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It is apparent, even to the most casual observer that our world is in an ever-deepening crisis. Continually increasing pollution affects more and more people, the environment is in a dire state barely able to cope with the incredible amount of toxic waste humans produce. At the same time, life expectancy is decreasing; ever growing number of people live below the poverty level, not just in Eastern Europe but in the West as well. In addition, there is never ending hostility stemming from ignorance and lack of education, leading to escalating violence, countless hot spots and terror acts around the world. There is a way out of this predicament however. I have compiled the newest research results in the esoteric field and these findings combined with my own ideas would provide a solution to these problems.

My tireless efforts during the past few years have produced 4 books which, presented to the public, would help move the world out of this dismal situation. The main theme of one of my books, titled Esoteric Panorama, is the introduction of naturopathic therapies. Detailed explanations are offered for mind-control, acupuncture, electro stimulation, various supplementary naturopathic techniques and, one new method pioneered by me, magnetopressura. Big advantage of this latest approach is that it only requires a magnetic bar, therefore the patient’s expense drops to virtually zero. Additionally, once the patient masters the techniques of acupuncture, it can be practiced at home. The spread of this method would help the ever-increasing number of people affected by economic hardship and by the increasing cost of medicine. This work gives extensive advice regarding healthy eating, healing the soul and discusses the role faith plays in modern societies. In connection, we discover Jesus' teachings, that are valid even today, and their effect on humanity's development. In addition, the demise of ancient societies becomes easier to understand. It also summarizes the essence of karma philosophy and directs our attention to the cause and effect law’s consequence on individuals and communities. It speaks of the eternal battle between Good and Evil, about the triumph of free will, and we can find out about the extent of the negative-power that controls our development. An encompassing aphorism and proverb collection that sheds light on the powers influencing our development both negatively and positively.

Incidentally, we can also gain useful information about the best ways practicing charity. We will get a detailed picture regarding the hierarchy of the beings who manage our universe, about the wonderful world that awaits us in the Heavens; we will shed light on the birth and the unavoidable demise of our universe as well as to the essence of time and reasons for its inception. It is extremely interesting how the past, present, future is intertwined, and how they occur concurrently. These concepts in our psychical world are only separated by the dimension of time, in reality they continually exert an effect on, and change each other. All of us take part in their forming but we can only affect the outcome of the present and the future.

From this book, we can also derive the instant when life begins, and what is the condition for such an event. It will shed light on techniques used by healers in the Philippines and gives us insight into what makes the creation of parapsychological events possible. We will get in-depth information about Earth radiations, about energy emanating from different objects and how we can protect ourselves from their effects. During the discussion of the psychical attributes of subatomic energy radiation, we will surely be surprised to learn that the speed of the gravitational and ether radiation surpasses the speed of light 12 fold. Based on this we will understand why stars thousands of light years away can have an affect on our lives and why scientist working on the SETI program cannot find radio waves in space. The explanation of the rules of ether’s motion will make the fundamentally analogous behavior of planets and subatomic particles clear. Furthermore, it contains much more information that is interesting and will help us understand the meaning of life and the incredible complexity of the world around us. Summing it all up, we will ha­ve an all-encompassing knowledge about every aspect of our life and we will know what we can expect from our future.

Since these subjects can only be understood in context, at the end of each chapter I expan­ded into different part of esotery. During these detours, I made intriguing discoveries that will help us to put an end to our ever more increasing environmental and existential problems. This could have only been done because I was able to bring all of today’s known parapsychological phenomena to a common foundation. Besides the ways of utilizing subatomic energy, information can also be found concerning the only possible way to defeat cancer, the possible psychical eradication of all viruses and bacteria, the design and construction of anti-gravitational engines, regarding the technique used building electric motors running without using external power source, and the rules of building UFOs. New psychical laws discovered by me will make it possible to harness electricity from different materials without using primary energy. The utilization of these subatomic level devices will make the creation of unlimited and free energy possible, thereby reducing the cost of industrial production and mass transportation, which in turn will drastically reduce environmental pollution. The anti-gravitational engine will revolutioni­ze air travel and make long distance space flights possible.

At the end of the book, while revealing the secret of the powers that control our world, we will discover that ether, the existence of which is denied by physicists, in fact does exist. It doesn’t just exist it actually regulates the universe. Stabilizes the direction and speed of the planets and stars, produces inertia and it makes insects' flights possible. We can thank ether for the stability of our world; it is also responsible for the controlled expansion and future contraction of our universe. These discoveries will result in large-scale changes in every aspect of our lives, will transform our way of thinking and pave the way for a more evolved civilization.

My book titled „Reform dishes for gourmets” was written in the hope of reforming eating habits; it is set out to prove that eating meatless meals can be diverse enough without giving up any of the flavors we are so used to. It is quite possible using my newly devised spice mix­ture that will make the taste of soy virtually indistinguishable from meat. Beside the expertly prepared soy dishes, we can find the healthy variety of everyday dishes as well as my exotic recipes in the book. For instance, the section that deals with home preservation of fruits has instructions for making jams using a large variety of tropical and common fruits. Furthermore, the book explains how to make delicious homemade paprika powder, and gives a detailed description how one can pickle vegetables in a natural way. There is also an array of recipes for skillfully preparing each and every diary product at home, how to make pasta and meat substitute dough, and how one can bake bread at half cost that is healthier and tastier than those in shops. There are about 600 recipes and as a helpful gesture toward beginners, all of them are so simple and detailed that even they can get along with them easily.

In addition, there is an introduction to the wide variety of exotic fruits and vegans can find some quality recipes there as well. The book contains useful instructions about purchasing, storing, and preparing the right ingredients. The fact that chapter IV. gives detailed and all-embracing advice about skillfully purchasing and utilizing all the household appliances available, further increases the value of this unusual cookbook. From chapter V. we can learn what future awaits us nutrition-wise, and readers can get to know the newest methods of food preparation and preservation. Besides, one can read about the re-cultivation of long forgotten fruit and vegetable species and about the reason why bio-supermarkets are spreading everywhere. Then it also becomes understandable why the consumption of bread enriched with bran is not getting popular. Finally, we can see surefire solutions for the marketing problems of Hungarian agriculture.

The book titled „Esoteric fulfilment” is actually the continuation of „Esoteric panorama”. In this work, the topics of the earlier book are detailed furthermore to make their practical implementation easier. Offering a new stage, it contains such operational principles that enable thousands of scientists to start on this road and achieve remarkable results at last. We can also learn about the devices invented by scientists in different countries to extract free energy, and which are the most promising to us.

As the Tesla-converter is the simplest, least dangerous and most efficient energy-producing device, the circumstances of its invention and the areas of its utilization are given in details. One of these areas is the transmission of sound and picture without stations and entering into cosmic connection. Broadcasting radio and TV programs as well as using mobile phones is also on the brink of revolutionary changes. Relay stations and satellites will not bee needed anymore because the signals of central stations get through the planet and will be received everywhere.  In order to promote the reconstruction of the Tesla-converter the book explains the operation of its most critical part, the coupler diode. We can also learn about the energy-producing method used by extraterrestrials, generating the element numbered 115. Readers get information about the 3 most common UFO engines: the operational basics of the mercury circulation motor, the ringed reactor, and the crystal engines. As a result, the causes of earlier UFO accidents come clear and the mystery of the Tunguzka meteor is solved, as well as the origin of the fire cloud destroying the little town, St. Pière. We get an overall picture about the UFO program of the Nazi Germany, the flying saucers referred to as the „wonder weapon” by Hitler. One can follow up on the fate of the kidnapped German scientists and can learn the reason why the victorious allies’ rocket research failed.

This book also explains how matter can be made transparent and invisible. It’s not a secret anymore that our predecessors on Atlantis made heavy objects weightless and easily transportable by applying sub-atomic energy irradiation extracted from crystals. Extraterrestrials use synthetic crystals for this purpose and its stronger version can be used as a beam weapon, too. They use crystals with low-intensity beams for healing, and perform operations without leaving scars. Besides, we can get to know such mystical objects as the time machine, the chronovisor that can even be used for revealing crimes, or the exploratory searcher of the extraterrestrials. We can learn how the biblical Ark of the Covenant worked and what the tool was that cut through diamond like butter. Readers get information on the size of sub-atomic particles, which remarkably forwards their understanding of the esoteric phenomena. They can also get ideas for implementing the simplest method of energy production, soliton generation, as well as moving ether particles with strong electromagnets. These give the possibility to instantly reduce the electric consumption of household appliances (bulbs, electric stoves, boilers, heaters) to a fraction of the usual amount. Readers can understand the physical basics of the three-dimensional world, and can realize why we are unable to perceive parallel universes or disembodied beings.

However, the main purpose of this book is not publishing the technical results achieved in the esoteric field but to promote the enlightenment of consciousness, which offers a possibility to rescue our decaying world. In order to prove we cannot go along in this fashion any longer, the book gives detailed information about the effects of our activities destroying nature. The facts clearly prove either we do something about saving nature or our civilization becomes extinct. However, we have the possibility to reverse this apocalyptic future and this work was written about finding the ways out, and about the possible methods of escaping onwards not backwards.

For the sake of changing our life-style, the book discloses all the detrimental factors that have thrusted our civilization’s progress to its deepest point so far. Aside from social and political anomalies, one is informed about the incidents hindering our happiness, e.g. the social indifference of new governments, the increase in unemployment and poverty, the acceleration of inflation, the manipulation of statistical data, the official silence on the problems that influence our fate the most, the bargain sale of our country, the confidence tricks in commerce and our self-destroying behavior. Our situation is aggravated by lack of self-recognition, estrangement, indifference, the decline of moral principles, the escalation of antagonism between the poor and the rich, the way multinational capital conquests the world, the stretch of crime as well as the arms race. Other tendencies that cause many problems are: the identity crisis stemming from the emancipation of women, the war between sexes, the relationship of couples getting worldly, the generation bomb, the perils of starting sexual activities too early, television affecting children, juvenile delinquency, lack of affection, our culture going glib, the commercial and marketing invasion, the activities of sects and survival techniques sinking into oblivion.

As background information, we can also learn from the book how the physical body grows into the astral body brought along by us. We get an explanation about what partial teleportation is, how we can take on others' karmic debts, when the spirit moves in the baby body, why worthy spirits don't want to be born as children in a messed up family, and what dangers originate from developing parapsycho­logical abilities before their time is due. It becomes obvious for the reader that honest repentance can avert karmic problems, and proves committing suicide is the least sensible alternative as it does not solve anything only deepens the problem. One can also learn about the way to control the spirits of the dead and how the priority of values change in those returning from clinical death, the true role work plays in our life, and after all these one realizes that neither our fate nor our future is set in advance. We can also learn that sex exists in the kingdom of heaven and not everybody feels good even there. This work shows why revenge is a dead end street, why God lets us fight wars and why we cannot remember our past lives.

The statement there is no bigger disaster than being rich, because poverty teaches one many things and that life's deepest sense is suffering will amaze many readers. Only a few know that games of chance fall under the authority of Satan. We will get a detailed picture of how demonic powers manipulate our world but we can also learn how to defend ourselves. An international group of scientists' shocking discovery is that hell is under Siberia. After reading this book, it will be clear to one what worth calamities have and that endurance is the pledge to success. It also casts light on the real reason of repugnan­cy against economic refugees, and how the antagonism between the poor and the rich could be eliminated. Those who are curious why our standard of living is decreasing and why we do not seize our opportunities can learn it if they read the section about our relationship toward inventions and creative people. 

Similarly to „Esoteric panorama” this book also brings up the subject of sensible charity and gives further data about accessory natural healing methods (e.g. the Gerson-diet, the Simonton procedure, Reiki, NLP, the Alexander method, TM- meditation). By lining up countless archeological findings, it tries to convince the reader that other civilizations existed before ours. This book confirms again that the way out of our problems is utilizing sub-atomic energy. At the same time, it explains why no any progress has occurred so far in this field. The biggest obstacles are denying the existence of ether and the overspecialized, one-way direction of higher education. This situation is not hindering the occupancy of sub-atomic particles though, since it was the same with electricity long ago when we started to use it without understanding its theoretical principles.  

As an interesting bit of side information readers come to know what extraterrestrials think about us, what consequences the biblical flood had, and where we can find hills that are easier to walk up to than to come down from and what Raps is. It turns out there is still a camouflaged city on Antarctica that was built by the survivors of Atlantis. Finally, one can get an overall picture about the layers of spheres in the other world and about the present developmental state of humankind. The book describes the features of beings coming from those different spheres and their number living on Earth. We can read interesting facts about the great ancestors and about those from the second and third line. Anyhow, it is promising news that by all indicators God has extended his grace to us; therefore, our future destiny depends solely on us.

The main purpose of the book „ Esoteric implementation” is to give practical advice. With its ideas and suggestions, it tries to help us solve our present problems. The most important of these suggestions is to terminate using cash and to introduce a new monetary system instead. Yet another method to suppress crime could be a special punishment: public contempt. Readers can also learn about the possible solution to terminate adverse conditions evolving on the roads as well as the ever-increasing traffic: the introduction of luxury tax.

The tax on using man-power could solve the employment problem of older generations and the tax on childless families could remedy the population decrease. Multinational companies could be deterred from closing factories then migrating to other countries with even lower wages by protective duties. For the reformation of the health care system the Chinese method is the most suitable way. As the continuation of „Esoteric fulfilment” readers get further information here on the distinctive features of higher sphere beings and about the disadvantages of getting into connection with them. Regarding the topic it also turns out that a soul at a lower state cannot bear the presence of higher state souls. Reading further it becomes clear the most efficient weapon of our times is media. One can also learn how many planets in the universe are populated by sentient life forms stated by extraterrestrials. (These different life forms are listed by their appearances in chapter V. in „Esoteric panorama”.) In this chapter, one can also read about the universal religion that is based on worshipping the ONE, whose number of parishioners is remarkably increasing.

This book delivers news on the latest natural healing methods, as did the previous ones. In connection with health readers can come to know in America there is scientific proof already about the healing properties of praying. It also turns out that in the second biggest US hospital manual healing has been permitted. Besides all these, there is an interesting excerpt from the opinion of the Christian Church on the New Age movement. Then an overall picture is given about renewable energy sources and about the disadvantages of the different procedures. The technical section introduces the sheetpyramid and discusses the simplest method to generate artificial gravitation aboard spaceships. This book talks about the need for sponsorship, just like the others did, and offers new data about it. In the „Amendments” section readers can find new data regarding the topics of the previous books. The reason of antagonism between mainstream science and outsiders, lone-wolf inventors is discussed along the idea: „God does not select some people to be the elect on the basis of any virtuous quality.” Another biblical quote explains why our personal intentions and that of the surrounding society do not always fulfill our expectations: „Many are called but only a few are chosen.” The statement that our highly developed informatics devices turned on us and promote our destruction will surprise many readers. It would considerably increase our chance to survive if people were aware that in ruining our world the main weapon of satanic powers is: hiding behavior. Our situation is worsened by the fact that some extra-terrestrial civilizations hostile toward us „give a hand in it.” Finally, even that come clean how we can get our home­­­land rid of us.

Chapter II. points to the expediency of reinstalling the three-generation family model and trusting the elders with raising the children. Here the author shows how emancipation hit extreme levels and consequently women got even worse than men. It cannot be excluded that women’s trespasses might result in the downfall of this present age matriarchy. The gradual deterioration of our genetic pool had worried the professional practice especially. Then this problem was solved at one blow when the medical profession mapped out human genom, and with this created the institute of a modern Taigetos. A personal report is given in the book to show how charlatans whirl us into the web of the demonic world and it points at the most efficient way to escape. Based on this the author emphasizes it is high time to clear New Age principles of occultism and what harmful influence magic has on them. This is not easy though, as black magic has already found its way even into curriculums. A recent problem is that techno stress, which is a byproduct of the present information boom, affects almost everyone.

The next topic is getting insight into our future based on individual reports following progressive hypnosis, and we can learn about the mysteries of exorcism. In this book, the author still keeps an eye on the state of environmental hazards. The only good news in this field is that politicians and weathermen stopped denying the fact of global warming. At this point, we find out about our own possibilities to slac­ken the pace of the ecological catastrophe due to happen. This chapter informs the reader about the tasks that await our scientists after the esoteric research gets going. Meanwhile, it turns out what gravitation really is. Moreover, the author lets us in on the most modern method of alchemy making gold and the probable outcome of cloning human cells, which is presently going on. In 2004, it was revealed US government agencies had kept kidnapping geniuses for decades and made them work in underground laboratories.

Most certainly, the suggestion about building an electro plane will raise keen interest among readers. The point of such device is that a fuel cell is not suitable to actuate a plane driven by an electromotor, but a Tesla-converter does the job. In order to facilitate practical implementation the book gives a manageable way of reconstructing the converter. The detailed operational principles make it possible for anyone to produce a Tesla-converter in its original form. The next topic is transversal and longitudinal newscast and after reading it, the fact why researchers involved in the SETI program are unable to perceive the magnetic waves used by extraterrestrials will be understandable. Limitless possibilities are offered by the technical information that in place of the surveillance systems enmeshing our big cities there is a cheaper and much more reliable solution: we have to join the all-embracing surveillance system of the Higher Intelligence. For this we do not have to do anything else but start the serial production of chronovisors and permit their usage controlled by authorities.

Finally readers get an answer to the question why the number of UFO observations had decreased dramatically by the year of 2000. The cognition that nature has turned on us is quite upsetting. As mankind had not been willing to give up the idea of limitless economic expansion and had not turned to maintainable economic growth, nature ruins our economy with its own means, so as to slacken the exploitation of environment. Nature destroys those who destroy her, escaping the burden this way.

Chapter III. points at the sobering fact that our present behaviour is nothing else but a grotesque mortal agony. We could get out of this situation if our society's leading figures set a good example of right life style and self-discipline. However, there is little hope for this, since it has never occured yet in world history that an elit with limitless dominance over resources resigned of their privileges totally or partially at their own discretion. A long attachment is added to the section on natural healing comprised of reports on the success with the Silva Mind Control. The stunning results hopefully raise the wish of many to learn and apply this method. In order to reduce unemployment and give a helping hand to the victims of social changes introducing the „Favour bank” system would be expedient in our country too. Another way to help the poor but willing layer of population is giving loans free of interest, whose initiatior and exemplary organizer is the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. The Schwartz-report calls the readers' attention to an alarmingly fast pace danger: a new ice age is awaiting the northern states of Europe, while tropical states will turn into deserts resulting from the standstill of the Golf-stream.

In the next section we can read about a new step of our bestiality. We get more and more warning signals that Nibiru, God's punitive planet is coming. Readers get detailed information about its possible consequences and the ways to protect themselves. Based on the biblical quotations even faithless people can clearly see the connection between the Apocalypses and this lethal planet. In this section one can also learn about the operational basics of the simplest and cheapest antigravita­tional engine. The device is comprised of 3 swaying cones and 2 magnetic discs and is a typical example of generating coun­ter-reaction. The elements joined into a cascade multiply energy in the structure gotten from extraterrestrials to such deg­ree which can lift few-ton vehicles quite high. Its light weight provides a wide range of  utilization. Since it has no any parts that we could not produce, its serial production can be started at any time. However, it was not extraterrestrials who taught us how to apply microgravitation but nature did. Finally, one can read an interesting story about the new age usage of antigravitational energy streaming from earth.

 In chapter IV. it comes clear the selection before the catastrophe has already started. Everyone is „weighed” so as to make it easier to sift the wheat from the chaff. Right now the ones worthy of saving are being selected. Not God weeds us out but we do it by ourselves. By biblical references readers can calculate the beginning of Lucifer’s absolute reign on Earth and its presumed end then they can get to know what life will be like after the catastrophe. A stunning piece of news is that the Almighty lost patience toward mankind in 1955 and let the horses of Apocalypses on the loose.  In the spring of 2005 Jesus Christ arrived on Earth and the last judgment commenced. Another topic after this is the question - which divided the scientific world - whether humans can be cloned and politicians channeled the events to a most inappropriate direction. Regarding the development of science and space research we got mysterious messages from extraterrestrials landing in Hungary. They expressed concerns about the steep jump in mankind’s technical progress that is about to happen because they consider it too early. This chapter also sheds light on the reason why accidents are more and more frequent in space research: half a century has passed since starting the research and we still fire our astronauts to space just like canon balls. Advance is hindered by the new industrial patent law which says inventions connected to extracting free energy are to be kept secret this simply stops the serial production of such inventions! Those who transgress against this law get a 10 thousand dollar fine and 2 years of prison. By the news that oozed out Omega Agency is on the alert to introduce order in the world and to get square with criminals. After seizing power they intend to publish all the secret information connected to extraterrestrials.

The section titled „Books recommended” can unblindfold those emancipated women who can’t find their place and goal in life. Before that the newest form of value crisis, brand quackery is discussed, i.e. how brand items are willfully transformed into shitty junk. Many know about it but only a few resent that responsible posts are not filled by appropriate people. It causes immeasurable damage to our civilization that family- or friendship ties, or racial, ethnical, religious lobbies as well as corruption decides where people land in the world. The section on natural healing mentions that there are places emanating positive radiation in Hungary too, which has become famous healing centers. The most well-known among them is Attila-hill. Regarding this topic the author enters into details on how paraphenomen individuals can be included in healing.  Finally he talks again about the fact Hungarians still do not claim and utilize their own inventions, in fact, nowadays newspapers don't even publish breakthroughs and new ideas anymore. Although Swedish knowledge parks are convincing examples of what possibilities stem from creative people, from their ideas that we appreciate so little.

This chapter calls the reader's attention to the astounding fact that a 3-minute long magnetic irradiation can heal each and every cancer patient. The frequency specific energy irradiation destroys not only the cancer cells but all types of viruses, bacteria while not harming our body's benign bacteria. This universal cure has been known for 80 years already but its application got banned because of the pressure exerted by the pharmaceutical lobby. Whereas this pseudo-democratic world of ours does not tolerate the slightest offence against human rights and we call the police or run to the court if one of our fellow man or a minority is hurt, yet in the meantime, we turn a blind eye to the real supreme crimes against the Mankind. As the result of our negligence and ignorance we sentence millions of people to death annually, though by reconstructing this method we could exterminate all the harmful microbes on Earth fast and cheap. We could relieve plants, animals and humanity of all the diseases and pests, once and for all. Moreover, the relaunch of this process could greatly reduce environmental pollution as pesticides, drugs and biocide chemicals would not be necessary anymore.

The III. from a volume we may recognize the story of the creationism. In the world's schools big fight the biblical creation story, the scientific evolution theory are going on and it between intelligent planning creationists advertising his principle. It V. chapter dissects the opportunities of the reformation of the power generation. It lightens up on the row of this, that the bio fuels did not solve our energy supply and environment protection problems, indeed serious food shortage, and rise in prices was brought about. We return in that direction in the additional ones, that becoming materialistic, trampling upon ethical values took shape through the more thousand years get into a moral bankruptcy the humanity. The new world created by us selfish, utilitarian and value pursuer. Destructive passions overcome us, and convert we from the right way. Becomes more obvious contemplating our world rotting gradually continually, that we are unable to order ourselves to stop at once. With what the peoples do not want from themselves to change, the circumstances deteriorating rapidly will force us to this. The Earth the nature destroyer defends itself against our activity. The nature destroys those who ravage the nature. The countless harm expressing himself on all space not hits the concerned ones only, but is effective onto all of the society. These harmful phenomena dishevel everything, undo. It also becomes clear that the reason the aliens hiding behavior. The message is that only about what we can do. They do not come because we do not call them.

The book titled „ Text editing skills” is an operational manual for Office 2003 and PageMaker 6.0 7.0, respectively Windows 7 operating system worded in a way that even beginners can grasp it. This is not a textbook, rather a guide; a collection of goal oriented methods. The ideas and suggestions included can be useful mainly for those who have acquired at least basic skills at a word processing course. Unfortunately, these courses handle the topic quite rough without including special applications. In addition, most books on informatics are incomprehensible, they are usually written by professionals for pros. Professionals tend to forget once they were beginners, too. Due to this, they are likely to skip those parts, which are obvious in their opinion. Nevertheless, for inexperienced beginners the withheld intermediary steps are indispensable and in lack of these, many people cannot get along with the books. This book however, gives minute instructions, discussing the tasks step by step; so even beginners can use it without any halts. It does not contain generalities; instead, it provides concrete rules, in depth instruction, and many references to special literature. Besides, it enters into details on how to produce books at home. Finally, it gives useful advice about purchasing the PC and its service parts as well as its programs.

Unfortunately, as unemployment rates and inflation are increasing fewer and fewer people can afford to buy books. However, the skills contained in the books above are a must to everyone, therefore I ask all my readers to lend my books to their friends and acquaintances so the road to self-healing and spiritual self-help can open up for them as well and they will not be cast out from our world's renewal. I ask those who bought the new editions but still possess the earlier ones to make them a gift to those who have not read any of them yet.  


My books can also be found on the Internet at this address:


On June 30. 2003, the website of the Hungarian Electronic Library has been clo­sed and my new books as well as the earlier ones updated were moved to the site of the National Széchenyi Library. Therefore, the versions of my books can be reached at this URL address: https://mek.oszk.hu In this system books can be found by topic. As it is such a lengthy procedure, it is easier to type my name in the search window: kun akos and make the program search for my works. After this, one simply has to click on the book that he/she wants to download. In this library, one can access the data in DOC and PDF formats. Moreover, one can download the books in their real volume and in WinZipped format too. The web pages that open up at the selected books provide readers with the possibility of giving their opinion. Download statistics can also be opened from this portal. The number of downloads can be temporarily influenced by fashion changes but a steady increase is always the sign of lasting value and thoughtful message. Real good books are not those read by many at the same time but those still read after some decades pass.

In the autumn of 2003, I was provided with facilities to open up my own electric library. Therefore, those interested in the latest versions of my books should download them from Kun Electronic Library. These regularly updated, page proof versions are appropriate to be printed. URL address: https://kunlibrary.net  (These can also be opened from the MEK portal by clicking on the Source/Forrás field at the bottom of the webpage of each work.) If one is interested whether any updates happened in between, it is not necessary to open all the books. The chart that can be activated with the Frissítési dátumok/ Updates weblink shows the uploading date of each and every file. (In order to guarantee higher security level aga­inst viruses all the files are zipped. Individual files can be downloaded without a zip program in a self-zipping format. They are to be double-clicked and they unzip themselves as Word or PDF documents.) 

In the summer of 2004, I started a journal titled „Esoteric World.” The main purpose of this journal is to publish the state of esoteric inventions and the newest information available. We are not flooded by news yet as the breakthrough foreseen by so many for this field still has not occurred nor technical development started in the required measure. I am convinced this process will not just start by itself therefore I try to promote the first steps with this journal as additional means. Besides, this forum contains many interesting articles, additional information and useful briefings as well as readers' letters of general interest. „Esoteric World” can be found only in Kun Electronic Library.

In the meantime, the „Jokes & anecdotes” section of the journal has grown into an independent book. The collection of nearly 11 500 jokes came into being by browsing and selecting from more than 300 joke books, joke magazines and anecdote collections. It contains the best part of Hungarian jokes from the last 100 years. In favor of the new generation, footnotes are available to help their grasp of political jokes. In protection of minors, erotic jokes are in a separate volume. (Nearly 200 jokes regarding gastronomy were moved to chapter 5 in my „Reform dishes for gourmets” cookbook.) On the same website the section on exotic fruits expanded significantly. In the spring of 2007 I supplemented 672 exotic fruits and vegetables with a photo album. The album contains 13 464 photos and it is in 33 languages. It can only be downloaded from this website: https://kunlibrary.net. Its content is min. 900 MB. In 2009. autumn I prepared an album with 33 languages from 550 continental vegetables and fruits, what implies 11 042 pictures currently, and his extent 660 MB.

In 2013, a collection of humorous pictures was added to the book of Jokes, Humoresques, Anecdotes, which shows what was a long time ago and what is now our life. By studying 350 photomontages, we can obtain an overall picture of the progress of our development, which is not positive in all fields. Volume II is closed by a list of cabaret scenes and burlesque, which allows us to listen or view the best scenes of Hungarian cabaret. In 2013 I created a pop hit list as well, that from 1931 implies all of the Hungarian hits until the present day. After selecting the artist name, a few seconds later we can listen to our favourite songs, or we can view those in the form of video clips on YouTube. There are currently 8375 songs in this collection, with more than 57 944 variants.

These books are available only in Hungarian at the moment. But the information contained in them would be useful for other nations too. Unfortunately, my financial situation does not allow the worldwide publication of my works. Therefore I try to address foreign enquirers through the net: All of you who regard translating these useful works and publicizing them on the Internet as your heartfelt desire, please help to create the necessary funds with your donation. I run my Internet library as a non-profit activity, therefore downloading the foreign versions will also be free of charge. You can send your donation to: HU45 1090 0028 0000 0014 3499 0019. UniCredit Bank. Your participation does matter and I am grateful for it even in advance.  In order to reach those people as well who do not possess a computer yet, I am looking for those well-known foreign publishers who would undertake publishing my works. Their offers should be sent to either of these addresses: info@kunlibrary.net or kel@kunlibrary.net


Budapest, 21. January 2020.  

Interpreter: Edit Mátrai