Field electric semiconductors


The invention field electric semiconductors like that two of their extreme layers identical three-layered semiconductor elements with a leadership type, in which ones the filling carrier flow prevailing field electric happens according to power relations between the single layers fundamentally. Coming in various forms of type like d.c. field electric diode, a.c. field electric diode, d.c. field electric transistor, a.c. field electric transistor, the invention is suitable not only for all tasks characteristic of the traditional types of semiconductor elements, but also for a number of new electronic applications.

The novel type of diodes and transistors are suitable for compensating input voltage drops caused by an increase of output load; this is feasible on the account of their negative internal resistance. Moreover, the novel type of transistor embodied in the invention is suitable not only for stabilizing output voltage, but by means of a simple additional Zener circuit it can compensate input voltage fluctuation caused by mains voltage fluctuation in a very effective manner. By means of the novel type of a.c. transistor embodied in the invention, simultaneous compensation of consumer load fluctuation and mains voltage fluctuation is feasible in an electronic manner also in a.c. circuits. 


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