clouds the day before, sucking all the rain and precipitation out of them. The next day the clouds disappeared and the Red Square was flooded with bright sunshine, where first Stalin, then Khrushchev and other leaders waved graciously to the tens of thousands of marchers.

 Like his contemporaries, Reich had little use for his invention. He devoted his life to his in­ventions, but society did not appreciate his efforts. He was sued several times for fraud for his rain­making device. And his organ-based devices were simply labelled as fraud. In the end, he became so nervous from all the litigation that he held the court in contempt during one of the trials. As a result, he was convicted and locked up in a cell. He could no longer bear this humiliation. In 1957, he suffered a heart attack in a cell in the federal prison in Lewisburgh. By the time he was discovered, he was beyond help. His books were burned and his notes confiscated by the FBI (or, according to other sources, the CIA). Then, as usual, he was locked away from the world. These notes on cosmic energy converters, cloud movers and storm generators are still lying around in a safe.[50]


Argentina also had a rainmaker. In the 1930s, Juan Baigorri Velar was on the front pages of newspapers around the world as the "Cloud Maker". Only he could operate his mysterious machines. His envy arranged for the director of the Meteorological Service to invite Velar to a demonstration, again, of course, to discredit him. He was asked to make it rain in Buenos Aires on a clear, cloudless day. Velar was not embarrassed and accepted the challenge. He even sent the director a raincoat. In front of a huge crowd, he turned on his camera and it buzzed. Within minutes, rain clouds crept into the sky and a thunderstorm broke out. Despite his success, the inventor became isolated and failed to get his invention taken seriously. He died poor and bitter at the age of 81. He took the secret of making rain to his grave. After his death, his machine mysteriously disappeared. Today, many doubt that he even existed.


The devices, based on the irradiation by magnetic waves, would probably also be able to stop rain and thunderstorms. All it would take is to extract the etheric energy accumulated in the clouds. The best way to neutralise the etheric energy is to use gravitational energy. If the organ cannon were used to radiate gravitational energy (gravitons) into the sky instead of concentrated etheric energy, it would be very likely that we could dampen hurricanes and tornadoes (hurricanes). The power of these powerful whirlwinds is due to the condensation of large amounts of etheric particles in the funnel. It is also suspected that the way in which they are concentrated is due to the soliton effect. This is suggested by the fact that these huge whirlwinds are not affected by friction. A tornado can travel hundreds of kilometres without losing any of its power. Scientists believe that tornadoes reaching speeds of 300-400 km/h should stop within minutes due to the high friction. In contrast, they rage for days, devastating the Caribbean and then devastating the east coast of the United States. Often they penetrate deep into the southern states of the Americas, with nothing to stop them. The friction is not affecting them because subatomic energy particles are pushing air molecules away from the funnel. Therefore, they are actually hurtling through a vacuum. Their mode of de­struction also suggests that they have a concentrated energy field inside them. A tornado or hurri­cane is nothing more than an airborne tsunami.

 This energy funnel acts like a subatomic energy knife. If it gets in the way of a family home, it cuts it in half like butter. What's under the funnel is smashed to a pulp, what's next to it is left untouched. If a point on a building is attacked with such mechanical force that it crushes it to dust, the bond that holds the building materials together will cause the entire building to collapse or be severely damaged. In contrast, researchers have observed and even documented on video that a wind funnel penetrated a single-family home, demolishing one wall of the kitchen, leaving the other wall with the jars intact and the wall clock intact.

Sub-atomic energy particles also infiltrate objects inside the wind tunnel. This not only increases their speed to several hundred km/h, but also turns them into energy particles similar to "samir". This is the reason for the observations of a straw stuck in a railway track or a record wedged in the trunk of a tree up to half its diameter. Under normal conditions, a straw cannot bury itself in steel even when accelerated to thousands of km/h. On impact with the steel surface, it is splintered and shattered into splinters. It can only penetrate if subatomic energy particles infiltrated between its atoms open the way. Since the number of subatomic energy particles absorbed in straw or other objects is finite, they are mostly unable to penetrate the object in their path. So they get trapped, entangled. If we were to scan these objects with an X-ray, we would clearly see that the straw drilled into the steel or the piece of record wedged into the wood is intact. There is no sign of mec­hanical damage caused by folding. In this way, the only way to penetrate the material is for some force to open the way.


Finally, it is worth asking what physical phenomenon nature uses to make rain? What causes precipitation in the atmosphere, what triggers windstorms and what causes droughts? Obviously, nothing is created out of nothing. Every phenomenon in the world has a cause. Weather is also influenced by physical laws, but how and who applies these laws? According to meteorologists, weather is governed by cyclones and anticyclones, which occur randomly. (You probably all know the gist of this: a butterfly flapping its wings on the African savannah triggers a hurricane in Central America as a result of a complex set of interconnections.)

The esotericists are much closer to the truth. They claim that the weather is influenced by the guardians of nature. Our world is full of invisible spiritual beings. Some of these are benevolent, others malevolent. According to ancient accounts, the otherworldly powers entrusted the weather to the elves and fauns. (Their existence is most often referred to in Greek mythology.) They do not act at their own discretion, but on command. But at whose command? Is it God or Satan who tells them where to go and what weather to have? Given the current weather extremes and the massive destruction that has resulted, it is likely the latter. In the performance of their duties, the elves and fauns certainly do not use ray guns. They use parapsychological methods to control the weather. They use psychokinetics.

Accepting this fact is almost impossible. Not because official science denies any manifestation of transcendence. It would still make the individual believe in it. It is our small-mindedness that prevents us from accepting the existence of invisible forces. The fact that we do not believe in it does not prevent the existence of a world that is imperceptible to us. But many people would not believe in its existence even if by some miracle it became visible. According to a historically authentic record, during the reign of Pipin in France, a famous cabalist took it into his head to convince mankind that the elements were populated by otherworldly beings. Zedechias asked the Elves to make themselves visible, so that their existence would be obvious to all. They complied with the unusual request, presenting a magnificent spectacle to the astonished humans.

But it all proved to be in vain. No one tried to explain the magnificent sight. It was accounted as a case of magicians taking control of natural phenomena. They could not believe their eyes. They believed that what they were seeing was magic. People only accept as real what they can perceive with their senses. But the narrow perceptual spectrum of our sensory organs shows only a fraction of the real world. Our scientists take a similar view. They consider only what they can measure with rudimentary instruments to be existing phenomena. At present, science only accepts as a basis for research the phenomena that it can reproduce with its knowledge and instruments; it can measure and analyse.

Because of the attitude of professional scientists, the development of rainfall control equipment is also left to private researchers. Their reconstruction can only be carried out as part of a civil initiative. But even in this case, too much work is not needed. These devices have already worked. So there is nothing to stop them being rebuilt. There is an old adage that what has been done once can be done again. We no longer have to suffer for it. We just have to use it. Today's developers have nothing to do but collect the documents left behind by Pier-Luigi Ighina and Wilhelm Reich. Surely the equipment they built is somewhere. They were not destroyed or smashed like the Tesla converter. The study of these remains will lead us to the worldwide eradication of the drought. Their further development will also make it possible to reduce the amount of rainfall. This will help us to avoid the damage caused by the increasingly violent tornadoes and hurricanes that occur every year.      


Little do we know today that influencing the weather with magnetic waves can do much more than make it rain. In the more distant future, our weather problems may well be solved once and for all, as technological advances allow us to temper the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. As a result, winters on our planet will disappear. Nevertheless, winter sports enthusiasts will still be able to enjoy their favourite pastime after the eternal summer, with air temperatures stabilised at +23°C, because the laws of physics will continue to keep snow in the high mountains. Temperature control is achieved by setting up heat transformers that emit Yin energy into the atmosphere in the cold zone and Yang energy in the tropical zone. Of course, this is not implemented globally. There will be many people who will cling to their former familiar climate. While those living in subtropical climates may not want to live beyond the Arctic Circle in the realm of perpetual ice, Eskimos may not want to hunt polar bears in a bathing suit. The food market would also be drastically affected if the global climate were to be extended to the whole planet. With air temperatures of +23°C, it would become impossible to grow tropical fruit and vegetables. With more than 1500 tropical fruits, their scarcity would be a major loss to gastronomy.

However, above small areas, climate tempering is conceivable. Extraterrestrial civilisations al­ready use this method. It is also common practice here on Earth. The bubble worlds of the four previous civilisations that moved beneath the crust also have a temperate climate of +23°C. In some places, this would be good for us, but we don't know how it can be achieved. There are only two ways to induce warming. The most obvious is photon radiation, as we know it. There are two ways to communicate heat by photons. One is thermal conduction (conduction). The disadvantage of this is that we have to be closely attached to the heat source and cannot move away from it. As this would limit our freedom of movement, it is not an option. The other is heat flow (convection). In this case, heat is transferred by air molecules. However, air is known to be a good insulator. There­fore, to irradiate an entire country or continent (e.g. freezing Siberia) would require a huge fireball. But such a fireball would scorch the area underneath it, while hundreds of kilometres away it would generate very little heat.

There is a third way of transferring heat, called radiative transfer. This is not actually heat trans­fer, but electromagnetic radiation. It is also how the sun heats us. It emits rays of light that are ab­sorbed by matter, where they cause heating. But for infrared and ultraviolet radiation to produce global warming, a very large source of radiation is needed. Something that cannot be created here on Earth. So climate warming with photons is not a viable option.

  That leaves only one option, irradiation with magnetic waves. Magnetic waves cause tempera­ture changes in their surroundings. Patients who have been to healers in the Philippines have often reported feeling hot or cold in the parts of their bodies they have treated when they have received energy beams by hand. This suggests that as the Yin energy spreads, it warms the material in its path slightly, while the Yang energy cools it down a few degrees. It also explains why the air feels colder in the presence of ghosts and UFOs. Temperature is nothing more than the vibration of atoms and molecules in the air, or in any substance. An astral body of etheric particles emits intense posi­tive subatomic energy particles. The antigravitational energy that lifts UFOs into the air is also made up of gravitationally neutralising energy particles that penetrate matter. When they flow into the air or other matter, they inhibit the vibration of atoms, which reduces the temperature of the matter, in this case the air made up of gas molecules.

The subject may seem frivolous to many people, but a distinctly cold-looking air current has been observed in the so-called table-dancing. Measurements show that the temperature drop around the table can be as low as 5-6°C. As is known, in these sessions, participants sit around a table, place their hands over the table and mentally radiate Yang energy into the table top. When the Yang energy is so great that it can counterbalance the Yin energy, the gravity, coming out of the earth, the table is lifted into the air. Of course, the participants do not know whether they are supposed to radiate Yin or Yang energy, this is decided by the spirit appearing in the séance. For this connection to occur, it is essential that at least one of the participants can lower their brain frequency to alpha.

When irradiated with yin energy, the etheric energy is increasingly displaced from the interato­mic space. This gives the atoms more room to move. They vibrate more and more. This causes them to generate heat, to become hotter. This phenomenon can also be observed in gases. When air mole­cules vibrate faster, the temperature of the atmosphere increases. In this way, the air temperature can be raised even under cold skies. However, this must be done with great care. Changing the climate does not only affect the plants, animals and people living there. It also affects the earth's crust and minerals. The melting of ice fields in Canada and Siberia is releasing methane gas into the at­mos­phere from ancient, decaying marsh grasses. This further increases the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, accelerating the greenhouse effect. Siberia's peat bog predates the Flood and is esti­mated to contain 70 billion tonnes of methane, trapped so far by frozen ground. Global warming can be combated by tempering the atmosphere. But methane also releases pathogenic viruses that mankind has never encountered before. The extremely dangerous pithovirus has been hiding in the permafrost for 30,000 years and is still active.

Stopping global warming and preventing climate collapse is a vital issue for us. If nature is destroyed, we will be destroyed. The disruption of the millennia-old order of nature, the chaos of the weather, is something we feel every day. Instead of summer showers, we now get hurricane-force winds and rain. In half an hour, three months' rainfall is falling in the area, followed by a flash flood. The small streams that have swollen into rivers and the sewage systems in the towns and villages cannot absorb the huge amounts of water, so mudflows are pouring into the streets. The surging torrent washes away everything in its path, often claiming lives. The tornado-like micro-cells tear off the roofs of houses, tear down power lines, topple electricity poles and uproot trees by the thorns. In gardens and fields, they destroy all plants and animals. This type of storm is so fast and intense that it can cause billions of dollars of damage in a matter of minutes.


Budapest, 11.02.2018.       








Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                     


                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos

Modern Alchemy, Material Transformation

(Functional description)


Update: 12 February 2018.


Throughout our history, the greatest interest in science has been generated by alchemy. Alchemy, the potential for getting rich quick, has interested everyone from kings to commoners. So many peo­ple started experimenting with different chemi­cals, but only a few found a way to make gold. Ho­wever, the experimenters laid the foundati­ons for chemistry, because they created many com­pounds without which there would be no chemical industry today. There are many myths about successful alchemists, and there is a strong basis for them. Many people do not believe that gold can be made from worthless materials (e.g. sand), but at the current level of esotericism it is not impossible. Soon we will have a magnetic beam generator that can create any other ma­te­rial from almost any material. At present, this is only possible with catalyst compounds, the composition of which is unknown.  

The alchemists conceived of all things, all matter, as vibrations, or vibrations in the old ter­mino­logy. Therefore, they concluded that by mo­difying vibrations, any substance can be trans­muted, i.e. transformed into another substance. Thus, one metal can become another, even gold. Nowadays, magic is not very popular in scien­tific circles, but it would be useful to check the validity of this claim using modern tools. The main aim of the recent resurgence of alchemy would no longer be to make gold, but to produce raw materials that are only available in small quantities on Earth. In this way, we could try to make rare metals from quartz, for example, which would make it possible to produce high tensile and corrosion-resistant steel alloys cheaply. Gold could also be used as an alloying material, because it prevents corrosion of ordinary metals. However, it should not be used as an asset, as a substitute for money, because it would not make anyone richer. To throw gold on the market in large quantities would cause the same kind of disruption that the Spanish economy experienced 500 years ago after the discovery and systematic plundering of Ame­rica.

Spanish conquistadors melted down tons of priceless cult gold objects from the Indians. For years, ships laden with gold, silver and other treasures almost crossed each other between the two continents. Yet the Spanish people lived no better than before. The abundance of gold increased the money supply, which soon caused food prices to rise tenfold. The dilution of money triggered hy­perinflation in the economy. The situation would be no different now. If the artificially produced gold were dumped on the market in large quantities and the money thus obtained distributed among the people, prices would follow the increase in incomes and ultimately living standards would not rise. Some people would get rich in the process, but they would not be the little people.

It could easily not even get that far in the century of the information explosion, because word of the action would soon get out, causing the price of gold on the stock market to plummet. This high­ly prized precious metal would be like amethyst, long considered a precious stone, but the discovery of huge deposits in Brazil has destroyed its market. Nowadays, it is considered a semi-precious stone, and less pure specimens are sold very cheaply as minerals. While a 6-carat brilliant can cur­rently fetch up to $300,000, a 6-carat amethyst can be had for just a few dollars. This can only plea­se the trinket manufacturers, who have expanded the range of minerals and semi-precious stones used in their products with this beautiful crystal.

The possibility of producing gold artificially is not a fantasy at all. It is recognised in scientific circles, and we know that any physicist can produce gold using atomic physics. This kind of experi­mentation began in 1919, when the British physicist Ernest Rutherford shocked the world by suc­ceeding in transforming one element into another. He turned nitrogen into oxygen and hydrogen. He used no elixir, no secret alchemical process, and bombarded the nitrogen gas in his laboratory with a beam of helium nuclei. The latter was transformed into fluorine and later into oxygen and nitrogen. The process is as uneconomical as the gold made from mercury by self-conversion.

It later became clear that the nucleus could be transformed by bombarding it with very high energy, not only by means of accelerators. In so-called cold fusion experiments, palladium has been repeatedly found to decay into iron, magnesium and other elements. This means that in some cases, a chemical process can also lead to self-formations. This phenomenon has been confirmed by seve­ral independent research institutes. These results prove that self-formations can occur at some elect­ron-volt levels in chemical reactions. In the light of this, it no longer seems so impossible that the alchemists could have spent centuries making gold by chemical means. Medieval and modern alchemists used two types of catalyst (elixir, projection powder). The white powder was used to make silver and the red powder to make gold. The raw material was usually mercury.

The first successful alchemist was the Frenchman Nicolas Flamel. He was working as a clerk in the countryside when he bought a very interesting and mysterious book while visiting Paris. The 21-page book contained 7-7 pages in groups of three. The first page told us that this book was written by the Jewish Prince Abraham (who was also a priest, Levite, astronomer and philosopher) to the Jewish people, who were scattered in Galilee by the wrath of God. The rest of the text was written in a language completely unknown to him and seemed indecipherable. He and his wife struggled to understand it for almost 20 years until, under the guidance of a Jewish doctor, he discovered that the book dealt with the Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish esoteric tradition. It took him another 5 years to decipher the signs, and on 17 January 1382, following the guidance, he succeeded in turning mercu­ry into pure silver. The catalyst was a white powdery substance, of which very little was needed. On 25 April Flamel also succeeded in producing the red elixir, the philosopher's stone. With this he could now make pure gold.

Although not a single grain of the mysterious powders has survived, the account seems authentic. For the rest of his life, Flamel, the low-paid clerk, became very rich. He became a charitable and philanthropic man. He built more than 10 hospitals and 3 chapels. After his death, his house and even his tomb were vandalised. But the search for the philosopher's stone was in vain. Only a translation of the Book of Abra­ham survived after him, but that too has disappeared. It was only 200 years later that it was found again. It was seen in Cardinal Ric­helieu's private library and then dis­ap­peared again. Flamel had ma­ny successful followers, but none were trained chemists.

Artephius, an Arab alchemist of the Middle Ages, also succee­ded in achieving transmutation with liquid elixir. Many sources mention that the Count of Saint-Germain, who lived at the French court, also possessed the philosop­her's stone, which he used both as a goldsmith's stone and as an elixir of life. However, he made only enough gold to support his modest living. But he was happy to give his guests a demonstration. But the scholars of later times were no longer interested in gold­smithing and kept away from ma­gic. They regarded alchemy as an imposture. They did not believe in goldsmithing. Helvetius, a famo­us 17th century scholar, was once as­ked by an unknown man if he knew the philosopher's stone. He said no, and the man showed him a yel­lowish, stone-like substance. After much pleading, he gave a crumb to the scientist, who immediately tried the effect. The result of the ex­periment was undoubtedly golden.

Let us not think that such cases were only found in the Middle Ages. The inventors of the modern age have also discovered the sec­ret, but like their predecessors they have not made a great show of their science. The quality of gold produced in this way was also impeccable. Nor did Dr. S. H. Emmens doubt it, so much so that he sold the gold he produced to the United States government. Even in the second half of the 20th century, there were those who followed in the footsteps of Albertus Magnus, Paracelsus, Nicolas Flamel or the great Belgian chemist Jean-Baptiste Helmont. In the 1960s, French television broadcast live footage of a man calling himself the Count of Saint-Germain making gold. He cut 3 centimetres from a coil of lead wire used for fuses and placed it in an empty crucible. He then took a pinch of grey powder, which he called "projection powder", from the locket around his neck and sprinkled it on the piece of wire. He sealed the crucible and heated it over a gas burner for 5 minutes. Finally, he opened the cooled vessel, and millions of viewers watched on TV to see the piece of wire turn gold.

Franz Tausend, who turned iron oxide and quartz into gold, is a special chapter in the history of alchemy. In a book he published, he backed up his process with the theory that the atomic nucleus is held together by vibrating harmonics, and that by changing the wavelength of the vibrations, you can create different elements. No scientific experiments had proven this theory to be correct, but that didn't bother the Nazi Party, who were keen to exploit the opportunity. Their leader, Adolf Hitler, was in prison for preparing an armed uprising against the government. As we know, it costs a lot to build a political career and even more to get into power. At that time, the National Socialist Party could not expect direct help from the big bosses, as the majority of German industrialists were alienated by Hitler's confused ideas. However, the Führer's loyal supporter, General Erich Luden­dorff, saw great potential in this modern version of alchemy. They probably didn't believe in the process, because then they would have appropriated this mysterious method of gold-making for themselves. But the idea seemed to be a good one to make a big fuss about and to get the financiers to finance its production.

The plan was a success, and the meeting took place in a Berlin hotel, where the prospective in­vestors could verify Tausend's alchemical results in an unbiased way. In fact, to boost confidence, the inventor allowed them to bring along the raw materials he had specified. These were then fused together and locked away overnight in the impartial referees' room, out of the alchemist's reach. The next day Tausend reheated the solidified mass and sprinkled a little white powder into the melted mixture. When the crucible cooled and was opened, a quarter-ounce gold nugget emerged. Money then began to flow into the newly formed company. Ludendorff was waiting for just that. As soon as he could, he transferred 500,000 marks into the party's bank account and the Nazi Party left the business. Tausend did not even have enough money left to start production and had to fend off the investors on his own. Two years later, the only way he could keep creditors at bay was to produce a 26-ounce gold bullion bond overnight. Confidence was then restored, and those who had previously claimed his blood bought more shares in the company.

Despite this, production has still not started. The end of the story was that in 1931 Tausend was arrested and sentenced to 4 years in prison for fraud. Since then it has not been established whether it was a useful procedure or a fraud. Some believe that this whole sham was nothing more than Satan's plot to bring Hitler to power. It is also possible, however, that Tausend was using medieval magical methods dressed up in a modern guise. We know nothing about the composition of the white powder he used. Nor is it possible to reconstruct the procedure in retrospect, because Tau­send's secret documents have been destroyed, and even by the very party whose rise to power he wittingly or unwittingly helped to bring about.

It was only when war broke out that a new ray of hope began to appear which might have led us to the cheap production of this important industrial raw material. The second representative of modern alchemy was London chiropractor Archibald Cockren. This respected doctor did not use magic methods and did not want to make gold to get rich. In the past, he often mixed gold solution into his remedies for gout and other chronic illnesses to make them more effective. There is nothing strange about this method of treatment, because Indian Ajurveda has been using pure gold for thousands of years for healing purposes. But war conditions made it increasingly difficult to obtain gold, so he began experimenting in his small home laboratory to find a substitute for this rare and expensive metal. He soon realised that there was nothing to be done, so he had to try to produce gold arti­fi­cially.

He had obviously heard about the philosopher's stone, because he immediately focused his attention on its production. First he studied the reactions of different metals. He mixed antimony with iron, iron and copper with some secret catalyst, which set off various chemical reactions. In 1940 he wrote in his diary. This metal, after I had broken it down into salts and subjected it to spe­cial preparation and distillation, was transformed into a philosopher's stone. The first sound of vic­tory was a wild hiss, a thick gas rising from the flask and making a sound like the click of mac­hine guns. Then followed powerful explosions, while a pungent, delicate odour filled the laboratory and its surroundings." He went home that day with the intention of repeating his experiments the next day, and if he got the same results again, he would give his notes to the War Office. But this did not happen. The next day the sirens went off and Cockren's house was in ruins after the most savage air raid on London. The chiropractor was dead and the results of his experiments burnt to ashes. Iro­nically, this bombing was carried out by the very Nazi war machine whose power was founded on the first attempt at modern gold-making.

All we have learned from the doomed second attempt is that the philosopher's stone was not some magical powder created by extraterrestrial intervention, but was made of various metallic salts. These metal salts reacted with other metals to act as catalysts and produce the desired trans­for­mation. However, we have no idea whether a chemical transformation took place or whether these metal salts were actually able to change the wavelength of the energy radiation emitted from the nuclei by their subatomic energy radiation, changing the atomic weight of the starting material. This kind of material transformation has long been observed in nature. In the Middle Ages, the miracle water of Somolnok was known throughout Europe and even in the Turkish Empire. Near the town of Szomolnok, near Besztercebánya in the county of Szepes, there were waters in which iron thrown into them was transformed into the finest copper in 24 hours. According to chemists, such a pheno­menon is also caused by vitriolic waters, in which a layer of copper is deposited on the iron. When this is poured out and melted with fire, copper is obtained. In this 'miracle well', however, not only did the iron objects form a thin layer of copper, but they became copper in their entire cross-section. So the spring water in the Valley of the Lord did not contain vitriol, but some kind of catalyst for the transformation of matter.

According to the encyclopaedias, a catalyst lowers the energy threshold of a reaction, allowing chemical processes to take place that would not otherwise occur. It cannot be excluded that the lowering of the reaction threshold also allows for atomic structural transformations. This has not yet been tried by any researcher, but this is only because official science considers self-formation with­out a nuclear reactor impossible. This deadlock will not be broken until we are convinced that all matter emits energy waves of different frequencies. We then need to check whether the frequen­cy of these energy waves, which depend on the atomic number, can be changed from the outside and, if so, whether this can produce physical changes in the nuclei of the substance in question as a feed­back effect. If this subatomic-based self-conversion is feasible, then we no longer need the philo­sopher's stone, because the necessary frequency modification can be induced electronically by wave generators. We need this because, if the electronics industry develops at this rate, there will soon be a shortage of precious metals (more than 300 tonnes of gold and 7,000 tonnes of silver are used in the electronic devices produced each year worldwide.)

In this way, not only gold can be made, but any material can be transformed into any other ma­terial, providing limitless opportunities for the further development of our civilisation, avoiding shortages of raw materials. We have an almost unlimited supply of sand and seawater. By con­verting these materials in a multi-step process, we can supply industry with raw materials for mil­lions of years, and thus overcome the raw material crisis after the energy crisis. In particular, there is a great need for titanium to be used on a large scale. This environmentally friendly metal is ligh­-ter than steel, yet hard and tough, with excellent corrosion resistance. The only obstacle to its wide­spread use is that it is extremely difficult to produce and therefore costs six times as much as the no­toriously expensive chromium steel. Titanium is not a rare metal, being the ninth most abundant mineral on earth. The reason it is so expensive is that it is a slow and difficult metal to extract. But it is needed in many applications, from aerospace and medical applications to the manufacture of household appliances.

Palladium is in equally high demand. But its natural occurrence is so rare that it is even more expensive than platinum. Rhenium is even more difficult to extract. It can only be obtained by pre­cipitation of volcanic vapours under extremely dangerous conditions. It is an indispensable alloying element in modern steelmaking because it makes steel extremely hard and tough. It also makes it resistant to corrosion. These metals can also be produced in multiplier reactors, bombarded with neutron beams, but only in milligram quantities or at a cost that is prohibitive. Conversion by nuclear fusion and fission therefore has no future.[51] 

It cannot be ruled out that the secret of longevity may also be revealed by this means, for books on magic often mention that the philosopher's stone not only made gold, but that its ingestion gave its possessor eternal youth. This type of powder is presumably not the same as the one used to make gold, but if we could produce it, we could use genetic engineering tools to study in depth the reac­tion that takes place in the body. It would not make sense to use this method on a mass scale at the moment because of human overpopulation, but we would know at what level the organism needs to be interfered with to induce a lasting increase in lifespan, and in the future it could be done artifici­ally, using subatomic energy radiation.

It is also interesting to note that alchemy was a rather risky profession. Greedy lords often pu­nished fraud with death. King Frederick I of Prus­sia, for example, had his unsuccessful alchemist hanged on a golden gallows, but first had his body dipped in hot gold. But failure often proved useful. The alchemists laid the foundations of modern che­mistry by discovering, as a by-product of their un­successful experiments, ways of producing alumi­nium, cinnabar, potash, mercury, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, benzoic acid, nitric acid, etc. One night in 1699, Henning Brand noticed that steam rising from his cauldron lit up the room. He dis­covered phosphorus. But the most significant in­vention was porcelain. An alchemist named Böttger was trying to enrich his client's fortune at the court of the Saxon elector Augustus the Strong, but without success. After a series of failures, he felt the hangman's noose around his neck. In desperation, he threw his wig into the boiling cauldron. All that was missing was the kaolin on the wig to produce a more va­luable substance than gold. The porce­la­in he ac­cidentally invented was at that time only available from China. Kaolin was abun­dant, but no one knew that it was the raw material for por­celain, so it was used only as a powder to replace the ex­pensive rice powder. As the Electoral Prin­ce was based in Meissen, the city became the centre of European porcelain pro­duction.

The literature also tells of an invention that, if it were to be realised, would threaten the very existence of mankind. According to the last great alchemist, the Frenchman Fulcanelli, an atomic bomb could be made from just a few grams of metal and wipe out entire cities. This is possible because "certain geometrical arrangements of very pure metals can trigger an atomic explosion with­out electricity or vacuum". In this case, the ex­plosion is most likely to be triggered by shape ra­diation (concentrated subatomic energy radia­tion emanating from certain geometric shapes). The secret of how to make this bomb was thank­fully not revealed by the hidden 20th century scientist.


It has already been shown that the universe is structurally unified, with only orders of magnitude differences in size. We are convinced that as the macrocosm is, so is the microcosm. At small scales, the atom is built on the same principle as the individual planetary systems. The electron orbits the nucleus in the same way that the Earth orbits the Sun. It follows that the mass of the nucleus is orders of magnitude greater than that of the electron. A nucleus can have not just one electron orbiting it, but several electrons, just as the Sun has several planets. The physical properties of mat­ter are determined by the number of electrons orbiting the nucleus and the mass of the nucleus. Contrary to what we know about physics, it is highly probable that both the nucleus and the electron are negatively charged in an energetic sense, since each particle is material. The negative radiation emitted by them is responsible for their mutual attraction. However, electrons do not fall into the nucleus because, like the planets, the centripetal force prevents the larger particle from attracting the smaller one. Like planets, electrons are held in orbit by the balance of gravitational and centrifugal forces. This assumption is supported by a note in his book of Vedas, which, in addition to the relativity of space and time, speaks of the law of "gravity lurking in every atom of the Earth".

This appealing theory has a vulnerability, however. On this basis, the nuclei of atoms stripped of their electrons would have to fuse together, and the electrons that had broken away would not be allowed to flow through matter individually, but would have to be forced together into a mass by their negative radiation. This does not happen, and is most likely due to the fact that elementary particles rotate at extremely high speeds around their own axes. This brisk, intense motion mecha­nically prevents the atomic particles from being packed together, and is presumably also the reason why free-flowing energy quanta or subatomic particles can be compressed but do not normally stick together. Since the mass of matter particles is very small, they are not subject to significant inertial forces. Hence, when they collide, they do not break into pieces like celestial bodies, but simply bounce off each other.

In order to unite two nuclei, i.e. to stop their rotation around an axis, enormous pressure and temperature are needed. The fusion of nuclei pressed together under these conditions, on the other hand, gives rise to a huge amount of energy, which is the very essence of the principle behind fusion power stations and hydrogen bombs. The negative energy radiated by the smallest particles of matter and the resulting attractive effect can only be fully exploited when they form a closed mo­lecule or crystal structure. A prerequisite for the unobstructed occurrence and aggregation of ne­gative energy radiation is therefore the attainment of a state of rest, i.e. the integration of the ele­mentary particles of the substance to such an extent that it appears to the outside, towards the environment, as a unit already at rest.

Concentrated energy radiation can not only induce electron flow in matter by stripping electrons from the outermost electron shell, but can also induce more profound changes in atoms. By increa­sing the intensity of the energy radiation, the energy quanta also push the electrons in the inner electron shells off their orbits and tear particles out of the nucleus, causing structural changes in the matter. The change in electron configuration and atomic weight leads to a decrease in the atomic number of matter and changes its physical properties. This method is therefore a relatively simple way of creating a lower atomic number from a higher one and a higher one from a lower one, thus realising the alchemists' old dream that we can make gold from other elements. Using atomic physics, we can already make gold from mercury with a higher atomic number, but this method is very expensive, costing more than the value of the gold produced. Conversion by concentrated ener­gy irradiation will be much cheaper and less dangerous. Incredibly, there are already examples of this type of material conversion.

At the VI International Conference on Hydrofusion, an amateur researcher reported that he had made gold from graphite in his experiments. He placed pure graphite powder in a crucible and formed a circuit by adding graphite electrodes. High-voltage, high-current pulses caused the fine graphite powder to fuse into larger grains, and the by-products of the reaction were ferromagnetic materials and a few grains of gold. He does not yet understand how this could have happened, but he is almost certain that the plasma sheath surrounding the high-voltage and high-current electrical arc discharges plays a major role in this particular self-formation. In the future, however, the most important role of this method will not be played by gold-plating, but by using this method we will be able to create special materials - not found in nature - which will be extremely strong and indestructible by mechanical means. In this way, we will be able to design and invent materials that meet the maximum requirements for use. There will be modern alchemy, which will be the science of transforming elements.

The purpose of the transformation and design of materials by means of energy will not be to increase wealth, since gold will in future be a metal like any other, its importance being limited to its role as an industrial raw material. This is likely to be the fate of diamonds and other rare mine­rals in the future, as the production of these raw materials from other cheap materials will become a routine task. Another argument, therefore, that it is not worth collecting material value. It may well be that the gold we have now cobbled together will be worth as much as a piece of rusty iron lying on the side of the road. People won't even bother to bend down to pick it up. The further deve­lopment of this method, materialisation by technical means, should make it possible to create a perfect copy of any object. It will therefore no longer make sense to buy works of art as assets, since by means of a replicator, or duplicator, it will be possible to produce cheap and unlimited quantities of copies of any valuable work of art that do not differ in a single atom from the original.

The jewellery industry has already been touched by a foretaste of devaluation. We are not yet able to materialise diamonds, but we are able to produce them artificially. The jewellery industry has not yet been shaken by the artificially created crystal in laboratories, because crystal growing is an expensive and complex process, and the industrial diamonds produced are no cheaper than the real thing. But in Russia, a new technology has been developed that can turn graphite heated to 1800 °C into diamonds under 80,000 atmospheres of pressure, mimicking nature. With diamond crea­tions accounting for half of the world's jewellery sales, the emergence of a cheap and perfect brilliant-cut material has caused great alarm in the market. In addition, it is possible to produce yellow, golden blue and red diamonds, which are very rare in nature. To add to the confusion of traders and buyers, there is no reason why mass production cannot be mass-produced because of the cheap and abundant availability of the raw material. Nor is there any possibility of experts declaring that diamonds produced on assembly lines are artificial, thus maintaining the price of natural diamonds, as both varieties are produced in the same way. The only difference between an artifi­cially created diamond and one that comes out of a diamond mine is that it is more beautiful, more perfect and larger.

Investing money in real estate will not make much sense either, as the unlimited energy and new construction methods will greatly reduce the cost of producing houses. It is especially not worth buying property in big cities. Many people buy expensive homes in the centre of metropolises in the hope that prices will go up even more later. In Western countries, there is a growing tendency to move to the countryside, close to nature, where there is no noise, no congestion and clean air. As a result, the core of the world's cities is gradually being depopulated. Newcastle in England, for example, is already in the process of doing so, with its city fathers selling vacant flats for 50 pence. The only condition for moving in is that the new tenant has to renovate the gifted property at their own expense. Underground construction will put an end to land speculation, as we will see more and more settlements built underground in the future. This type of construction will be particularly important in earthquake-prone zones, because the deeper we go into the crust, the less the effects of earthquakes will be felt. In the future, the acquisition of agricultural land will also become pointless, as crops will be grown not in soil but in hydroponics, i.e. in water mixed with nutrients.


Neutralising microgravity

(Functional description)


The average reader knows almost nothing about microgravity. This is because it is not mentioned in school textbooks. Physicists also interpret this phenomenon differently from esotericists. Mostly, it is understood as the gravity-free behaviour of matter in zero gravity. But the real meaning of microgravity is much more important. According to esotericists, microgravity is nothing more than a microcosmic form of interplanetary gravity. Our ancient sages declared thousands of years ago that the micro-world is like the macro-world. Hermes Trismegistus wrote this on an emerald tablet found in his tomb. "As above, so below!" Within atoms and molecules, gravity is the same as in the solar system, but on a small scale. This phenomenon is already known to scientists and is called cohesion. But cohesion is only a narrowed down area of microgravity. It is understood to be the sticking together of atoms and molecules. Microgravity, on the other hand, is not only around the smallest particles of matter, but also within atoms. Today, the control of this microgravity will open up unforeseeable horizons in the field of matter transformation.  


Unfortunately, extraterrestrials are rarely helpful, but nature is always at hand as our ultimate teacher. It is not for nothing that the Bible advises, "Ask the beast, and he will teach you, and the birds of the air will tell you. The fish of the sea shall tell thee." Many of our scientists have already heeded this advice, and countless inventions are based on copying phenomena observed in nature.[52]  Now, engineers at the University of California have set their sights on the practical application of a very interesting physical phenomenon called microgravity, a peculiar form of gravity known as cohesion or intermolecular force[53]. As we know, microgravity, or van der Waals forces[54] as they are known in the scientific world, occurs when individual atoms or molecules come into contact with each other over a large surface area or are very close to each other. A typical manifestation of the latter is the capillary force. In solid materials, the close fitting of atoms and thus the maximum exertion of the gravitational attraction between them is only possible by a positive subatomic energy radiation, i.e. by softening the material.

By neutralising the gravitational force, the surface roughness can be smoothed out and the two solids can be bonded together. Once the etheric particles have been removed, the gravitational attraction reasserted holds the two materials together. A strong bond is formed between them that exceeds the effectiveness of the best adhesive. This effect could be achieved by grinding the mating surfaces perfectly together. At present, however, even our most precise polishing machines cannot produce a smooth surface where the surface atoms are side by side. Even a surface that looks smooth under the microscope is full of crystal grain irregularities. As a result, only a small fraction of the atoms can come into direct contact with each other, which does not create the cohesive force needed to make the two materials stick together.

However, close fitting can be achieved in other ways. Nature offers us the solution on a silver plat­ter. Evolution, the billions of years of struggle for survival, has forced living things to exploit every physical phenomenon that exists. Recent physics research has revealed that microgravity is also used by a species of lizard, the gecko. Aristotle observed in antiquity that geckos can run up and down walls with ease and can even hang from the ceiling with one finger. This ability was achieved in a very ingenious way. Having found it an impossible task to imitate the climbing surface, he approached the problem in a different way. He thought that if he could not copy the unevenness of the surface under his feet, he would adapt. He designed a foot surface that would flex to the rough­ness of the wall or other surface. It does this by growing bristle ends on its soles that reach into the smallest recesses and make intimate contact with the supporting surface.

The bristles, which curl in bands on the toes, should be thought of as a razor-bristle made of badger hair, with thousands of extremely thin and soft fibres. The bristles on the gecko's toes are even finer. The tiny reptile has around 14,000 fine hairs per square millimetre of its feet, and each miniature brush can bend in any direction. Microscopic images have shown that each finger has a tightly packed transverse row of 2 million bristles. The length of each bristle is only 0.1 millimetres, and thousands of tiny spatulas, 0.2 micrometres long, branch off the end of each bristle. Because of the extremely thin filaments, the individual bristles are not visible to the naked eye. The gecko's fingers look like cauliflower roses. Their velvety feel alone suggests that they are not skin, but extremely fine-fibred brush filaments.

Since this is not apparent to the naked eye, researchers have spent centuries guessing what causes geckos to cling so strongly to any surface. At first they thought that the cauliflower-like bands were nothing more than sticky discs. Like the legs of frogs and some insects, a vacuum is created under their feet to hold them in place. However, they did not find the fluid film-producing glands needed to create a leak-proof vacuum. They also speculated that a chemical bond is formed between the sole and the surface by secreting a sticky substance. However, after alternating between water-repellent and absorbent surfaces, this assumption was also disproved, as the gecko adhered equally well to all materials. Nor did it emit increased subatomic energy, which most living orga­nisms can do. In this case, negative energy is needed, not positive, as intense gravitational radiation would easily trap it against any material. But to unlock this would require an advanced brain and constant attention.

The gecko chose a much simpler solution. With its microscopic bristles, it completely encircles any unevenness in the crawling surface and makes maximum use of its gravitational pull. This is not the way to achieve perfect adhesion, but it is not the goal here. The gecko only needs enough traction to keep from falling off the wall. That is what this method has achieved. In fact, it has exceeded the requirement to hold its own weight safely. All the bristles on the gecko's feet can hold a combined weight of up to 125 kilograms. To get it off the wall, it takes the force to pry off one of its fingers, which is the force required to rip a hospital plaster off a skin surface.


No wonder engineers at UC Berkley see great potential in the practical application of this pheno­menon. Ronald Fearing and Metin Siiti are using an atomic force microscope to mimic the geo­metry of beer ends. They carved nanotube arrays from silicone rubber and polyester resin surfa­ces. Even rudimentary models have clearly demonstrated that material plays no role in the exploita­tion of microgravity. It is only the geometry of the adherent surface that determines the degree of attrac­tion or retention. In the meantime, the NanoRobotics laboratory at Cornegie Mellon Univer­sity in Pittsburgh has developed the first artificial gecko substrate, which contains 29,000 "adhesive ele­ments" per square centimetre. Since these stretches are also induced by microgravity, they adhere uniformly to any surface. It does not matter how wet the surface is and can adhere repeatedly with the same force. Artificial gecko feet will be used in all walks of life. The military and aerospace industries are also keenly interested in it, as it can be used underwater and in space. Underwater, adhesive bonding is not possible, and vacuum feet do not work in vacuum. Microgra­vity, however, works throughout the universe.

It could even be of great use in the home, because it would allow individual pieces of furniture to be securely attached to any surface without leaving a trace. For example, a flower vase fixed to the base of a table would not tip over or spill water when pushed against the corner of the table; nor would the vase fall and break. Nor would it be necessary to find a mirror-smooth surface on which to mount the vacuum fitting to secure the kitchen appliances, as they would stop firmly anywhere. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, there is no need to fix the soap dish to the tiles. It would simply need to be pressed against it with the suction cup. When cleaning tiles, it is not necessary to go around it, because it could be torn off in a moment and then pressed back on again to fix it. In addition, it could be used in thousands of other places, making life much easier and safer.

Incidentally, there is a third form of microgravity that occurs in materials that are thin as membranes. Many people have experienced that when using household polythene film, it must be handled with great care because it easily bunches up. If one edge is folded back, it sticks to the other side of the film in such a way that it cannot be scraped off. This is not because plastic film is sticky. It is because the extremely thin material does not prevent the atoms of the film from sticking together tightly. The gravitational attraction of the atoms causes the two materials to stick together, filling in each other's imperfections. The building industry has exploited this phenomenon for thousands of years in the gilding of palaces and museum buildings. Instead of applying a fine gold powder mixed with glue to wood panelling and plaster stucco, interior decorators have applied a gold film over the surface that is thinner than a thousandth of a millimetre. The plates, carefully applied with tweezers, are sanded over with a dry brush to be on the safe side. This layer of 'gold smoke' adheres so firmly to the substrate that it cannot be removed. No strong adhesive can create a stronger and more durable bond than cohesion. Incidentally, 1 ounce (28.3 grams) of gold can make more than 30 m2 of gold smoke.

An accidental discovery has led to the use of this phenomenon in everyday practice. When it rains like winter, women put discarded stockings on their boots so they don't slip on frozen roads. The thin fibres and tiny eyes of the tights fill in the irregularities in the ice surface, penetrating the ice crystals and allowing microgravity to attach the foot to the slippery road. However, if the gecko foot can be tested in the laboratory and mass-produced in the factory, this problem can be solved in a much more aesthetic way. This microporous material will be used to coat the soles of snow boots and other winter footwear, making them as stable for winter travel as cars are on snow chains. According to recent news, nanotechnologist Andre Geim and his fellow researchers have already developed a flexible surface covered with millions of polyamide fibres. The fibres, which are mic­rons (thousandths of a millimetre) thick, have the same adhesive properties as gecko skins, but the production costs are so high that they have so far only been able to produce a 1 cm2 piece. They calculate that a 200 cm2 (palm-sized) surface could easily hold a person on the ceiling.

Microgravity also plays a role in friction. Not only do two materials pressed together not slide on each other, their surface roughness prevents this. When molecules are pressed together, there is an increased gravitational attraction between the atoms, which further increases the frictional force. Microgravity also plays a role in the effectiveness of bonding. As we know, the sticking together of two materials is made possible by adhesion[55], when a liquid substance called an adhesive is used to fill the space between the surface irregularities of the two materials. The molecules of the adhesive adhere to the molecules of both materials and an adhesive bond is formed between them. In the case of super adhesives, this can be so strong that the two materials can no longer be separated. In the event of a violent separation, the adhesive will tear a layer off one of the materials and separate from it. In the case of hard materials (e.g. metals), the adhesive breaks away. The adhesive is mostly plastic, which has much less strength than metal. To prevent this from happening, most manufactu­rers strictly require that the adhesive (e.g. cyanoacrylate instant adhesive) be applied as thinly as possible to the surface to be bonded. This requirement, however, is an unconscious way of increa­sing the effectiveness of super-adhesives. The strength of the adhesive is also enhanced by micro­gravity. The close fitting, press-drying process brings the molecules of the two materials as close as possible to each other and creates a gravitational attraction between them. Once the adhe­sive has set, the two materials can no longer move away from each other, so microgravity perma­nently increases adhesion.

This phenomenon was specifically exploited by two US researchers in the development of waterproof adhesive tape. The big advantage of microgravity is its waterproofness. Most adhesives can only be used on dry surfaces. They peel from wet surfaces, and water prevents adhesive bon­ding. Microgravity works in water. Since gravity waves pass through all materials, the presence of water molecules is not an obstacle. Based on this, Robert Langer and Jeffrey Karp have developed a wound dressing that can be used for both open wounds and internal injuries. This is made possible by the special surface finish of the adhesive tape. The two researchers have suc­ceeded in mimicking gecko lettuce using nanotechnology, doubling the adhesion of previously used tissue-friendly adhe­sive tapes. The microgravitational adhesion, which works even in a moist medium, allows the new type of tape adhesive to be used in places where conventional suturing is hardly applicable (e.g. small bowel and vascular incisions) or in gastric perforations caused by gastric ulcers. As the new adhesive tape is thin and flexible, the damaged section can be virtually wrapped.


Now that we have seen what has been achieved so far in the use of microgravity, let's look at the possibilities for the future. They are not new, having been used in ancient times. However, no scien­tific research has been done in this field because official science has relegated esoteric pheno­mena to the category of fantasy and refuses to deal with them seriously. But research into these pheno­mena, which have been declared to be fraudulent, would take them the furthest. Remai­ning in the field of microgravity neutralisation, the greatest resistance in scientific circles has been the possibi­lity of scarless body opening. Our scientists get chills at the very mention of Manila hea­lers. Yet with an extremely powerful magnet, they too would be capable of non-destructive ma­terial separa­tion.

That's what Filipino healers do with the concentrated etheric energy emanating from their fingers. They can perform scarless and bloodless surgeries, and even 'glue' excised tissue (e.g. intestinal segments) together. This concentrated energy also makes it possible to glue intact sections together by neutralising microgravity. In this geographical region, there are many healers who are able to create a strong anti-cohesive field with the energy emanating from their hands, which neutralises the cohesive force between molecules, and thus they are able to penetrate the inside of the body without creating cut wounds, i.e. without destroying the cells. The advantage of this higher healing method is that instead of leaving the removal of dead tissue to the body's slow self-cleansing mec­ha­nism, it is removed from the body in a specific surgical procedure, so that the organs healed by energy radiation are also cleansed.

Since, unlike conventional surgery, the penetration does not damage individual cells, blood loss is minimal, with only as much blood as is released from the capillary junctions of the opened skin or the tissue fragments removed. If a piece of the diseased organ is completely dead (e.g. in the case of an intestinal ulcer), the ulcerated section of intestine is torn out by irradiation with anti-cohesive energy emanating from the fingers, the intact ends are joined together and closed without sutures. They also need the help of an assistant healer, who keeps the wound open during the operation, also by using energy from his fingers to prevent the skin from closing during the manipulation. The sutureless attachment of intact tissue is made possible by the fact that, when manipulated with energy, the adhesive force between molecules along the separated surfaces is greatly reduced. The healer pushes these 'softened' pieces of tissue into each other, and by removing the anticohesive force, the cohesive force between the crushed molecules is restored, ensuring that the fused surfaces are perfectly interlocked.

Seamless adhesion can also be achieved if the healers separate the tissues of each body part in a complete cross-section. We know that in solid materials, two bodies fitted together cannot normally 'fuse' because surface roughness prevents molecules lying opposite each other from coming close enough to allow cohesive bonding. Positive energy radiation, however, reduces the cohesive force between the pieces of tissue to be joined, and thus the barrier to fusion due to surface roughness can be removed. The Yang-like subatomic energy radiation causes the dough-like fusion of the fused tissues. Once the energy radiation is removed, the cohesive bond between the molecules in contact with each other is stabilised, ensuring the continuity of the fused tissues without scar formation.[56]  

In this type of operation, it is also incomprehensible to many how the dissected parts of the body can close together seamlessly. The explanation for this phenomenon is that the molecules at the two edges of the wound, at the boundary between the open and the unbroken tissue, are in a state of transition. These molecules are no longer subjected to a strong energy radiation that would comple­tely neutralise the cohesive force acting between them, so that once the energy radiation is removed, i.e. the operation is completed, the molecules in the interface position are again tightly adhered to each other. This close bonding, in turn, has the consequence that the adjacent neighbouring molecu­les are also brought so close together that the cohesive contractive force can also act between them. The process of restoring the cohesive bond then proceeds in a chain reaction along the entire length of the opened body surface, so that the wound narrows in both directions until it finally closes like a zipper without any trace.

The diagnosis itself, the diagnosis of the disease, takes two forms. Some of the healers can see the aura and easily locate the diseased organs by the strong discolouration. The majority of healers use the technique of "clairvoyance", i.e. by concentrating strongly on a lower range of their brain frequency, they scan the patient's body from the inside out, looking for the diseased organs. Another advantage of this method of treatment, which is still considered mystical today, is that despite the rather poor hygiene conditions, there is no risk of infection, as the intense bio-energy radiation renders viruses and bacteria in the body inert, preventing them from multiplying. Intense energy radiation upsets the energy balance of cells foreign to the body, which, lacking energy replenish­ment, die beyond repair. (This germicidal effect is so intense that the rusty knife used as an opera­ting tool by the Mexican psi-sabes Arigo never caused infection.) After the operation is per­formed, the attractive force between the molecules, by eliminating the anticohesion field, zips the opened skin surface closed again, so that no wound forms after the operation and no incision marks are visible.

Bioenergy irradiation has a pain-relieving effect in addition to disinfection, which is why ana­esthesia is not used for these operations. After the procedure, which usually lasts a few minutes, the patient gets up from the operating table and walks out on his or her own two feet. For the sake of completeness, it is worth mentioning that psi-surgeons practising in Western countries often do not even open the body, but perform the operation on a layer of the aura called the ether, which is transferred to the physical body over time. Otherwise, real healing can only be done on the etheric and spiritual body. The physical body is only the carrier of the symptoms.

There is also a seemingly meaningless process that is experienced in the operations performed by the healers in the Philippines. In fact, many healers do not cleanse the diseased organs after opening the body, but dematerialise the dead tissue by externally guided radiation before the operation. The dematerialised cells are then rematerialised and brought under the skin. He then opens up the skin and removes the materialised object, which can be anything from a chicken intestine to a coin. There are also healers who do not even open the skin, but teleport the materialised object to the outer surface of the skin and remove it from there. The subatomic energy particles released when dead or diseased tissue is dematerialised could probably leave the body unhindered, as is the case with cancer patients who spontaneously rematerialise.

So why is this rematerialisation process necessary? Is this perhaps the Almighty's way of alerting people to the fact that we are dealing with a different kind of operation? Or is it simply a matter of gaining the trust of the patient, who, seeing the bleeding piece of tissue, is reassured that he has indeed been operated on and will now surely be cured. In addition to disinfecting and relieving pain, the anticohesion force field can also stop the flow of blood and even stop it. So even in the case of thicker blood vessel dissection, there is no need to expect serious blood loss. Blood transfusions are therefore not necessary for this type of surgery, so there is no risk of transfusion of infectious disea­ses. Because the concentrated energy beam blocks the blood flow and seals the blood vessels when diseased tissue is removed, there is no oozing and no post-operative pain.

Psi nests are born with increased energy levels. This trait is inherited from father to son among the Luzon tribe of the Philippines. It is no coincidence that there are so many healers in this country who operate with their bare hands. At the beginning of the 20th century, a child was born in the French municipality of San Urban who emitted very strong magnetic radiation not only from his fingers but from his entire body. People in his vicinity felt intense attraction and repulsion, and his body often emitted glowing rays. The intensity of these increased as the child grew. At the age of 1, he developed a nervous sensitivity and became seriously ill. He died soon after. At the moment of his death, his body emitted a beam of light so intense that it filled the whole room.


The body-opening method used by psi-sewers will make it easy to perform a scarless caesarean section. In the future, delivery will be painless with an improved version of caesarean section. In this new type of procedure, the abdominal wall is opened by manipulators emitting concentrated magnetic energy, without any obstetric complications and with the slightest risk of bleeding, pain and infection. There is no scarring after the operation, no hospitalisation and the caesarean section performed in this way does not limit the number of further births. With the introduction of this procedure, the institution of the surrogate birth will certainly be forgotten. As pregnancy will be reduced to the joy of waiting for a child and there will no longer be any fear of pain during child­birth or of any subsequent abnormalities, no woman will be reluctant to bring her child into the world.

Sadly, there are few people in the world who have fingers that emit a magnetic energy so power­ful it can break the skin. But it is not only the human body that can emit such powerful energy, but also artificially created devices. In ancient times, such a device was the samir. The cohesive force-neutralising subatomic energy knife used thousands of years ago was probably crystal-excited be­cause it is not recorded as requiring an electrical supply. This mysterious tool has been used in our civilisation for thousands of years. The ancient Jews called it the "magic samir" and it is mentioned in the Talmud. Both Moses and Solomon forbade the use of 'iron tools' (hammers, chi­sels, wedges) to carve and carve huge blocks of stone in the construction of their temples. Instead, they provided the craftsmen with an ancient tool. This tool, called a samir, was 'capable of cutting the hardest materials without friction or heat'. The 'rock-cutting stone' also cut diamonds like a knife cuts butter.

The concentrated beam of subatomic energy it emitted probably could not be turned off. This is referred to in the regulation that "it is forbidden to place the samir in an iron or any other metal container, as such a case will break in two. It must be kept wrapped in a woollen cloth and placed in a lead basket filled with barley dust." The descriptions also tell us that this device was completely silent when in use. Unfortunately, when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, the samir also dis­appeared.

A synthesis of the partial information suggests that this mysterious device emitted concentrated etheric energy (ether ions) which, when directed at matter, eliminated the cohesive force between molecules. The matter split non-destructively as microgravity was cancelled. Since the separation was not achieved by mechanical crushing, the hardness of the material was irrelevant. Thus, the samir cut diamond as easily as butter. Its power and range were quite great. If one approached it without proper clothing, it caused terrible burns. Since this device required no excitation or feeding, it could only work in one way, by amplifying the magnetic radiation emanating from the material.

We know from our studies at school that some metals, such as iron, can be made magnetic by exposing them to a strong magnetic field (e.g. by exciting them with an electromagnet). Science traces the origin of magnetism back to so-called domains, which are a kind of islands of ordered magnetism. In a normal state, these small magnetic islands are clustered together, so the metal does not exhibit magnetic properties. However, when subjected to a strong external magnetic field, these small islands become and remain aligned. This makes the ferromagnetic material a permanent mag­net. The magnetic field of soft iron is relatively weak, but when using rare-earth super magnets (e.g. cobalt-samarium or neodymium-iron-boron), the field strength increases by an order of magnitude. This has been used in many applications, e.g. in headphones and speakers for Hi-Fi qua­lity. However, this field strength is not enough for material separation, but we are on the right track.

If we could somehow manage to align all the spins in the same direction within the magnetic domains of a well-magnetised metal or crystal, we could create a strong magnetic radiation that would turn air molecules into a plasma. According to the literature, this is how the samir behaved, as dazzling flashes of light were observed when it was used. (Within the magnetic domain or range, the spins are bound to the electrons. The classical view was that electrons, in addition to orbital ro­tation, also rotate about their own axis, which was called spin. Later, quantum mechanics was in­terpreted to mean that, like other elementary particles, the electron has a wave nature to which ro­tation cannot be interpreted. Therefore, spin has more recently been called elementary dipole mo­ment, which is the resultant of momentum moments corresponding to the orbital motion of elect­rons moving in an atom. Physicists currently explain the creation of spin as a quantum property of the electron, which means that they have no idea of the real cause of magnetism. And they know even less about the energy that magnets emit.[57]  The existence of aether is still denied, and the exis­ten­ce of gravitational waves was only acknowledged in 2016.)

Of course, this does not prevent magnets from being used in practice. With such an extremely powerful magnet, we would also be able to separate matter non-destructively. That's what Filipino healers do with the concentrated etheric energy emanating from their fingers. The samir was therefore neither magic nor legend, but a tool that existed, based on the purposeful exploitation of a physical principle that we know. With a little research we could create it ourselves. Incidentally, extraterrestrial civilisations no longer use a samir in their operations, but a manipulator excited by a 115 element. The advantage of this type of energy blade is that it can be turned off. When the proton radiation is stopped, the aether ion emission from the 115 element is eliminated, so no precautions are needed when storing this device. 

Unfortunately, the composition of the samir is not legendary. However, metals like samir are mentioned. Plato mentions oreikhalkhos, a favourite alloy of the Atlanteans, which had a fiery glow. From the time of the Greek gods comes the metal adamos (indomitable), which was used to make the gods' magical weapons. Again, all we know about it is that it was light as a feather and its power was unimaginable. There was no material in the world that adamos could not cut in an instant. This is very similar to the samir. Objects made of adamos were indestructible. They were so hard they couldn't be scratched.


Psychokinesis is only one of the applications of psi-psychology. Beyond that, there are many other uses. Its best known manifestation is the softening of metals, metal bending. The best-known propagator of the softening of metals by magnetic irradiation is the Hungarian-born Uri Geller. He has bent countless spoons and forks by weakening the microgravity between the metal atoms by intense magnetic radiation from his thumb and middle finger. In doing so, he stroked the handle of the cutlery a few times, and it softened so much that it bent on its own. The anti-cohesive energy emitted by the fingers 'softens' the metal objects, which then bend under their own weight.

As the material is softer at the point of entry than at the point of exit, the strange phenomenon of the spoon handle curving upwards can occur when irradiation is applied from above. This is pro­bably due to the tension in the harder parts of the material bending the metal towards the softer, more easily compressible surface. If the tension in the material is too high, for example in the case of plastic or unheated glass, the irradiation of the tension balls releases unbalanced forces that can easily break the object. Beyond a certain limit, the build-up of Yang energy can also cause the crys­tal structure of the irradiated object to break up, resulting in the material crumbling and breaking into fragments.

The former phenomenon, based on psychokinesis, is related to the mechanism of action of tele­kinesis. Telekinesis literally means movement at a distance. It does not occur by physical action, but by the psyche (soul). Its best known practitioner is also Uri Geller, who was able to bend metal wire in a test tube under laboratory conditions, remotely, using his mind. In this phenomenon, which is still only used in metal bending, an intense energy flow also causes the metal to change shape. Psychokinesis and telekinesis are related phenomena. They should therefore be studied together. Once they are understood, there will be no obstacle to the development and use of arti­ficially produ­ced subatomic energy knives. Even if we cannot yet develop a magnet that is orders of magnitude stronger than the permanent magnets we have today, the situation is not hopeless. With special coiled electromagnets powered by high-voltage soliton waves, we will certainly achieve our goal. Be careful that, in this case too, excitation at resonance frequency is essential.

The artificial application of psychokinesis will bring about revolutionary changes in the field of material processing. In welding, we will use subatomic energy radiation rather than thermal energy to eliminate the cohesive force and to make the metal atoms flow into each other. The casting pro­cess will also be much simpler, because the metal, softened by energy radiation, can be shaped in a relatively simple way. Since this technology does not involve any heat generation, the materials to be welded together will not burn, which means that materials other than metals can be joined together in this way. This means that adhesives will not be needed in the future. If something breaks, or if two identical or different materials are to be joined, all that is needed is to irradiate the surfaces to be joined with Yang-type electromagnets and then press them together. The bond thus created surpasses the strength provided by the best adhesive by creating continuity of material. 

For the time being, our more deserving researchers cannot or dare not address this phenomenon. It is worth highlighting this method as a circus attraction. One of the manifestations of telekinesis is that so-called 'extrasensory' persons levitate objects between their hands without touching them. It is also this energy that enables Indian fakirs to pierce their ears, arms or any part of their body with thick needles without the slightest sign of pain. Psychokinesis may also be involved in this process. Like the healers in the Philippines, it is probably the energy emanating from their fingers that opens the skin to the needle and stops the bleeding. Since the penetration is done without cell destruction, no scar is formed on the skin surface after the needle is pulled out. In a deep trance, they are also able to cut off a piece of their tongue and then 'glue' it back in place as if nothing had happened.

The exact way of reattaching the cut body part seems incomprehensible to conventional thinking. At our current level of medical development, even reattaching a severed finger requires several hours of surgery. But the fakirs simply fit the two severed body parts together and fuse them in an instant. This is made possible by the fact that non-destructive tissue separation does not damage the tissues, but simply pulls them apart. By fitting them back together again, microgravity locks the separated molecules together. Nor does the joining happen randomly. It is controlled by the etheric body. In a separation, the etheric body of subatomic energy particles is not damaged. Both pieces of material contain the whole ether body. Therefore, when joined together, the ether body directs the molecules so that the appropriate pieces of tissue are joined together. It's like fitting two magnet rods together. Even if you put them side by side, the magnetic field pulls them together as if they were a continuous rod.

This is how extraterrestrial civilizations perform brain surgery. They cut around the skull with subatomic energy, remove the skullcap, and then perform the surgery on the brain marrow, which is accessible from all sides. The cranial cavity is then repositioned and the etheric body performs the precise fitting on its own. This fitting is so precise that no damage to the face is visible after the operation. No bleeding or lymphatic leakage occurs on the severed body parts because the separated tissues are sealed like a zipper. When the removed part is reattached, this zipper-like closure is created between the separated molecules. Blood flow, lymphatic circulation, is then established in the severed test part. All the molecules fall into place. The ether body plays a major role in this process. The ether test can also regenerate the physical body in the event of a destructive material separation, but in humans it can only do this in the event of a minor accident (e.g. skin injury).   

A Dutch magician has produced an even more astonishing method of non-destructive body opening. Minin Dajo performed a stunt in front of doctors at a Zurich hospital in which his assistant stuck a 70 cm long and 8 mm thick fencing pin into his back at kidney level, with the tip protruding from his chest for about 30 cm. In this state, he walked up to the X-ray department on the first floor and was examined. The spike was pulled out of his body after 20 minutes and he had not lost a drop of blood before or after. The X-ray clearly showed that the peritoneum had been punctured twice, but the blade had also penetrated the kidney, stomach, intestines and liver. Under normal circum­stances, death would be instantaneous. When the magician, to add to the excitement, plunged three daggers into his body at the same time, the authorities banned the act.

Official bodies have so far ignored this phenomenon, even though the search for these extraordi­nary people would be essential for scientific progress. They are capable of producing parapsycholo­gical phenomena that are not yet possible to produce artificially at any time. This leaves no alter­native but to take the initiative of citizens. If we do not want to remain stuck in the 20th century, if we do not want to resign ourselves to the rapid destruction of nature, which will lead to the de­struction of humanity, we must act. In this area too, private researchers must take over the role of professional researchers. This will not be easy, of course, because lay people do not have the neces­sary expertise, which is fraught with danger. They can put themselves and their environment at risk by being incompetent.

In this field in particular, we can cause harm to others. Therefore, we must be very careful and cautious in every step we take. Let us not be like the amateur parapsychologist who psychokinesis­tically split a woman in two and could no longer reconcile the two parts. This caused a huge panic among the occasional audience. A video of the incident can be seen at: http://videa.hu/videok/vicces/trukk-eses-humor-hulyules-83rSO8e1z7Qbn70G Recently, magicians have also started using psychokinesis in their stunts. One of them separated his own baby in a similarly convincing way. He was lucky because he was able to fit his upper and lower bodies together. Web address: http://indavideo.hu/video/Kettevagta_kislanyat_a_buvesz


Budapest, 12.02.2018.








Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                     


                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos

Antigravity engines

(Functional description)


Update: 28 September 2021.


The most exciting field of esotericism is Ufology. So many people are involved in it that it has become a discipline in its own right. The name comes from the acronym Unidentified Flying Object. UFOs are the official name for extraterrestrial spacecraft, but colloquially they are just called flying saucers. So far, all we know about these spacecraft is that they have anti-gravity propulsion. But we could know more. Extraterrestrial civilisations have given us the ideas and even the blueprints of nearly half a dozen anti-gravity engines, but nobody wants them. Yet these ideas could be done for a few thousand dollars. But we don't want them. We'd rather keep making our single-use rockets that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. We don't believe that getting into space can be done simply and cheaply. Our scientists are not even willing to test these ideas. They are not interested in neutrali­sing gravity, in levitating at any speed. Even if the energy is free and, unlike chemical propulsion, it does not pollute the air in the slightest.

For more than a hundred years, both our planes and our helicopters have been powered by Bernoulli's buoyancy. This means that they cannot fly without air and are useless as spacecraft. We still use smoke rockets for cosmic travel. Although we have suspected for decades that there is a more modern way of flying in space, by defying gravity, no one is willing to develop an anti-gravity engine. And yet we already know quite a few types, inspired by extraterrestrial ones. (We have blueprints for one of them.) The complexity of these engines is nowhere near the complexity of propeller and jet aircraft.[58]  They would be much easier and much cheaper to manufacture, and they would also consume no fuel. Nevertheless, it is not taken into consideration because all the claims of the esotericists are 'quackery and fraud'. 

The tragedy of the space shuttle Columbia is also due to the blinkered, arrogant attitude of our scientists, who have no regard for the results of frontier science. Seven highly skilled, distinguished scientists died because the leaders of aerodynamics research refused to deal with antigravity engines. Six decades after the launch of space exploration, we are still launching our astronauts into space like cannonballs, and they are returning as shooting stars trapped in free-fall. The fired rocket then either reaches escape velocity or it doesn't. If it doesn't, it bounces back to earth or burns up in the atmosphere. No wonder they explode from the flammable charge used to launch them, like the Challanger spacecraft of the time, with its crew of seven. Or they burn up in space due to the ir­repressible speed of gravity, as the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia did recently. Antigravity engines could float our craft out into space at any speed, and we could return at any speed. We would no longer be at risk from chemical engine explosions or frictional heat burns.

Not to mention that this propulsion mode would make space travel orders of magnitude cheaper. In our old rockets, it takes 5180 kg of fuel to put every kilogram of payload into space. This is mainly due to the poor efficiency of chemical propulsion. Not only is the fuel expensive, but the efficiency of converting it into energy is extremely poor. In these circumstances, it costs 250 million dollars to put a satellite into orbit. And we only launch them 100 km up. Space travel is an order of magnitude more expensive. To get 1 kilogram of payload to Mars with this technology costs 100,000 dollars. And we will never get to our planetary neighbour under current conditions, because human space travel to Mars would cost 100 billion dollars. Even the United States cannot spend that much money on a single trip.

It adds no small amount to the cost of space travel to throw away our rockets after use. Our spacecraft are like cartridges. When they run out, you have to throw them away. It's not just the tank, the body, that's destroyed, but also the complex and expensive guidance system. The space shuttle used by the Americans is no exception, because it too is sent into space by rocket. So far, more than 4,000 spacecraft have been launched into the cosmos using this outdated method. But they have never gone further than the solar system. With our current spacecraft, it would take twice the Earth's total energy production to reach the nearest star.

Our rocket designers are aware of this situation, yet they are not willing to take the new path. Their attachment to stone-age technology has led to the production of mockery poems about the US space agency on the Internet. One of them reads, "What's NASA short for? Need Another Seven Astronauts![59]  It would be nice if spaceflight managers could finally decide what the goal is. Do they want to get out into the cosmos, or do they want to be completely discarded? They haven't even started down the former path yet, but on the latter they are moving forward at seven-mile pace. Meanwhile, headstones line their path. Not of the inevitable victims, but of those destroyed by stu­pidity and narrow-mindedness. We refuse to believe that the universe is full of energy. We are still thinking in terms of fossil and hydrocarbon energy, and calculating how much of it we need to take with us on a long journey. We are unable to get rid of centuries-old habits.

Only extraterrestrial civilisations could pull us out of this pit. But no intelligent civilisation wants to assist us in our ridiculous games with our smoking rockets. According to the information from the third type of encounters, they often look down on our space stations and smile at our little games, our fussing around our ridiculous rockets.


Few people know that Tesla is credited with inventing the anti-gravity engine. He was the first to produce this device, unwittingly. In 1890, in his laboratory in New York, he turned on his mechani­cal oscillator and tried to increase the frequency to reach the resonant frequency of the building. Fortunately, he failed, or the whole building would have collapsed on top of him. The crackling sound of the building didn't deter him from continuing the experiment, but the large amount of Yang energy emitted by the mechanical oscillator leaked into the laboratory equipment, causing the heavy machinery to lift. This startled Tesla so much that he smashed the equipment with a hammer. The experiment also caused chaos outside the building. There was so much commotion on the street that the police and ambulance were called. Tesla and his colleagues could not explain the strange pheno­menon, because they themselves did not know what was going on, so they told the police that it must have been an earthquake.

The antigravity generator, which Tesla had unwittingly invented, was due to the soliton effect. As we know, in a soliton excitation, the energy accumulates. Above a certain value, it becomes so strong that it radiates out of the generator. Once the concentrated etheric radiation had produced an antigravitational effect, the generator and the laboratory equipment rose and began to float. Since these objects were not balanced, their lift was accompanied by a tipping. This caused significant damage to their surroundings. No wonder that Tesla was frightened by this unusual chaos and in­stead of turning off his generator, he smashed it with a hammer. The soliton effect is therefore very useful in producing the antigravity effect, but it cannot by itself produce the force needed to lift a multi-ton vehicle. More efficient engines are needed. Soliton waves can already be used to excite them, because this increases their efficiency.


The concentrated aetheric radiation that produces antigravity can be generated in several ways. We will start with the most commonly used mechanism, which is based on the principle of counter-rotating magnetic excitation.[60]  This process, which is still unknown to our physicists, is very easy to induce. Everybody knows the principle of the synchronous generator from their secondary school studies. When a direct current is passed through the coils of a rotor, the free electrons that are excited create electromagnetic lines of force perpendicular to their direction of travel. These lines of force are induced into the stator coils. This causes the electrons to flow into the coils and the ge­nerator produces current. This, of course, requires spinning the rotor, which is done by a turbine in a hydroelectric or nuclear power plant. (Since the aim here is not to generate electricity, an asynch­ronous motor is more appropriate. Since a short-circuited, squirrel-cage asynchronous motor has no slip ring, it requires no maintenance at all.) The advantage of an alternator over a dynamo is that the induced current can be conducted directly to the stator without a commutator. This eliminates the need for maintenance of moving and friction parts (cleaning of commutator plates, replacement of worn carbon brushes.)

Now apply three-phase alternating current to the generator stator stator and remove the asynchro­nous motor from its shaft. The alternator is then converted into a synchronous motor. However, we do not need either a generator or an electric motor to produce electricity. So we keep experimenting. Reverse the excitation current of the rotor and continue to excite the stator windings. The rotor is then paralysed. Now the poles of the stator, which are periodically magnetised, cannot push the poles of the rotor away because they are magnetised in opposite directions. The north pole meets the south pole and the south pole meets the north pole. As they attract each other, the motor stops. The excitation of the stator and the rotor is still present, the electromagnetic lines of force have not disappeared, only the motor is paralysed and cannot move. (It cannot be excluded that in the case of a three-phase motor this phenomenon only occurs if the rotor also contains a three-phase winding. In this case the rotor must be fed with an offset phase sine wave. The amount of offset shall be adjusted so that the maximum of the stator sine waves offset by 120° from each other meets the minimum of the rotor sine waves.)

Now mount the asynchronous motor back on the generator shaft and start it in the opposite direction with reversed polarity. In this arrangement, the oppositely magnetized poles are induced into each other. This would cause even more electrons to be stripped from the copper atoms of the coils, which would further paralyse the rotor. But that doesn't happen now, because the asynchro­nous motor is rotating it. Instead, a strange phenomenon occurs. As the number of electrons de­tached from the atoms increases, the gap in the copper conductor becomes larger. Since the universe cannot tolerate space, it tries to fill it with ether. Therefore, very large amounts of ether particles flow into the copper coil. So much of it gets in that it radiates out. The concentrated emit­ted aether ions interact with gravitons to produce an antigravitational effect.

This repulsive force also occurs in space, but in a different way. Here, Newton's law of conser­vation of momentum applies, and its most spectacular manifestation is seen in jet aircraft and roc­kets. The progress of these vehicles is made possible by the fact that the gas or hot air escaping at high speed from the engine collides with subatomic energy particles of the aether, and this dense medium acts as a spring to push the object away from itself, which is propelled by gas molecules. The momentum gained in this way is greater the greater the density of the matter straining against the aether energy wall. Almost limitless momentum can be achieved by colliding not matter but subatomic energy particles with this ubiquitous energy wall. Because the density of the concentra­ted etheric radiation is orders of magnitude greater than that of gases, the collision in this way gives the vehicle incomparably more momentum than the chemical propulsion systems we use. This is why UFOs with anti-gravity propulsion can reach speeds of up to 72 000 km/h in space.

The main propulsion in the cosmos would therefore be provided by the anti-gravity engine, and manoeuvrability would be ensured by low-power jet cannons mounted on the sides or on top, using the principle of conservation of momentum. (Extraterrestrials use a simpler solution. Either the main engine is tilted, forcing the vehicle to change direction, or the side of the vehicle opposite the road is excited more strongly. The disadvantage of this simple manoeuvre is that the spacecraft can only move sideways at right angles, and out in space it cannot descend or jump backwards, which is not a very advantageous feature in a space war. (The only way to fly backwards is to turn around.) However, this disadvantage does not apply near the ground, because all you have to do when mo­ving downwards is to turn off the engine. Gravity then pulls the vehicle down.  

Counter-rotation of the rotor probably requires a powerful asynchronous motor, but its power consumption is not a problem for long journeys in the cosmos. There is no need for a large battery because a Tesla converter can supply enough power for an unlimited period of time. At the end of the experiment, don't forget the soliton excitation. The stator should be excited with a bidirectional soliton wave (positive and negative half-period). This will further increase the efficiency of the antigravity drive. It should also be investigated whether the rotor can be fed with the same soliton wave. If so, it should also be excited in this way. In this case, a further efficiency increase is ob­tained, since the ether particles in the rotor also contribute to the free-electron separation, which intensifies the antigravity emission of the engine. For maximum efficiency of the soliton wave, its frequency must be tuned to the resonant frequency of the excited coils. In addition to the polarity of the stator current and the excitation current, the direction of rotation of the antigravity drive must be considered. When the rotor is driven in the opposite direction, the two magnetic fields do not rein­force each other, but rather excite each other. The rotor must therefore be moved in such a direction that the two magnetic fields reinforce each other.

The repulsive effect of the gravitational waves and the vril[61] on each other creates antigravity. The combination of the resonance frequency and the charge accumulation created by the soliton waves causes the vril to become so strong that it ionises the air molecules, creating a plasma loop around the engine. Its colour follows the colours of the rainbow, i.e. red at first, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and finally violet at the most intense energy release. The plasma shell around the spacecraft remains out in space, but there it is a blinding white colour. You can only tell it from a star if it mo­ves.)

The force field, or lifting capacity, is most effectively increased by increasing the speed. Howe­ver, this requires a three-phase asynchronous motor, because the speed of a single-phase asynchro­nous motor is difficult to vary within narrow limits. While the speed of DC motors can be reduced simply by lowering the supply voltage, this is not feasible for AC motors. When the supply voltage is reduced, they easily fall out of sync and stop. They then overheat and burn out. However, by va­rying the excitation frequency, their speed can be varied over a wide range. The frequency converter is an electronic circuit with a triac for frequency control. The three-phase supply also makes the use of a starting capacitor unnecessary. (Single-phase asynchronous motors do not start by themselves. They need an auxiliary phase that lasts a few seconds. This is created by the high capacitance starting capacitor.)


The next promising antigravity drive is the mercury circulation motor. In the ancient Indian epics, there are also references to the fact that one of the vehicles of the gods who visited them, the "vimana", was also powered by mercury. To quote from the Mahabharata: "Through the power in the mercury that set the propulsive whirlwind in motion, the vimana could travel vast distances in the sky." Translated into the language of physics, the "force in the mercury" can be nothing other than the sum of the magnetic lines of force in the propulsion system, mediated by the mercury as a liquid rotor. However, this type of electric motor was not used for mechanical propulsion, but for subatomic energy generation. Therefore, the 'driving whirlwind' emanating from it probably refers to the positive magnetic radiation it generated, which lifted the vehicle upwards, neutralising the force of gravity. This assumption is supported by the statement that "the force in the mercury triggers the carrier beam, and the chariot suddenly becomes a jewel in the sky."

This type of propulsion must have been very efficient. According to the Book of the Vedas, among the 113 different types of vimana, there was one that "flew at the speed of thought". (This remark suggests that travel through the etheric body at hyperspace speeds was already known at the time.) The vimana could travel not only in the air but also in the sea; and it was often flown out into space to visit one of the space cities orbiting the Earth. The credibility of this ancient technical description is greatly enhanced by the precise recording of minute details. One of these is that when the vimana 'rose into the air, a celestial sound was heard'. In modern times, it is clear that this mys­terious sky-boom was nothing more than the explosion that occurs when the speed of sound is exceeded. This phenomenon is also confirmed by the precisely recorded data showing that the speed of the vimana was 5760 km/h in today's terms, well above the speed of sound.

Unfortunately, these vehicles were taken with them by extraterrestrials who have since passed on, but the Indians have created an exact replica of them in stone. The stupas in Buddhist temples in India symbolise the vehicles their 'gods' used to visit them. This is why India has no problem believing in the existence of extraterrestrial civilisations. You see evidence of this everywhere. The records and legends of generations thousands of years ago are almost exclusively about this, so­me­thing they absorbed from childhood. In India, everyone takes for granted that there are mil­lions of inhabited worlds in the universe outside our own.

In another volume of the Book of Vedas, Samarangana Sutradhara, we read 230 pages on the construction of modern aircraft, their construction, operation and maintenance in detail. Even the composition of the various fuels is given. The problem is that the meaning of these words has been lost over the millennia. Experts have only been able to translate the name of one substance, mercury, clearly. What adds to the credibility of these records is the fact that they are not even translators' translations, since the first English translation of these descriptions was made in 1875, when our world had neither spaceships nor aeroplanes. Thus, linguists could only rely on what was written in the text. The applicability of mercury in this context is supported by the recent news that in 1979 some strangely dressed aliens gave an electrician called Berezin information about a mercury circulation engine. These sketches were carefully studied in many research institutes in the former Soviet Union, and the possibility of this unknown motor was not ruled out.

We are one step closer to understanding how the mercury circulation engine works from the testimony of an American rocket scientist engineer, Dan Fry. During his interrogation, he also learned from the aliens who crash-landed the rocket that the mercury is not excited electrically. "Mercury flowing in tubes becomes magnetic in a way that makes it flow as fast as light, or as fast as electrons." When the engineer expressed his disbelief that this was impossible inside a tube, he was told, "It is not. As soon as the liquid leaves the tube, it re-enters at the other end. This makes the relative velocity that can be achieved infinitely large."

If this is true, then the excitation, the free-electron generation, is in all likelihood done by the aether. The atoms of mercury, packed into a bonded lattice structure, collide with the aether par­ticles, which separate free electrons from their outermost electron shells. Since mercury has a very high specific gravity, i.e. many atoms per unit volume, the free electron emission is also quite intense. Accordingly, the influx of ether at the other pole of the magnet will be strong. If these po­sitive sub-atomic energy particles are concentrated in the reactor at the centre of the UFO, there is no obstacle to neutralising (zeroing) gravity and lifting the craft. Now we just need to find out how and by what means the mercury can be moved to achieve this relatively high speed.

The only technically feasible solution is the tunnel effect. When the mercury enters the reactor at the end of the tube, it is dematerialised by the concentrated subatomic energy particles. The re­maining ether gas then travels at a speed 12 orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light. At the beginning of the tube, it re-materialises as it exits the reactor chamber and, due to the huge difference in velocity, it slams into the mercury snake flowing in the tube with tremendous force. The almost infinite speed, followed by the sudden deceleration, causes such a resistance in the aether that it is as if a section of the circulating fluid had hit a concrete wall, causing a huge amount of electrons to be stripped from its atoms. These are sucked away by the opposite Yin pole, and in their place a huge number of ether particles flow in. This is probably how the mercury circulation engine passed on to Berezin works.


To determine this, the mercury circulation engine would have to be fabricated according to the documentation. This is not easy, however, because the development of this engine is thousands of years beyond our technological level. The researchers studying the document have no idea how to build such a device. Fortunately, the mercury-circulation engine is so widespread in the universe that simpler versions can be found. Nature has also produced such a version. It is nothing more than a snake, used in ancient times for flight. The snake did not contain mercury, of course, but some kind of magnetisable body fluid. The liquid in the coiled snake was excited by the aether. There was also a small coil in the head of the snake, which was in close contact with the large coil, the body of the snake. Unfortunately, we do not know how this small coil was connected to the large coil and what effect it had on it. According to the legend, if the small coil in the snake's head was shielded by a piece of iron, it would become inoperative, stopping the concentrated etheric radiation from the large coil, the body of the snake. This suggests that this small coil-like formation must have been an antenna of some kind.   

Sadly, dragons, flying snakes, centaurs and other hybrid creatures are now extinct, so we can't study them. For example, the study of the 'dragon fire' coming out of the mouths of the dragons of legend would surprise us. It would soon turn out that it has nothing to do with ordinary fire.) Ne­vertheless, creating a snake engine is not an impossible task. In order for this engine to be able to lift several tonnes of weight, we again invoke the principle of counter-magnetic excitation. Here, no current flows in the mercury. The reverse excitation is electromagnetic.  

First, coil a long plastic tube into a snake shape by folding it in two and starting the coiling in the middle. (Don't break it, because then the mercury can't flow freely, but form a small loop in the middle.) Wind the two tubes parallel to each other, tightly together, until you get to the end. Insert the circulating pump between the two ends and fill the system with mercury. Before doing so, pull a toroidal electromagnet over the tube. In this arrangement, the flow direction of the mercury in the loop in the middle of the spiral line is reversed, allowing for counter-rotating magnetic excitation. However, this requires excitation of the metallic conductor, currently the mercury. Since mercury is a good conductor of current, many free electrons can be separated from its atoms. The necessary electromagnetic lines of force are provided by the toroidal coil. To maximise efficiency, it is fed by a soliton wave. (For this purpose, the signal generator recommended for the Tesla converter is used.) To maximise the efficiency of the soliton wave, its frequency must be tuned to the resonant frequ­ency of the excited coils. In this case, however, only a small section of the mercury coil is magne­tised. To magnetise the entire length of the mercury, the circulating pump must be started.

Now there are a lot of free electrons in the whole tube, so a large number of ether ions flow into it. But this is still not enough to lift the load. You need to make more space for the aether by orders of magnitude. This wall task is now also performed by counter-magnetic excitation. In the centre of the pipe snake, the flow direction of the mercury is reversed, and the electromagnetic force fields of the opposing metallic fluid are forced into each other. This releases a huge number of electrons along the entire length of the tube, giving way to a mass influx of aether ions. The mercury snake is actually saturated with the ether that emanates from it. This force, in collision with the force of gravity, can lift a vehicle weighing several tonnes. But here too, the polarity of the excitation cur­rent must be taken into account. In addition, the direction of the mercury flow must be taken into account. If this is not correct, the pump should be dismounted and mounted upside down so that the mercury flows in the opposite direction. The force field, or lifting capacity, can be increased by increasing the excitation current. A great advantage of the serpentine drive is that it contains no moving parts other than the circulating pump. It the­refore requires no main­te­nance and almost never breaks down. In addition, it is cheap to build.

The serpentine engine is an excellent way of demonstrating the prin­ciple of counter-magne­tic excitation, which is a good way of studying this principle. However, it is not powerful enough to be used for intergalactic travel. For this, a mercu­ry circulation engine is needed. We had access to this earlier, not only in the form of documenta­ti­on but also in the form of a prototype. Researchers in Nazi Germany received a UFO with such an engine from aliens from the Aldebaran star system. To increase efficiency, the mercury charge of the bell-shaped vehicle 'Glocke' contained thorium and beryllium peroxide. The antigravity vehicle, filled with Xerum 525 (mercu­ry antimony oxide), could not be destroyed by the Germans at the end of the war. The US occupation forces transported it sa­fely and tested it near the small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Unable to control it, it crashed in the woods near the town. Ac­cording to an account from a local resident, the vehicle was 3-4 metres high and 2.5-3 metres in diameter. On its gold or bron­ze-coloured hull were cuneiform Sumerian inscriptions and a Nazi swastika. After that, no news was received. Like all paranormal devices, it was classified. 


The simplest and cheapest antigravity engine to produce is the Hamel-type[62] imploding cone engine. Its operation is also based on the principle of counter-magnetic excitation. Its control, howe­ver, is unusual. It is not powered by electricity, but mechanically. More precisely, it is actuated by a form radiation (idom radiation), which is well known from esotericism. The energy supplied by permanent magnets placed in a circle is collected by geometrical nodes (in this case cones made of 0.25 mm thick aluminium sheet) and transmitted by concentrated radiation. The structure shown in Figure 2 is a highly ingenious and efficient multiplication of the counter-directional magnetic exci­tation. It is an ingenious way of multiplying free energy in a simple and cheap way. 

The story of the discovery of the cascaded excitation engine is a very adventurous one. The initiation into the mystery began on 21 October 1975, when David Hamel, a war veteran living in Ontario, Canada, was hosted by alien-looking people who looked just like us. He was taken up on a flying saucer where he was shown in detail the vehicle's engine. The reactor consisted of two su­perimposed cones and a bullet. The cones vibrated rapidly, air flowed between them at high speed, and the ball moved in a circle on a circular plate connected to the upper cone. The cones were sup­ported from the bottom and sides by repelling magnets and granite balls, allowing them to vibrate. The UFO's hull had ventilation holes at many points. These allowed air to flow in and out of the cones, moving rapidly between them. By opening and closing the openings, the vehicle could be controlled. The aliens explained in detail how the engine worked and gave a lot of useful in­formation about its manufacture. In the process, they travelled great distances, demonstrating the power and usefulness of the engine. Hamel had several visions in the following months. During these, the aliens supplemented the earlier training.

Following the instructions, Hamel set to work and built the device. After several small scale models, he built the prototype into a 200 litre iron barrel. For excitation he used 3 aluminium cones. The rims of the cones were made from used bicycle wheels. To these he riveted the cones, bent from thin aluminium sheet. He also built a wooden frame into the barrel, to which he attached three iron rings placed one under the other. He attached permanent magnets with insulating tape to the iron rings and the rims made of bicycle tyres. The repulsion of the magnets caused the cones to float freely. At rest, their tips did not touch the cone below. The heart of the engine, the energy-emitting base oscillator, was placed at the bottom of the structure. This consisted of three granite balls sandwiched between two sheets of fibreboard and two magnetic rings. The top of the top cone was sealed, and a magnetic ring was also built onto the cover plate. Opposite this he placed a magnet ring of the same type, which he attached to a threaded rod through a hole drilled in the top of the barrel.

These permanent magnets were used to activate the reactor and start the excitation. The upper destabilising magnet, which was lowered by rotating the threaded rod, had a repulsive effect on the first cone carrying the lower magnetic ring, which set the other cones in motion. Looking through the ventilation holes, he saw that the movement of the cones was not intense, but only a low-amp­litude vibration. After nothing unusual happened, he left the equipment and went to bed to continue his experiments in the morning. But in the night he woke up to a loud bang. Rushing into the workshop, he saw that the equipment had been torn to pieces and its wreckage scattered everywhere. It must have been that the reactor had become excited and had crashed weightlessly into the ceiling. He then took care not to leave the reactor unattended when it was activated. A year later he was able to build a flying machine that could be controlled. He tested it not in the workshop, but on a scaffold erected outside. After activation, a strong plasma build-up appeared around the device, first reddish, then greenish and finally bluish-white. The device then lifted off the tripod and flew away. Hamel filmed the event. Some of his frames have been published in a book written about him. The experiments soon became famous and Hamel became the best-known man in the area.

But his work was not universally acclaimed. His neighbours were rather hostile to his work, as his contraption was very disturbing to radio and television reception. So in 1980, he decided to move to the remote farm that the aliens had shown him from above. On the way, he went to the Montreal Invention Office, and the incident there was a turning point in the course of events. For years he had been sending various descriptions of his device to the invention office for patenting. However, the office said that they had not received any material from him, only the fee for the novelty test, but as there was nothing to patent, they would reimburse him immediately. Hamel then went into a rage and almost got into a fight with the officials. He was eventually removed from the building by security guards. He then vowed never to attempt to patent anything. He would not keep his invention from the public or make it an industrial secret. He will show it to anyone who is interested, and give them all the information they need to build it. He still sticks to his decision today. Those who visit him unanimously say that he is genuinely happy to show them his equipment and its detailed drawings. He has nothing to hide.

In doing so, Hamel has done science an invaluable service. In fact, the information that was released led to research and development throughout the world on the reform of aviation. Since the 1990s, the results have been posted on the World Wide Web, further increasing the number of people involved in research. In view of the large number of experimenters, a mailing list was set up in early 2000 to facilitate the exchange of information on "Hamel technology", which can be found at the following URL: http://www.egroups.com/group/hameltech Anyone wishing to become in­volved in developments is advised to visit this site. By studying the testimonials here, you can avoid the mistakes and pitfalls made by others and avoid having to start from scratch. However, you should be aware that the material is quite large. The number of letters posted in 2001 alone exceeds 4400. It is typical of the growing interest that by August 2002 the number of letters had reached 7500. Reading these advisories is also useful from a security point of view. Amongst other things, they draw attention to the fact that touching activated equipment is strictly forbidden and that it is not advisable to go near it.

Unfortunately, the mechanism of the device has been obscured from the outset, which is a disad­vantage, particularly because it hinders targeted development and deployment. Since we have not received any information on this from aliens, it is up to us to find out. On the basis of what we have achieved so far in esotericism, it is almost certain that we are dealing here with a special im­plementation of counter-magnetic excitation. The excitation is performed by shaped radiators made of rotating bodies and cascaded. The cone-shaped form radiators collect energy not from space, but from the inward radiating magnetic lines of force of permanent magnets mounted on their sides. Hence, the top cone is saturated with Yang energy, the middle one with Yin and the bottom one with Yang energy.

However, this arrangement alone is not functional. Energy multiplication by counter-excitation requires that at least one of the magnets must be in continuous motion in the opposite direction. Fortunately, this is achieved by itself. Due to the floating, fric­­tion­less suspension of the cones, the mag­netic waves flowing through them set them in mo­tion. The subatomic energy wa­ves do not propagate in a straight line, but in a spiral-like vor­tex. Yang radiation has a counter­clockwise, i.e. positive, vortical mo­ti­on, while Yin radiation has a clock­wise, i.e. clockwise, vor­tical moti­on. Thus, the two spi­ral motions are driven into each other's magnetic field. The re­sult of this process is that they reinforce each other. The up­per cone saturated with Yang ener­­gy becomes more positive, while the one below it becomes more nega­tive. This increased ener­gy radiati­on is transferred to the lower cone, also saturated with Yang energy, whe­re it is further amplified. Finally, an intense Yang energy radiation hits the Yin surface of the upper disc of the base oscillator. Due to the cir­cular motion of the lo­wer cone, the two conditions of reverse excita­ti­on, opposite po­larity and continu­ous motion, are also fulfilled here. This results in a very strong Yin energy in the upper magnetic ring of the base oscillator, which is still not radia­ted out but is transmitted to the lo­wer magnetic ring of the base os­cillator. Since the lower magnetic ring is positioned in such a way that it is in attraction with the up­per one, the opposite polarity is en­sured for the last energy multipli­cation. The second condition, con­tinuous motion, is achieved by al­lowing the upper magnetic ring to move freely. Rolling on the three granite balls, it makes a circular mo­vement over the lower fixed mag­netic ring.

Like most free energy genera­ting devices, it can only produce high energy output at resonant frequen­cy. The speed and frequency of the destabilising motion must therefore match the resonant frequency of the cones. Another condition for effici­ent operation is that the energy swirling in each cone is induced to the maximum extent into the ener­gy field of the cone below. This re­quirement is met when the two ener­gy waves cross. Only if the cones in the cascade are tilted in opposite direc­tions as they rotate, can the swirling waves cross each other at a certain angle. This require­ment is apparently difficult to achieve because, in the case of two interlocked cones, if the upper cone tilts to the left, the lower cone also tilts to the left. However, a clever idea, the "cone in a cone" design, has solved this problem. The idea is that the extraterrestrials built an inner cone into the lower cone. This has a much larger opening angle than the outer cones, which changes the angle of inclination. When the upper cone tilts to the left, the one below it tilts to the right. The angle of the inner cone is also important. If it is small, the mechanism will not tilt over the dead centre and its tilt direction will not change in the opposite direction. If it is too large, the angle of inclination of the lower cone will be larger than the upper cone, which will also reduce the symmetry of the magnetic vortex rotation and thus the efficiency of the energy extraction. Our patrons even gave us the ideal value of the aperture angle in their subsequent teachings. This is 53o for the outer cone and 90o for the inner cone.

The optimum setting, and the five-stage energy multiplication, results in a strong magnetic radia­tion inside the structure that ionises the surrounding air and triggers plasma formation. Since the whole mechanism is designed with a Yang-like pole at the bottom, the structure ultimately emits antigravitational energy. This is why it rises into the air, becoming weightless. But not only does it make itself weightless, it can also lift a considerable load, which means that it can be used as a space shuttle engine. A big advantage of this engine is that it also allows you to change direction. There is no need for a lateral subatomic energy burst, which, based on the principle of conservation of momentum, turns the vehicle into a rocket. This is achieved by opening and closing the air vents. Once a strong airflow occurs inside the engine, opening the side windows also changes the wind direction, which is likely to tilt the cones. This causes the base oscillator to be excited asymmetri­cally rather than in concentric circles. The excitation is shifted sideways. Thus, if the excitation occurs on the left side of the sectional drawing relative to the axis of symmetry, more energy flows out on the left side of the base oscillator. This also affects the direction of travel of the vehicle. An increase in thrust on the left side tilts the vehicle to the right, causing a change in direction. To take advantage of this phenomenon, all you have to do is attach a mechanism to the stick steering the vehicle that opens one of the engine's air vents on the opposite side to the desired turn.

Since experiments so far have clearly demonstrated that this type of propulsion works, aerodyna­mic flight will soon be replaced by subatomic jet propulsion combined with antigravity levitation. This new type of impulse propulsion will result in cruising speeds orders of magnitude higher than today. At the same time, it requires no fuel, which will radically reduce the cost of travel. In ad­dition to reducing travel time and cost, the noise associated with aerodynamic flight will be elimi­nated. This presupposes that the entire vehicle will be surrounded by a plasma envelope, the engi­neering of which is unlikely to be particularly difficult once the phenomenon of subatomic energy generation is understood and mastered. This effect is already known to physicists and rocket design engineers, since it is also present in the ion engine. Micro-discharges are created along the vehicle's envelope, and the 'plasma envelope' formed by the ions produced has a drag-reducing effect. (This may not be necessary, since we have seen in trials of other types of anti-gravity devices that this plasma envelope is self-generating. The concentrated aether radiation emitted from the engine envelops the entire vehicle like a cloak.) Another not insignificant advantage of the subato­mic magnetic beam engine is that it is cheap. It allows two or three of them to be installed in aircraft. This way, if one of them fails, it is possible to switch to the spare engine.

Since the vortical lines of force also feed back into the mechanism that creates them, the cones and the upper magnetic ring of the base oscillator do not need to be rotated. They are themselves set in motion by inertial forces. For this reason, the Steve Thompson motor drive, where the upper cone is held in rotation by a cross shaft attached to an electric motor, is completely superfluous. However, an interesting solution is to use the planetary cone reactor as an energy source. Chris Felton placed a loop of wire near the base oscillator and used it to expel the strong magnetic radiation emitted by the oscillator, converting it into electricity. He used the electricity to power an incandescent lamp and an iron. C. Felton published several photographs of the device he had created. A detailed dra­wing of the 45GD type device can be found on J. Szymanek's website: http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/undergsci Incidentally, to increase efficiency, a horseshoe-shaped electromagnet should be used instead of a loop. In this case, the energy radiated from both sides of the base oscillator could be harnessed. An even better solution is to use a ring-shaped electromagnet, which can convert the radiated magnetic energy into current in a circular manner. It would also be useful to rotate the magnetic poles of the reactor. In this arrangement, there would be no danger of the structure rising and the structure would be increasingly close to the ground.


The development of the prototype, which is also suitable for space flight, seems to be progres­sing well, as the reports about it disappeared overnight. The device certainly attracted the attention of the secret services and Hamel disappeared. He was probably taken to an underground laboratory. He met the same fate as many esoteric researchers in the United States. At the same time, all in­formation about him was erased. They took down his website, and with it all his posts and ideas. Perhaps they even removed his name from the civil register as if he had never existed. They have done a good job, because if you type David Hamel's name or the term 'wobbly cone engine' into a Google search now, you will not get a single meaningful result. His work has been erased from the Internet without trace. Presumably his book has also been made inaccessible. But they cannot destroy the comments and ideas that appeared in print. Foreign publications are not available to the US authorities. In the Hungarian literature, Dr. György Egely was the most detailed on the Hamel engine and its various variants. In his book Introduction to Space Technology, Volume III, he described in detail the operating principles and construction methods of these variants (pages 178-184).

We should not be discouraged by the US authorities' obsession with encryption, because the Hungarian secret service certainly has no need for this or any other esoteric device. In our country, esotericism is officially classified as a fraud, and nobody cares. We can safely experiment with this device. Based on the information given above, it is easy to build this engine. We will start the experimentation with a single cone. Unfortunately Hamel did not say what type of magnets he used to levitate the aluminium cones. Therefore, we will experiment with several types.

The magnet must be strong enough to prevent the cone from falling into the barrel. It should not be too strong either, because then its movement will be paralysed and it will become insensitive and sluggish. Start with the weakest ferrite magnet, continue with an AlNiCo magnet, and if necessary use a neodymium super magnet. We also need to determine the optimum material for the ring-shaped magnet of the base oscillator. Since for high frequency oscillation it is essential that the object to be vibrated is as light as possible, it is probably necessary to use low specific gravity ferrite magnets in both cases. To reduce the weight even further, it is advisable to use ring-shaped magnets rather than disc-shaped ones. (It is also worth trying strong metal alloy magnets.)

This drive could also be of great use to us in power generation. Because of its intense magnetic radiation, it could probably produce several kilowatts of electricity when used as a generator. All that would be needed is to place a toroidal electromagnet under or around the lower magnetic rings.[63]  The magnetic waves that flow out of them are induced into the coil of the electromagnet, which generates a pulsating direct current from which an inverter produces a regular 230 volt sine wave current. However, this is not necessary to supply a heat fireplace, kitchen stove or bathroom boiler, as the heating elements can be operated with direct current. To avoid possible excitation, it is sufficient to connect a high-capacity smoothing capacitor to the output. With the Hamel generator, entire industrial plants could be supplied with free electricity. A few generators could be installed at the edge of the factory, away from the buildings, and the energy they produce could be fed into the buildings via an inverter. As this equipment is even cheaper to produce than a Tesla inverter, it could play a major role in eliminating polluting power generation in power stations.     


This is not the end of our discussion of antigravity propulsion. We must also mention the most intense radiation emitting crystalline engine. The most efficient way to generate excess energy is to modify the atomic structure of the element 115, which we have only experimentally produced. (The element 115, which we have produced in the laboratories, was created by bombarding the target americium-243 with calcium-48 isotopes. Its name is ununpentium.[64] Its boiling point is 3530 °C. Decay time is 0.001 s.) It cannot yet be produced in a stable state. This situation will not change for a long time, because the production of transuranic elements with high atomic weights is very comp­licated and expensive. Despite the huge costs, we can only produce a few milligrams of them. Even those decay quickly.

The property of this orange-coloured, very heavy material is that when bombarded with protons it transforms into a 116 element, releasing huge amounts of positive subatomic energy particles. If this element is mixed into a crystalline material and placed in a glass resonator in the shape of a hemisphere, it can be used to make a very efficient antigravity force machine by external excitation. The most advanced extraterrestrial civilisations already use crystalline reactors to power their atmospheric vehicles, although this has its dangers. This powerful system can easily run out of po­wer, releasing all the energy at once and causing a terrifying explosion. The scale of the devastation is such that a tiny piece of this element can produce hundreds of megatons of explosive force. It can therefore only be used safely by high-technology civilisations where the possibility of technical failure is almost non-existent.

It is claimed that experts at the US government's Center for Alien Technologies have already experienced the dangers of this system first hand. Accor­ding to leaked reports, aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system have made a number of UFOs available to a rese­­arch base underground in the Nevada desert to study and test-fly. Because of the strict secrecy, these experimental flights are mostly carried out at night and the vehicles are only used in Earth's atmosphere. So this techno­logy is not without its dangers for us (one of the vehicles' engines ex­ploded during an experiment, killing all the researchers on board), but we have presumably been given the latest model so that we cannot copy it.

Since, according to the aliens, 225 grams of this element are needed for a small UFO engine, we are not yet threate­ned by the dangers of the explosive release of subatomic energy encased in crystal. Our level of development is clo­sest to an electrically powered anti-gravity reactor, which means that in the coming centuries we will have to develop anti-gravity spacecraft of the type currently used by the civilisations of Atlantis, Mukula and Venus. The experience of flying a crystal-powered UFO will ensure that by the time we have our own vehicle, test flights and further re­finement will not be an insurmountable task, holding back our progress.


There are other types of anti-gravity propulsion (e.g. the ring reactor) but we have so little information about them that we cannot start developing them. The development of the four engines described above will also face many ob­stacles. The main obstacle is disbelief and secrecy. Many people do not believe in the feasibility of surplus energy ge­nerating devices and equipment, so they do not bother. And those who have achieved significant results are un­willing to cooperate with each other. The secret services and the various backing powers are at the forefront of sec­recy. Their leaders, drunk with power and importance, are unable to see that our civilisation is in danger of collapse and that only international cooperation can get us out of this pit. The results achieved should not be kept in a vault, but should be made public, so that all professionals who are capable of doing so can be involved in their develop­ment and their rapid implementation. If we do not save nature in a few years' time, global warming will become irreversible and climate collapse will be inevitable. And if nature is dest­royed, so are we, along with our secrets.


Things have never been this bad before. During the Second World War, our technological de­velopment was so advanced that there was not much to keep us from becoming a cosmic race. Recent re­search into the history of techno­logy has shown that the modern means of achieving antigravity pro­pulsion are not as uncharted a path as we now think. For a long time it was just talk, but nowadays it turns out that Nazi Germany had its own UFOs 70 years ago. It all started in Vienna, before the First World War. It was in the Austrian ca­pital that the esoteric cults that la­ter became the basis of the ideo­lo­gy of the Third Reich matured, and with these ideas came the pos­si­bility of a radically new techno­logy. The Knights Templar, the Ro­sic­rucians and the secret doctrines of the Freemasons were often to be found in the bookshops of the old quarter of the city. It was here that Adolf Schicklgruber, a young man living in an asylum, first encountered the­se ideas. He soon put his initial knowledge into practice, for he went into a trance and saw him­self as the ruler of the world. At the outbreak of the First World War, he enlisted as a sol­dier and shortly before the sur­render his unit was attacked by mustard gas. As a result, he lost his sight for days. He then had a deeper and longer spiritual 'en­­lightenment' than ever before. During this time, the Thule Gro­up, and later the Vril Society, was formed in a café in Vienna under the leadership of some of the best known occultists of the time. Its meaning has beco­me quite distorted today due to misinterpretation and mistrans­lations. Originally, it was pro­ba­bly used to refer to the emis­sion of positive subatomic ener­gy particles, i.e. energy radia­tion of opposite sign to gravity.)

 The key character in our story had in the meantime re­gained his sight, and in 1919 he turned up as a reserve cor­poral in Munich, where he was en­gaged in espionage work. There he met Dietrich Eckart, whom he long respected as his teacher. In 1920, the members of the Thule Group and the Vril Soci­ety met in an old fo­rester's lod­ge near Berch­tes­ga­den. It was at this ceremony that Dr Leo Schu­man, whose speci­al field of ex­pertise is now known as alter­native energy research, first ap­peared. Also present we­re two mediums whose task it was to decipher the "divine mes­sages" written in the cipher of the Knights Templar.[65] These texts, originally written in Su­merian, contained instruc­tions on how to implement a technique that could 'help us on our way to the stars'. The ancient expla­nation seems to ha­ve proved useful, becau­se it was on the basis of this theory that the Vril Com­pany began to develop its future aeropla­ne. For nearly two years they experimented with the levita­tion engine, and in 1924 they presented a wor­king model.[66]

In the meantime, the Austrian inventor Viktor Schau­ber­ger, mentioned above, had joined the project. The electro­gravitational method he had developed contributed signifi­cantly to the scientific finding that the core of the new technology had been found - a cheap and clean energy so­ur­ce for the future, independent of fuel. This was the rea­son why Schauberger, now Chancellor of the Reich and known as Adolf Hitler, summoned Schauberger to report on his findings in 1934. After this meeting, the occult or­ders disappeared from the scene and the members of the Vril Society were now only concerned with technical mat­ters. However, they still managed to find out together that the messages on the Sumerian royal tablets were not from the gods, but had been bequeathed to us by a higher extra­ter­restrial civilisation. The Sumerians are said to have been colonised from the solar system of Aldebaran in the con­stellation Taurus, and it is possible that their disappearance without a trace was the work of these aliens (they claim that there are two inhabited planets orbiting the sun of Aldebaran, 68 light years away, which together form the Sumerian Empire). It is home to the Aryans, the ancestors of the Earth's Germanic peoples. They were the people Hitler sought out so obsessively to support his race theory.

With the backing of the National Socialists, Vril members soon built the first circular antigravity aircraft, the RFZ-1.[67] (The levitation engine proved so effective that it tore through the ceiling of the assembly hall during one test.) This was followed in 1934 by the RFZ-2, which used mag­ne­tic impulse control. It was on­ly 5 m in diameter, but it flew li­ke a real UFO, surroun­ded by a plas­ma shell that changed colour as it gained speed. At the sa­me time, the SS, which had be­come part of the Thule group, started to de­velop its own anti-gravity pro­pulsion sys­tem. Ba­sed on Cap­tain Hans Koh­ler's Tachion con­verter, al­so men­­­tioned abo­ve, and using the know­­ledge gained from the Vril system, the RFZ-4 was completed in 1938. The research was greatly aided by the fact that Nazi Germany had obtained a crashed UFO in 1937, which was studied in detail. In 1939, the SSE-4 group used the experience gained to create the RFZ-5, the first real space plane with a diameter of more than 20 m. The vehicle was christened Haunebu and was a rather complex structure, but it worked as expected. As its engine was located at the bottom, it had a fairly large cargo hold.

A by-product of antigravity research, as evidenced by numerous recollections, is the mysterious foo fighter[68], which caused so much annoyance to Allied bombers. As Schauberger's levitation engi­ne was initially not powerful enough to move a piloted combat vehicle, it was used to make small discs, flying devices about 10 cm in diameter, similar to the spy probes of extraterrestrial civi­li­sations. These were not capable of attacking enemy aircraft, but could be controlled remotely. This was do­ne from reconnaissance planes flying at high altitudes, using radar waves. They the­refore appeared almost out of nowhere to enemy pilots. But this was not the cause of the confusion. When they got close to the Allied planes, their subatomic energy radiation stopped their engines from firing and paralysed their radio communications. This caused many fighters to crash.

The deterrent effect was heightened by the plasma cloud surrounding the flying objects. As no country at the time used this principle of flight, British and American pilots believed they were being attacked by extraterrestrial objects. Their belief was fuelled by the fact that they could not destroy them. The shells of the on-board machine guns bounced off the impenetrable energy shell of subatomic energy particles, so the flying fireballs returned to their base intact after each mission. The deployability of the foo fighters was severely limited, however, by the fact that Schauberger's electromagnetic engine required water as fuel. As the small size of the flying machines meant that they could carry only a small amount of water, they had to be ordered back for refuelling after about half an hour. The hysteria surrounding the foo fighters was heightened by the occasional sightings of extraterrestrial UFOs around the allied aircraft. These had huge plasma cores and were already in the habit of following ground aircraft for hours. Their curiosity is understandable, since this was the first time our civilisation had used a completely new technique. But they never intervened in air battles. But they unwittingly played a major role in psychological disturbances.

Despite the obvious successes, the German military leadership, like the atomic bomb, did not believe in new ways of generating energy, and so did not put sufficient emphasis on the further development and production of these devices. Their deployment was also hampered by the fact that, due to their rudimentary guidance, they could only be used to change direction at angles of 22.5, 45 and 90 degrees, which made them vulnerable. Virgil Armstrong, a former CIA agent, described their flight: "They took off and landed vertically, but could only fly at right angles." While Hitler found esoteric research interesting, he did not believe that these inventions could decide the outcome of the coming war. Instead, he pushed for the production of V1 and V2 rockets, which initially caused much suffering and damage to Londoners. Later, however, British pilots found a way to deflect the wing bombs from their orbits and destroyed 1,900 of them. It is interesting that Hitler did not realise the strategic importance of the jet aircraft, even though in 1938 the German command already had three production-ready types.

When he realised his mistake, he could no longer deploy the miracle weapons, because, accor­ding to spy reports, the Allies systematically bombed both the secret research base in Peenemünde and the factories in the oc­cupied countries. Unfor­tu­nately, the prototypes we­re destroyed, as well as ma­ny important documents, which made the reconstruc­tion of the first UFO on Earth af­ter the war quite difficult. The surviving re­­searchers were taken away by the Ame­­ricans and Rus­sians, but both powers re­lied on chemical propul­sion to continue the roc­ket programme. Initi­al­ly, anti-gravity propulsion was tried, but the problems encountered could not be overcome due to a lack of theo­retical know­ledge. The experiments were therefore abandoned and subatomic propulsion was dropped from the agenda for half a century. Only today, after the research conducted in Nazi Germany has been uncovered and the surviving documentation studied, is the world beginning to realise how close we are to exploiting this future-oriented technology. It is a pity that these disco­veries were made under the rule of a power that did not seek to serve the world, but to domina­te it, and that this regime's inevitable downfall has buried the positive results.


Unfortunately, not many of Hitler's saucers remain. At the end of the war, as we know, both the Allies and the Russians collected all the documents that could be found, the scientists who had survived the bombings, and continued their research. They profited greatly from this. We now know that everything from the way the atom was made to the infrared night-vision device to the radar-wave-absorbing paint used in stealth aircraft, all the major achievements were German inventions. The designs of our ultra-modern fighter jets are also repeated in photos from Nazi Germany 80 years ago. Even Soviet camera production was based on designs taken from Germany. Only the name changed, the construction remained the same down to the last screw. But Russian-made came­ras were only popular and sold abroad until the model change. The new models, made by Soviet design engineers, had already had many problems, and the consequences of professional inexperience were becoming apparent.[69]  

But their biggest catch was the acquisition of cutting-edge technology. In the rapid advance of the Red Army, the designs of the N-1 and N-2 series of cruise aircraft were not completely dest­royed. A special unit set up for this purpose acquired much of the documentation. At the same time, several Nazi scientists and rocket engineers were captured. Among them was Klaus Habermohl, head of the Prague group and designer of the N-2 type. As these models were already based on Viktor Schauberger's Feuerball, they were equipped with anti-gravity engines. Thus, with Habermohl's help, the Russians developed the Gyiskoplan-1 cruise aircraft in the late 1940s. A test flight of the saucer-shaped aircraft took place in 1950. Its appearance was eerily similar to the foo fighter. They did not have to build the large reactor needed for this because they had access to Schauberger's improved anti-gravity engine in occupied Breslau (Wroclaw). However, the Austrian scientist could not be captured because he fled to America in time. The practical application of the engine was therefore problematic. There were problems with stability, which could not have been avoided without knowing the mechanism of the engine. Without this, the necessary modifications could not be made. It was this lack of expertise that caused the crash of the Gyiskoplan-2, which was tested in 1962.

The tragedy interrupted the Russian saucer programme. It was only during the Gorbachev era that earlier designs were revisited and a new two-tonne model was developed, called Epik. However, Schauberger's antigravity engine was no longer used for the aircraft tested in the early 1990s. The new vehicle was lifted into the air by conventional gas turbine aircraft engines. In the meantime, a futuristic-looking version of the Tarjelka (Tányér), measuring 36 × 25 m and capable of carrying 400 people, had been built. Then the Soviet Union collapsed and economic difficulties followed. So there was no one to cover the $70 million cost of putting it into production. Western investors did not see the fantasy in a retooled version of conventional technology. Therefore, the monstrosity, which was promised for the summer of 1999, would fly at 12,000 metres and cover 7,000 kilomet­res on a single refuelling, was never built. With the replacement of the engine, the Russian saucer programme was on the wrong track. Extraterrestrial help, the mercury circulation engine delivered to the Russian Berezin, and the wreckage of several crashed UFOs were in vain. Even these could not reverse the wrong direction of the search.

 French saucer research has followed a similar path. The L' AERO 135-HP cruise aircraft only resembled UFOs in appearance. Designed by René Couzinet[70], it also had a turboprop engine. In the early 1950s, the British were also developing saucer-shaped vehicles. For lack of a suitable engine, their Sky Ship model did not progress beyond the level of a pusher aircraft. Initially, the US-Cana­dian saucer research was at the same dead end, although they had in time acquired Richard Miethe, co-designer of the Nazi N-3, and Rudolf Schriever, designer of the N-2. Seeing the Avrocar and Omega models fail, the Canadians also gave up the search. The official reason given for withdra­wing from the programme was that it was too expensive. For those interested in more details, read Andrew C. Stone and Richard Skyman's book, Hitler's Saucers.


The failures identified in the literature are due to the wrong approach. Designers in various countries have not realised that the discus shape of extraterrestrial vehicles is not due to their stability. The gyroplane is no better than the conventional delta-wing design. Its only advantage is its ability to manoeuvre in all directions. Extraterrestrials use this model because they fly recon­naissance missions. The most suitable for this purpose is the disco shape. It can take off in any direction in an instant, it can escape. Its arched training allows it to dive deep under the sea. It is not crushed by the pressure of the water column. But its flight characteristics are extremely poor. In the air, it can only move forward safely if it is fitted with control surfaces (side and upper wings). Without this, it becomes unstable, the slightest air shock will throw it off balance, rotate its vertical axis and crash.

The only way to stay aloft in the air is to apply Bernoulli's law, which has strict rules. If the object assumes a position in which the suction effect of the vacuum at the top of the wing surface cannot prevail, there is nothing to keep the plane aloft. All it takes is a slight pitch and the upward propulsion effect that overcomes gravity is no longer in effect. UFOs from outside the Earth do not crash because they are not flying in air, but in a vacuum. The subatomic energy particles emitted from the engine create a plasma bubble around the craft, which displaces the air molecules. This air-displacement envelope travels with the UFO, making their vehicle as stable near the ground as it is in space. In a vacuum, it makes no difference what shape the flying object is. It can be cubic. When weightless, it will fly. If it's in a vacuum, it won't be slowed by drag.

Nor do our designers take into account that the main function of an antigravity engine is not to fly, but to keep it in the air. The vast majority of the aircraft's fuel consumption is not consumed in propulsion, but in keeping the heavy vehicle in the air, attaining and maintaining the speed neces­sary to satisfy Bernoulli's law. The flight itself, overcoming drag, requires much less energy. A load hanging from a wire rope can be pushed away with a finger, but a lot of force is needed to keep it in the air. This large force is made unnecessary by the antigravity force field. The difference is most striking in the case of UFOs. Here, flight does not require energy. Only accele­ration and braking, and overcoming the gravitational pull near the ground, require propulsion. For acceleration and braking, the vehicle flies itself after overcoming the drag of the aether. The aether stabilises its speed. No propulsion is needed to move the stars or rotate the planets. The levitation reactor is therefore essential for modern flight. The energy needed is also free, since it is released from matter in the form of subatomic energy particles. In our polluted world, another not insignifi­cant advantage of this reactor is that it is environmentally friendly, not polluting the air in the slightest. Moving and propelling hundreds of tonnes of vehicles into the air does not consume much energy. The steering and propulsion can be done with side jets (miniature engines).

If the vehicle is intended for passenger transport, the most suitable form is a wedge or arrowhead. This is the best way to achieve maximum speed. It is also used by extraterrestrials for passenger transport. Flying "triangles" are safe to fly even if the plasma envelope fails due to a technical fault. They then fly in the normal way, making a loud noise. They make a lot of noise, but they don't crash like circular vehicles. We also use the delta wing design for our aircraft that travel faster than the speed of sound. Nature also favours the V-shape because it uses the least energy. Birds also fly in a V-shape because they are subjected to the lift generated by the wing of the bird in front of them. This can reduce the energy they use in flight by up to 20% and allow them to fly longer distances. The favourable flight characteristics of the V-shape also apply to man-made objects. It is no coincidence that UFOs that appear from the troops also use this flight mode. For cargo transport, the cigar-shaped cylindrical body, i.e. with a conical nose, is the most suitable. It can carry the most cargo and its interior space is the most economical. It is the least wobbly. The flattened cylinder is itself a stable shape. Just think of the Zeppelin airships of the past, how quiet they were. Apart from the flammable fuel, there was nothing wrong with them. They even had restaurants with lavishly laid tables. Not a glass was out of place during the flight.

So there was no point in pushing the cruise planes. We obsessively insist on this design because most of the UFOs we have seen are of this configuration. So we believe that this is the ideal shape, it is the way to get the highest speed. Then we wonder why, in test flights, one after another crashes. We can't surround it with a plasma shell that creates a vacuum. Especially not if we install a con­ventional gas turbine. It's suicide to sit in a vehicle of this design. Later on, when we are going to mass-produce high-power antigravity engines, it is not advisable to force the discos form. Cruise planes should only be made for fighter pilots and reconnaissance flights. However, a small three- or four-seater is also suitable for this purpose.

Returning to the original subject, the American researchers who were left to their own devices probably recognised the need for antigravity propulsion in the course of time. The recovered wreckage of a relatively large number of UFOs that had crashed in their area had awakened them to this fact. They also had the advantage of being the landing site for alien craft that crashed in allied countries. So they had a lot to study. Therefore, they may be heading in the right direction. But there is no news on this. This programme has been moved underground to a top secret base in the Nevada desert. Even access to it is impossible, it is so heavily guarded.

With the use of the anti-gravity engine, road transport will be completely shifted to air transport. By eliminating fuel costs, air transport will become extremely cheap and safe. Air transport already has only 1 fatality for every 2.5 million kilometres travelled. This compares with 800 people killed in road accidents on surface roads in Germany alone and 1.3 million people killed in road accidents worldwide. Air journeys are therefore orders of magnitude safer, not because of the greater operational safety of aircraft, but because of three-dimensional transport. The safety of motor vehic­les is now also very high. Only a tiny fraction of fatal accidents are caused by vehicle failure. The vast majority of accidents are caused by speeding, overtaking, drink-driving or driver inattention. When driving in the air, however, there is no need to pay attention to the road. An order of magni­tude increase in the degree of freedom in the direction of travel almost rules out a collision between two aircraft. On surface roads, a wrong hand movement is enough to move the vehicle into the opposite lane, where it collides head-on with the oncoming car. The two speeds combine, and fatal injury is almost inevitable.

In the air, a wrong turn of the steering wheel merely causes a change of direction, which is easily corrected. On the roads, a reckless overtake can cause tragedy, while in the air it is almost un­thinkable. No one has ever heard of a passenger aircraft trying to overtake another. Why? A small change of direction or flying over or under can easily avoid it. Then it goes on at the speed it can. Why fly the same route as the other when you can fly a thousand other routes in the air and not have to worry about oncoming traffic. Sport aircraft may have this kind of turbulence, but here the pilot can overtake in any direction, not just to the left, but at a 360° angle. The number of airways is almost infinite, and they don't require any development like a highway.


The development is made more difficult by the fact that the very mention of Nazi Germany is a 'red post' in today's democratic societies, so that no politician dares to refer seriously to their achie­vements. Yet it is in our own interest to learn to separate fascist politics from the technical progress they achieved. Hitler and the leaders of the National Socialist Party he founded were in­deed fascist mass murderers, but the scientific achievements they forced upon us should not be stigmatised for that. Otherwise we will end up like the British military leadership with the high technology of 70 years ago. As you know, British intelligence had access to German military in­dustrial developments as early as 1938, but the jet fighter, radar, the radio-controlled wing bomb, the ballistic missile, the night-vision device, the ejection seat and many other inventions blew the fuses off the arrogant military analysts. The 'Oslo report' was therefore declared a fever dream of a dictator with a mad mind. Even the impact of V1 and V2 missiles on London did not sober the British military leader­ship.

Today these devices are commonplace tools of warfare and defence. But it was 80 years in coming. If the British and American military experts had then taken German military developments seriously and applied them, we would now be much further ahead. It is the same with Hitler's UFOs. Our scientists fear him like the devil fears incense smoke. They think that a mad dictator has relea­sed the genie from the bottle, so they are doing their best to keep it back. Instead of believing in it, they continue their half-finished research. In that case, we could count on the help of extra­terrestrial civilisations. Today, many people resent the fact that after the initial activity, extrater­restrials have turned their backs on us. There are fewer and fewer UFO sightings, the third type of encounter. But we are to blame for this. How can they help us if we do nothing? Our world is a world of stagnation, of misery, of helplessness. We only know how to do one thing, to whine, to complain, to be helpless. No one dares to decide or act. Meanwhile, our world is falling apart, we are sinking deeper and deeper into our own filth.

The current situation is not likely to bring any positive change in this respect. The Germans are busy with other things. With the terrorist acts on the agenda, they are slowly becoming afraid to go out on the streets. They could be stabbed in the back or pushed in front of a train at any moment. The whole world is baffled by the irrational decisions of German politicians. Even Arab politicians are saying that Germany has committed suicide by letting in 2 million illegal immigrants, including 5 000 terrorists. Hundreds of thousands of IT specialists, doctors and other highly skilled professio­nals were expected. Instead they were given illiterate, uneducated people who brought with them only their violent tendencies and fanaticism. Their maintenance costs a horrific sum. In Germany last year, the equivalent of 7 500 billion forints was spent on caring for 2 million immi­grants.[71]

Some argue that this decision, which defies common sense, is the result of some subconscious impulse. It is their way of atoning for their crimes in World War II. Others believe that this situation is due to the impulses of the demonic world. If this is true, then Satan has done a good job. He has succeeded in eliminating the most powerful country from the development process. In this situation, all we can do is torture what the Germans could have shaken out of their little fingers. Moreover, they could once again have counted on the help of their Aryan ancestors in the Aldebaran star system.[72]


After successful development, the long-awaited production can begin. Our antigravity-powered aircraft and spacecraft should be built from magnesium. This is mainly because magnesium is extremely strong when used with the right alloying materials. Yet it is 30% lighter than aluminium and is not affected by corrosion. Contrary to popular belief, magnesium is not a rare metal. It is the eighth most abundant element on Earth and is found in high abundance on our planet. (This is a very good proportion, since iron, which is used in high quantities everywhere in the world, is only the fifth most abundant.) Magnesium makes up 2.5% of the Earth's crust. Sea water also contains 0.13% magnesium in the form of dissolved chloride. (This causes its bitter taste.) The only draw­back to its widespread use is that it reacts easily with other elements. It therefore occurs naturally only in compounds, which makes it expensive to extract. Magnesium is also good for the environ­ment. It is easily recycled. Recently, car manufacturers have also started to discover it. Its beautiful metallic shine and silvery white colour make surface treatment unnecessary. No painting, no rusting. Less advanced extraterrestrial civilisations also build their spacecraft from this metal because it is lighter than aluminium and stronger than steel. Because it is highly magnetizable, it can also be used as a substitute for the much heavier soft iron. This is of great importance in the manufacture of electromagnetic propulsion systems and in the production of plasma sheaths around spacecraft.

However, moulding it requires sophisticated technology. Its rigid hexagonal crystal structure causes problems in moulding, pressing and machining. However, with the right alloys, this disad­vantage can be overcome. There is also no safety risk. Although it burns with a blinding white light, it can only be ignited by grinding it into powder. (Incidentally, magnesium powder or tape was once used as a precursor to electric flash. It is time to put magnesium to more sensible uses. It makes a difference how much a spacecraft weighs. An engine that can lift a 5-tonne steel structure 4.6 times its size can be built from magnesium. So, using magnesium, we can make a vehicle almost five ti­mes as big as a steel vehicle, or almost five times faster. By the way, the aliens (little grey men) also use this metal as a material for their spacecraft. According to analysis by wave dispersive spec­troscopy, 97% of the UFO that crashed at Roswell was made of magnesium and 3% of zinc[73] alloy, coated with a layer of 1 to 4 microns of bismuth.[74] According to other sources, the Little Greys coat their vehicles with an alloy of silver and copper to increase electrical and hence magnetic con­ductivity.

Its use would not be hugely expensive. While aluminium is three times more expensive than steel, magnesium bodywork costs only five times as much. This is still cheaper than using carbon fibre reinforced plastic[75] of similar strength, which is twenty times more expensive than steel. Another pro­mising metal is titanium. Also a common element on Earth. It makes up 0.44% of the earth's crust. It is a silver-grey metal with a shiny surface. It weighs twice as much as aluminium but is 40% lighter than steel. It is therefore also considered a light metal. It is easily machinable, twice as strong as aluminium, and has a strength comparable to steel. (Its surface hardness can be increased fivefold by ion planting. It is no coincidence that objects made in this way are very similar to cor­rosion-resistant steel.) It is also no coincidence that it is currently used in large quantities in the aerospace industry. However, its electrical and thermal conductivity is very low. It is a paramagnetic material, only slightly magnetizable. As a substitute for a suitable material, it might be worth looking at a new type of steel recently developed by South Korean researchers. By adding alu­minium, they have created a steel alloy that is lighter than steel, does not corrode and is stronger than titanium.


Budapest, 28.01.2018.




Antigravity engines are likely to generate a lot of interest in the engineering community. There is no chance of building a crystalline engine yet. The development of the snake engine and the Hamel engine is not a problem for a small entrepreneur because the ingredients are cheap. The develop­ment of an engine based on the counter-magnetic excitation of electromagnets could be a problem. The three-phase version is expensive and complicated to build. It is also not certain that it will work in the arrangement described above. It is therefore advisable to test the principle first. This single-phase model does not cost much to build and can be used to clearly demonstrate its operability.

All that is needed is to spin two electromagnets excited at resonant frequencies in opposite directions. One is fixed to an insulating sheet (e.g. a thick textile baking sheet), the other is fixed to the shaft of an electric motor and placed over the fixed coil so that it does not touch it. (This requi­res a slip-ring feed.) Then excite both coils with an alternating current tuned to their resonant frequ­ency so that the two sine waves are 180° out of phase with each other. The magnetic field of the two coils then attracts each other, and it is not possible to move the upper coil away from the lower one by hand. Then the electric motor is switched on, which rotates the upper coil against the magnetic field.

This causes the two opposing magnetic fields to push into each other to such an extent that large amounts of ether particles flow into the coils. The inflowing aether ions are emitted from the coils, which interact with the gravitons emitted from the Earth to produce an antigravitational effect. The efficiency can be greatly enhanced by using a soliton wave (a bisected sine wave) instead of a sine wave. The combination of the resonance frequency and the charge accumulation created by the so­liton waves causes the vril to become so strong that it ionizes the air molecules, creating a plasma loop around the engine. (The soliton wave experiment must be conducted in free space because if the structure is released, it will break through the ceiling.)


Protective clothing is also required. Strong magnetic radiation can drain or overload the meridi­ans in your body, leading to serious illnesses. (Leukaemia is the most common consequence.) Un­fortunately, protection against magnetic radiation is almost impossible because these tiny particles can pass through any material without hindrance. Just think of gravity. Wherever we hide, gravitons act on us, with nothing to block the gravitational pull. Fortunately, the gravitational radiation from the globe is not so great that it makes us sick, and is counterbalanced by the etheric particle radia­tion that flows in through our chakras. Without them, we would not be able to live for more than 5 minutes.) However, strong magnetic radiation upsets the balance of their meridians, which sooner or later leads to serious illness. In this case, the thick lead walls used for radioactive radia­tion do not help. There is only one thing you can do against magnetic radiation: scatter it. The best way to do this is with wool hair. The fine, twisted fibres of sheep's wool act like tiny mirrors, def­lecting the magnetic rays falling on them in different directions. This means that only a small pro­portion of the radiation reaches your body. The chakras can compensate for the meridian drainage or overload caused by the radiation.

In ancient times, when the gods were still among us, people used irhabunda (suba)[76] to protect themselves against the subatomic energy emanating from them. (This method of eye and health pro­tection was suggested to us by Zeus.) Sheepskin, or sheep's wool, is the only material we have that effectively reflects magnetic energy. According to mythology, Zeus also protected his son from strong radiation by using animal skins covered with thick fur. When Heracles insisted that his father appear before him in all his divine glory, he raised the skin of a goat in front of him, which shielded the blindingly powerful bio-energy emanating from his body. Barley bran is also suitable for this purpose, but coating our bodies with thick bran would be rather complicated. (In ancient times, the Jews stored the samir, which cut all materials, even diamonds, like butter, in clay jars filled with barley bran.)

In addition to husk and grain baskets, it might be worth investigating the subatomic energy shiel­ding properties of mica shale. In front of the Pyramid of the Sun at Theotihuacan is an underground chamber covered with several layers of mica sheeting. Mica is known to be a good insulator of heat and electricity. It is also resistant to organic acids. I wonder what kind of activity was going on in this sandwich-like insulated underground chamber to require such a heavy insulation? Was it a mat­ter of concentrated sub-atomic energy beams transforming materials to create extremely solid metals? A layer of rock and soil several metres thick is a serious insulator in itself. Mica plates are not needed to melt metals underground. Since the concentrated subatomic energy radiation absorbed by the cavity wall can be detected thousands of years later, it would be useful to measure the mag­netic field strength on site. This would shed light on the mystery. If the shielding effect of the mica shale against etheric radiation could be demonstrated, it would allow the construction of a protec­tive wall.


Budapest, 04.02.2018.




Unfortunately, nothing has been done in the past year to develop anti-gravity engines and harness the energy of matter, two areas where we can do the most to advance our technological progress and stop global warming. The development of the Hamel engine offers solutions to both of these prob­lems. This engine, which is easy, quick and extremely cheap to produce, could lift space ex­ploration out of the mire in which it has been floundering for more than 70 years. Our rocket designers still use the smoke rockets developed by the Germans in 1943. No progress has been made in this area in nearly a century. It is because of this antiquated chemical propulsion system that it costs NASA more than $400 million to produce a rocket and takes years to build. The SpaceX rocket also costs $54 million to produce. However, this spacecraft, produced by Elon Musk's company, is reusable, but still costs $83 million per launch.

By contrast, the Hamel rocket would cost no more than $100 to produce. At most, that's the cost of three funnels made of paper-thin aluminium sheets, the iron tank and four magnet rings, and three stone balls. Of course, a body would also have to be built around the engine, but that would cost no more than it would to build a car. No special materials would have to be used to prevent fuel leaks. There is no need for a heat shield, because this spacecraft does not need to be launched as a cannonball. It can be floated into space at low speed. Since its "fuel" is available in infinite quan­tities in the universe, there is no need to hurry to get it out of Earth's gravitational pull. Therefore, it does not fall back. And its re-entry is not affected by gravitational forces. It can therefore be floated down at low speeds. It does not burn up from friction from air molecules. And with a plasma bubble created around the vehicle, its cruising speed is orders of magnitude higher than that of a chemical rocket (it can fly beyond the stratosphere at speeds of up to 72 000 km/h).

Yet no one is willing to develop it. The lack of a theoretical basis is a major obstacle. Because they do not know the principles of its operation, aeronautical engineers are not involved. The principle of operation of this engine is simpler than that of electromagnetic engines. There, not only is counter-magnetic excitation required, but also soliton excitation. Here, however, there is no electrical excitation. The antigravity field is created by resonance. With this gear, nothing more needs to be done than to oscillate the upper magnetic ring of the base oscillator at the resonance frequency. Then the metal atoms in the lower magnetic ring start a crazy dance, during which they lose their electrons circulating in the outer orbit. But the universe cannot tolerate the void, so it tries to fill it with ether. This is why very large amounts of aether particles flow into the magnetic disk. There, the atoms dance and collide with the nucleus, which increases their vibrations. They then lose more electrons.

Eventually, the influx of aether ions becomes so large that the air around the magnetic disk is ionised, forming a plasma shell around it. However, concentrated magnetic radiation is required for ionization and zeroing of gravity. This is also done by the metal atoms. The greater the amount of aether particles that flow into the magnetic disk, the greater the probability that they will collide with the detached electrons and the atomic nucleus. Since they repel each other, the repulsion leads to the fact that the etheric particles are condensed and become concentrated magnetic radiation. After a while, they no longer fit in metal, so the magnetic disc pushes out the condensed ether. Anti­gravity radiation starts.

This is only the visible consequence of the enrichment of aether ions. For us, the more important development is that they are coupled to the gravitons that flow out of the Earth. As positive particles (aether ions) and negative particles (gravitons) repel each other in the world of subatomic energy, an anti-gravitational effect is created. The globe kicks away the antigravity engine and everything built around it, i.e. the spacecraft.

Do not confuse this effect with magnetism. Waves emitted from magnets at rest originate from spins, or magnetic domains, in ferromagnetic materials. This type of magnetism does not induce an antigravitational effect. Even the world's most powerful magnet, the 25 Tesla induction electro­mag­net, does not bounce on the table when the excitation current is switched on. But it could, because the electromagnet at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at the University of Florida re­quires 160 000 A of current to excite. Since this current already anneals the coil, it requires a coo­ling system containing 13,000 litres of water to cool it. Even when switching on an electro­magnet with a magnetic induction of 41.4 Tesla, made at Florida State University in 2017, no such pheno­menon was observed.[77] (Neodymium and samarium cobalt super magnets, which are conside­red very strong, have inductions of less than 2 Tesla.)

The different behaviour is also due to the fact that permanent magnets and electromagnets are attracted by opposite poles and repelled by the same poles. That is, they behave in the opposite way to subatomic energy particles. But they do behave in the same way in one respect, both magnetisms are capable of exciting electric currents. But not to the same extent. Subatomic energy particles are much more efficient in this respect. That is why it would be desirable to exploit this ability. They would not only provide us with free electricity, but also with electricity efficiently. They could generate much more electricity in a much smaller size than any other device.

The biggest obstacle to their development is that we do not know how they work. The same is true of antigravity engines. If we were aware of what creates the antigravity effect and how it is created, development would be more focused. Once the goal is in sight, the path to it can be found. It may take some detours, but we will get there sooner or later. In the development of the Hamel engine, many people run into a dead end because they do not take into account that the antigravity effect is not created by the wanderings of the aluminium cones, but by their vibration. The wobbling motion is necessary for the propulsion system and the controllability of the spacecraft. When a door is opened on the side, the cones tilt back and forth and to the right and left as the wind direction changes. The base oscillator is then excited asymmetrically rather than in concentric circles. The excitation is shifted sideways, which results in more energy flowing out of the drive on that side. This causes the vehicle to change direction. However, this planetary motion alone does not cause the lower magnetic ring to emit large amounts of subatomic energy particles.

For this to happen, the aluminium cones have to vibrate. At the resonant frequency of the magne­tic discs. This frequency can be several kilohertz. That is, it is so fast that the vibrating motion of the cones is not visible to the naked eye. This is where previous developers made the biggest mis­take. As you can see in the attached pictures[78], by gluing on thick magnetic discs, they created iron, heavy aluminium cones that are unable to vibrate at high frequencies. The sluggish motion of these drab cones could only be used to stir jam. To reduce the weight of the aluminium cones, small ferrite rings should be used. It would be worth trying to see whether a magnetic strip in the door of a refrigerator could be used for this purpose. It is much easier to stick this on both the cones and the metal barrel. If the cone falls in, the experiment should not be abandoned. You should order the magnetic strip magnetised with a higher field strength. Then it should be observed whether the con­tinuous circular magnetic field does not prevent the cones from wobbling. The less force required to unbalance the cones, the more likely they are to be capable of oscillating.

It is all a matter of experimentation. If the actuator works, then it's a matter of patience, refining the drive mechanism, increasing efficiency. The antigravity drive can be verified by removing the base oscillator, the unit containing the two magnetic discs. Then we artificially set them to oscillate. In this configuration, the upper magnet disc is not vibrated by the aluminium cones but by an electric motor that oscillates. The motor of a vibratory grinding machine seems to be the most suit­able for this purpose. Remove the adapter for mounting the abrasive cloth from the vibratory sander, mount the motor on a stand, then lower it onto the base oscillator so that the motor shaft vibrates the upper magnetic disc. If the frequency of the oscillation is not high enough, you can also try the motor of an electric shaver with an oscillating knife (e.g. Braun, Remington). If this is not high enough either, use a frequency converter to increase the frequency of the sinusoidal current. 

The use of a Hamel motor would also be advantageous from a safety point of view. It cannot be shot down or paralysed with a ray gun. Since it contains no electrical components, electricity has no role even in its control, and beam weapons cannot paralyse the electron flow. (In every case of UFO abductions from a car, the people involved have said that as soon as the spacecraft came overhead, their car stopped, the engine stopped firing, and even the lights went out.) This cannot happen with the Hamel engine, which could be a major advantage in a future space war.

For those who still doubt the ability of aether to flow into matter and its anti-gravity effect, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeyDf4ooPdo In the Anti-Gravity Wheel? video, a young man demonstrates how a heavy steel disc used for weightlifting can be made almost weight­less. The steel disc, which is difficult to lift with two hands, was spun at high speed for several minutes by his partner using a pistol drill. The young man then lifted it easily and swung it over his head. The reason for the loss of weight is that during spinning, centrifugal force causes a large num­ber of ethereal particles to be trapped in the steel disc. This is not enough to ionise the surrounding air molecules. However, the Earth's gravitational radiation also has a repulsive effect on the large number of aether ions, which causes the steel disc to lose weight. This experiment is likely to con­vince scientists with stupefied brains that aether does exist. If not, what is stuck in the target disc? Air? Bussy scientists are talking about the gyroscopic force when they see this video. But they can't say what creates the gyroscopic force.[79]     


Budapest, 14.02.2019.




So the biggest obstacle to the paradigm shift, to the ascent to cosmic societies, is that we don't know the principle by which these devices work. And if one does not know what principle a mac­hine works on, one is not able to implement it. Even if they are given a sample. He turns it, looks at it, then tries to copy it. He copies it in a similar size and design, but it doesn't work. This is the kind of shoddy work currently going on in the underground research laboratories of the secret services and the various backing powers. They do have working UFOs that they test fly, but they did not create them. They are on loan from various extraterrestrial civilisations to study them. They are also not forbidden from copying them and creating their own anti-gravity aircraft. But they can't.

They can't, because they don't understand the mechanism. No wonder, because there are no cor­rect physical insights. We don't understand the physical phenomena that occur in the operation of these devices, these vehicles. The literature is full of various vague formulations. One of these is that 'the antigravity engine bends space towards the aircraft, which then becomes part of it'. Another is that 'the reactor is an incredibly advanced antimatter system that distorts gravity by its operation. Then they add: "If you bend both space and time, the change of position happens in a second." Only a great scientist could come up with more nonsense than that. This is the "wormhole" theory, which comes from Einstein. He coined the hypothesis with fellow scientist Nathan Rosen in 1935. The main promoter of the wormhole theory in the late 20th century was the celebrated British physicist Steven Hawking. 

Even a primary school child knows that we cannot even reach the nearest stars with our current spacecraft, which would take millions of years and the energy to consume the Earth's entire energy reserves. But the desire for cosmic travel is great, so science fiction writers have joined forces with modern scientists to embrace the wormhole theory. Einstein, not entirely convinced of the existence of wormholes, sought a way out. He said that the connection between two distant points was un­stable and would close at the slightest disturbance. But today's scientists claim that there are 'traversable' versions of wormholes. These are wormholes. In these, 'a repulsive gravitational force of matter or energy stabilises the inside of the wormhole and keeps it open'. Well, that's all science fiction writers and UFO researchers needed. They immediately latched on to wormholes, and it's now all over the literature.

But the truth is that there are no wormholes. Space cannot be bent.[80]  Not even black holes with gigantic gravitational radiation can do that. But there is no need. Cosmic travel does not take place in a physical body. The hyperspace velocity often referred to in the Star Trek film series takes place in an etheric body. They fly their spaceship out into space outside the stratosphere, where they dematerialise their vehicle and make the journey in an etheric body. Since aether particles are 12 orders of magnitude smaller than electrons, their speed is 12 orders of magnitude higher. Thus, it is no coincidence that reports from UFO abductions that they made the journey to their home planet in a flash. In an etheric or astral body, you can go from one edge of the Milky Way to the other in 2 seconds, 100,000 light years across. And the extraterrestrial civilisations that visit and monitor us are mostly a few hundred or thousand light years away. When they come close to their home planet, they re-materialise themselves and their spacecraft and enter their atmosphere in a physical body.


Under the influence of so many delusions, it is no wonder that we cannot move forward. Until we put our heads in order, we cannot expect to succeed in this field. Let us continue by saying that time cannot be bent. Time is the dimension created by the gravitational field, which indicates the rate of change within it. The greater the force of gravity, the slower time passes through its force field. Time exists even where there is apparently no gravitational force. The accumulation of matter in the universe does not leave the world of the gods untouched. According to the Book of the Vedas and the Mahabharata, the time between the Big Bang and the collapse of the universe is 50 billion years, but in the world of the gods this time span shrinks to 200 years. In near-gravity-free space, the passage of time is so accelerated that the current reign of the Almighty lasts only 200 years. Then a new universe is created, and the Almighty starts creation all over again.[81]  His assistants, the lesser and greater gods who will orchestrate the re-creation, are now closer to the stars and planets with gravitational fields, as they must create them. They are already in direct contact with time, but not bent by it. There is no need to do so. They move back and forth along the timeline.

They can go back any distance into the past, but they can also go forward into the future. Even esotericists know this, which is why they have invented the delusion that the past, present and future exist simultaneously in the universe. This is not true either. Only the past is stable. The present is in flux. And the future is completely uncertain. The future that the gods see moving forward in the timeline is the future of the moment. They see what the consequences of the present situation will be in the future. But the future can be changed at any time in the present. And we take advantage of that possibility. We change our future by our actions in every moment of the present. For good and for bad. Since man is the most unpredictable being in the world, even God himself does not know what our real future will be.[82]  

This is also the reason for the unreliability of predictions. Most fortune tellers are impostors, but there are some who can see into the future of the person asking for a prediction by looking into a crys­tal ball or a mirror of their mind. But even these predictions often fail. Compelling circumstan­ces or unexpected decisions by the seeker can completely change their future. All it takes is one unorthodox decision to change the course of your future. Changes in our environment can also force changes in our future. Trying to realise our hoped-for future is futile if changed circum­stances do not allow it. 

Going further down the line of delusion, let us not include antimatter in this process either, beca­use there is no antimatter. If there were, the two substances would merge in an instant, causing the universe to collapse. So the non-existence of antimatter has nothing to do with the formation of an antigravitational force field. Others talk about zero-point energy, but there is also talk of a quantum vacuum. Few people know that all these fancy phrases come from the Nobel Prize-win­ning Russian physicist Andrei Sakharov. In the 1960s, he theorised that "Gravity is the result of 'friction' caused by atomic and subatomic particles entering and leaving the zero point energy field, or quantum vacuum. He did not elaborate on what he meant by zero point energy and quantum vacuum. This zero-point energy became so common knowledge that all the inventors of perpetual motion, anti-gravity drives and other excess energy generating devices that annoy scientists referred to it.

These inventions were then routinely rejected by the patent offices, which said: 'Inventions that contradict the fundamental laws of physics are not dealt with'. They also take seriously the position of scientists who say: "Structures that produce energy from the brain contradict the law of conserva­tion of energy and the first and second laws of thermodynamics." And on unpowered space flight, they argue that "Antigravity propulsion is not feasible because, according to current physics, such a machine would require an infinite ocean of energy." But the reality is that the model of an antigra­vity engine is so simple and cheap to build that a primary school child could build it in a week in a polytechnic class, and it wouldn't cost $100 to make. (The reason to assign this task to a child is that children don't have preconceptions yet. They believe what they are told. If his teachers tell him it can be done, he will do it. The problem with adults is that they no longer believe in anyone or any­thing. They've been lied to so much in their lives, and they've been disappointed in so many things, that they've become desensitized to any new idea.)

The term zero-point or zero-point energy is close to the truth, because it probably refers to the energy that is released into the universe in the big bang. Our current understanding is that after the collapse of the universe, the universe condensed into a single point or small sphere. It then exploded, and at the beginning of the explosion, i.e. in zero seconds, only energy particles were emitted. This initial energy is called zero point energy, or energy generated at zero time. But this energy is not­hing but ether. The constituents of ether are the aether ions. Why not call free energy ether? Of course, this does not solve the problem of the inventors of the energy of matter, because scientists also deny the existence of ether. If they did not, it would soon become clear that all their inventions produce energy by putting ether to work. A more unfortunate term is vacuum energy. Its inventors used it to refer to energy that is also found in a vacuum. However, ether, or etheric particles, are not only present in vacuum, but in all matter. They fill the space between atomic particles.

It would be more appropriate to look at what happens in matter when the aether particles are condensed. The more aether ions flow into matter, the more energy flows out of it. This creates the antigravitational effect. Would it be worth observing what flows out of it? The concentrated energy particles, or the magnetic waves they create? Then it would also be good to know what makes the etheric particles densify. In the process of counter-magnetic excitation, many electrons are torn off the outer electron shells of atoms. When they vibrate at resonant frequencies, even more electrons are torn off. When they vibrate at their own vibrational frequency, the atoms go almost wild. Electrons fall off them like raindrops from a shaken tree after a rainfall. If the oscillation is too strong, they move so much that they overcome the microgravity that holds the atoms together, and the matter falls apart into atoms or molecules. But what happens in matter vibrating at resonant frequencies? We know that a lot of ether ions flow into it. Many orders of magnitude more than in matter at rest. What happens to them there? What makes them concentrate, what makes them condense? Is it that matter squeezes them together as they collide with the wildly dancing atomic particles? This creates a gap in matter, which is filled by more etheric particles. Are they also squee­zed together, further increasing the force of the field, the antigravitational radiation?     

Apart from a lack of money, the main obstacle to the implementation of an antigravity engine is a lack of faith. People do not believe it is possible. Scientists have drilled into their heads that it is impossible. Everything that the esotericists claim is a hoax, a quackery. That's why you can't get money for this research. Nowadays, the state is pouring money into 'green' investments (solar parks, wind farms), but it is not supporting the implementation of truly efficient and environmentally friendly energy production ideas. When such a proposal arrives on the desk of politicians and bureaucrats, they immediately panic and try to 'pass the ball'. They ask the Academy of Sciences for its opinion on the feasibility of the project. We already know the answer, and it comes as a surprise to no one. So everyone relaxes and the application is rejected. Then everything goes on its merry way. Air pollution, global warming, continues. The final destination will be climate collapse. If nature is destroyed, humanity will be destroyed. The average person has no idea of the danger that awaits them. Our civilisation is going like a sheep to the slaughter.


Budapest, 10.03.2019.




To stay in space for long periods of time and to work efficiently, a gravitational field is needed in the vehicle. In a state of weightlessness, only limited life activities can be carried out in the spa­cecraft, and after a while various diseases (e.g. cardiovascular disorders, cardiac cirrhosis, osteo­po­rosis, muscular atrophy, red blood cell decline) occur. Our spacecraft and space bases do not cur­rently provide artificial gravity pull from the floor level. In principle, it could be done now, because we already know that artificial gravity can be created by rotating a large space station (a few hund­red metres in diameter) on its axis. However, a spacecraft of this size would be very expensive to build and would require a lot of energy to rotate. And at low rotation speeds, the gravitational att­raction produced in this way would be quite small, not even close to the 1 g we need.

It is therefore possible to mechanically create an artificial gravitational field, but we do not know what physical phenomenon causes it. Since we are talking about motion in a circular orbit, cent­rifugal and centripetal forces are likely to play a role. So before we go any further, let's clarify the nature of these two forces. In the case of centrifugal force, the system rotates around its own axis. Therefore it does not move. Only the matter in the system can be released from it by the centripetal force. This is how the centrifuges in washing machines work. Above a certain rotational speed, the inertial force on the water droplets is such that they fly out of the system (the washing machine's punctured bowl.) Centripetal force causes the whole system to break free. It flies out of orbit. This can only be prevented by a force. For example, you tie a rope to an iron ball and start spinning it over your head. Then the force is provided by the rope. It is a commonly known force that allows the planets to rotate around the sun. In this case the force is provided by the Sun's gravi­tational pull. When this force and the centripetal force are in equilibrium, the planets are in orbit, i.e. they do not fall into the Sun, but they do not escape from it.

Physicists describe this phenomenon as the centripetal force pointing towards the centre of the orbit and the centrifugal force pointing outwards. Centrifugal and centripetal forces are therefore essentially the same. When we are inside the system, we call this type of inertial force in a circular orbit a centrifugal force, while when we are outside, we call it a centripetal force. The two forces often occur simultaneously, for example in planets. On our Earth, centrifugal and centripetal forces are also experienced simultaneously. Centrifugal force is caused by the rotation of our planet around its axis. However, because of the relatively low rotational speed, this is very small. Therefore, the centripetal force is also small. This is why we do not fly off the Earth's surface as it rotates. So we already know the direction of the two forces, but we have no idea what actually creates the centri­fugal and centripetal forces. Physicists don't even mention this. Probably because they have no idea. Even if they did, they wouldn't dare to come up with it, because they deny the existence of the ether.[83]  Centrifugal and centripetal forces are the result of inertia. Inertia is a special kind of force that occurs in a circular orbit. And the inertial force is generated by the ether. When moving in a circular orbit, the ether particles are constantly colliding with matter particles (nuclei, electrons). This col­lision produces a counterforce, which pushes matter away, forcing it to break away from the system in orbit.

This realisation is only a small step forward, because we still don't know how gravity will come about. In fact, when a large circular body (e.g. a space base) is spun, a gravitational force is gene­rated, but why? Is this also a consequence of the influx of etheric energy particles? We already know that the antigravitational force is created by the large influx of etheric particles into matter, but how does this become a gravitational radiation? If we could figure this out, there would be no obstacle to creating a concentrated gravitational wave generator that we could place under the floor of our spaceships to eliminate weightlessness. But gravity generation and compression is still a long way off. It is probably a very simple process, but we do not yet know how.

It is assumed that the antigravity engine emits concentrated gravitational radiation on the oppo­site side. If so, we don't need to do anything because this end of the engine faces the inside of the spacecraft, so artificial gravity attraction is achieved by itself. Presumably, the same phenomenon occurs in the spacecraft spinning at high speed. The whole vehicle is then converted into an antigra­vity engine. It emits antigravitational waves outwards and gravitational waves inwards. Now it is not counter-magnetic excitation, and not excitation at resonance frequency, that creates this effect, but centrifugal force. The orbital motion causes the etheric particles to collide constantly with the atomic particles. This causes free electrons to be stripped from their outer electron shells. These trigger further collisions with the aether ions. The many collisions also cause the atoms to vibrate. This creates a chaos in the matter that prevents the aether ions from leaving the matter. In addition, the many collisions cause the aether ions to press together and become denser. The resulting empty space is filled by new ether particles. The result is an antigravity engine.

The question arises: if the rotating spacecraft is emitting antigravity waves outwards, why doesn't it fly away? Near Earth, the gravitational waves emanating from the Earth should push the vehicle out into space, and out in the cosmos, the antigravity radiation hitting the ether wall should force the vehicle to move. But this does not happen. This is because this radiation is emitted from all sides of the vehicle, so it cannot move anywhere. This causes it to become paralysed and remain stationary. Inwards, however, there is no inward force, the internal gravitational field is summed up and creates the artificial gravitational force. To verify this hypothesis, at least some kind of anti­gravity engine would have to be developed to control the nature of the waves emanating from its poles. The anti-gravity engine also creates a plasma loop around the spacecraft, but this phenome­non also needs to be verified. There are therefore many uncertainties and questions that need to be clarified, which cannot be resolved or resolved theoretically. Clarification requi­res practical imple­mentation. We should start down this road, but in this superficial world no one considers it impor­tant. People are dis­tracted by all the nonsense in the media and the idiocy of celebrities. Nobody is interested in the crucial issues.     


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The flying boards seen in science fiction films have captured the imagination of many. Accor­ding to ancient writings, the Venusian civi­li­sation that visited us thousands of years ago also used such flying planks. These vehicles were equipped with anti-gravity propulsion. (The Venusian flying plank was relatively large. Three or four people could fit on it, and there were handrails to protect the passengers from falling.) Desire and need have created this type of vehicle in our civilisation, but not yet in its most modern form.

In 2019, the siege of the Bastille, the beginning of the French Re­volution in Paris, was celebrated with a spectacular military parade. Various units of the army marched along the Champs-Élysées to mu­sic. For the first time this year, the public was able to see the French Special Forces' newest wea­pon, the flying soldier. French engineers have developed a device that allows the soldier to fly at speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour at altitudes of up to 2 kilo­metres.

The engineering team is led by Franky Zapata of France. His in­vention, Flyboard Air, is under continuous development. The next tar­get is to fly across the English Channel. The four 250 hp gas tur­bine engines are powered by a kerosene tank mounted on the pilot's back. The engine consists of 4 radio-frequency remote-controlled ex­haust pipes. The vehicle is steered by the gas flowing out of the ex­haust ports and the pilot's body position. (By changing its balance, it also changes the direc­tion of the flying board.) A maximum distance of 2.5 kilomet­res can be covered on a single charge. A built-in balance sensor ensu­res that the pilot does not fall off the vehicle. If the pilot changes his or her body position, the balance is corrected to adapt to it. This allows the pilot to dance safely on it. The automatic system en­sures balance in all body positions. Mastering this skill requires at least 50 hours of practice.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQzLrvz4DKQ 




As you can see in the videos, the bodywork is already in place and we have pilots who know how to fly it. All we need to do is replace the gas engine with an anti-gravity engine and we could stay in the air indefinitely and fly unlimited distances. Another great advantage of the anti-gravity engine would be that it would create a plasma loop around the vehicle and pilot, which would pro­tect against weather conditions and in some cases provide invisibility. (See Annex V.S. Gebrennikov My World.) 


In the meantime, the crossing of the English Channel has taken place. On 25 July, the first attempt failed. Half­way to refuel, he was about to board the waiting ship when he fell into the sea. (The fuel in his rucksack ran out earlier than expected and he did not reach the ship.) Fortunately, he was unhurt and was rescued safely from the water. But the flight had been carefully prepared. The timing was no coincidence. The launch was timed to coin­cide with the 110th anniversary of the technical flight of the French pilot Blériot. On 4 August, the second attempt was a success. He covered the 36 kilo­metres between Calais and Dover in 20 minutes. This time there was no problem refuelling halfway. His hoverboard rose to an altitude of 150 metres and he was travelling at 160 kilo­metres an hour. The improved Flyboard Air's gas turbine engine has been upgraded to 1500 kW. The flight is cap­tured in the videos below:





Blériot's plane, made of wood and canvas, was still only travelling at 100 kilometres per hour, so it took him half an hour to make the journey. Since then, this day has been considered the beginning of air travel. It was the beginning of the development of aeroplanes, which has continued to this day, and led to the development of space rockets. It is hoped that Franky Zapata's successful flight will open a new chapter in aviation history. The 'flying man', who has attracted worldwide attention, is likely to draw attention to the need for anti-gravity engines. They will no longer require fuel and will open the door to the infinite world of the cosmos.


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Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


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                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos




It is apparent, even to the most casual observer that our world is in an ever-deepening crisis. Continually increasing pollution affects more and more people, the environment is in a dire state barely able to cope with the incredible amount of toxic waste humans produce. At the same time, life expectancy is decreasing; ever growing number of people live below the poverty level, not just in Eastern Europe but in the West as well. In addition, there is never ending hostility stemming from ignorance and lack of education, leading to escalating violence, countless hot spots and terror acts around the world. There is a way out of this predicament however. I have compiled the newest research results in the esoteric field and these findings combined with my own ideas would provide a solution to these problems.


My tireless efforts during the past few years have produced 4 books which, presented to the public, would help move the world out of this dismal situation. The main theme of one of my books, titled Esoteric panorama, is the introduction of naturopathic therapies. Detailed explanations are offered for mind-control, acupuncture, electro stimulation, various supplementary naturopathic techniques and, one new method pioneered by me, magnetopressura. Big advantage of this latest approach is that it only requires a magnetic bar, therefore the patient’s expense drops to virtually zero. Additionally, once the patient masters the techniques of acupuncture, it can be practiced at home. The spread of this method would help the ever-increasing number of people affected by economic hardship and by the increasing cost of medicine. This work gives extensive advice regarding heal­thy eating, healing the soul and discusses the role faith plays in modern societies. In connection, we discover Jesus' teachings, that are valid even today, and their effect on humanity's development. In addition, the demise of ancient societies becomes easier to understand. It also summarizes the essence of karma philosophy and directs our attention to the cause and effect law’s consequence on individuals and communities. It speaks of the eternal battle between Good and Evil, about the triumph of free will, and we can find out about the extent of the negative-power that controls our development. An encompassing aphorism and proverb collection that sheds light on the powers influencing our development both negatively and positively.

Incidentally, we can also gain useful information about the best ways practicing charity. We will get a detailed picture regarding the hierarchy of the beings who manage our universe, about the wonderful world that awaits us in the Heavens; we will shed light on the birth and the unavoidable demise of our universe as well as to the essence of time and reasons for its inception. It is extremely interesting how the past, present, future is intertwined, and how they occur concurrently. These concepts in our psychical world are only separated by the dimension of time, in reality they continually exert an effect on, and change each other. All of us take part in their forming but we can only affect the outcome of the present and the future.

From this book, we can also derive the instant when life begins, and what is the condition for such an event. It will shed light on techniques used by healers in the Philippines and gives us insight into what makes the creation of parapsychological events possible. We will get in-depth information about Earth radiations, about energy emanating from different objects and how we can protect ourselves from their effects. During the discussion of the psychical attributes of subatomic energy radiation, we will surely be surprised to learn that the speed of the gravitational and ether radiation surpasses the speed of light 12 fold. Based on this we will understand why stars thousands of light years away can have an affect on our lives and why scientist working on the SETI program cannot find radio waves in space. The explanation of the rules of ether’s motion will make the funda­men­tally analogous behavior of planets and subatomic particles clear. Furthermore, it contains much more information that is interesting and will help us understand the meaning of life and the incredible complexity of the world around us. Summing it all up, we will ha­ve an all-encompassing know­ledge about every aspect of our life and we will know what we can expect from our future.

Since these subjects can only be understood in context, at the end of each chapter I expan­ded into different part of esotery. During these detours, I made intriguing discoveries that will help us to put an end to our ever more increasing environmental and existential problems. This could have only been done because I was able to bring all of today’s known parapsychological phenomena to a common foundation. Besides the ways of utilizing subatomic energy, information can also be found concerning the only possible way to defeat cancer, the possible psychical eradication of all viruses and bacteria, the design and construction of anti-gravitational engines, regarding the technique used building electric motors running without using external power source, and the rules of building UFOs. New psychical laws discovered by me will make it possible to harness electricity from dif­ferent materials without using primary energy. The utilization of these subatomic level devices will make the creation of unlimited and free energy possible, thereby reducing the cost of industrial production and mass transportation, which in turn will drastically reduce environmental pollution. The anti-gravitational engine will revolutioni­ze air travel and make long distance space flights possible. At the end of the book, while revealing the secret of the powers that control our world, we will discover that ether, the existence of which is denied by physicists, in fact does exist. It doesn’t just exist it actually regulates the universe. Stabilizes the direction and speed of the planets and stars, produces inertia and it makes insects' flights possible. We can thank ether for the stability of our world; it is also responsible for the controlled expansion and future contraction of our universe. These discoveries will result in large-scale changes in every aspect of our lives, will transform our way of thinking and pave the way for a more evolved civilization.


My book titled „Reform dishes for gourmets” was written in the hope of reforming eating habits; it is set out to prove that eating meatless meals can be diverse enough without giving up any of the flavors we are so used to. It is quite possible using my newly devised spice mix­ture that will make the taste of soy virtually indistinguishable from meat. Beside the expertly prepared soy dishes, we can find the healthy variety of everyday dishes as well as my exotic recipes in the book. For instan­ce, the section that deals with home preservation of fruits has instructions for making jams using a large variety of tropical and common fruits. Furthermore, the book explains how to make delicious homemade paprika powder, and gives a detailed description how one can pickle vegetables in a natural way. There is also an array of recipes for skillfully preparing each and every diary product at home, how to make pasta and meat substitute dough, and how one can bake bread at half cost that is healthier and tastier than those in shops. There are about 1000 recipes and as a helpful gesture toward beginners, all of them are so simple and detailed that even they can get along with them easily.

In addition, there is an introduction to the wide variety of exotic fruits and vegans can find some quality recipes there as well. The book contains useful instructions about purchasing, storing, and preparing the right ingredients. The fact that chapter IV. gives detailed and all-embracing advice about skillfully purchasing and utilizing all the household appliances available, further increases the value of this unusual cookbook. From chapter V. we can learn what future awaits us nutrition-wise, and readers can get to know the newest methods of food preparation and preservation. Besides, one can read about the re-cultivation of long forgotten fruit and vegetable species and about the reason why bio-supermarkets are spreading everywhere. Then it also becomes understandable why the consumption of bread enriched with bran is not getting popular. Finally, we can see surefire solutions for the marketing problems of Hungarian agriculture.


The book titled „Esoteric fulfilment” is actually the continuation of „Esoteric panorama”. In this work, the topics of the earlier book are detailed furthermore to make their practical implementation easier. Offering a new stage, it contains such operational principles that enable thousands of scientists to start on this road and achieve remarkable results at last. We can also learn about the devices invented by scientists in different countries to extract free energy, and which are the most promising to us.

As the Tesla-converter is the simplest, least dangerous and most efficient energy-producing device, the circumstances of its invention and the areas of its utilization are given in details. One of these areas is the transmission of sound and picture without stations and entering into cosmic connection. Broadcasting radio and TV programs as well as using mobile phones is also on the brink of revolutionary changes. Relay stations and satellites will not bee needed anymore because the signals of central stations get through the planet and will be received everywhere.  In order to promote the reconstruction of the Tesla-converter the book explains the operation of its most critical part, the coupler diode. We can also learn about the energy-producing method used by extra­terrestri­als, generating the element numbered 115. Readers get information about the 3 most common UFO engines: the operational basics of the mercury circulation motor, the ringed reactor, and the crystal engines. As a result, the causes of earlier UFO accidents come clear and the mystery of the Tunguzka meteor is solved, as well as the origin of the fire cloud destroying the little town, St. Pière. We get an overall picture about the UFO program of the Nazi Germany, the flying saucers referred to as the „wonder weapon” by Hitler. One can follow up on the fate of the kidnapped German scientists and can learn the reason why the victorious allies’ rocket research failed.

This book also explains how matter can be made transparent and invisible. It’s not a secret anymore that our predecessors on Atlantis made heavy objects weightless and easily transportable by applying sub-atomic energy irradiation extracted from crystals. Extraterrestrials use synthetic crystals for this purpose and its stronger version can be used as a beam weapon, too. They use crystals with low-intensity beams for healing, and perform operations without leaving scars. Besi­des, we can get to know such mystical objects as the time machine, the chronovisor that can even be used for revealing crimes, or the exploratory searcher of the extraterrestrials. We can learn how the biblical Ark of the Covenant worked and what the tool was that cut through diamond like butter. Readers get information on the size of sub-atomic particles, which remarkably forwards their understanding of the esoteric phenomena. They can also get ideas for implementing the simplest method of energy production, soliton generation, as well as moving ether particles with strong electromagnets. These give the possibility to instantly reduce the electric consumption of household appliances (bulbs, electric stoves, boilers, heaters) to a fraction of the usual amount. Readers can understand the physical basics of the three-dimensional world, and can realize why we are unable to perceive parallel universes or disembodied beings.

However, the main purpose of this book is not publishing the technical results achieved in the esoteric field but to promote the enlightenment of consciousness, which offers a possibility to rescue our decaying world. In order to prove we cannot go along in this fashion any longer, the book gives detailed information about the effects of our activities destroying nature. The facts clearly prove either we do something about saving nature or our civilization becomes extinct. Howe­ver, we have the possibility to reverse this apocalyptic future and this work was written about finding the ways out, and about the possible methods of escaping onwards not backwards.

For the sake of changing our life-style, the book discloses all the detrimental factors that have thrusted our civilization’s progress to its deepest point so far. Aside from social and political ano­malies, one is informed about the incidents hindering our happiness, e.g. the social indifference of new governments, the increase in unemployment and poverty, the acceleration of inflation, the manipulation of statistical data, the official silence on the problems that influence our fate the most, the bargain sale of our country, the confidence tricks in commerce and our self-destroying behavior. Our situation is aggravated by lack of self-recognition, estrangement, indifference, the decline of moral principles, the escalation of antagonism between the poor and the rich, the way multinational capital conquests the world, the stretch of crime as well as the arms race. Other tendencies that cause many problems are: the identity crisis stemming from the emancipation of women, the war between sexes, the relationship of couples getting worldly, the generation bomb, the perils of starting sexual activities too early, television affecting children, juvenile delinquency, lack of affection, our culture going glib, the commercial and marketing invasion, the activities of sects and survival techniques sinking into oblivion.

As background information, we can also learn from the book how the physical body grows into the astral body brought along by us. We get an explanation about what partial teleportation is, how we can take on others' karmic debts, when the spirit moves in the baby body, why worthy spirits don't want to be born as children in a messed up family, and what dangers originate from developing parapsycho­logical abilities before their time is due. It becomes obvious for the reader that honest repentance can avert karmic problems, and proves committing suicide is the least sensib­le alternative as it does not solve anything only deepens the problem. One can also learn about the way to control the spirits of the dead and how the priority of values change in those returning from clinical death, the true role work plays in our life, and after all these one realizes that neither our fate nor our future is set in advance. We can also learn that sex exists in the kingdom of heaven and not everybody feels good even there. This work shows why revenge is a dead end street, why God lets us fight wars and why we cannot remember our past lives.

The statement there is no bigger disaster than being rich, because poverty teaches one many things and that life's deepest sense is suffering will amaze many readers. Only a few know that games of chance fall under the authority of Satan. We will get a detailed picture of how demonic powers manipulate our world but we can also learn how to defend ourselves. An international group of scientists' shocking discovery is that hell is under Siberia. After reading this book, it will be clear to one what worth calamities have and that endurance is the pledge to success. It also casts light on the real reason of repugnan­cy against economic refugees, and how the antagonism between the poor and the rich could be eliminated. Those who are curious why our standard of living is decreasing and why we do not seize our opportunities can learn it if they read the section about our relationship toward inventions and creative people. 

Similarly to „Esoteric panorama” this book also brings up the subject of sensible charity and gives further data about accessory natural healing methods (e.g. the Gerson-diet, the Simonton proce­dure, Reiki, NLP, the Alexander method, TM- meditation). By lining up countless archeo­logical findings, it tries to convince the reader that other civilizations existed before ours. This book confirms again that the way out of our problems is utilizing sub-atomic energy. At the same time, it explains why no any progress has occurred so far in this field. The biggest obstacles are denying the existence of ether and the overspecialized, one-way direction of higher education. This situation is not hindering the occupancy of sub-atomic particles though, since it was the same with electricity long ago when we started to use it without understanding its theoretical principles.  

As an interesting bit of side information readers come to know what extraterrestrials think about us, what consequences the biblical flood had, and where we can find hills that are easier to walk up to than to come down from and what Raps is. It turns out there is still a camouflaged city on Antarctica that was built by the survivors of Atlantis. Finally, one can get an overall picture about the layers of spheres in the other world and about the present developmental state of humankind. The book describes the features of beings coming from those different spheres and their number living on Earth. We can read interesting facts about the great ancestors and about those from the second and third line. Anyhow, it is promising news that by all indicators God has extended his grace to us; therefore, our future destiny depends solely on us.


The main purpose of the book „Esoteric implementation” is to give practical advice. With its ideas and suggestions, it tries to help us solve our present problems. The most important of these suggestions is to terminate using cash and to introduce a new monetary system instead. Yet another method to suppress crime could be a special punishment: public contempt. Readers can also learn about the possible solution to terminate adverse conditions evolving on the roads as well as the ever-increasing traffic: the introduction of luxury tax.

The tax on using man-power could solve the employment problem of older generations and the tax on childless families could remedy the population decrease. Multinational companies could be deterred from closing factories then migrating to other countries with even lower wages by protective duties. For the reformation of the health care system the Chinese method is the most suitable way. As the continuation of „Esoteric fulfilment” readers get further information here on the distinctive features of higher sphere beings and about the disadvantages of getting into connection with them. Regarding the topic it also turns out that a soul at a lower state cannot bear the presence of higher state souls. Reading further it becomes clear the most efficient weapon of our times is media. One can also learn how many planets in the universe are populated by sentient life forms stated by extraterrestrials. (These different life forms are listed by their appearances in chapter V. in „Esoteric panorama”.) In this chapter, one can also read about the universal religion that is based on worshipping the ONE, whose number of parishioners is remarkably increasing.

This book delivers news on the latest natural healing methods, as did the previous ones. In con­nection with health readers can come to know in America there is scientific proof already about the healing properties of praying. It also turns out that in the second biggest US hospital manual healing has been permitted. Besides all these, there is an interesting excerpt from the opinion of the Christian Church on the New Age movement. Then an overall picture is given about renewable energy sources and about the disadvantages of the different procedures. The technical section introdu­ces the sheetpyramid and discusses the simplest method to generate artificial gravitation aboard spaceships. This book talks about the need for sponsorship, just like the others did, and offers new data about it. In the „Amendments” section readers can find new data regarding the topics of the previous books. The reason of antagonism between mainstream science and outsiders, lone-wolf inventors is discussed along the idea: „God does not select some people to be the elect on the basis of any virtuous quality.” Another biblical quote explains why our personal intentions and that of the surrounding society do not always fulfill our expectations: „Many are called but only a few are chosen.” The statement that our highly developed informatics devices turned on us and promote our destruction will surprise many readers. It would considerably increase our chance to survive if people were aware that in ruining our world the main weapon of satanic powers is: hiding behavior. Our situation is worsened by the fact that some extra-terrestrial civilizations hostile toward us „give a hand in it.” Finally, even that come clean how we can get our home­­­land rid of us.

Chapter II. points to the expediency of reinstalling the three-generation family model and trus­ting the elders with raising the children. Here the author shows how emancipation hit extreme levels and consequently women got even worse than men. It cannot be excluded that women’s trespasses might result in the downfall of this present age matriarchy. The gradual deterioration of our genetic pool had worried the professional practice especially. Then this problem was solved at one blow when the medical profession mapped out human genom, and with this created the institute of a modern Taigetos. A personal report is given in the book to show how charlatans whirl us into the web of the demonic world and it points at the most efficient way to escape. Based on this the author emphasizes it is high time to clear New Age principles of occultism and what harmful influence magic has on them. This is not easy though, as black magic has already found its way even into curriculums. A recent problem is that techno stress, which is a byproduct of the present information boom, affects almost everyone.

The next topic is getting insight into our future based on individual reports following progressive hypnosis, and we can learn about the mysteries of exorcism. In this book, the author still keeps an eye on the state of environmental hazards. The only good news in this field is that politicians and weathermen stopped denying the fact of global warming. At this point, we find out about our own possibilities to slac­ken the pace of the ecological catastrophe due to happen. This chapter informs the reader about the tasks that await our scientists after the esoteric research gets going. Meanwhile, it turns out what gravitation really is. Moreover, the author lets us in on the most modern method of alchemy making gold and the probable outcome of cloning human cells, which is presently going on. In 2004, it was revealed US government agencies had kept kidnapping geniuses for deca­des and made them work in underground laboratories.

Most certainly, the suggestion about building an electro plane will raise keen interest among readers. The point of such device is that a fuel cell is not suitable to actuate a plane driven by an electromotor, but a Tesla-converter does the job. In order to facilitate practical implementation the book gives a manageable way of reconstructing the converter. The detailed operational principles make it possible for anyone to produce a Tesla-converter in its original form. The next topic is trans­versal and longitudinal newscast and after reading it, the fact why researchers involved in the SETI program are unable to perceive the magnetic waves used by extraterrestrials will be under­standable. Limitless possibilities are offered by the technical information that in place of the surveillance systems enmeshing our big cities there is a cheaper and much more reliable solution: we have to join the all-embracing surveillance system of the Higher Intelligence. For this we do not have to do anything else but start the serial production of chronovisors and permit their usage controlled by authorities.

Finally readers get an answer to the question why the number of UFO observations had decrea­sed dramatically by the year of 2000. The cognition that nature has turned on us is quite upsetting. As mankind had not been willing to give up the idea of limitless economic expansion and had not turned to maintainable economic growth, nature ruins our economy with its own means, so as to slacken the exploitation of environment. Nature destroys those who destroy her, escaping the burden this way.

Chapter III. points at the sobering fact that our present behaviour is nothing else but a grotesque mortal agony. We could get out of this situation if our society's leading figures set a good example of right life style and self-discipline. However, there is little hope for this, since it has never occured yet in world history that an elit with limitless dominance over resources resigned of their privileges totally or partially at their own discretion. A long attachment is added to the section on natural hea­ling comprised of reports on the success with the Silva Mind Control. The stunning results hopefully raise the wish of many to learn and apply this method. In order to reduce unemployment and give a helping hand to the victims of social changes introducing the „Favour bank” system would be expedient in our country too. Another way to help the poor but willing layer of population is giving loans free of interest, whose initiatior and exemplary organizer is the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. The Schwartz-report calls the readers' attention to an alarmingly fast pace danger: a new ice age is awaiting the northern states of Europe, while tropical states will turn into deserts resulting from the standstill of the Golf-stream.

In the next section we can read about a new step of our bestiality. We get more and more warning signals that Nibiru, God's punitive planet is coming. Readers get detailed information about its possible consequences and the ways to protect themselves. Based on the biblical quotations even faithless people can clearly see the connection between the Apocalypses and this lethal planet. In this section one can also learn about the operational basics of the simplest and cheapest antigravita­tional engine. The device is comprised of 3 swaying cones and 2 magnetic discs and is a typical example of generating coun­ter-reaction. The elements joined into a cascade multiply energy in the structure gotten from extraterrestrials to such deg­ree which can lift few-ton vehicles quite high. Its light weight provides a wide range of  utilization. Since it has no any parts that we could not produce, its serial production can be started at any time. However, it was not extraterrestrials who taught us how to apply microgravitation but nature did. Finally, one can read an interesting story about the new age usage of antigravitational energy streaming from earth.

 In chapter IV. it comes clear the selection before the catastrophe has already started. Everyone is „weighed” so as to make it easier to sift the wheat from the chaff. Right now the ones worthy of saving are being selected. Not God weeds us out but we do it by ourselves. By biblical references readers can calculate the beginning of Lucifer’s absolute reign on Earth and its presumed end then they can get to know what life will be like after the catastrophe. A stunning piece of news is that the Almighty lost patience toward mankind in 1955 and let the horses of Apocalypses on the loose.  In the spring of 2005 Jesus Christ arrived on Earth and the last judgment commenced. Another topic after this is the question - which divided the scientific world - whether humans can be cloned and politicians channeled the events to a most inappropriate direction. Regarding the development of science and space research we got mysterious messages from extraterrestrials landing in Hungary. They expressed concerns about the steep jump in mankind’s technical progress that is about to happen because they consider it too early. This chapter also sheds light on the reason why accidents are more and more frequent in space research: half a century has passed since starting the research and we still fire our astronauts to space just like canon balls. Advance is hindered by the new industrial patent law which says inventions connected to extracting free energy are to be kept secret this simply stops the serial production of such inventions! Those who transgress against this law get a 10 thousand dollar fine and 2 years of prison. By the news that oozed out Omega Agency is on the alert to introduce order in the world and to get square with criminals. After seizing power they intend to publish all the secret information connected to extraterrestrials.

The section titled „Books recommended” can unblindfold those emancipated women who can’t find their place and goal in life. Before that the newest form of value crisis, brand quackery is discussed, i.e. how brand items are willfully transformed into shitty junk. Many know about it but only a few resent that responsible posts are not filled by appropriate people. It causes immeasurable damage to our civilization that family- or friendship ties, or racial, ethnical, religious lobbies as well as corruption decides where people land in the world. The section on natural healing mentions that there are places emanating positive radiation in Hungary too, which has become famous healing centers. The most well-known among them is Attila-hill. Regarding this topic the author enters into details on how paraphenomen individuals can be included in healing.  Finally he talks again about the fact Hungarians still do not claim and utilize their own inventions, in fact, nowadays news­papers don't even publish breakthroughs and new ideas anymore. Although Swedish knowled­ge parks are convincing examples of what possibilities stem from creative people, from their ideas that we appreciate so little.

This chapter calls the reader's attention to the astounding fact that a 3-minute long magnetic irradiation can heal each and every cancer patient. The frequency specific energy irradiation des­troys not only the cancer cells but all types of viruses, bacteria while not harming our body's be­nign bacteria. This universal cure has been known for 80 years already but its application got banned because of the pressure exerted by the pharmaceutical lobby. Whereas this pseudo-democratic world of ours does not tolerate the slightest offence against human rights and we call the police or run to the court if one of our fellow man or a minority is hurt, yet in the meantime, we turn a blind eye to the real supreme crimes against the Mankind. As the result of our negligence and ignorance we sentence millions of people to death annually, though by reconstructing this method we could exterminate all the harmful microbes on Earth fast and cheap. We could relieve plants, animals and humanity of all the diseases and pests, once and for all. Moreover, the relaunch of this process could greatly reduce environmental pollution as pesticides, drugs and biocide chemicals would not be necessary anymore.

The III. from a volume we may recognize the story of the creationism. In the world's schools big fight the biblical creation story, the scientific evolution theory are going on and it between intelli­gent planning creationists advertising his principle. It V. chapter dissects the opportunities of the reformation of the power generation. It lightens up on the row of this, that the bio fuels did not sol­ve our energy supply and environment protection problems, indeed serious food shortage, and rise in prices was brought about. We return in that direction in the additional ones, that becoming mate­rialistic, trampling upon ethical values took shape through the more thousand years get into a moral bankruptcy the humanity. The new world created by us selfish, utilitarian and value pursuer. De­struc­tive passions overcome us, and convert we from the right way. Becomes more obvious con­tem­plating our world rotting gradually continually, that we are unable to order ourselves to stop at once. With what the peoples do not want from themselves to change, the circumstances deterio­ra­ting ra­pidly will force us to this. The Earth the nature destroyer defends itself against our activity. The na­ture destroys those who ravage the nature. The countless harm expressing himself on all space not hits the concerned ones only, but is effective onto all of the society. These harmful pheno­mena dishe­vel everything, undo. It also becomes clear that the reason the aliens hiding beha­vi­or. The mes­sage is that only about what we can do. They do not come because we do not call them.


The book titled „Text editing skills” is an operational manual for Office 2003 and PageMaker 6.0 7.0, respectively Windows 7 operating systems worded in a way that even beginners can grasp it. This is not a textbook, rather a guide; a collection of goal oriented methods. The ideas and suggestions included can be useful mainly for those who have acquired at least basic skills at a word processing course. Unfortunately, these courses handle the topic quite rough without including special applications. In addition, most books on informatics are incomprehensible, they are usually written by professionals for pros. Professionals tend to forget once they were beginners, too. Due to this, they are likely to skip those parts, which are obvious in their opinion. Nevertheless, for inexperienced beginners the withheld intermediary steps are indispensable and in lack of these, many people cannot get along with the books. This book howe­ver, gives minute instructions, discussing the tasks step by step; so even beginners can use it without any halts. It does not contain generalities; instead, it provides concrete rules, in depth instruction, and many references to special literature. Besides, it enters into details on how to produce books at home. Finally, it gives useful advice about purchasing the PC and its service parts as well as its programs.


Unfortunately, as unemployment rates and inflation are increasing fewer and fewer people can afford to buy books. However, the skills contained in the books above are a must to everyone, therefore I ask all my readers to lend my books to their friends and acquaintances so the road to self-healing and spiritual self-help can open up for them as well and they will not be cast out from our world's renewal. I ask those who bought the new editions but still possess the earlier ones to make them a gift to those who have not read any of them yet. 


My books can also be found on the Internet at this address:


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In the autumn of 2003, I was provided with facilities to open up my own electric library. Therefore, those interested in the latest versions of my books should download them from Kun Electronic Library. These regularly updated, page proof versions are appropriate to be printed. URL address: http://kunlibrary.net  (These can also be opened from the MEK portal by clicking on the Source/­Forrás field at the bottom of the webpage of each work.) If one is interested whether any updates happened in between, it is not necessary to open all the books. The chart that can be activated with the Frissítési dátumok/Updates weblink shows the uploading date of each and every file. (In order to guarantee higher security level aga­inst viruses all the files are zipped. Individual files can be dow­nloaded without a zip program in a self-zipping format. They are to be double-clicked and they unzip themselves as Word or PDF documents.) 

In the summer of 2004, I started a journal titled „Esoteric World.” The main purpose of this journal is to publish the state of esoteric inventions and the newest information available. We are not flooded by news yet as the breakthrough foreseen by so many for this field still has not occurred nor technical development started in the required measure. I am convinced this process will not just start by itself therefore I try to promote the first steps with this journal as additional means. Besides, this forum contains many interesting articles, additional information and useful briefings as well as readers' letters of general interest. „Esoteric World” can be found only in Kun Electronic Library.

In the meantime, the „Jokes & anecdotes” section of the journal has grown into an independent book. The collection of nearly 11 500 jokes came into being by browsing and selecting from more than 300 joke books, joke magazines and anecdote collections. It contains the best part of Hungarian jokes from the last 100 years. In favor of the new generation, footnotes are available to help their grasp of political jokes. In protection of minors, erotic jokes are in a separate volume. (Nearly 200 jokes regarding gastronomy were moved to chapter 5 in my „Reform dishes for gourmets” cook­book.) On the same website the section on exotic fruits expanded significantly. In the spring of 2007 I supplemented 672 exotic fruits and vegetables with a photo album. The album contains 13 464 photos and it is in 33 languages. It can only be downloaded from this website: http://kunlibrary.net. Its content is min. 900 MB. In 2009. autumn I prepared an album with 33 languages from 550 con­tinen­tal vegetables and fruits, what implies 11 042 pictures currently, and his extent 660 MB.

In 2013, the book of jokes, humoresques, anecdotes was supplemented with a collection of humorous pictures, which shows how life was long ago and how now. A study of 350 photo-monta­ge we may obtain an overall picture of the progress our development, which is not positive on all fronts. The II. volume locks a list implying cabaret scenes and burlesque, which allows we can lis­ten to or view the best scenes of Hungarian cabaret. In 2013 I created a pop hit list as well, that from 1931 implies all of the Hungarian hits until the present day. After selecting the artist name a few seconds later we may listen to our favorite songs, concerned we may inspect in the form of video clip on YouTube. There are currently 8375 songs in this collection, with 57 866 variants.

These books are available only in Hungarian at the moment. But the information contained in them would be useful for other nations too. Unfortunately, my financial situation does not allow the worldwide publication of my works. Therefore I try to address foreign enquirers through the net: All of you who regard translating these useful works and publicizing them on the Internet as your heartfelt desire, please help to create the necessary funds with your donation. I run my Internet library as a non-profit activity, therefore downloading the foreign versions will also be free of charge. You can send your donation to: HU45 1090 0028 0000 0014 3499 0019. UniCredit Bank.  Your participation does matter and I am grateful for it even in advance.


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[1] The converter, made by Tesla, was built into a wooden box the size of a small suitcase and was able to move a heavy luxury car at 90 mph. The vehicle was powered by a large conventional electric motor powered solely by a unit called the converter. The converter also included an antenna about 1.8 m long, connecting the external "energy" to the circuit, and inside the box were coils, capacitors and some radio tubes. Neither a battery nor a power generator connected to the system, the total power requirements of the drive motor were provided by some electronic components. In the summer of 1931, the factory test took place in Buffalo, where this "ghost car" without noise and exhaust generated a great deal of attention. However, fate did not want this invention to take place before World War II, so the company that undertook to produce this converter in series was destroyed and the idea was forgotten.

[2] Many are already disturbed by the fact that during the TV news, foreign correspondents can only answer the pre­senter's questions with several seconds of delay, as signals are received via mobile phone relay stations or satellites, but mostly via the web with some delay.

[3] Solitone is a Latin term meaning "lonely." In physics, solitude is a high-amplitude nonlinear wave. Its spread has been observed in liquids, but it is also spread in gases and even in the ether.

[4] Latex rubber gloves that protect up to 40 kV are not cheap. It costs 30,000 forints, but the funeral costs more. Recom­mended web address for purchase: https://www.munkaruhashop.hu/product/kezvedelem/villszer/8409-8410/

[5] I'm sure many of you have questioned what drives surfers forward, since there is no engine on the surfboard. The answer to that seems obvious: gravity. Indeed, from the top of the wave to the bottom. But they should stop there, because gravity pulls you in and doesn't push you forward. Surfers are pushed forward by the eetra, thanks to the soli­taire effect.

[6] Studying chronovizor would help a lot, because such diodes were used in the ingress circuit. However, this device is hidden by the Catholic Church and is impossible to access.

[7] A detailed description of this mode of excitation can be found in volume III of my book Esoteric implementation. Chapter V, "Esoteric Developments".)

[8] However, with a technical solution, most magnetic force lines can be maintained in-house. Use toroid coils instead of standard transformers. With the toroid transformer, the magnetic force lines close inside the ring core, significantly reducing the dispersion of the force lines. (The outer scattered space will be only a few percent of the scattered space of the open coil. This may also result in toroid transformers being used in computer power supplies.) However, be careful not to place the primary and secondary coils on top of each other due to high operating voltages. The two coils should be facing each other on the ferrite ring. For large threads, torus soreoid winding should be used, which is difficult to do at home. The reduction of magnetic radiation is also necessary because switch-powered power supplies have a large scattered magnetic field, which can cause a commotion in news equipment.

[9] The decommissioning of microwave transmission towers is made possible by the introduction of longitudinal trans­mission in communications technology and telecommunications.

[10] A detailed description of the procedure can be found in the February 9, 2018 issue of the journal Life and Science (pages 174-175).

[11] Ferrite core has a permeability of up to 200, while hypersil transformer iron has 1500. Permeability is a numeric va­lue. It shows the number of times magnetic field strength (excitation) in the transformer iron creates a higher magnetic induction than in a vacuum. As you can see, it's eight times in favor of the transformer iron. Nevertheless, the poor quality ferrite core can be used to make a transformer with higher efficiency than the best quality transformer iron. The result is a much smaller and much cheaper power supply. (A power supply approaching the efficiency of switch power supplies could already be made from a plate called a metal glass, because permalloy has permeability from 10,000 to 100,000 and can be used up to 50 kHz. Disadvantage of this design is that permalloy is quite expensive.)

[12] According to the Bible, after the completion of the ark, the Lord gave Noah a "pearl of light" and "the source of light shone with his own power." According to the Gilgamesh epic, the "aperture-free" ship that ensured the survival of the Sumerian was not lacking in the mysterious light source bestowed on them by the god Enki. When they crossed into South America, the Jeremids received 16 "illuminated stones" from the Lord, two for each ship. During the 344 days of the crossing, these stones provided "bright lighting on their own" in the sealed vessels. A "miracle stone" was lit day and night in the yurt of Geszer Khan, the hero of the great Mongolian epic.

[13] You need a portable oscilloscope with memory that can store measured signals.

[14] The detailed description can be found in volume II of my book Esoteric implementation. (Chapter III, Harmful Rays of The Environment.)

[15] vilfrid hahenaj

[16] Lemniscate is a Greek term. It can also be perceived as the three-dimensional extent of its infinite signal.

[17] See Wikipedia for how it works: https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemniszkáta

[18] The method of installation can be found in volume III of my book Esoteric implementation. (Chapter V, Environment and Chapter VI Technical novelties.)

[19] However, the Polaris disc costs only half the price. Distributed by the jewellery online store Garuda Jewellery. Address: https://www.garudaekszer.hu/spd/0646/Garuda-energetizalo-polarizalo-skalaris-korong-S-L  Eric P. Dollard's improved version is also cheaper: https://www.garudaekszer.hu/spd/0634/Garuda-energetizalo-polarizalo-skalaris-korong-Lak  Dollard used a double-sided PCB disc for the disc. He formed thin strips of gold-plated copper on the other side of the circular surface, which act as "capacitors". He did not say anything about how the improved version worked. Presumably because he did not know. After many attempts, he had discovered this efficiency-enhancing solution by chance, but had no idea how it worked. Lakhovsky called the disc a multiwave oscillator. According to him, the circular rings collect cosmic ener­gy and convert it into scalar oscillations with a wide frequency range: "If you put the body in a wide frequency space, the diseased cells will recognise their own frequency, tune in and resonate again at their own frequency, and the disease will disappear." Tomiæ talks about an influx of life force. No one has ever thought of shape radiation.

[20] Polaris order:


Phone: +36 20 429 62 60

E-mail: info@polariskorong.hu

[21] Polaris user manual:


[22] Chakra is a Sanskrit term. It means a wheel.

[23] The rules for the use of magnetopressure are given in Chapters I-II and III of the Esoteric Cycle. It is also dealt with in other esoteric books, up to a few columns.

[24] Possible purchase address: http://vemix.hu/spl/995430/NYAK-lemezek?infinite_page=2 Here, the 1.5 mm thick, single-sided fibreglass PCB sheet costs HUF 2134, 375 × 350 mm. (16 discs can be made from this. The price for 1 disc is 133 Ft.) Use a circular saw to scratch 85 mm diameter circles on the copper foil, then cut them with a fret saw. Then grate it smooth and smooth it down gently.

[25] The cheapest price is available here: https://www.conrad.hu/p/bungard-fe3cl-vas-3-klorid-tartalom-1-l-530736  Price: 4090 Ft. The 30% hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with home-keeping hydrochloric acid in a 1-1 ratio is not recommended, because it is harmful to the varnish layers. It will etch off excess copper from the vinyl in a few minutes, but will leave a jagged edge to the design. If you can't wait for the etching process, which can often take up to half an hour, use iron chloride mixed with hydrogen peroxide. This reduces the etching time to about 5 minutes. TN 150 Quick Etch, containing 10% iron chloride and 15% hydrogen peroxide, is produced by WOLF Chemical Ltd. in 450 millilitre containers. (The cheapest way to order it is on this web address: https://www.ohmelektronika.hu/termekkategoria/elektronika/sprayk-vegyszerek/  Price: 790 Ft.

[26] One possible manufacturer is AUTER Elektronikai Kft. E-mail: info@auter.hu Please also contact the companies available at https://nyakexpressz.hu/  and www.eurocircuits.hu for a quote. Please contact them at their e-mail address first.

[27] This uncomfortable feeling is well known to the ladies who wax.

[28] This should be confirmed by an instrumental measurement, because my Lakhovsky disk has an even number (12 rings). This also demonstrates the uncertainty in this field.

[29] The maximum thickness of the copper foil of the PCB plate is 70 microns. If it is electroplated with gold, its thickness increases by 10 microns.

[30] In this situation, it is no coincidence that the distributors say: 'The disc is not a healing tool. It is not a substitute for traditional medicine. It is not a substitute for alternative treatment. All claims regarding effects are plausible and possib­le, but not yet fully proven scientifically."

[31] English abbreviation for electromagnetic field.

[32] Abbreviation for microwave oscillator. (E.g. the emission of a magnetron in microwave ovens.)

[33] rájel rejmon(d) rájf

[34] Tesla conducted such an experiment in Manhattan 100 years ago. He mounted his palm-sized infrared generator on one of the beams of a half-finished 10-story building. He tuned it to the building's resonance frequency. And then the tower block crackled and crackled. Seeing this, the workers panicked as they thought there was an earthquake. They called the police. That's when Tesla pocketed his device and walked away from the scene. As he later noted, he could have demolished the building in 10 minutes.

[35] rejmon(d) szeid(l)

[36] Dr. Rife died in 1971 of an official valium overdose. The doctor who performed the autopsy initially found foul play, but withdrew that opinion in the face of a threat from an unknown caller. Who the unknown caller was is not hard to guess. Dr. Rife has also been involved in aura research, where he has also made very significant progress. As a result, the CIA launched a frontal attack on him. Three of his colleagues had a mysterious accident, his laboratory was set on fire, another site was broken into by unknowns, and all documents relating to his research were taken away.

[37] The fragments here and there have only the resonance frequency of two dozen microbes. These can be seen on the Zap­per website. Web address: http://www.gartier.sk/zapperhu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=21&Itemid=35

[38] A STED mikroszkópot a német Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH gyártja.

[39] Don't confuse tesla's high-frequency plasma discharge tube with the cold plasma used for disinfection. This disin­fection procedure was developed by Gregor Morfill, a former associate of the Max Planck Institute of Physics in Ger­many, for hand sanitization. This plasma is similar to the plasma produced in fluorescent lamps, but there are far fewer gas molecules in the ionized state. The device, developed by the research team, produces electrical discharges in the air. The resulting microforks break down the molecular oxygen or nitrogen in the air, triggering more than 200 chemical reactions. This is how hydrogen peroxide, which is deadly to bacteria, is created, among other things. This liquid is a weak, colorless, odourless acid, but a strong oxidizing drug. (Steam irritates the eyes and nose. Ladies like to use it for hair bleaching. It's an environmentally friendly chemical. Tablet-sold version of hyperol, which only needs to be dissolved in water and can now be used as a disinfectant.)

In the cold plasma process, the vapour of the resulting hydrogen peroxide performs the disinfection. (This is similar to disinfection with ozone. There's also no antiseptic juice from the surrounding objects.) Thus, doctors do not have to rub their hands with soap before each examination and surgery, but just put them in a small box, and the plasma destroys all the viruses, bacteria and fungi on it in a few seconds. It's also effective against foot fungus. The procedure is not new. Plasma has been used to clean medical instruments in the past. It is also suitable for air disinfection. It also dissects volatile organic compounds, eliminating unpleasant odors. The device is marketed under the Novaerus brand name. Low power consumption (20 W), low fan noise (35 dBA). The Woodpecker-type device is developed in the Usa for cleaning and disinfecting the air in dental offices. None of them are cheap. They cost hundreds of thousands of forints. Since these devices have only been in use for a short time, it is not known whether the tens of thousands of volt electric fields needed to produce plasma increase the already large amount of electrical smog around us.

[40] This pipe made waves so strong that it went through a village with a portable device mounted on a car and eliminated the flu epidemic. Magnetic rays tuned to the right frequency destroyed flu viruses within hundreds of meters.

[41] That's probably what caused Tesla's laboratory to burn down in 1895.

[42] Danó Anna Népszabadság, 3 August 2013 (page 4)

[43] The use-by time would mean how long the food can be considered to be complete. After this, it should not be thrown away, but could be sold for half price until it runs out. This would give the poor access to all the food. A few per cent drop in intreament would probably bother them less than the terror of starvation.

[44] These versions are also offered on Vatera Jófogás.hu on the website. They sell it a lot cheaper than the new price because they didn't work. Super Ravo Zapper, on the other hand, is not offered second-hand. Whoever bought it once insists.

[45] If we order the device from Kántor Lászlóné Mariann and mention that Peter sent us from Dochi Kft, we will receive a discount. Tel: +36-30-206-3593

[46] This was established by Joseph John Thomson in 1897, and it was several years before this discovery became common knowledge in the electrical industry. (Thomson only received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1906 for electron discovery.) He even thought that the atom was a positively charged sphere, in which the same amount of negative charges as the positive charge can be found in the form of small particles, electrons. This "raisin pudding" model was later modified by Ernest Rutherford to the currently accepted and taught "solar system"-like model, according to which electrons orbit the nucleus. Their speed is enormous, so physicists of our time are no longer talking about electrons, they are talking about energy trajectories.

[47] This phenomenon was already known to the ancient Greeks, but was elevated to scientific status by Benjamin Franklin in the second half of the 18th century.

[48] henri moréj

[49] Source: István Nemere: Mysterious inventions. Publisher: Pro-Team Nonprofit Kft. - 2013. (pages 161-172)

[50] Source: István Nemere: Mysterious inventions. Publisher: Pro-Team Nonprofit Kft. 2013. (pages 173-187)

[51] Fusion power plant researchers would be better off trying not to merge atoms at astronomical cost, but ethereal particles. In this way, they could produce much more energy at a much cheaper price. A Hungarian inventor has already managed to make a spherical fork. under laboratory conditions. It didn't cost billions of dollars like tokamak. The Hungarian researcher built the necessary equipment for this, amounting to about 100 dollars. But you can't make it, because in our country, inventors are seen as public enemy, and the authorities do everything they can to destroy them, trample them. By the way, this plasma generator can transform matter. It can be used to create rare earths and even to break down greenhouse gases and dispose of radioactive waste. For details, see György Egely: Water cars... Antigra­vity... (pages 33-37).

[52] The latest revelation is that birds avoid collisions in the air by always turning right from each other. We could intro­duce that standard in aviation. If this rule were to be inflanked by would-be pilots, our aircraft wouldn't collide. And autopilot could feed this program.

[53] Intermolecular force is a more apt term than cohesion, but the microgravity force extends not only to external attrac­tion, but also to the attraction within the nucleus between subatomo material particles.

[54] According to scientists, van der Waals forces are weak electrical forces that occur between dipolees resulting from unbalanced charges of molecules. However, this explanation does not hold up because these forces work for both mag­netisable and non-magnetic materials (e.g. plastics). Microgravity has nothing to do with magnetism, much less elect­ricity.

[55] The phenomenon of adhesion, the cause of its creation, is not yet clear. According to the current explanation of physi­cists, adhesion occurs when the adhesion of two materials together involves a decrease in surface energy. Like other weak interactions, the phenomenon of adhesion is probably due to subatom foundations.

[56] If you would like to know more about this type of surgery, read Shirley MacLaine's Book: My Journeys In. The great value of this work, based on personal experience, is that it reports on events in a credible way without any bias.

[57] For this reason, some scientists have come up with such a convoluted explanation: "The spatial distribution and struc­ture of the time loops growing outwards inside the elementary particles is asymmetrical. The twisting directions of their complex wave areas also show asymmetry, so different amounts of left and right time loops can be observed in different places within the time tank. This unevenness can also be observed outside the particle, in the synchronous dynamisms of the wavespace, which are positioned and moving around the system in a directional way. Over longer distances, this results in the troupes tending to enter the space in an orderly manner in relation to each other in a specific twisting position. To be precise, the twisting characteristics of their constituent particles are synchronized, thereby showing a kind of wavespace order throughout the company. Which has a compelling effect on the other companies around him, also arranging their particles. That's the sorting power we call magnity."

[58] The difference between them is at least as great as between an electric car and a car with a petrol engine. A pure electric car has far fewer parts and can be made much faster and cheaper than an explosive engine. At the moment, it costs so much because the forced battery doubles its price. Its wide range is also hampered by the battery's short range.

[59] níd enádö(r) szevn esztronótsz

[60] A detailed description can be found in Volume II of my book Ezoteric Panorama. (Chapter VII, Technical Basics of Esoteric.)

[61] Extraterrestrial civilizations call the beam formed by concentrated ether ions "vril".

[62] Pronunciation: hamel

David Hamel was born in 1924. According to his profession, he was a carpenter, but he mostly worked in inventions. He lived in Canada with his wife Nora. The extraterrestrials contacted him in 1975. They're from a planet called Kladen. An alien man and a woman taught him at length how to use ethereal energy, and finally they showed him the engine of their UFO. They took it into space and explained its mechanism of action on the fly. They have come to help us get rid of old and polluting energy systems (fossil fuels, hydrocarbons). They also said that this knowledge is humanity's only hope of escaping a very close cataclysm. After that, Hamel devoted all his time and energy to building the generator presented. He also made a working specimen by moving to a remote farm. However, he was unable to patent his inven­tion because his announcements to the Montreal Invention Office had "disappeared" without a trace in the post.

He then vowed never to patent any of his ideas, but to go public. After publishing his findings in a book, he was joined by thousands of volunteer helpers from around the world. He posted suggestions and comments from them on his website. When the developer's camp swelled to over 10,000, Hamel's website closed overnight. Along with him, all the worthwhile suggestions and comments disappeared. Given Hamel's professional awareness and commitment, it is almost certain that he did not self-delet all information about the generator. Other people did that. Knowing the manipu­lations of the secret services and background powers, as well as the "Man in Black" accounts, he acted under the influ­ence of life-threatening threats. What exactly happened, unfortunately, we won't know because David Hamel passed away in 2007.

[63] In order for the generator not to fly away, the magnetic rings must be reversed. That way, Yin energy flows out of the bottom of the generator, which taps the device to the ground. If this does not work, the device must be fixed to a reinforced concrete base locked in a steel box.

[64] It's a temporary name. A term composed of latin and Greek words. Stands for 1 - 1 - 5, or 115th in a row. It's the same with most transuran elements. In this way, element 112 was given the names ununbium, 113 ununtrium, 114 unun­qudium, 116 ununhexium, and 117 ununseptium. Element 109 has been given a final name: meltnerium (Mt). Element 110 is called darmstadtium (Ds), X-rayium (Rg) 111 and copernicium (Cn) 112. In 2016, additional transuran elements were given a definitive name. The international organisation of chemistes has christened element 113 nihonium (Nh). Element 115 was named moscovium (Mc), element 117 was called tennessine (TS), and element 118 was named oga­nesson (Og). According to an earlier IUPAC decision, element 114 is called flerovium (Fi) and element 116 is called livemorium (Lv). However, the "christening" did not solve the problem that these elements can only be produced arti­ficially in a laboratory. Because of this, they are very unstable, they exist only for a few seconds. They then decompose into lighter elements on their own. (For more information about transuran elements, see Wikipedia.)

[65] The group, called Vrilerinnen, was made up of four mediums. Their leader was Maria Orschitsch / Maria Orsitsch / Marija Oršiæ / Мария Ориия, born in Vienna. That's probably a code name. These girls came from the Aldebaran star system and disappeared without a trace after hitler's fall. They've been taken back to their planet. (A detailed description of their activities can be found in the July-September 2017 special issue of Hihetetlen magazine. Title: Magic and Occult Secrets of the 3rd Reich.)

[66] The ancient documents alone would not have been sufficient to develop UFOs on Earth. This required the direct assis­tance of the Aryan species in the Aldebaran star system. When the leader of the Nazi missile program, Herman Obert, was asked how they had achieved this level of development in space technology, the answer was: "We did not make the greatest improvements, they helped us." To the question, oberth replied, "People from other worlds."

[67] Abbreviation for Rundflugzeug (cruise plane)

[68] This term is a slanged version of the English word "fool fighter".

[69] The extensive copying activities of russians are reported in the attached document entitled "Country of copying". The Russians, however, are not alone in this all-population activity. Other countries have chosen this path of development. After the loss of World War II, the Japanese realized that the centuries-old policy of shut-off from the world could not continue. From the hole where they're in, only rapid development can lead them out. Yes, but how? Extensive deve­lop­ment costs a lot of money. In a country that used to spend all its money on armaments, its capital was destroyed and two of its cities destroyed by an atomic bomb attack, this is not a viable option. Therefore, in the 1950s, thousands of tou­rists insanced cities in developed Western countries and photographed everything, all the data recorded. Locals laughed at them to see what was the point of photographing objects that were insignificant to them. They'd be better off inte­rested in tourist attractions. However, the Japanese were more interested in industrial facilities and industrial products. The information collected was then taken home and subjected to systematic analysis. They filtered out the experience and started producing products of a western standard. These were then exported. After being sold at extremely low cost, western residents did not shy away from buying them. They didn't do much with it, because they quickly realized they'd been given a bad quality junk. Therefore, the quality of contemporary Japanese products became the subject of ridicule. They joked about it like we do now about the quality of Chinese goods.

But they didn't laugh at Japanese products for long. Their quality has improved rapidly, while the goods have not increased. In the 1970s, the quality of Japanese products caught up with and even outstook the West. And in news technology, it destroyed radio and TV production in Europe and the United States. Pocket radio, for example, is not manufactured by anyone other than the Japanese because they cannot produce it in the same quality and cheaply as they do. They also took a leading role in walkman and mp3 production. And the quality of Sony color TVs has become le­gendary. Their HIFI equipment, as well as their cameras and video cameras, have also become a selling item. Then came the Japanese automakers, which shed millions of their advanced and cheap vehicles into the Western market. Western countries have only been able to defend themselves against this with a protective line. The Japanese's efforts led them to become the third most advanced industrial country in the world.

That's the way South Korea went. They no longer needed an army of tourists. It was enough to order the tools and devices to be copied and subjected to careful study. The use of their experience has led to two of their largest electro­nics factories, Samsung and LG, produce high-end products that can be sold well in every country in the world. That's the way china is on the road. As far as their clothing products are concerned, their quality is still rather low, but the quality of their electronic products is rapidly improving. This was done by buying licenses. The manufacturing do­cumentation of their laptop, Lenovo, e.g. They bought it from IBM. Since then, they have their own computers, which are no worse than the original IBM version. Later, there was no need to buy a licence, because western European and American companies had to move their factories to China in order to take advantage of cheap and large numbers of Chinese labour. Together with him, the entire production documentation was handed over to the Chinese specialists. Now all they had to do was copy the blueprints and make their own products. That was quick. With this method, the greatest progress has been made in the production of smartphones. A decade ago, everyone was licking their asses that the plastic casings of Chinese mobile phones were crackling and their processors were quite weak. After the turn of the millennium, however, the world market for high-quality Chinese smartphones was one after the other. Nowadays, for the same money, you can buy a mobile phone that is much more advanced and know more than the West. Western companies have not thought about cutting the wood under their own with this greedy, profit-making effort. Free high-tech technology has been donated to China, which will result in China becoming the world's leading industrial country in a few years' time. If this leadership in the economy spreads to politics, then the West can start to worry.

[70] röné kuzinyé

[71] Other host countries fared no better. In Finland, for example, it costs 200 million forints to integrate an immigrant.

[72] You can read about the help of the Aryamians during World War II in Volume I of my book Esoteric fulfilment in the Interesting news section.

[73] Zinc increases the elasticity, corrosion resistance and melting point of magnesium, making it easier to pour and weld.

[74] We are not yet aware of the role of bismuth. Because bismuth is highly diamagnetic, it appears to impair the electrical conductivity and magnetism of magnesium. In a strong magnetic field, however, bismuth becomes magnetic and is involved in the formation of plasma around the vehicle. The strong magnetic field around the vehicle is generated by antigravity radiation e out of the engine. Because of the repulsive effect of bismuth due to magnetic radiation, it may also make navigation easier. Its exact role will be determined by future research.

[75] Carbon fibers are formed from nanotubes made of carbonates with an internal diameter of 100,000 millimetres.

[76] The suba is a sheep's coat turned outwards with its hair, covering the whole body from the foot to the neck. In the rain, the Transylvanian sheep herds laid this on themselves. On the way out, the sheep's coat also protects against the heat. (According to its manufacturers, woolen bed linen warms in winter and cools in summer.) We're going to need another sheepskin pus and a glove. Ordinary skin gloves are not a good solution, because sheep's hair should be outside, not inside.

[77] Developing this electromagnet cost $35 million.

[78] The movement of cones can also be studied in these English-language videos:




[79] This experiment was previously presented by a professional scientist. He didn't think it would be the end of his care­er. The report on the case can be found at: https://index.hu/tudomany/giro0619/

[80] Einstein's theory of warp was also heavily criticized by Tesla. He came to logical conclusions: "The hypothetical warp is absolutely impossible. All literature on this is futile and damned to be forgetted."

[81] Detailed information about the Book of Vedics and the Mahabharat can be found in my book Esoteric panorama, in various places.

[82] Tesla called it "the infinite number of possible futures."

[83] Our scientists are still on the way to einstein's doctrine. Einstein said of this phenomenon in 1915: "Gravitational mass somehow curves the hypothetical four-dimensional space-time continuum, and this deformation orbits the planets around the sun. In other words, gravity is not a force that spreads, but presumably a result of masses distorting the web of space-time around them in some miraculous way. Thus, instead of being attracted by the sun, the Earth is likely to follow the closest orbit corresponding to a straight line, which is accessible to it through the curved space-time around the sun." That's what they say when someone doesn't understand something, it obfuses. And the scientists of our time have gone well beyond their master in obfuscation. They're already tossing around string theory: "String theory declares, that all material and force-like particles, and even space and even time, are formed from one-dimensional vibrating strings, which are about one trillionth of a trillionth of a centimeter (10-33 cm) long, but have zero thickness and are present in a ten-dimensional universe, the six additional knees of which are twisted so small that they cannot be detected!" That's a freak.