Tesla generator

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Update: 21 June 2023.


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A careful study of the esoteric literature will teach us many lessons. In particular, the work of Nikola Tesla is worth looking at. 120 years ago he developed several inventions that we desperately need. One is the Tesla converter, which is currently be­ing reconstructed. The other major invention is an auxi­liary device, the secondary effect of which took Tesla by surprise. We already know that almost all his inven­tions were based on the energy multiplying effect of so­liton waves. He produced the soliton waves with a com­mutator electric motor he called an alternator. These wa­ves behave in an unconventional way. Unlike the trans­verse waves we use today, the soliton produces a lon­gitudinal wave. Longitudinal waves, on the other hand, do not create an electromagnetic field around them­sel­ves, but a purely magnetic field.

Magnetic waves emitted strongly from Tesla's devi­ces and equipment. This put him and his colleagues at great risk. Both he and his laboratory staff suffered from indigestion, stomach and bile disorders, constipation and flatulence. Tesla had no idea that magnetic radiation was the cause. He did not know that the human body was powered by the same magnetic energy he was experimenting with. He had no idea about the meridian system and the aura that surrounds the human body, although he had seen it before in the form of a fog-like bubble during a medical con­dition. Magnetic rays can draw energy out of or overload certain meridians, and disruption of the energy balance can trigger a variety of diseases.  

The alternator operated mostly at a frequency of 30 kHz. It probably broke down and was rep­laced by a new one with a frequency of 28 kHz. Tesla was not too worried about this because it worked just like the previous 30 kHz version.  But the activity around the mechanical oscillator cured them all in a week. None of them got sick in the four years they used this machine. On one occasion, Mark Twain visited the laboratory. By this time, the world-famous American writer was in a rather poor state of health. He was suffering from various worrying and dangerous illnesses, Tesla recal­led. However, during his visits to the laboratory, he recovered within two months. The Yang energy of about 28 kHz emitted from the mechanical oscillator cured him.

With all these facts and evidence, the suggestion that we should take advantage of this oppor­tunity seems obvious. All the more so because this is the frequency that nature uses in its famous healing spas. In Tápiószentmárton, such places are the Attila Hill, Dobogók Stone, in Pilisszentiván the Devil's Rock, the Majki hermitage, the ruins of the Cistercian monastery near Pilisszentkereszt, the Wild Stand Stone and the Miracle Tree Chapel near Dömös, the Hegyesk Stone near Monoszló and the stones of Bükkszentkereszt. The most famous of the foreign energy spas is the Bosnian pyramid. As already mentioned in the description of the Tesla converter, the disc-shaped stone in this pyramid, called Megalith K-2, also emits positive magnetic radiation at a frequency of 28 kHz.

It would be worth travelling there and using a frame antenna and an oscilloscope to measure the exact value of this frequency.[1]  It should also be clearly determined whether this radiation is Yin or Yang. This does not require expensive gravimeters and other instruments to be transported to the site. A compass will do. If the stone is attracted to the north (black) pole of the compass, it is Yin, i.e. it is emitting gravitational waves. If it is attracted to the south (white) pole, the emission is Yang, or ethereal. It would be worthwhile to carry out this test in Tápiószentmárton, on Attila Hill and in Dobogókġ. From the shape of the signal on the oscilloscope, a clear conclusion can be drawn about the time course of the natural soliton wave. Based on this, we could see what signal we should produce with our signal generator. This would also be of great help in the reconstruction of the Tesla converter.

With the measurement results, we can now start to build such a generator. Since we have a signal generator, it is not necessary to make an AC commutator motor. The soliton wave supplied by the signal generator only needs to be amplified and lashed onto a ferrite toroidal ring coil or a Klein-shaped electromagnet. This arrangement has the disadvantage, however, that it can only be used by one person because it is forward beaming. Since there are many sick people in the world, and the­re­fore a mass cure is needed, a circular emitter must be designed. Extraterrestrial civilisations also use such a generator, Once, during a fourth type of encounter, they showed such a generator to people invited on board their spaceship. The "abductees" were told to stand in front of it and move, jump and dance. This was probably necessary to allow the healing energy to penetrate every part of their body, even into the depths of their joints. After the unexpected treatment, the returnees reported an extraordinary increase in energy and a very good sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, nothing was said about how the device worked, but witnesses said it looked like a large electric motor. It differed from a conventional electric motor only in that the rotor was fixed to the floor and the stator was fixed around it. Here, therefore, the magnetic energy did not flow out from inside the motor, but was emitted directly by the outer part, which emitted healing soliton wa­ves. If we were to succeed in producing such an electric motor, we would have no choice but to place it in the middle of the waiting rooms of doctors' surgeries. That way, patients could even be cured during the hours they wait. They won't even have to go to the doctor.

This mysterious frequency value has already captured the imagination of researchers. Many of them have carried out serious studies on the physiological effects. Not here, because our scientists in their iron hats would excommunicate any colleague who dared to do such a thing. In India and China, however, esotericism is not an excommunicated science. There is also serious research going on in the pars sciences. As a result, two Indian scientists have studied the effects of 28 kHz soliton waves on the body. The results are surprisingly varied. Here are the findings of Dr Siva Poobala­sin­gam and Nisha Lakshmanan:


Ø   Scalar energy can even be incorporated into our own DNA.

Ø   It eliminates and neutralizes man-made, unnatural frequencies in the human body.

Ø   Raises the energy level of every cell in the cell to the desirable 70-90 mV level.

Ø   Raises the covalence of every hydrogen atom in the body as measured by spectrographs. This is significant because our DNA is held together by covalent hydrogen bonds.

Ø   It increases the permeability of the cell wall, which helps nutrients to enter the cells and toxins to be excreted and removed from the cells.

Ø   Reduces the surface tension of the material, so the body needs significantly less time to digest it.

Ø   As the energy levels of billions of cells increase, so does the energy level of the body as a whole.

Ø   It cleanses the blood, improving the levels of proteins and fats floating in the blood, trig­ly­ceride levels and blood fibrin patterns.

Ø   Independent laboratory studies have shown that it boosts immune system efficiency by 149%.

Ø   Improves mental concentration and focus as evidenced by amplitude increases in EEG studies.

Ø   It also balances the two hemispheres of the brain as shown by EEG tests. More specifically, it coordinates the functioning towards the intuitive domain, which also provides a sense of co­herence..


A detailed account can be found in their English book "Optimal Energy for Peak Performance with Scalar Energy".


Lemniscata pipeline

(Functional description)


We know from Masaru Emoto's books "The Message of Water" and "The Hidden Wisdom of Water" that structured water has magical powers on our bodies.[2] Its healing power rivals that of soliton waves. So we don't have to wait for someone to reconstruct the Tesla generator, because we can start treating patients on a mass scale right now. All that is needed is to energise the water that comes out of the tap. No expensive equipment is needed, because the ether does it for us. We just need to get to work. A well-known phenomenon in physics is inertia, which is caused by the ether. Aether particles travel across the universe and nothing can stand in their way. They also flood our bodies, but we only notice this when we are driving a vehicle and it suddenly accelerates or slows down. Then we fall backwards or forwards. When we accelerate or decelerate, the dense aether cannot flow into our bodies, so it pushes us like a concrete block. It does the same thing with water, but water has a special property: it can absorb excess energy and retain it for a long time..

 The presence of etheric energy is not without consequences. The etheric particles use their ener­gy to eliminate the destructurisation of water resulting from environmental damage. They create structured water with a regular molecular structure. This is exactly what the body needs. Many pe­ople are on the verge of dehydration. As we know, we should drink 2.5 litres of water a day to stay healthy. Some people consume a tenth of that. It is good to drink 1-2 glasses of water a day. They know they should drink much more than that, but they can't. They say they don't want water. Their bodies have an in­stinctive aversion to destructured, chlorinated tap wa­ter. This situation is radically changed by drinking struc­tured water. The feedback is that normalising its mole­cular structure makes tap water soft and silky, which makes them feel thirsty again and allows them to drink enough water. Drinking structured water not only eli­minates fluid deficiencies in the body, but also enhances detoxification and nutrient absorption. Structured water has a healing effect on the body. Over time, it eliminates all our diseases and strengthens our immune system. It also works wonders in industry and agriculture. Many people ha­ve recognised this beneficial effect and have created many inventions to exploit it. The most re­markable of these is the invention of a German physicist. This is also because it can be produced quickly and very cheaply.      

Wilfried Hacheney[3] designed a large device shaped like a lemniscate[4] to release etheric energy particles into water. The water flowing through the horizontal figure-eight tube is forced to change direction constantly, forcing large quantities of ether into it. The lemniscata shape is so effective because every centimetre of this pipe forces the water to change direction. As a result, it constantly bumps into the ether and absorbs a lot of ether ions. Many organic growers use this etheric water to water their plants so that they grow faster. Seeds also germinate better if soaked in this water before sowing. Bread baked in this way will be looser and the dough will rise higher. It has also been observed that concrete mixed with water enriched with ether is stronger than usual.

The efficiency of absorbing the primary energy can be further increased by placing several lem­niscates next to or on top of each other. The simplest way to do this is to bend the hot metal pipe into a template and allow it to cool before cutting it into pieces. It is not necessary to fold the ends of the tube by hand, gripping them with pliers, because this task is carried out more precisely by the articulated device[5] used to make the lemniscate. It is thus possible to make a device with up to ten layers, which increases its efficiency by an order of magnitude. Also try to increase the width as long as the technology allows. The wider and the higher the Lemniscata pipe system, the more ef­ficient it is. The pipe snake only needs to be coated with a layer of anti-corrosive anchor and can be used for decades without any problems. (If it is to be buried in the ground or in a pit designed for this purpose, it should be coated with aluminium and at least one layer of oil paint or tar. Also make sure that the top is at least 80 cm below the ground surface to prevent freezing in winter.)[6]

By the way, this method is not entirely new. As early as 1930, Viktor Schauberger developed an energy-enriching device for the artificial production of spring water. The Austrian naturalist used a spiral pipe in which the flowing water is also forced to change direction constantly. However, the efficiency of the spiral shape is much lower than that of the lemniscate. The only advantage of the spiral solution is that by reversing the direction of flow of the pipe or the water, it is possible to pro­duce water that rotates to the right.

Its low-cost production technology makes the lemniscata energy concentrator accessible to any­one. It has no running costs and therefore does not increase the price of the fruit and vegetables it produces. And the cost of purchase is recovered in a few years through an increased yield. In a few years, this equipment could easily become an integral part of every garden or rural household. It could also be easily used by urban water suppliers. All they would have to do is push the water into the hydroglobe bus through a pipe bent into a lemniscata shape rather than a straight pipe, and dis­charge it through the same kind of pipe. If necessary, an easily bendable plastic tube (rubber or plastic hose) could be used for this purpose. Industrial plants would also benefit greatly from this water, because it would soon become clear that the use of ether-enriched water would not only be beneficial for concrete production, but could have a beneficial effect on almost all products.

The potential for this is already beginning to unfold. For example, similar solutions can save a laundry owner €12,000 a year because less detergent is needed in ether-enriched water. In a riding school in Vienna, horses drink water enriched with ether and are no longer suffering from colic, while in a plastics factory, the use of cooling water has been optimised with the help of special wa­ter. Naturopaths have also praised the water. Patients who drink it get rid of eczema, leg swelling and headaches. It seems that the possibilities in this field are also unlimited. The opponents of the method speak of esoteric humbug, but the positive results and enthusiastic reports, which are multi­plying day by day, do not prove this. The improvement in water quality and the benefits it brings are visible, tangible and undeniable.

The most virulent opponents of ether-enriched water are the official scientific community. Ac­cor­ding to academics, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon, so they talk of fraud, placebo effect and 'selective perception'. But if every positive result is a figment of the imagination, then overnight we have become gods. We can heal ourselves and others with our thoughts alone, and make effective gains. That would be the real success, because then we could magically solve all the world's problems. Unfortunately, we cannot do that, so for the time being we have to make do with exploiting a physical phenomenon that fortunately works even if the scientific academies refuse to acknowledge it.

In order to avoid disbelief and heated debate, it would be advisable to test this method on a large scale and under official supervision. This would involve designating two blocks of flats in a housing estate or residential area and assessing the health of their occupants. Then a ten-piece lemniscata pipe snake would be installed in front of the inlet pipe of one of the houses. In a year's time, the health assessment should be carried out again in both blocks. After comparing the results, clear conclusi­-ons could be drawn about the effectiveness of this method. It would also be worthwhile to install the lemniscata pipeline in a hospital. After a year, it would then be possible to examine how the reco­very rate of patients has developed. Whether the length of time patients spend in hospital has dec­reased and whether the statistics on hospital-acquired infections have improved.

If there is no dramatic improvement, it is due to water pressure. The water company squeezes wa­ter into the street pipe network at 6 atmospheres (6 bar) to up to 10-storey tower blocks. Measu­rements show that this high pressure contributes significantly to the destructuring of the water. In this case, the restructuration should be carried out at the consumer, immediately upstream of the outlet tap. A half- to three-quarter-inch diameter tube containing 10 lemniscats should be placed in a plastic box under the bathroom sink or kitchen sink. The inlet and outlet stubs should be po­sitio­ned so that they are flush with the bottom of the enclosure. In this way, they can be installed in a recessed position. Covered with tiles, the structure becomes invisible.

Consumers of mineral water should not be deprived of the benefits of structured water. To do this, a 1.5 litre glass bottle with a metal screw cap must be manufactured. A pipe fitting consisting of 5 to 10 lemniscates is welded onto the top of the bottle. Both the cap and the quarter-inch dia­meter tubing should be made of corrosion-resistant steel. The width of the fitting should not be lar­ger than the diameter of the bottle or it will not fit in the refrigerator door. It is also not advisable to make it too high, as this will also prevent it from being placed in the refrigerator. It is also advisable to make a rubber cap. This can be used to prevent carbon dioxide from escaping from the 'bubbling' water. The device is very simple to use. You unscrew the pipe fitting, fill it with mineral water in a plastic bottle and screw on the metal cap. By tilting the glass bottle, the water flowing through the lemniscata-shaped fitting will now flow in a structured way into the cup underneath. The optimum number of lemniscates can be determined by freezing the outflowing water and exa­mining its crystal structure under a microscope.

If significant cures are observed with the use of lemniscate piping, this water treatment method should be implemented immediately throughout the country. It would save a great deal of expense to the public health fund, and would also greatly improve the public's sense of well-being and zest for life. This survey is unlikely to meet with resistance from the authorities, because official science says that this method is ineffective. And if it is ineffective, then it can do no harm. If it does, then it makes no difference whether the water enters the building or comes out of the tap through a straight or a tortuous pipe.


Budapest, 23.01.2018.


Form radiation

(Functional description)


There are many ways to maintain health, to cure diseases with ether. Most of them do not require expensive investment. As with lemniscate, shape radiation has a low-cost health promoting or hea­ling effect. The only drawback is that its effect is size-dependent. It can only induce rapid healing in large sizes. For the time being, only nature can create a mould radiator several kilometres in diameter. At depths of 10-30 km, the earth's crust is already in a plastic state. If the magma glowing in the interior of the globe can filter this plastic layer in such a way that it becomes convex when viewed from the surface, the shape radiation emitted from it will have a harmonic effect on living organisms. (Not only living organisms but also inanimate objects have an aura. This is called form radiation. Depending on their shape, these radiate beneficial or harmful radiation to living things.)

Beneficial crustal condensation is found in many parts of the world. The most significant in our country is the Attila crustal folds 10 km below the Attila hill in Tapioszentmárton. The energy ra­diating from the folds, which extend for several kilometres, has made Attila Hill a sacred site. It is named after Attila, the Hun king, who built his wooden palace on this hill on the advice of his shamans. (Our ancestors knew where to build; they were aware of the existence of radiations that could cause illness and those that could heal. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been lost with the advance of modern science. Our scientists have declared the science of their predecessors to be pseudoscience, and forbidden its research.) The rediscovery of this healing area is thanks to the owner of Kincsem Horse Park, who noticed that his horses liked to lie and roll around in a particu­lar part of the property. (Kincsem, the wonder horse, also owes his world-famous winning streak to this energy-boosting magnetic radiation. On his return home, he lay out on the Attila Hill near his stable to recharge. After a few days he recovered and was full of energy for the next race.)

The news of the miraculous cures spread like wildfire, and by the spring of 1999 thousands of people had made pilgrimages to Tápiószentmárton in the hope of being cured. Tourists can sit on the benches laid out or lounge on our blankets on the grass all day. After seeing the great success, the owner of the area decided to investigate the matter, trying to find out the cause of the positive changes using scientific methods. Instrumental tests showed no gamma or other radioactivity. Ho­wever, the levels of magnetic radiation were very high. According to comparative measurements by Hungarian researchers, while the magnetic balance in Medjugorje and Lourdes was between 50 and 80, the Attila hill had a magnetic balance of over 200. Many of the visitors have seen improvements in their coordination of movement. Those with musculoskeletal complaints have experienced a sig­nificant reduction in pain after sitting here for a few hours. Poor la-bor values (e.g. high blood pres­sure, rapid heart rate, high blood sugar, high cholesterol), which can cause a variety of ailments, al­so normalised after two to three weeks in the site.

However, these healing places cannot be left indefinitely because they overload the body with positive energy. This also upsets the balance of the meridian system, which can lead to a weakened immune system and infertility. Our ancestors, who were well versed in geomancy, were aware of this. In China, 4000 years ago, an imperial decree forbade the building of dwellings on such a site. Only pagodas, temples and healing sanatoria were allowed to be built on it, where people could stay for a period of time. There are also visitors who do not benefit from the radiation. The reason is that the concentrated etheric waves emanating from the earth only heal those whose illness is due to Yang's lack of energy. It has no effect on other types of energy imbalance.

By the way, most of the patients are suffering from Yang's energy deficiency. The Earth cons­tantly supplies us with Yin gravitational energy, but Yang energy can only be drawn from the ether. This is not very effective and only reaches the desired level in healthy people. Those whose chakras are slowed down, absorbing the surrounding energy with insufficient efficiency, can only access sufficient amounts of positive energy in places with increased space. Subsequently, not only are the diseased organs healed, but the vitality of the patient is increased and the energy available in the previous environment can now supply the Yang energy needs of his body. This, however, requires a full course of treatment, i.e. 10-12 visits or a continuous stay of two weeks. A single trip there will not work wonders, although it will improve well-being considerably. Magnetic radiation also cleans the air. According to measurements taken by the Institute of Radiobiology and Radiation Health on Attila Hill, "the air in the area is extremely clean".

Form radiation can have harmful as well as beneficial effects on the body. In nature, it occurs where the earth's crust is crumpled into a concave shape. Such a highly damaging site is in the Swansea Valley in England. Two English parapsychologists wanted to investigate the healing po­wers of Corn Leckart in a prehistoric burial site. They stepped into the centre of a circle of stone piles. Unfortunately for them, the circle proved to be harmful rather than healing. Claire Williams felt herself being pushed out of the circle by an unseen force, and Brian Perinton began to suffer from a stomach ache. After they went home, both of them had incessant headaches and gradually became weak. Doctors were unable to determine the cause of the weakness, a major deterioration in well-being.

These symptoms were caused by the disharmonious magnetic radiation of the earth's crust, which upset the energy balance of their meridian system. Our ancestors, thousands of years ago, were perfectly aware of this danger. They warned of this by fencing off the danger area with stones. The two researchers did not know this, so they entered the centre of the circle enclosed by piles of stones. Our ancestors, who lived thousands of years ago, also marked places with harmonic radia­tion. They used stone pillars with pointed ends to mark them and concentrate the energy emanating from the earth. They healed themselves by leaning against these stone pillars dug into the ground or by staying in an area enclosed by several stone pillars. This was the role played in Europe by kur­gans and in our country by kun hillocks. Civilisations more advanced than ours had already made deliberate use of shape radiations and used them to produce a powerful concentrating effect.

The people of the previous civilisation, Atlantis, were perfectly aware of the natural magnetic radiation nature offered them, and this energy permeated almost every aspect of their lives. Atlantis was not yet familiar with electricity. They satisfied their energy needs with form radiation, crystal radiation and a special oreichalcite ore ore (not much is known about oreichalcite, which is more precious than gold). According to ancient writings, its magnetic radiation was so strong that it ionised the air. "It emitted a fiery light." The Greek gods also used this ore. They used it to make destructive ray guns, which they used in their wars with each other.) Unfortunately, this ore is not found on any continent in our world. However, their shape-radiation techniques have survived. These pyramids are found on almost every continent. From China to Europe and North Africa to South America, they built hundreds of huge pyramids in which they hid their knowledge, inscribed on gold plates, so that the coming flood would not wipe out all traces of their existence. (In the Egyp­tian pyramids, underground chambers containing these documents have already been discovered by ground scanners. We will soon have the opportunity to uncover them.)

 But the pyramids were not just for the preservation of knowledge. They were also built to prove their high level of knowledge. So they did not create simple stone mounds, but stone structures that produced a mystical magnetic radiation inside them. The most suitable spatial form for this purpose was the globe. This node, which ends at the apex, is a highly effective shape radiator. When concentrated, it collects the etheric (Yang) radiation that is ubiquitous in the universe, which is most strongly manifested in the lower third of the globe. A cone would do the trick, but the cone is cap­ab­le of more. If its edges are oriented north-south, it will also collect the gravitational (Yin) radia­tion emanating from the Earth. This radiation is also strongest in the lower third of the globe. The reason for the precise orientation is that this is where most of the magnetic lines of force intersect the gula. Both radiations are so strong that anyone who lies on a stone slab placed in the third of the sphere not only experiences a strong healing effect, but also activates the organs in his brain (pineal gland, pituitary gland) that cause various parapsychological phenomena.

In a normal environment, such strong shape radiation does not occur. This is part luck, part mis­fortune. Unlucky because we cannot enjoy the positive effects. Since we don't live in pyramidal buil­dings, we don't have all the positive effects that the inside of a pyramidal structure has on a living organism. It's lucky, too, because people suffering from energy deficiency would not be able to to­lerate this environment in the long term. Headaches, nausea, organ ailments, they would eventually escape. These extremely strong form radiations have a positive effect only on inanimate objects and perishable materials for an unlimited period of time. The sustained Yang energy radiation causes mechanical stresses to be amplified. For example, the edge of a razor blade that has been disfigured will be straightened and sharpened again. The microbes in the food are destroyed. The excess ener­gy overloads their meridians and they become unviable because of the upset energy balance. The beneficial effect for us is therefore the destruction of viruses and bacteria. Concentrated in this form, the strong form radiation is not extinguished but is sustained. However, it does not leave the space bounded by the geometric shape.

In our environment we encounter only weak form radiation. This is the energy radiation emitted by objects of different shapes. As we know, inanimate objects also have an etheric body and thus an aura. Under normal circumstances, this energy radiation is so weak that it has no significant effect on us. There are, however, geometric shapes from which there is a concentrated outpouring of form waves. These include lines crossing at right angles, or edges of different angles in three-dimensional objects, and concave shapes. Magical objects emit a particularly strong radiation. The most famous of these is the "Nile Key" or Ankh cross, found in ancient Egyptian tombs. A similar feature to the cross with ears is the idol resembling the Greek letter "Ф". If a copper or iron ring is fixed to a rod made of the same material, so that the ring is placed symmetrically at the end of the rod, a harmo­nious device is obtained which neutralises harmful rays. This effect, however, only starts when properly oriented. When worn around the neck or on clothing as a badge, it should be placed with the stem facing downwards. If we use it horizontally (e.g. in our room), it should be oriented so that the stem is pointing directly towards the North Magnetic Pole.

Instead of beneficial, you will get very harmful form waves if you cut the ring in half and assemble this device so that the half circles fit back to back on the rod. In the vicinity of this shape, which resembles the Cyrillic letter „Ж”, we become restless, sleepless and very soon ill. Complex geo­metric shapes also emit powerful waves of energy. Symmetrical shapes have a positive effect on the equilibrium of the living world, while asymmetrical shapes release harmful energies. The concave mirror is known to collect and focus light rays. Observations have shown that this is also true for magnetic radiation, so avoid staying on the axis of concave objects, and especially not at their focal point.

The aforementioned form of shape radiation that emits harmful waves can only enter the home by accident, through an improperly designed flower holder or other wrought iron ornament. Howe­ver, a less dangerous but much more common form of damaging radiation source, the cylindrical body, can be found in every household. If they are found in a room in even numbers, their radiation excites each other; if they are in odd numbers, arranged in a row, there is increased excitation. The health-damaging radiation of this nerve agent, which usually takes the form of bottles, jars, pots and pans, becomes really noticeable when a few centimetres of water or other liquids are present. It is not the water that is the problem, as water attracts radiation from the earth, so its presence could be beneficial. The problem is that turbulence develops between the bottom of the liquid in the vessel and the top mirror formed by the liquid surface, causing the water to radiate outwards, amplifying the magnetic radiation it collects.

This radiation is predominantly directed upwards, but if the bottom mirror and the liquid surface are at an angle to each other, the radiation will be oblique. This phenomenon disappears, however, when the half-empty bottle is put to bed. The other solution is to place an object (e.g. a copper ring) in the bottom of the vessel. This breaks the reflective effect of the bottom mirror, which prevents turbulence from forming between the two liquid surfaces. None of this is necessary when the bottle is full. In this case, the contraction of the neck eliminates the upper liquid mirror. This effect does not apply to previously manufactured bottles with a pressed bottom.

Form radiation, also known as idom radiation, is the beneficial or harmful radiation emitted by objects. Form radiation is not the radiation emitted by objects themselves. There are no large ob­jects around us that have significant intrinsic radiation. Compared to the gravitational pull of the Earth, the gravitational radiation of the objects around us can be considered almost zero. Their ra­diation from their etheric skeletons is also negligible. The bioenergy emitted by living organisms, such as the human body, far exceeds that of inanimate objects. Objects around us can only emit in­tense energy if they collect it from the environment. We know from the Esoteric Cycle that a wrought iron flower stand placed over a vein of water can itself emit a level of harmful radiation that can make us ill. Form radiation manifests itself in two ways. One is that they emit concentrated bursts of earth, water vein, Hartmann node and other harmful radiation. This happens when a ring sawed in two is welded to the rod of a wrought iron flower holder so that the semicircles fit back-to-back. In this case, the harmful magnetic waves collected by the flower stand are concentrated on the two extensions of the semicircular arches. If these waves are permanently directed towards your chair or bed, you will fall ill even if the source of the harmful radiation is only a few metres away.

The other most common manifestation of shape radiation or nerve radiation is extinction. In the case of a flower stand, this is manifested when a circular ring is attached to the support rod. In this case, the rays collected by the metal structure are not scattered but concentrated inside the annulus, where they cancel each other out. Furniture made in this way therefore neutralises the harmful rays of the environment. The harmful or beneficial effects of shape radiation also depend to a large ex­tent on symmetry. We know from experience that they are amplified in the case of odd-numbered cylindrical bodies and extinguished in the case of even-numbered cylinders. Buildings of asym­metric design also amplify the rays from below, while those of symmetric design largely neutralise them.

This suggests that modern architecture, which favours asymmetrical forms, has also contributed greatly to the rapid increase in diseases affecting humanity. The only reason these effects have not become clear is that they are not always manifest. If there are no harmful radiations in the vicinity of inappropriately designed furnishings or buildings, they are not collected. Therefore, they cannot be emitted. In this case, there is no danger to people in the vicinity. This is why the harmful conse­quen­ces of design changes, inappropriate trends and fashion trends are not so obvious.

Civilisations outside the Earth have long been aware that angular shapes and intersecting edges block the flow of energy and emit harmful rays. That is why they live in houses with rounded edges, in complexes of buildings that form harmonious shapes. There is no peak, no canting. Their mostly ring-shaped buildings are dome-shaped, dome-covered halls of varying sizes. They are free from harmful radiation, and the pyramidal effect of the dome radiates beneficial energy into the living space. (The dome is not as powerful an energy concentrator as a cone or a cone, so staying under it for long periods of time does not cause overloading of the body. However, it has a significant feel-good and calming effect.)

On their own, these small glands do not have a significant effect on the body. There is, however, a way to multiply their effects. We have seen in the previous work with glass bottles that they amplify each other's radiation when arranged in a row. When using an odd number of bottles, they excite each other. Unfortunately, the literature does not address the question of how far apart the bottles should be placed to maximise the radiation. It would be worth experimenting with this. For esotericists, the increasing radiation from cascaded nodes is not an unknown phenomenon. They have therefore created complex nodes that have a noticeable therapeutic effect on the body.

The best-known experimenter was the Russian-French engineer Dr Georges Lakhovsky. Born in 1869, the inventor created a revitalising device called the Multi Wave Oscillator, which is nothing more than a disc the size of the palm of his hand. On this plastic sheet he formed concentric open metal rings that excited each other. The gold metal rings, pre­su­mably galvanically deposited, enhanced the excitation efficie­ncy.[7]  In the electroplating process, the 24 carat gold is de­posited on the object to be coated with high purity, and the purer the material, the more efficiently it can be excited. Ac­cording to the last great alchemist, the Frenchman Fulca­nelli, an atomic bomb can be made from just a few grams of metal and entire cities wiped off the face of the earth. This is possible because "certain geometric ar­rangements of very pure metals can trigger an atomic explosion without electricity or vacuum". In this case, the explosion is most likely to be triggered by shape radiation. The secret of how this bomb could be made was thankfully not revealed by the hidden 20th century scientist.

Lakhovsky recommended this 100 mm diameter disc for self-healing. Its operation is based on the principle that concentric rings emit the etheric particles flowing into them in a harmonic form and amplified. This disc, like sacred healing spots, eliminates pain and recharges the depleted body with energy. After Lakhovsky's death in 1942, the patent protection of up to 20 years expired. In fact, more than 70 years after his death, his works are no longer protected by copyright. This situation was ex­ploited by the Serbian Dr. Dino Tomiĉ, who started to produce this disc in large quantities and market it under the name Polaris. This would not have been a bad thing in itself, but his activity was not motivated by altruistic helpfulness, but by the desire to make a quick buck.

The version he produced is nothing more than a textile bakelite disc 80 mm in diameter, covered with a thin copper foil. A common printed circuit board, which is found in all electronic devices. The components are soldered onto it. Such a single-sided PCB board is produced on a contract basis by printed circuit board manufacturers for a few hund­red forints. Yet Mr Tomiĉ charges 13 000 for it. Plus a delivery charge of HUF 2 000.[8]  He has also removed the gold plating from the copper foil to make the disc even cheaper to produce. He pre­vented the oxidation of the copper foil by painting the disc with light green lacquer. This significantly reduced its efficiency.

Nevertheless, he sells this reduced-impact devi­ce with a profit margin of over 1000 percent. He is thoroughly exploiting the vulnerability of sick people and charging extra profit. He boasts that his remedies are being sold like hot cakes in Germany and America. He has probably sold tens of thou­sands of them, making a fortune of hundreds of millions of forints. His product is accompanied by a detailed instruction leaflet[9] in which he extols the disc's efficacy for almost every ailment. And on its website, users sing its praises. The problem with these reviews is that they only contain positive testimonials. The negative comments have been omitted, silenced.

We know from blog posts on the internet that even the most perfect products are vilified. If someone catches a faulty one from the factory, he will say everything bad about it, he will badmouth it endlessly. There are no such posts on Mr Tomiĉ's website. He has carefully filtered them out. Ho­wever, there are some on Facebook, which he cannot remove. Several people have also written that this disc is completely ineffective, just as much a scam as other esoteric gadgets. This is not true. Shape radiation is not a scam, it is just not effective enough in the way it is implemented. This small disc emits a rather weak magnetic radiation. Therefore, to have a noticeable effect on the body, it must be used for at least a month, on a daily basis. The critics had no patience for this. They thought they could just press it a few times on a sore part of their body and be cured.


A remarkable use of form radiators is chakra medicine[10]. Every organ in our body and its cells are supplied with energy by the meridian system. However, the meridians draw their vital bio-energy from the constantly rotating, funnel-like energy centres of our body, through their roots. Thus, if one of our chakras is damaged or constricted, the meridians connected to it will experience an energy deficit. Neither acupuncture nor magnetopressure can deal with this situation. These treatments can only regulate the existing bio-energy, they cannot recharge the meridians. The chakras can only be rep­lenished or dampened by energy radiators. The simplest and cheapest way to passively radiate energy is through form radiation.

The chakras need to be replenished or dampened one by one. Along the spinal column, seven radiating energy fields, seven circles of force, are positioned one above the other like spinning wheels. These centres of life energy are the chakras. At the bottom of the spinal column is the purely sub­jective, immaterial energy field, reflecting the state before the big bang. The second chakra is the subatomic energy field, which perpetuated the state after the big bang. The third is the atomic energy field, which preserves the beginning of the formation of the material world. The fourth is the mo­lecular energy field, which created the precondition for the beginning of the living world. The fifth energy field is related to cells, the sixth represents the individual organs, while the seventh energy field is the result of the living organism chakra, which is visible and perceptible to all.

The energy centres of our etheric body make up our aura. However, the chakras not only emit energy, but are also very sensitive to the energy radiations of the environment, and even to colours and sounds. So it is no coincidence that different colours and music can affect our health. The root chakra, located on the dam and pointing towards the earth, is sensitive to the colour red and to the lowest note of the musical ladder, the 'c' sound. This energy centre affects physical well-being, vitality and is associated with healing illness, power over other people and sexual energy. The second energy centre is the sacral chakra, which is located below the navel and is associated with the colour orange. Its frequency is the "d" sound. On this centre depends the quality of intellect, spiritual clarity, and the ability to think logically. It affects the process of elimination and purification in the body. The third chakra is located under the breastbone and is often called the solar plexus chakra. Its colour is yellow and its frequency is the "e" sound. This chakra nourishes self-awareness, intuition, general sensitivity and helps to transform gross material into spiritual and mental value.

The fourth energy centre is the heart chakra. It is located on the breastbone, in the line of the nipples. Its colour is green and its frequency is the 'f' sound. The energies of the capacity for love flow through this centre. It is the centre of the joy of life, the chakra of growth, wealth, spiritual and material well-being, but also influences the relationship with the afterlife. The fifth is the laryngeal chakra, which is located in the nape of the neck. Its associated colour is blue and its frequency is the 'g' sound. This energy centre is the sound, the source of expression, the distributor of creative ener­gies. The sixth is the forehead chakra, also called the third eye, because it is located between the two eyes, in the brow line. Its colour is indigo blue and its frequency is the 'a' sound. All manifestations in relation to the spiritual world and man's psychic abilities take place through this centre. The seventh energy centre is the cephalic or crown chakra, located in the cuticle, which is fused after infancy. Its colour is purple and its frequency is the "h" sound. It is through this centre that the cosmic conscious­ness of total union with etheric energy and God, and of union with the universe, is achieved.

We are alive because our bodies are permeated with life energy. Without life energy we would die within 5 minutes. Our chakras absorb etheric and gravitational energy from our environment and distribute it through our body via the meridians. If this happens evenly, we will be healthy. If the ba­lance is upset by some external influence, we become ill. In such cases, magnetopressure[11] helps by injecting or withdrawing energy to restore the balance (acupuncture only partially helps because it can only inject energy, not withdraw it). Acupuncturists try various tricks, such as silver needles, but these are not effective enough to remove the excess energy.)

Since magnetic energy flows in a rotating vortex, this is also how the chakras absorb and release the missing or excess energy. Yang radiation has a counterclockwise, i.e. positive, swirling motion, while Yin radiation has a counterclockwise, i.e. positive, swirling motion. The rotational energy of the chakras does not depend on age or gender, their movement is influenced by the body's energy sa­turation. They rotate clockwise when they take energy in and counterclockwise when they release energy. The chakras are energy centres that are closely interconnected. They are connected to com­mon energy conductors that run along the spine. According to tantra yoga, the ida, which transmits negative (yin) energy, runs along the left side of the spine, and the pingala, which transmits positive (yang) energy, runs along the right side. The Ida carries energy upwards and the pingala carries ener­gy down­wards. The two channels do not run parallel, side by side, but intertwine, intertwining like a snake.


In between is the path of the neutral sushumna, on which the yogi raises his physical, mental and spiritual consciousness to ever higher levels through the centres of the swirling chakras. The susumna runs in a straight line along the spinal canal. For ordinary people, the su­sumna is closed, meaning that no energy flows through it. In this state it resides in the root chakra, coi­led up. The susumna is filled with energy by the kun­dalini. Pra­na, or life energy, can only flow into the su­sumna and upwards into the brain when the Yin and Yang energies are in complete balance. The ida and pin­gala are con­nec­ted to all seven chakras. The ida is char­ged with Yin energy from the chakras on the back of the body, or the back, while the pingala receives its Yang energy from the chakras on the front of the body.

The chakras depicted in the literature on the thoracic side do not end at the spine, but have an additional pair on the back of the body. The opposite chakras are not projections of each other. They do not collect energy from the front and back in the same place. The dorsal chakras widen into the same funnel as their anterior component, but they can function differently. This means that if one thoracic chakra is functioning well, its dorsal counter­part may still be closed. Although not mentioned in the literature, the chakras on the front of the body are pingal, the ones on the back are connected to the ida channel. In this way, the front chakras take in and release Yang energy, while the back chakras release Yin energy. It is common for the energy in the front chakra to move inwards normally, i.e. clockwise, but in the back chakra the energy vortex rotates in the opposite direction. This outward flow detracts from the beneficial effects of the front chakra or inhibits the abilities associated with it. It is therefore always advisable to extend the chakra treatment to the back of the patient. The easiest way to check the intensity and direction of the energy flow in the chakra is to use a pendu­lum. The size of the circle drawn by the pendu­lum depends on the strength of the chakra and the amount of energy flowing through it, but is also influenced by the amount of bio-energy of the hea­ler. The circular movement fol­lows the direction of the energy flow. If the mo­vement of the pen­dulum deviates from a regular circle, this indi­ca­tes psychic distortions. If its displacement is mi­nimal, or if it does not start cir­cling even when held directly over the skin, it is a clear sign of chronic constriction of the chakra.

The root chakra affects the immune system, the skeleton, and the joints, spine, teeth and gums. The sacral chakra, also known as the abdominal chakra, is responsible for the nervous system, bile, liver and genitals. Its associated organs are the ova­ries, breasts, muscles, endocrine system, partially the small intestine and stomach, and the tongue. When blocked, it causes diseases related to the uterus, ovaries, menstruation, testes and prostate. Energy imbalances can also cause impotence, menopausal symptoms, intestinal spasms, gastritis and snow-bladder inflammation. In addition to the stomach and digestive organs, the abdominal chakra condition also affects muscular function.

It is from the navel chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, that the will, the passion, the impulse to act decisively, originates. The navel chakra also handles aggression, the fighting spirit. Its disturbance can cause anxiety complaints or outbursts, hysterical attacks, but it is also the source of inferiority complex, sadism and masochism. People with under- or overactive navel chakras of­ten appear uncompassionate, insensitive or ruthless. The organs associated with this chakra are the stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, diaphragm, small intestine and eyes. The heart chakra con­nects the lower three bodily chakras with the upper three spiritual chakras. It is responsible for the condition of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, skin and hands. It also influences the immune system, affecting the development of allergies, asthma, eczema, cancer and various infections.

The throat chakra affects the ability to speak, hear, write and sing. It also plays an important role in the core hearing and understanding of the 'inner voice' and has an effect on honesty and self-expression. The throat chakra opens the door to the sphere of consciousness and spirit. Over- or un­deractivity of the chakra most often causes disturbances in speech and communication. The organs of the throat chakra are the neck, mouth, tongue, larynx, vocal cords, oesophagus, trachea. Blockages in the throat chakra can cause hoarseness, sore throat, coughing, ear problems, tonsillitis, asthma, neck pain, tongue problems. The throat chakra can also be blocked by past tribulations, past life shocks.  

The forehead chakra or third eye chakra is the centre of intuition, inner perception, cognition, wisdom. The organs associated with this chakra are the brain, face and nose. Its energy imbalance manifests itself in internal tensions, learning disabilities, distractedness, lack of mental clarity and a reticence to learn. Crown chakra blocks can trigger psychic distortions. In addition to neurological disorders, dysfunction can also cause genetic problems and bone and muscle disorders.


Dino Tomiĉ seizes every opportunity to increase his profits. He offers his discs to people on the road who want to heal. For years, he has been advertising his product in a full-page advertisement in the journal Naturist. So many people know about it, but few can afford its horrendous price. The good news is that even those on a budget need not be put off. This disc can be made by DIY enthusiasts. There are no legal obstacles. The original inventor Lakhovsky is long dead, so his invention is now in the public domain. It is no longer protected by patent or copyright. Even if it were patented, there would be no obstacle to production. The patent law allows anyone to make a single copy of any invention for his own use. There is no need to ask for a licence or to pay for it. The patent law only prohibits mass production and commercial sale. This requires a licence from the inventor.

For esoteric inventions, we do not need to count on this obstacle either, because they are not protected. The invention offices will not grant patents for inventions whose operation is based on a physical phenomenon that is not officially recognised. Even if the inventor goes to court, he or she will be rejected, because the judge will ask the Academy of Sciences for its opinion and then dec­lare that, according to the current state of science, the invention cannot exist. And what does not exist cannot be protected. The inventor argues in vain that his invention works. Go out and see! They don't go outside. Those in esotericism are considered impostors, and impostors are not dealt with. 

To make one at home, first take a positive film of a foil drawing of one of the discs. (A con­ven­tional film camera is required. Since almost everyone nowadays uses a digital camera, this proce­dure is impractical for many people. However, this problem is easily solved. Take it to your nearest printing company, where they also do contract printing. Book publishers also employ platesetters, because books and colour magazines are now produced from colour-processed film. Once you have the positive film, you get the raw material, the PCB plate. Printed circuit board copper foil textile bakelite sheet is available in DIY stores, handyman shops or order it from web shops[12]. Cut the PCB sheet to size, degrease it with kitchen scouring powder and clean it of oxide film.

Once dry, spray with a light-sensitive varnish. Buy Positive 20 varnish from chemists or web shops. Shake well, then spray evenly over the raw panel in sweeping strokes from a distance of about 30 cm. P20 has a drying time of 24 hours at 20 °C. After drying, lay the positive film on top and illuminate the panel with ultraviolet light. (If it does not lie seamlessly on top, tape the flared edge to the panel with cellux tape.) P20 varnish is sensitive to UV light up to 370-450 nm. Our UV light source can be 12 1 W UV LEDs, or a mercury va­pour lamp stripped of its envelope, or a small quartz lamp used for facial tan­ning. Exposure time is approximately 15 minutes. Do not watch the process because ultraviolet light rays are harmful to the eyes. Do not use a sterilizing germicidal lamp for this purpose, as it is very bright.) Then etch off the excess copper from the textile bakelite plate. (This will leave the copper under the positive film pattern intact, while the illuminated copper will be etched off.)

An aqueous solution of ferric chloride is used for etching. This brown liquid is available from chemical stores or online shops.[13]  Pour enough of it into a plastic or glass bowl to cover the plate. Place the panel so that the cop­per foil is at the bottom. The etching time can be reduced slightly by occa­sio­nally shaking the bowl. At this point, it is a good idea to lift it out and see where the residue is, because if it stays in the bowl any longer, the ferric chlo­ride will bite into the drawing. You don't need to pour out the ferric chlo­ride afterwards, because it can be used repeatedly. Reuse only increases the etching time. The used ferric chloride can also be drained down the drain in a strong dilution. It is advisable to use rubber gloves when checking the process, but turning the cuttleboard over with your bare hands will not cause any problems (wash your fingers with plenty of water after­wards.) Do not start etching in your best clot­hes, as the­re is no way to remove the iron chlo­ride that has dripped on.

The easiest way to remove the var­nish that protects the drawing is with household scouring powder. (If you're stubborn, acetone or your girlfriend or wife's nail varnish remover will wipe it off in no time.) After it dries, coat the plate with colourless nitrocellulose to prevent the copper foil from oxidising. If you want a perfect job, take the plate to an electroplating shop where it is elect­rolytically coated with 10 micrometres of gold. This version does not need to be coated with protective varnish beca­use the gold does not oxidise.) There are several workshops on the Internet that do this. Ask for a quote. (This process cannot be done in-house.) If you are not a silversmith, you can have this disc made on a contract basis. There are several workshops on the Internet that ma­nufacture PCB discs.[14]  Since no drilling is required, they will produce this palm-sized panel for us for a few hundred forints.


The way the disc is used is somewhat exaggerated in Mr Tomiĉ's brochure. It says not to use it for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time, as it causes overloading. It also says that if you do, take a shower and the water will wash the excess energy out of you, just like the crystals. But the reality is that this disc does not cause any overcharging. It's so weak that you can treat yourself for hours without any problems. (Don't sleep on it, though, and don't use it at night.) If you feel any signs of overload, use the disc on the back chakra. Experience has shown that this will draw out the excess energy, eliminating the complaint. Several weeks of treatment are needed to show signs of healing.

For longer periods of time, it is quite tiring to hold the disc against the sore point of the body or the chakras. However, this problem can be easily solved by sticking it to your skin with a sticking plaster. To do this, do not buy the plastic tape that is in fashion these days. These clay-covered ad­hesive plasters are not waterproof. If they get even a few drops of water on them, they will peel off the skin. They also peel off when the skin sweats. Let's stick with the classic version, the German-made Leukoplast. This is made of a strong rubber smeared on a canvas, which is waterproof. You can even take a shower while using it, it won't come off the skin. However, it is a little problematic to remove because it takes the hair off your skin with it.[15]  Glue a few centimetres of Leukoplast to the top and bottom of the disc and press the ends of the disc against your skin. This way, you can work in peace during the treatment because both hands remain free. Alternatively, you can wrap the disc in a thin scarf and secure it with two knots on the other side of your body.

In our fast-paced world, few people have the patience to treat themselves for weeks and see the effect. Instead, they take a pill. But drugs poison the body and cause new diseases as a side effect. But healing with energy (ether ions and gravitons) has no side effects. Moreover, unlike drugs, they do not suppress the symptoms but cure the disease at its roots. Energy medicine is therefore the way of the future. However, this requires effective tools and devices. Passive devices play an important role in this kind of healing because they are mostly small, portable and cheap. However, they are not the most effective. This can be improved through targeted development.

The first step is to increase the size of the disc by a factor of five. Make a disc with a diameter of 80 × 5 = 400 mm. Form 9 × 5 = 45 circular rings on it, in an increasingly wider band going out­wards. (It is important that the number of rings is odd, otherwise the radiation will remain inside the disc.[16]) Then we should measure whether the intensity of the radiation has increased. This will be problematic, however, because there is currently no instrument to measure the aether emission. The gravitational radiation can be measured with a gravimeter, but there is no way to measure the strength of the radiation, which consists of aether ions. This is because science denies the existence of aether. And if it doesn't exist, it doesn't need to be measured. Esotericists do have some methods of detecting this kind of radiation (e.g. pendulum, poles), but they are not exact methods. It is quite uncertain and cannot be scaled, it is not possible to express the amount of radiation in numbers or units.

The most reliable tool for measuring magnetic radiation at present is the compass. Approximate a large, bearing-mounted compass to a large disc that can be used for whole-body irradiation. If you are lucky with this size you will already experience some displacement. If not, try a bridge mount. In electronics, the most sensitive instruments are created with two bridge-connected sensor ele­ments. A small difference can be detected in the Wheatstone bridge. In the present case, the dif­fe­rence measurement can be created by placing two large compass needles on top of each other. As the beam source is approached, the tongues of these two compasses will separate or close like a Polish stick. If this instrument is found to be functional, it is then necessary to find out whether the separation and closure are caused by Yin or Yang radiation. (Be prepared for this type of instrument to be affected by the Hartmann node and water ore radiation.)

If neither the gravimeter nor the differential compass shows significant magnetic radiation, try the Egely wheel. Invented and manufactured by mechanical engineer Dr. György Egely, this mea­­suring instrument measures bioenergy radiation. It measures the amount of radiation by the speed of rotation of a special bearing-mounted copper wheel and red-yellow-green LED lights. Detailed information on its operation can be found here: https://www.zotyo.hu/para/egely2.htm and https://mek.oszk.hu/00600/00654/html/kerek.htm It is available at the following address: https://egely.hu/egely-kerek/  


The main drawback of the Lakhovsky's medicine disc, or Polaris, is that it is two-dimensional. The circular rings resonate with each other and contact each other laterally with a surface area of max 0,1 mm.[17]  It is therefore not surprising that the radiation of the disc is rather weak even when multiplied. This is because extremely thin surfaces oscillate with each other. A significant increase can only be achieved by making this resonator three-dimensional. Lift the circular ring patterns out of the panel plane to increase their lateral radiation by orders of magnitude. This can be done by using copper tubes instead of copper foil. At first try, the length of the copper tubes should be 80 mm.

The drawing of the ground plane should also remain 80 mm. The copper tubes with the walls increasingly thicker towards the outside should be placed on this drawing. The professional version is formed in a white bakelite bowl. (The bakelite is necessary because glass or ceramic will break if dropped.) However, a plain glass jar top is also suitable for experimentation. Pour about 2 mm of araldite resin into the jar and insert the copper tubes from the inside out, following the drawing. Before doing so, slit the copper tubes open. (Use a circular saw to cut a few millimetres wide strips from the casing.) Once the glue has set, take the measurements suggested above. If you are lucky, you will finally experience a noticeable discharge. Brass and bronze tubing cannot be used for this purpose because the zinc and tin used to alloy them are considered contaminants. According to Fulcanelli, only high-purity material can achieve significant mould radiation. Therefore, even if no significant radiation can be measured, the copper tubes should be taken to a galvanising shop and run with gold before soldering. As the gold atoms in the plating bath migrate through the bath to be coated without impurities, this coating is considered to be of high purity.

Afterwards, the tubular mould-radiating device will emit measurable magnetic waves. You also need to measure where the emission is strongest, on the sides or on the top. If it is on the side, it is no longer handheld. The magnetic waves also affect the meridians. Since 3 meridians start from the fingers of the hand and 3 meridians end at the nail bed, these energy lines can be overcharged or discharged. This can trigger various diseases. To avoid this, this device should be placed on a height-­adjustable stand and stood in front of it. It can also be placed in a lying position on the chak­ras, but here several hours of treatment is not allowed. This type of construction is rather expensive because of the high copper price and the gold coating, so it would be advisable to see if it can be constructed from cheaper materials. The cheapest raw material is glass. Get glass tubes of different diameters and wall thicknesses and slice them carefully with a diamond circular saw blade. If you can use glass tubes, you can reduce the production cost by at least an order of magnitude.

For higher volume production, the cut glass tubes can also be produced by pressing. In this case, it would be worth testing the efficiency gains that can be achieved with a completely pure quartz crystal. In the semiconductor industry, the raw material for transistors and microprocessors is produced from high-purity silicon by crystal growth. Single crystal ingots grown by the Czochralski method are extremely clean and free of impurities. These crystal rods are cut into slices, polished to a high gloss and then used to form the circuitry of the microprocessor by photolithography. The material is then carefully inspected and discarded if the slightest damage is found. These broken, damaged rods could be bought up cheaply and melted and moulded. By measuring the device thus produced, it would be possible to verify the truth of Fulcanelli's claim. Does the purity of the raw material really greatly increase the efficiency of the moulding process?


If the 3D mould radiator lives up to its promise, we can start to clarify the working principle. The various claims need to be verified. We need to clear the fog about magnetic radiation. We still don't know whether the beneficial magnetic radiation emanating from the earth is Yang or Yin? Can Yang radiation even flow out of the earth's crust? Is the harmful radiation Yin in nature? According to some esotericists, yes. More sober esotericists explain this phenomenon differently. They believe that only Yin radiation can emanate from the earth. Its usefulness or harmfulness depends on the rotation of the swirling energy. They compare the energy emanating from the earth's crust to water ore radiation. It is said that left-turning water wheels and magnetic vortices are harmful, while right-turning ones are healing.

It would also be good to know what type of form radiation emanating from each object is Yang or Yin? With a sufficiently sensitive instrument, should it also be possible to determine whether the chakras at the front are indeed Yang and those at the back are taking in and giving out Yin energy? Then we would need to find out how magnetic radiation heals. And what does harmful radiation destroy in the body? Does it restore or upset the energy balance of our meridians? Or does it repair or damage the distortions in the etheric body that are transmitted to the physical body? The 28 kHz longitudinal waves used by Tesla probably corrected distortions in the etheric body, which then manifested in the physical body. Psi surgeons, unlike the Filipino healers, do not open up the body, but perform the operation on the etheric body above the body, which is then transferred to the physical body.

This leads to the conclusion that there is a great deal of uncertainty in this field.[18]  Almost not­hing is known about the world of subatomic energy particles, and we are still in the dark. Extra­terrestrial civilisations far more advanced than ours could help us to clear the fog in our minds, but they are in no hurry to enlighten us. It would be good if this uncertainty could be resolved, because until we understand the physical basics, the way esoteric tools and devices work, we cannot develop effectively. Our world is in great trouble in all areas. To get out of the current pit, we need to act quickly. We can only move forward very slowly and bitterly on our own, and we fear that the waves are crashing over our heads.


Budapest, 21.01.2022.


In the meantime, the Lakhovsky disc has been tested. At first glance, it looks like a nice piece. It has a fibreglass textile bakelite plate with gold-plated copper foils on both sides. Despite its aesthetic appearance, it is useless as a medicinal disc. It has no effect on the body. It does no good, but it does no harm either. Its ineffectiveness is due to the fact that this disc has an even number of rings (14). Therefore, it does not radiate outwards but inwards. This is also mentioned in the brochu­re, which states that this 100 mm diameter disc neutralises negative energies (EMF radiation[19], MWO antenna radiation[20]). However, this could be improved by making it three-dimensional. Built as a tube version, this device could be made into an efficient space harmonizer. The larger the dia­meter and the longer the tubes glued to the base plate, the more intense the effect. Care must be ta­ken here to ensure that the number of rings or tubes is even.


First try to make the medicine disc three-dimensional. This requires an odd number of copper tubes. At first try, this should be 9. The optimum thickness of the tubes and the distance between them should be determined by experimentation. For the initial version, the central tube should have an outer diameter of 6 mm and a wall thickness of 1 mm. This can be sanded with a circular saw blade. A narrow strip should be sawed out of the casing of the tubes placed around it. The width of the strip should be twice the thickness of the pipe. The distance between each tube should be 1,2 times the distance in front of it. The wall thickness of each tube should also be 1,2 times the previous thickness. (A gap of 1,2 mm should therefore be left around the central tube with an external dia­meter of 6 mm and a wall thickness of 1 mm.) A tube with an internal diameter of 8,5 mm and a wall thickness of 1,2 mm should be glued around this tube, and a strip 2,4 mm wide should be sa­wed out of its casing. This is followed by a tube with an internal diameter of 14 mm and a wall thickness of 1,5 mm, from the casing of which a strip 3 mm wide is sawed out. The size of the fol­lowing tubes:

20 mm inside diameter and 1,8 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 3,6 mm wide is sawed.

27 mm internal diameter and 2,2 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 4,4 mm wide shall be sawed.

37 mm internal diameter and 2,7 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 5,4 mm wide shall be sawn.

47 mm internal diameter and 3,3 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 6,6 mm wide shall be sawn.

60 mm internal diameter and 4,1 mm wall thickness, of which a strip 8,2 mm wide shall be sawn from the casing.

76 mm internal diameter and 4,9 mm wall thickness, from the casing of which a strip 9,8 mm wide shall be sawn.

These are not standard values. Since copper tubes of this size are unlikely to be available, the nearest standard size should be chosen. For example, instead of a tube with an internal diameter of 76 mm and a wall thickness of 4.9 mm, you would have to buy a tube with an internal diameter of 75 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm. The degree of slippage can also be rounded. In the present case, saw a 10 mm wide strip out of it. The length of the copper tubes should also be a round value, say 80 mm. To prevent the inner rings from leaning on each other before the glue dries, support them. (Put an easily removable plastic or rubber cap on the ends of the tubes.) To avoid symmetry and bending, glue the tubes to the base plate from the outside in. Finally, cover the annular rings. This is necessary because if a metal particle falls between the lamellas, it will create a seal between the annuli. This would have the consequence of reducing the number of tubes by one. This would turn the device into a harmonizer. A cover would also protect the device from dust and dirt. The easiest way to seal it would be to put a white bakelite tray on top of the tubes as well. Pour about 2 mm of two-component araldite resin into it, insert the ends of the tubes and wait for the glue to set. 

Once the 3D version is ready, measure the increase in the radiative efficiency. If it is emitting Yin radiation, this can be done with a gravimeter. If it's Yang, you're in trouble, because you don't have the instruments. Our only option is to look for a "seer" who can detect the aura emanating from living and inanimate bodies. From the strength of the emanation, we can deduce the healing power of the device. The "seer" could also help us to know which energy channels are connected to the front and back chakras on our body. It might also be able to determine the direction of the flow of energies in and out of the body. Until these theoretical foundations are clarified, we cannot move forward. If a stronger shape radiator or space harmonizer is needed, try lengthening the copper or glass tubes first. Gilding the copper tubes inside and out before gluing them in place would also be worth a try.


Budapest, 01.02.2022.








Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                     


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[1] You need a portable oscilloscope with memory that can store measured signals.

[2] The detailed description can be found in volume II of my book Esoteric implementation. (Chapter III, Harmful Rays of The Environment.)

[3] vilfrid hahenaj

[4] Lemniscate is a Greek term. It can also be perceived as the three-dimensional extent of its infinite signal.

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[6] The method of installation can be found in volume III of my book Esoteric implementation. (Chapter V, Environment and Chapter VI Technical novelties.)

[7] However, the Polaris disc costs only half the price. Distributed by the jewellery online store Garuda Jewellery. Address: https://www.garudaekszer.hu/spd/0646/Garuda-energetizalo-polarizalo-skalaris-korong-S-L  Eric P. Dollard's improved version is also cheaper: https://www.garudaekszer.hu/spd/0634/Garuda-energetizalo-polarizalo-skalaris-korong-Lak  Dollard used a double-sided PCB disc for the disc. He formed thin strips of gold-plated copper on the other side of the circular surface, which act as "capacitors". He did not say anything about how the improved version worked. Presumably because he did not know. After many attempts, he had discovered this efficiency-enhancing solution by chance, but had no idea how it worked. Lakhovsky called the disc a multiwave oscillator. According to him, the circular rings collect cosmic ener­gy and convert it into scalar oscillations with a wide frequency range: "If you put the body in a wide frequency space, the diseased cells will recognise their own frequency, tune in and resonate again at their own frequency, and the disease will disappear." Tomiĉ talks about an influx of life force. No one has ever thought of shape radiation.

[8] Polaris order:


Phone: +36 20 429 62 60

E-mail: info@polariskorong.hu

[9] Polaris user manual:


[10] Chakra is a Sanskrit term. It means a wheel.

[11] The rules for the use of magnetopressure are given in Chapters I-II and III of the Esoteric Cycle. It is also dealt with in other esoteric books, up to a few columns.

[12] Possible purchase address: http://vemix.hu/spl/995430/NYAK-lemezek?infinite_page=2 Here, the 1.5 mm thick, single-sided fibreglass PCB sheet costs HUF 2134, 375 × 350 mm. (16 discs can be made from this. The price for 1 disc is 133 Ft.) Use a circular saw to scratch 85 mm diameter circles on the copper foil, then cut them with a fret saw. Then grate it smooth and smooth it down gently.

[13] The cheapest price is available here: https://www.conrad.hu/p/bungard-fe3cl-vas-3-klorid-tartalom-1-l-530736  Price: 4090 Ft. The 30% hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with home-keeping hydrochloric acid in a 1-1 ratio is not recommended, because it is harmful to the varnish layers. It will etch off excess copper from the vinyl in a few minutes, but will leave a jagged edge to the design. If you can't wait for the etching process, which can often take up to half an hour, use iron chloride mixed with hydrogen peroxide. This reduces the etching time to about 5 minutes. TN 150 Quick Etch, containing 10% iron chloride and 15% hydrogen peroxide, is produced by WOLF Chemical Ltd. in 450 millilitre containers. (The cheapest way to order it is on this web address: https://www.ohmelektronika.hu/termekkategoria/elektronika/sprayk-vegyszerek/  Price: 790 Ft.

[14] One possible manufacturer is AUTER Elektronikai Kft. E-mail: info@auter.hu Please also contact the companies available at https://nyakexpressz.hu/  and www.eurocircuits.hu for a quote. Please contact them at their e-mail address first.

[15] This uncomfortable feeling is well known to the ladies who wax.

[16] This should be confirmed by an instrumental measurement, because my Lakhovsky disk has an even number (12 rings). This also demonstrates the uncertainty in this field.

[17] The maximum thickness of the copper foil of the PCB plate is 70 microns. If it is electroplated with gold, its thickness increases by 10 microns.

[18] In this situation, it is no coincidence that the distributors say: 'The disc is not a healing tool. It is not a substitute for traditional medicine. It is not a substitute for alternative treatment. All claims regarding effects are plausible and possib­le, but not yet fully proven scientifically."

[19] English abbreviation for electromagnetic field.

[20] Abbreviation for microwave oscillator. (E.g. the emission of a magnetron in microwave ovens.)