Adjustable electro-mechanical overcurrent and short-circuit protection


A circuit for overload or short circuit protection including a source of electric potential, output terminals, a load coupled to the output terminals for receiving electrical energy delivered thereto from the source, a potential sensing device arranged across the source of potential for sensing the magnitude of its potential, and a switching device coupled between the output of the source of potential and the input terminal to the load and responsive to the potential sensing device for disconnecting the load from the source of potential when the value of the sensed potential falls below a predetermined magnitude. Since not the closing contact of the electromechanical switching element, but the opener one makes the dissolving, the response of this overload protection circuit is zero.

This invention is a separated protecting circuit providing for permanent protection of any supply unit system. This process can be successfully applied by using of complex multi-channel voltage stabilizers as well thus excluding the half-wave supply of consumer in case channel would get short current. At portable devices, the contacts due to the movement of any transients were eliminated by a buffer capacitor, which should be linked to the power supply output. The greatest importance of the invention appears in the production-territory of the voltage stabilizer integrated circuits. The forced apply of the series Rsc resistance becomes unnecessary by using this process thus during manufacturing of the voltage stabilizer integrated circuits there are unlimited possibilities for increasing the stability coefficient and reducing the inner resistance. Furthermore the emission of the series Rsc resistance makes the stabilizer integrated circuits more simple and at the same time cheaper too. This protecting circuit, as a separated unit, can be manufactured as compact closed-construction element as well. Depending on the adjustment this closed unit can be applied the consumer as circuit limiter, or short-circuit protecting element.


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