Bipolar Field effect Transistor


 The invention consist such a Bipolar Field effect Transistor, witch has been produced on a single insulating base with the use of planar layer technology, said field effect transistor is able to perfect field effect tasks is traditional bipolar systems unlike the monopolar transistors. The bipolar field effect transistor, shortly BFT, can be operated is two sequences. In the first sequence the maximum input resistance has a value of 10 MOhm, in the second one is reaches the value of 1 GOhm. As the BFT invariably maintains its bipolar character against the monopolar transistors, advantageously combines in itself the favorable properties of mono- and bipolar transistors. As on course of production the technology can be used for producing high power voltage controlled bipolar means. The BFT may be favorably used also for digital circuits against, for long-time storing of digital informations and this information may be read-out many times, without the need of erasing.


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