Subotronics Ltd:

May 23, 2023

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Dear Readers! I try to update my work regularly. However, download statistics show that in many cases this does not reach you. This is becau­se most of my readers use HTM files, which they open with their smart­phones. (For example, HTM files created for web search engines have no images and are difficult to use.) The bigger problem is that, this file type gets stuck in the browser. Internet browsers and web pages create coo­kies. They do this to make the file open faster the next time. When you click again, the HTM file is not opened from the website, but from a coo­kie stored on your browser. This has the disadvantage that the updated file cannot reach you. Even if I replace the old file, they won't know be­cause of the stuck cookie. Therefore I ask you to delete cookies from your browser as often as possible after using them. This way you will not be prevented from accessing the updated versions. The same applies to PDF files. If you want to check the PDF file containing the date of upda­tes, the previous version will be displayed without deleting the cookies. It is also a good idea to delete cookies daily, because they often contain spyware that looks out for passwords, which hackers can use to loot our bank account or com­mit identity theft.