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Update: 21 June 2023.


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Since 1934, the only known successful method of curing cancer has been magnetic irradiation. Despite this, no one uses it. In all fields, but especially in health care, rapid progress is unacceptable. If people can be cured of cancer in 3 minutes, what will doctors do, what will the pharmaceutical companies do? In Hungary alone, 160 000 people work in the health sector. If we eliminate all dise­ases, how will we continue to employ doctors, nurses and ambulance staff?

While AIDS is called by many a punishment from God, cancer is considered the scourge of humanity. In no other field has medical science had to endure so many failures as in the cure for cancer. Despite successive miracle cures and new procedures, heralded with great fanfare, millions of people die of this disease every year. Curing cancer patients is also very expensive. The world's countries spend $50 trillion a year. But a universal cure is still a long way off. The fact that there are at least 200 types of cancer makes research very difficult. Subsequent research has also revealed that 600 million mutations in 600 genes cause cancer. The obstacle to finding the perfect treatment for all types of cancer is that we do not understand the nature of cancer. But, says Vita: "What we have written about cancer fills libraries; but what we know about cancer fits on a visit card".

The WHO reports that 18 million new cases of cancer are registered worldwide every year and 9 million people die from the disease. This number is rising steadily year on year. In France, for example, the number of cancer cases increased by 60% between 1960 and 2000. It is predicted that by 2020, the number of new cancer cases will rise to 25 million a year and the number of cancer deaths will reach 10 million. This means that every year, Hungary's total population will be reduced by the world's population as a result of a disease that could be eliminated with a few minutes of treatment. It would also be possible to eliminate the mutilations (mastectomies, rectal hollowing out) that are more psychologically traumatic than the fear of impending death. Nor would there be any mutilation as a result of misdiagnosis. In Germany, for example, 300 women had unnecessary breast operations in 2000.

The situation is particularly bad here. In international comparison, we have the highest death rate from cancer. While in the developed Western countries the rate of increase has at least slowed down thanks to prevention and awareness-raising activities, the number of new cases is rising rapidly in our country. Currently, 33 thousand people die every year in Hungary from various cancers. Colon cancer is becoming more and more common as a result of the increase in the consumption of indus­trial foodstuffs containing additives. In the United States alone, 100 000 people die of colon cancer every year, and together with other colon diseases, another 200 000 have their rectum implanted in their abdominal wall and have an ostomy bag tied to their abdomen.

All this has happened despite the fact that new methods of curing cancer are being developed all over the world. Every now and then, news emerges that scientists have developed a new miracle cure for cancer. But it later turns out that there is no miracle cure. It is only effective against certain types of cancer, and not always. There are more than 200 types of cancer, so it is impossible to try a cure for all of them. If only because it costs $800 million to develop a new drug and takes 5 years. There is only one universal method for killing cancer cells: physical destruction. A real break­through can only be achieved by magnetic irradiation. But we refuse to consider this possibility. We prefer to bury our parents, our brothers and sisters, we mourn our children, but we still do nothing about it. We send clowns to the hospital beds of children dying of cancer instead of curing them. We should not be cheering up sick children, we should be giving them back their health. We are hypocritically passing one child protection law after another that strictly prohibits the slightest cor­poral punishment of minors, while sending millions of them to their deaths. With our indifference, our carelessness, our disbelief, we are destroying not only the world around us, but also ourselves.

Our behaviour could be considered negligent homicide or mass murder, because the simplest, most effective and cheapest way to cure cancer has been known for 80 years. The most effective way to kill cancer cells is frequency-specific radiation. This is the most efficient and effec­tive way to treat cancer. Royal Raymond Rife[1] (1888-1971) discovered 80 years ago. The Ame­rican biochemist is credited with several ground­breaking inventions. One of these was an ex­tre­mely high-resolution light microscope, which he used to study living microbes in colour and at high resolution as early as 1920. He noticed that some of them were much smaller than usual, but also much more vivid than others. In experiments repeated more than 400 times, he observed that each bacterium and virus had its own resonant frequency. Each microorganism vibrates at a different frequ­en­cy, and this is what makes them extremely vulnerable. By manipulating this physical cha­racteristic, they can be destroyed in such a way that other cells are not harmed in the slightest. In addition, the aura (magnetic radiation) of cancer cells is even greater than that of other cells, as they become more active once they are out of the meridian chain. Rife also recognised the organisms in or causing cancer tumours by their characteristic purplish-red emission and named them BX bacilli. It turned out that they are anatomically present in all organic media, but only transform into a disease-causing form under certain trigger conditions (shock, toxins, radiation, i.e. chemical trauma to the weakened body). Rife hypothesised the existence of 10 basic microbes, from which changes in the environment can produce disease-causing or harmless variations. The 4 different forms of cancer micro-organisms he observed were shown to be convertible back and forth into each other, so that the disease-causing ones could be rendered harmless again!

From there it was just a step to developing his other ground-breaking invention, the frequency device. He realised that all he had to do was excite the cancer cells. Just direct magnetic waves at them at a frequency that makes them explode. We know from our studies of physics how much da­mage resonant frequencies can cause in the material world. If you direct sound waves at an object at the same frequency as its own resonance frequency, it will start to move at an increased rate, and this movement will become so intense in a short time that the object will break into tiny fragments. In this way, a tower block can collapse.[2] Electromagnetic excitation at resonance frequencies in­crea­ses the energy absorption of cells, causing them to heat up and die. After discovering that dis­ease-causing organisms can be vulnerable to special frequency irradiation, i.e. bombarded to de­stroy them, he mapped the deadly oscillating frequencies of all bacteria and viruses considered dangerous. Rife used this resonant frequency irradiator to treat his serious patients, most of whom were considered unsalvageable, for 3 minutes every three days to give the body time to clear the dead micro-organisms. The first treatment for serious cancer patients was carried out at the Univer­sity of South Carolina in 1934. The trial, which lasted four weeks, was 100 per cent success­ful, and the new painless, drug-free procedure was used successfully in several clinics until 1938.

And that was the problem. While conventional medicine cured cancer patients with extremely poor efficacy, Rife cured all his cancer patients. The medical community was moved to do so. In 1938, the American Medical Association launched a crusade against all doctors who used frequency therapy. The success of Rife's over-simplistic method of curing almost all viral diseases threatened the entire medical profession with existential collapse. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical devi­ce manufacturers, doctors, paramedics, research institutes and various laboratories would be out of a job overnight. If every disease can be cured in 3 minutes without the need for any drugs or aids, what will the traditional medicine people do? If they are not sick, they will not be needed.

So the machinery of impossibility was set in motion and the air around Rife, as we would say today, 'froze'. The American Medical Association was at the forefront of the professional vilification. Their campaign against Rife and his fellow doctors was justified on the grounds that they were 'not working according to the accepted understanding, i.e. not according to the usual national safety requirements'. In other words, they were not using the traditional method of curing cancer. The situation has not changed since then. Now the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) are doing the same.


This campaign has been supported with full intensity by the demon world. The otherworldly beings are perfectly aware of how the ills of the world can be reckoned with. However, Satan's interest is not in helping us, but in causing us as much suffering and loss as possible. Therefore, they have done everything to stop and eradicate this unfavourable process. Subsequently, Rife and all those who were connected with his cure were struck by a series of plagues as a kind of "Pharaoh Tutenkamen's curse". His laboratory was left to rot in 1939. His immediate collaborator, Professor Dr Milbank Johnson, was poisoned in 1944 (hours before he was due to publish the results of his research between 1935 and 1938 at a conference). Subsequently, almost all the records of the so­ciety he had founded were destroyed. Shortly afterwards, an armed assassination attempt was made on Dr Raymond Seidel[3], a sympathiser of Rife. And a newly employed technician stole the quartz prism of Rife's universal microscope, rendering it useless. Beam Ray Corporation, the manufacturer of the Frequency devices, went bankrupt in a trumped-up lawsuit, and doctors using the method were bribed or intimidated. Finally, the scientist himself was put on trial and all his research results, records and papers were confiscated. Rife, who had a nervous breakdown, gave up the fight after 1946 and ceased his professional activities.[4]  

His enemies had done such a thorough job that it became impossible to repeat Rife's experiments and revive his technique in later years. Reconstruction is made more difficult by the fact that after 1939 there were few people left who would even admit to having met him. Efforts to resurrect the Rife method can only rely on a few surviving documents and letters, as well as available accounts of recovered patients. In this case, the same thing happened as with the Tesla converter. It was invented in America in the 1930s and destroyed for similar reasons. But we paid a high price for it. The consequence is global warming, the ozone hole, the rapid destruction of nature. And the price we pay for not using Rife's cure is the death of hundreds of millions of people worldwide every year. This method could be used not only to eradicate cancer, but also to cure AIDS, tuberculosis and all other infectious diseases. Moreover, it would cost nothing. Patients' families would not be burdened with the cost of extremely expensive conventional treatment, and social security would not be on the verge of collapse. We are the only ones to blame for the situation we are in. We deserve our fate.


So our catastrophic situation is no accident. We got ourselves where we are. We have been given countless opportunities to get out of our difficulties over the past decades, but we have not taken advantage of any of them. Our short-term goals, our self-interest and our down-to-earth mindset have prevented us from seizing the opportunities that have presented themselves. We could have solved all our problems, from environmental degradation to the energy crisis to combating various diseases, but we turned down every opportunity. The profit motive has completely overwhelmed our minds, money has become more important than our lives. Never mind that hundreds of millions of our fellow human beings die every year, as a result of polluted water, air and soil, and from diseases that are considered incurable.

One manifestation of our mindless behaviour is our attitude to cancer. Worldwide, 9 million people die every year from a disease for which a 100% effective cure has been known for 80 years. Rife has developed the only effective cure for cancer, which we ignore, and the medical community is fighting it with a vengeance. (It would be worth asking doctors how they reconcile their be­haviour with their Hippocratic oath.) Recently, new details have emerged of the campaign against it. In the April 2014 issue of the Green Newspaper (pages 16-18), you can read Rife's diary and in­teresting case histories (including photos of the devices and equipment developed by Rife).

The most important of these was the frequency apparatus and the universal virus microscope, which had a magnification of 60,000 times and a resolution of 30,000 times, enabling it to distin­guish shapes down to 10 nm, surpassing electron microscopes. He also created a device operating at audio-spectral resonant frequencies with helium gas-filled tubes, which he used to suc­cessfully treat various diseases. These results were initially highly acclaimed in scientific circles. In recognition of his work, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Heidelberg. Thanks to his high-resolution microscope, he discovered that all disease-causing organisms are vulnerable to a specific frequency irradiation that has no effect on other living media. After years of experimen­tation, he mapped the deadly oscillating frequencies of all the bacteria and viruses he considered dangerous. He created several devices operating at these resonant frequencies to cure various di­seases, including cancer. He determined the lethal frequencies of more than fifty viruses with abso­lute precision. Unfortunately, these documents have not survived.[5] 

As early as 1934, in the initial phase of his research, Rife and his colleagues treated 16 patients with serious cancers that medicine had declared unsalvageable. He used this resonant-frequency irradiation device on all his patients for three minutes every three days. (He found that if he treated them more than this, the masses of dead micro-organisms accumulated faster than the lymphatic system could remove them.) Over the course of the treatment, the cancerous tumours gradually regressed. Within three months, 14 patients had fully recovered. After another four weeks, the two remaining patients were stabilised and slowly cured. The test proved to be a 100% success. This method proved effective even in the most hopeless cases. It has helped patients who Rife himself did not believe could be cured. Excerpt from a 1956 account by one of his colleagues, Dr James Couche:

What really got me and kept me more than anything else in research was the case of a man with stomach cancer. He was in the last stages of cancer when he dragged himself to the examination table. His body was all skin and bones. As he lay there on the table, Dr. Rife and Dr. Johnson said to me: "Just feel this man's stomach". I put my hand in the cavity where his abdomen was and all I noticed was a dent. The poor guy was so skinny that his spine and navel were almost touching. So I put my hand over his stomach, which was a hard mass in which I detected a handful of nearly heart-shaped tumors. It was absolutely hard. Seeing that, I thought, wow, there's nothing to be done here. Nevertheless, we started treating her with Rife frequencies and after two months, to my utter amazement, the patient had made a full recovery. He recovered so well that during the treatment he asked for permission to go to his farm in El Centro to see his cattle. Dr Rife warned him that he did not yet have the strength to drive to El Centro. Of course he did, she replied. In fact, he drove his own car home, where he had a sick cow, and stayed up all night with her to help her. The next day he drove his car back to the clinic without rest. So you can imagine how well he recovered.

In 1953 Rife wrote of his experience and the results of his 1934 cure: "In the treatment by the frequency apparatus the patients feel no pain, no sound is heard, and nothing is felt. A tube lights up and three minutes later the treatment is over. The virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body naturally clears itself of their toxic effects. Several types of illness can be treated simultaneously in one go." The studies were carried out under the supervision of six doctors. And that was the problem. Once the American Medical Association was convinced of the perfection of the procedure, it launched a consistent and devastating campaign against Rife and his colleagues and all doctors using the frequency devices. 


The vehemence of their persecution is the stuff of horror stories. In March 1939, a medical sympathizer's laboratory mysteriously caught fire and burned to the ground while he was visiting Rife. The assembled researchers were about to announce the confirmation of Rife's method. Within moments, the flames had grown to such a terrifying size that, according to a front-page article in the New York Times, 75 people could not extinguish them for several hours. In 1944, someone poi­soned Dr. Milbank Johnson, a professor of psychology and clinical medicine, a few hours before a press conference at which his company was to publish the results of its research from 1935-38. The poisoning occurred in a hospital where he had been admitted just before the conference. Shortly after his death, all the documents of the society he had founded were destroyed and its existence is now denied.

Subsequently, his colleagues, the remaining members of the University of Southern California, were literally in fear of their lives. But not all the records were destroyed, and there are still tes­timonies and testimonies of recovering patients. Studying these, one of Rife's sympathisers, Dr Raymond Seidel, published an article in the Smithsonian. After the article was published, he noticed that his every move was being followed and an unsuccessful gun attempt was made against him. Shortly thereafter, a newly hired technician stole the most valuable component of Rife's universal microscope, his quartz prism, rendering it useless, as mentioned above. Beam Ray Corporation, the sole manufacturer of the frequency devices, went bankrupt in a trumped-up lawsuit, despite being cleared of all charges.

Some doctors were paid off to falsify their results, others who refused were intimidated or ban­ned from practising medicine. Arthur Kendall was bribed to the tune of nearly a quarter of a million dollars and left his job to emigrate un­expectedly to Mexico. Rife and his as­sociates were also brought to trial. The facts of the cures were not consi­dered probative by the court. All Rife's rese­arch results, papers and notes were confiscated by the authorities. Rife him­self endured until 1946, when he be­ca­me a nervous wreck, a drunkard, and a gradual degradation. Another labo­ra­tory, independent of Rife, where si­milar research into 'healing electrical energy' was carried out, went up in fla­mes, again under mysterious circum­stances. Only one doctor remained, Dr James Couche, who held on as long as he could despite all the atrocities.


But the progress of esotericism did not stop. In spite of all the prohibitions, our esoteric knowledge has increased greatly, in the light of which it is possible to determine in hindsight what happened and why. Once this has been clarified, Rife's method could be reconstructed in a few months. The universal virus microscope was indeed an extremely high-resolution microscope that could have revolutionised microbiology at that time. Today, however, electron microscopes are capable of even higher magnifications, so there is no difficulty in observing viruses and bacteria. They can easily identify microbes, so there is no obstacle to determining their resonance frequency.

However, cells and microbes living in an electron microscope cannot be studied in vivo because of the sample fixation, vacuum, dehydration and special staining procedure. In the Rife high magnification transmission light microscope, however, bacteria and viruses could be seen in their life processes. This possibility was lost to us for 80 years. But the laser light microscope developed by Stefan Hell in 2000 solved this problem. The STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion) micros­cope has a resolution of 60 nanometres and is therefore suitable for observing viruses in vivo.[6]  In 2006, Eric Betzing and William Moerner developed a microscope with a resolution of 20 nanomet­res. This allows even the tiniest virus to be seen. These methods are called nanoscopy and are now used worldwide. The three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2014 for their super-resolution microscopes. These microscopes are now fit for purpose, but still fall short of the original, destroyed version. RIFE's prismatic microscope, made of quartz crystals, had a resolution of 10 nanometres and, unlike an electron microscope, produced colour images rather than black and white.

Nobody denies the fact of resonance frequency, because as we know, everything in the universe is vibrating, nothing is at rest. The reason is that everything is made of etheric particles, including matter. The etheric particles vibrate at a very high frequency, which decreases and becomes specific as they densify and become matter. Depending on the structure of its atoms, the vibrational frequ­ency of all matter is different, and this also applies to living organisms. Hence, all that is needed is to scan viruses and bacteria under a light microscope with a frequency generator and determine their resonance frequency, i.e. the frequency at which they die. For irradiation, Rife used an "audio­spectral resonant frequency" tube, which is most likely identical in operation to Tesla's high-frequency plas­ma discharge tube. This tube is very similar to our fluorescent tubes, except that it emits magnetic particles rather than light. It was this magnetic radiation that killed the microbes.[7]  

Magnetic monopoles are known to exist physically, but we don't use them for anything. They are the key to our development. If we don't use them, we will never get out into the cosmos, and we will continue to be plagued by our troubles, our seemingly insurmountable problems in the material world. It is the gravitational particle (graviton) and the etheric particle (etherion) that give rise to all transcendental phenomena, which are in fact nothing more than physical phenomena unknown to us. The development of a tube that emits magnetic monopoles filled with helium gas could be feasible, but it is not worth pursuing. The irradiator used by Rife, the hydrogen-filled gas-discharge tube[8], was a field irradiator. It not only irradiated the patient, but also his environment. This is probably the reason for the mysterious, unquenchable fires. It is not certain that arson caused the burning of the laboratories.

Judging from the consequences, Rife was certainly using a source of radiation emitting gravi­tational particles to heal. As we know, the infiltration of etheric particles cools the material, while gravitational particles heat it. Above a certain concentration, this heating effect is so great that it triggers spontaneous combustion.[9] This kind of fire cannot be extinguished by conventional me­ans. This is illustrated by the contemporary account of the experience, which says: "The flames grew to such a terrifying size in a matter of moments that 75 men could not extinguish them for several hours." The fire was only extinguished after the entire laboratory had burned to the ground. This was because the fire was extinguished in the usual way, with water. And we know from mythology that you cannot put out a 'dragon fire' with water. Water is electrically conductive, so it also con­ducts magnetic monopoles well. Splashing water on a substance saturated with magnetic particles is like trying to extinguish a conventional fire with petrol.

To avoid these accidents, we need radiation sources that emit concentrated beams of radiation that only irradiate the diseased body. The Klein formation would be best suited for this. This mag­netic monopole, coiled from a hair-thin copper wire, is powerful enough to produce a sufficiently strong magnetic beam and radiates in only one direction. To excite it, a high voltage frequency generator is required. To increase the efficiency, the excitation should also be performed with a soliton wave. In recent decades, attempts have been made to revive this technique, but due to a lack of basic esoteric knowledge, the research has not been successful. Traditional treatments have proved to be a dead end. Neither gamma radiation, nor chemotherapy, nor hyperthermic cancer treatments have yielded breakthrough results. But researchers have now discovered that cancer cells do emit blue light. By exploiting this, they can more easily remove cancer cells from body tissue during laser surgery.


Extraterrestrial civilisations have also used magnetic irradiation to cure diseases caused by viral and bacterial infections. They also use it to cure cancer. But they do not mince words. They destroy all the cancer cells at once, which the patient then has to endure days of agony to get rid of. But then he is completely cured. The operation was performed on a terminally ill American woman whose body was full of metastases, so that death could be expected at any time. But this did not happen because she was cured during a UFO abduction. Helen originally suffered from hip cancer. The operation was unsuccessful as metastases had formed on her pancreas. Further surgery revealed that the metastases had spread to her other internal organs. As usual, the operation was interrupted and her abdomen was stitched up. After chemotherapy failed to help, she was told to say goodbye to her relatives because she was going to die soon. By then she was in terrible pain and could barely drag herself. He lay at home waiting to die.

Meanwhile, one night he woke up because he heard his name being called. He then felt an irresistible urge to get into a car and drive in the dark night to the place suggested by the unknown voice. After travelling about 5 kilometres, he was surprised to see a UFO hovering above the ground at the place indicated. After stopping in front of it, figures wearing metallic flesh-like clothing stepped out of the huge craft and carried it on board. They laid him on the operating table and examined his entire body. A small, inverted mushroom-shaped instrument was used. After a few strokes of the red light-emitting instrument, he was told that he had cancer in his left breast, liver, right kidney, pancreas and bile. The diagnosis was followed by a painful treatment.

First, a device similar to a metal tray was used. This was passed over his body about ten times with a handle at each end. During this time Helen felt terrible heat and pain. As she later told me, she was only able to endure the ordeal because the doctors on earth had done worse things to her before. In the next phase of the treatment, the aliens injected some kind of crimson liquid into his abdomen. They then drained a few decilitres of very dark coloured blood from him. Injections were then given into his abdomen and both sides. After the injections, he was scanned all over with instruments and told that he had been cured. He can get dressed now the treatment is over. Finally, he was told to stop taking any medicine and to consider himself cured. Before he was discharged, they took out a celestial map and showed him where they had come from. All Helen could remember was that it was from somewhere in the Orion area.

After the strange procedure, she drove home and collapsed exhausted on her bed. The next morning she felt very ill, in more excruciating pain than before. She told her night's adventure to her worried son, who did not believe her and went to the scene. There all his doubts were dispelled when he saw the huge circular imprint and the peculiarly scorched vegetation. The final phase of Helen's recovery was rather unusual. In the afternoon, she vomited up a foul-smelling, ugly black liquid. Frightened, she immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors told her that this was a sign that she would soon die. Over the next two days, she felt terribly ill. He lost consciousness several times. The doctors tried to give him painkillers, but he refused to take them, remembering the warning. However, his condition then took a turn. Despite the expectations of the nursing staff, the patient did not die and was getting better. Three days later, he was completely cured. The doctors examined him and were surprised to find that there was no sign of cancer in his body. When she went home, Helen felt as if she had never been ill.

The above medical history is perfectly documented in every respect. Both the pre-operative findings and the results of the post-operative tests can be verified retrospectively. 25 years later, Helen is still alive. She is in good health. This case is not unique. American Professor John E. Mack has investigated hundreds of diversion cures over the past decades. Some of them have been pneumonia cases, patients with white blood cells and muscular dystrophy. This number is not so high when you consider that, according to statistics, more than 5 million people in the United States have been diverted by extraterrestrial civilisations. Most of them are merely examined, but if they are found to be seriously ill, they are usually cured.

In this case, it is also possible to guess what procedure was used during the operation. The metal tray-like device may have been a device that emits subatomic energy beams. From the thermal effect it produced, it can also be inferred that it emitted concentrated energy beams of a Yin nature. This was used to destroy cancer cells. The cells that had become unviable then had to be removed from the body. This was done by a purple injection into the abdomen. The waste matter absorbed into the blood was drained off on the spot and the stomach contents were later vomited up by the patient. The cancer cell residues in the intestines were presumably passed in the faeces. Since cancer cells attack and destroy healthy cells over time, cell regeneration was certainly necessary. This was probably the purpose of the injections given afterwards. Studies of other UFO cases also confirm that almost all advanced civilisations have a special fluid that can regenerate dead cells based on the etheric body. Once this had been done, a thorough instrumental examination followed, which established that everything had gone as expected.


We are still a long way from that stage, and we have all the information we need to combat the dangers we face, but we cannot put it into practice. We cannot start down this road because of the forces of retreat. But we could avert the above-mentioned scourges one by one. This would not even require a substantial investment, because all esoteric inventions can be built for a few thousand forints. But there is no one to do it. The experts are not moving in this direction because they do not believe in its feasibility. Now everyone is pointing the finger at others, waiting for someone to 'throw the roast pigeon in their mouths'. But nobody wants to do that. So everything stays the same, and we march like octondon sheep to the slaughter. But the esoteric researchers and developers of the future will not have to face an inhuman struggle. The theoretical foundations are there, they just need to be built on.

On this basis, cancer cells could easily be destroyed. With Dr Rife's method, which has been available to us for 80 years, all cancer patients could be cured in minutes, but no one does anything for them. Humanity has decided that we would rather die in a heap, but we don't need this method. Then we feel sorry for them and their relatives bury them in tears. Then they mourn for the rest of their lives, blaming fate for what happened. It never occurs to them that they died because of our own stupidity and stubbornness. After the liquidation of Rife and his colleagues, 700 million people died of cancer worldwide, completely unnecessarily.

The biggest obstacle to eradicating cancer is the tacit conspiracy in the background. At its heart is the fact that those who could do so are doing nothing to cure cancer patients. Doctors fear for their jobs, pharmaceutical companies fear for their extra profits, and politicians claim that if eve­ryone is cured, there will be a lot of pensioners. And the pension fund can no longer cope with the current burden. Since this method would eliminate all infectious diseases, only a fraction of the doctors needed to treat accident victims would be needed in the future. Nor would diseases resulting from organic lesions afflict mankind. Tuned to a frequency of 28 KHz, the magnetic soliton pulses emitted by the Tesla generator harmonise the meridians, repair damage to the aura and optimise the functioning of the chakras. And when the etheric body is healthy, the physical body is healthy. Politicians do not like this either, because humanity is already in danger of overpopulation.


War message to microbes

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The man of our time has no claim on thousands of years of science, rejecting the achievements of our ancestors. No wonder, because we did not claim our scientific successes of a hundred years ago. As early as the mid-19th century, Ignác Semmelweis drew the attention of the medical pro­fession to the importance of hand washing. Yet even today our hospital doctors do not consider frequent hand washing important. So they pass the infection from one patient to another. Thus, every hospital is now a veritable infection. Anyone who goes in is likely to come out sick, if they come out alive at all. Royal Rymond Rife's germicidal method could get rid of all infectious diseases, but the medical lobby and the drug mafia have wiped it out, along with its creator. And frequent hand washing is considered inconvenient by doctors. In such circumstances, hospital pati­-ents drop like flies in autumn. Many think it's fine to let them die. After what we've done, the way we've behaved, we deserve it.


"Doctor, wash your hands before you touch me." Even if such a sentence may seem absurd in a hospital bed, the admonition can be a life-saver. After all, patient care workers save about two out of every three hand washes. Large international studies show that women wash their hands more often than men, and that nurses do better than doctors in this 'genre'. In Hungary, around 50,000 patients suffer hospital-acquired infections every year because of sloppiness. The number of serious intestinal infections in Hungarian hospitals has increased two and a half times year on year. In 2012, more than 1,000 people died from the disease, which in mild cases only causes diarrhoea, and in more severe cases causes colitis.

There is still no answer as to why this bacterium is causing an explosion of hospital outbreaks. Findings published in the official journal of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) clearly show that a single so-called super spreader - such as a radiologist or physiotherapist who moves frequently between hospital departments and fails to wash their hands - can spread infections at a rate equivalent to 23% of all hospital workers failing to wash their hands regularly.

Even the touching, stroking, touching, encouraging hand is teeming with millions of tiny infec­tious creatures. Every square inch of the average patient's body is home to ten million bacteria that cause urinary, respiratory, wound and bloodstream infections. One million cells are shed from intact skin every day, and are transferred to the bed, bedding, utensils used by the patient, and from there to those who come into contact with them. Nurses and doctors who come into direct contact with the patient can find hundreds to thousands of pathogens on their hands after touching the bed linen and turning the patient over. More than a quarter of nurses working in intensive care units have carried pus-carrying bacteria, and if they neglect to wash their hands, they pass it on to the next carer.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 5-10 percent of patients in developed countries become infected during a hospital stay, while in developing countries the rate can be more than 25 percent. European figures show that 37,000 out of 4.5 million infections end in death, with a further 110,000 cases contributing to patient death. According to a survey by the Hungarian National Health Service (ÁNTSZ) two years ago, around 90,000 people in Hungary get infections in hospitals every year, half of which could have been avoided by thorough hand washing. This causes a lot of trouble, not only because of the longer treatment time and the increased resistance of pathogens.

The additional costs can also place a huge burden on the healthcare institution. In fact, careless­ness can have a high cost: the cost of treating a single patient with MRSA (multi-resistant hospital-acquired bacteria) can run into millions of forints. Healthcare-associated infections are one of the most pressing issues of patient safety worldwide. For years, there have been huge campaigns around the world to promote hand disinfection, yet the leading cause of hospital-acquired infections re­mains the lack of hand-washing. Here too.

"I hardly ever saw a doctor washing his hands. Even the nurses mostly sprayed their hands with the usual skin disinfectant spray before taking blood samples before touching me," says the woman, barely 30 years old and with a severe autoimmune diagnosis, who has been treated in the intensive care units of several hospitals in her country in recent months. Asked how much she was bothered, if at all, by the situation, she says a resounding yes. "Since my survival depended on me not getting any new infections, I wanted to ask her: 'Doctor, did you wash your hands before you touched me? But I didn't. Not once. I was afraid of infection, but even more afraid of offending the doctor, of making him angry with me, and then it would be harder."

In intensive care units and emergency rooms, only 40-60 percent of the necessary hand disinfec­tion is done, Dr. Judit Lám, a lecturer at the Centre for Health Management Training at Semmelweis University's Faculty of Public Service, told us. According to recommendations by the WHO and other international health organisations, hands should be washed before touching a patient, before all punctures (blood draws, infusions), before wound care, after treating a patient, or after touching the patient's immediate environment, such as bed linen or other objects, or after coming into contact with secretions. This recommendation is well known by care providers in Hungary, but in practice it is not possible to ensure that people who come into contact with patients always wash their hands when they should. Often, the conditions are lacking - a tap, soap or a bottle of alcohol disinfectant that can be carried in a pocket and hung on the end of the bed in the immediate vicinity of the patient's bed or examination area. And even if these are available, time is short.

In intensive care units, a nurse has to make the bed quite a few times in a single shift. Three or four times a day, she has to give injections, dispense tablets, hook up an infusion set, take blood pressure, pulse and temperature several times a day, change the catheter bag as needed, make the bed and who knows what else. If you only count the above, you still have to wash at least 300-400 hands per shift. If you want to do this regularly, you would need 40-60 seconds for a traditional soap and water hand wash and 30 seconds for an alcohol rub. International measurements show that even when health workers wash their hands, they do not take more than ten seconds.

Dr Judit Lám says another reason why handwashing is neglected is that there is no immediate, immediately noticeable consequence. Even if an infection is passed from one patient to another in the hospital through unwashed hands, causing deterioration or even death, there is no way to prove that this is due to the lack of handwashing. But there is also no economic measurement that clearly shows how much the hospital can save by following handwashing rules. Measurements have been taken in wards treating the most vulnerable patients (intensive care, emergency, premature birth) to show how the rate of hospital-acquired infections varies with the frequency of handwashing. For example, where handwashing rates were improved from 48 per cent to at least 66 per cent, the hos­pital infection rate fell from 17 per cent to less than 10 per cent.[10]  


Nurses working in intensive care units in hospitals should wash their hands at least 400 times per shift in a single shift, during bed sorting, injection, pill dispensing, hooking up infusion equipment, taking blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, changing catheter bags, bed rest, changing nappies, etc. If the nurse wanted to do this regularly, washing hands with soap and water would take about 60 seconds per occasion. This would take 400 minutes a day, which means that 6-7 hours of her daily working time would be spent washing her hands. This is obviously impossible, because then when will he get to work. The same is true for doctors. To avoid transmitting infectious bacteria and viruses from one patient to another, they would have to wash their hands constantly. This precau­ti­onary rule is unenforceable, and its strict application would paralyse the work of hospitals and clinics. The job description strictly stipulates that:

1. disinfect hands before touching the patient.

2. disinfect hands immediately before aseptic procedures.

3. disinfect hands immediately after the possibility of contamination with secretions (after removal of gloves).

4. disinfect hands after touching objects in the patient's environment even if the patient has not been touched.

Only in this way can hospital staff protect themselves from pathogens and prevent their trans­mission to the patient's environment. However, the Code of Practice does not say when, if these rules are strictly followed, they will be cured. 

There is only one way to remedy this unfortunate state of affairs: a radical solution. Infectious bacteria and viruses must not be combated, but eradicated once and for all. They must be destroyed not by antibiotics and disinfectants, but by physical methods. The chemical solution requires frequ­ent, ad hoc application, i.e. it must be repeated for each patient, for each operation. But by applying a physical phenomenon, all infective germs can be killed in minutes. This physical phenomenon is magnetic radiation. Its most effective application, irradiation at resonance frequen­cies, has been de­veloped by the American scientist Dr. Royal Rymond Rife, Jr. The radiation gene­rator he developed can be used not only to sterilize patients in hospitals but also to sterilize various medical devices. The simplest way to disinfect equipment and hospital rooms is to absorb the magnetic beams of different frequencies with the water used to wash them. (According to Hulda Regehr Clark, a frequency of 33 kHz can destroy extremely harmful parasites in our bodies and environ­ment.) In this way, all healthcare facilities can be sterilised in a matter of weeks.


Multi-drug resistance, which means that viruses and bacteria are now resistant to every concei­vable antibiotic, even those that are not known. The situation is most serious in the field of cancer treatment, where the aforementioned resistance makes chemotherapy methods less and less effec­tive. In addition, cancer cells have developed a little 'pump' inside themselves that allows them to spit out chemicals they don't like, even if they have never encountered them before and have not had the opportunity to identify them and learn to defend themselves against them. There are already superbacteria that are not only resistant to antibiotics, but also consume them as food. (The first superbacteria appeared at the end of the 20th century and are resistant to all antibiotics. The NDM-1 bacterium has been introduced from India and Pakistan into many western countries and has already caused many deaths. Its danger is increased by the fact that its genes can be transferred to other bacteria.)

It is becoming increasingly clear that micro-organisms will win the war against us. The once effective weapons of antibiotic and chemical treatment are slowly being discarded, because all that is left are the harmful side effects they can do less and less. On top of all this, new viruses and bacteria are being released almost weekly from the depths of the felled rainforests, against which we have no means of defence. Most of them we can't even identify, so at any moment a global epidemic could emerge and we would be completely helpless to fight it. And virologists are not ruling out the possibility that unknown pathogens could be found under the polar icecaps, as in the jungles. If global warming causes them to break free from the ice, the Earth will be hit by an explosion of viruses that will leave even humans with healthy immune systems defenceless. Our immunity has not been able to develop against the ancient viruses that are more than 10,000 years old.

The other problem is that identifying new pathogens, testing effective serums against them, brin­ging them into production and getting them approved as medicines is hugely expensive, not to men­tion time-consuming. Only the toxicological studies before the drug is authorised and the ex­pe­riments on animals and then on humans take time. It takes 5 years per product. In Western countries with sufficient technological development, the development of a new drug can cost up to USD 800 million. If we compare this situation with the rapidly growing number of new pathogens, we will soon realise that medicine will be bankrupt in a few years. We will not be able to keep up with the pace of the traditional way of doing things, and we will certainly lose out because of lack of time and money. This is already recognised by scientists themselves. The journal Archives Inter­national Medicine wrote in an editorial: "The question today is not whether we will lose the battle with the microbial world, but when we will lose it."

The only way to win this battle is to stop using chemical and organic means of defence and to switch to physical methods, the most effective of which is magnetic irradiation. The great advantage of the physical destruction of pathogens is that it is not species-specific. It can be used against all living organisms, regardless of their origin and size. The destructive effect is immediate and there are no side effects. As we have seen above, the reason for this is that healthy cells can replenish the energy drawn from the meridian chain by subatomic energy waves. By the way, this simple and cheap method is also used by extraterrestrials to fight viruses on Earth, which are unknown to them. According to the people they abducted, they saw a bluish light in the reception hall of the craft, which was very similar to our germicidal light. These sub-atomic energy waves, which produce a shimmering light, are designed to kill the micro-organisms we have brought into the spacecraft and then we are "sterile" when we enter the examination room.

Unfortunately, neither the intensity nor the exact frequency of these energy waves is yet known. This is something we have to try out with the help of biologists, doctors, physicists and engineers. This disinfection device is particularly needed in hospitals. In the United States, for example, 2 million people fall ill every year from hospital-acquired viruses and bacteria. Of these, 90,000 die. In other countries the situation is even worse. Outpatient doctors are also powerless against infec­tious diseases. They lack the necessary equipment to identify the pathogen. 


Microbiological cultures to identify the bacteria causing the infection are only carried out in hos­pitals. GPs are not able to provide targeted treatment. Therefore, they prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which has a carpet-bombing effect on the body. As well as killing the pathogenic bacteria, it also kills the beneficial bacteria (e.g. gut flora) in the body. An even more dangerous effect of frequent antibiotic use is multi-resistance. Over time, bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and become super bacteria. They then become untreatable because no drug can kill them. Some count­ries prescribe antibiotics only on the basis of microbiological findings. In the Netherlands, the number of multi-resistant patients is below 1% due to targeted treatment. But in Belgium, everyone can freely buy antibiotics at the pharmacy. Therefore, the resistance rate is significantly higher. The most controversial situation is in the United States, where patients can report a doctor if he does not prescribe antibiotics. Here, if someone sneezes, they rush to the doctor to get an antibiotic. The doctor will prescribe it even if he thinks it is unjustified, because he doesn't like to be sued.

The biggest mistake here is to insist on antibiotics even in the case of a viral infection (e.g. flu), even though antibiotics are completely ineffective against viruses. The only cure for viral infections at the moment is our immune system. If we do not take care of this defence system, if we weaken and destroy our immune system through an unhealthy lifestyle, we can die from viral infections and the complications they cause. It is no coincidence that hundreds of millions of people worldwide die every year from various infections. But this should not be the case. No human being should have died of infectious diseases for 80 years.


All dangerous viruses could be eradicated by magnetic therapy. All that would have to be done is to irradiate them with their resonance frequency. In nature, harmful insects and rodents could be eradicated. It is not necessary to irradiate them one by one. All that would have to be done would be to absorb the specific energy radiation with water, and to sprinkle the treated water over meadows and forests. The spraying could easily be done by mosquito control planes or drones. All ticks could be eradicated by this method. It would not even cost money, because the irrigation water from the rivers is free and the electricity consumption of the jet generator is negligible. Hospital infections could also be eliminated once and for all. All that would be needed is a thorough cleaning. The washing water should not be alkaline or hypotonic, but magnetised to the resonance frequency of the pathogens. Water treated with resonant magnetic waves can also kill superbugs (10 million people worldwide die every year from antibiotic-resistant infections.)


The method invented by Rife can not only cure cancer and infectious diseases. It can kill all microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi). Even parasitic insects. All you have to do is determine the resonance frequency of the pest and irradiate it. In minutes, it falls apart and dies. In nature, of course, it is not possible to irradiate every single diseased plant or insect pest, but there is no need to do so. In this case, several hectolitres of water need to be irradiated at this frequency and sprayed over the infested area. In this way, it would be possible to get rid of, for example, the burrowing beetle that destroys chestnut trees, the bark beetle that damages walnut trees or infectious ticks that hide in forests, all in a matter of weeks. We could also eradicate ragweed (it is not the plant itself that needs to be destroyed, but its seeds, which are hidden in the soil, that need to be rendered germinative). All the entrepreneur would have to do is to connect the device to his computer after buying a generator that emits magnetic radiation. Install a program with a list of pests and their resonance frequency, click on the germ or pest to be eradicated and start irradiation. The resulting water could then be marketed as a hectolitre. Magnetising tap water requires so little electricity that it costs almost nothing. And the overall benefits are infinite, because there is such a demand for pest control in the world that it is insatiable.

This technique could be used to bring back into production vegetables and fruits that are highly susceptible to pests. To take just one example, this method will enable Gros Michel to be grown again. This banana variety was much sweeter and tastier than the Cavendish banana currently grown, but the Fusarim oxisporum fungus attacked its roots and circulatory system. Because of this, the plant did not get enough water and died. Spraying was not a way to control it, because this fungus spreads in the soil and lingers for decades. However, by irrigating the infested soil with magnetic water, this microbe can be killed. This is what extraterrestrial civilisations do. They use a 100-metre-wide, seeder-like machine to go through the fields every spring and de-germinate the soil. The machine loosens the soil in a similar way to a rotary hoe. The soil clods are then magnetically irradiated by the machine. The seed is sown in the soil thus disinfected. Magnetic sprouting is so effective that no spraying or crop protection is required.

Since more complex organisms, including plants, have species-specific energy radiations, longitudinal magnetic waves could easily be used to eradicate weeds without chemicals. We could also eradicate ragweed, which causes hundreds of billions of forints of damage every year. All that would be needed would be to irrigate the infested areas with magnetic water treated to the reso­nance frequency of the ragweed seed. The great advantage of this method is that if the plant is sprayed with it, not only the weed is killed, but also its roots. This means that the perennial plants cannot sprout the following year and we can get rid of them for good. Meanwhile, the other plants will not suffer any damage. They react to this type of water as if it were ordinary irrigation water.


This device could be put to good use by the food industry. It would eliminate the need for preservatives. Preserves, canned goods and milk made on a conveyor belt would not pass through a pasteurising bath, but through a tunnel emitting magnetic beams. Magnetic beams penetrating all materials would kill all micro-organisms in hermetically sealed jars, metal cans and plastic bags. This disinfection is so perfect that food treated in this way would remain edible for decades. The problem of expiry dates would not arise in the future. Nothing would spoil anymore. The manufac­turer would only have to indicate on the packaging how long the food retains its nutritional value (instead of the expiry date, the best-before date would be written on the packaging).[11] By eliminating pasteurisation, the enzyme content of milk and various dairy products would be preserved, as would the vitamin C content of vegetables (without enzymes, the mineral content of food cannot be absor­bed, which causes various deficiency diseases even in the case of a balanced diet).

Cold stores would also be transformed. Food would no longer need to be frozen. It would be enough to subject them to magnetic radiation and then keep them at +1°C in an oxygen-poor envi­ronment to prevent them from drying out and oxidising. In addition, fruit should no longer be pic­ked from the tree unripe for fear of overripening and spoiling during long storage. People living in continental climates could also enjoy the flavour of ripe bananas, pineapples, mangoes and other tropical fruits, because the ether would preserve them.  The same could be done in households. In the future, sub-atomic preserving cabinets will be produced instead of refrigerators, without freezer drawers. In these, a low-power electromagnetic cell destroyer will preserve the freshness of food without freezing. The magnetic radiation treatment kills microbes, so there is no need for deep-freezing to prevent their multiplication. The new type of refrigerator will still have a compressor, because the food must be cooled to a temperature that is suitable for consumption. (This is parti­cularly important in the summer heat.) To prevent drying, fruit and vegetables can now be safely wrapped in airtight polythene film. They will no longer rot because of the sealing. Cheese will no longer mould. They will also be protected against drying out when wrapped in polythene film.

This new type of fridge also eliminates food waste. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of food cur­rently spoil every year in warehouses and supermarket shelves worldwide. This will be prevented by supplying refrigerators with germicidal electromagnets. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of food will also be lost from households. The main reason for food waste in the home is that housewives throw out food that has expired. But nothing will go bad in sub-atomic preserving cabinets. If we overbuy, we're bound to run out of leftovers after a while. No one will throw away edible food because it's like throwing your money in the bin. According to the FAO, 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away every year worldwide. The main reason they are thrown away is because they are past their sell-by date. This happens in a world where 1200 million people are starving and 30 mil­lion of them die of hunger every year.  

Radiation sterilisation is already used in the food industry and in the manufacture of medical devices such as hypodermic needles. At present, however, sterilisation is carried out using a radio­active source, which makes the process very expensive. The high cost is due both to the high price of the cobalt cannon that produces the gamma rays and to the need to use safety equipment to protect the operating personnel from harmful radioactive radiation. Since subatomic energy irradia­tion does not have such disadvantages, there is nothing to prevent the widespread use of this pre­servation technique. In addition, unlike radioactive radiation, preserved food does not produce hyd­rocarbons and free radicals that cause cancer, atherosclerosis and premature ageing. In addition, irradiated food becomes biologically dead. Clear proof of this is that potatoes, garlic and onions treated with gamma radiation do not sprout. This has been hitherto seen as an additional benefit by food distributors, but the price we pay for this is health damage. Concentrated magnetic radiation, however, does not damage cells and does not render the desprouted food lifeless.

A portable version of the subatomic energy emitter would also be of great use to hikers and tourists. Attached to their belts, they could keep away mosquitoes, ticks, bees, wasps and other insects. It would even protect them from being bitten by dogs and various wild animals. They no longer have to fear malaria, Lyme disease, rabid animals and predator attacks. This method can also be used to deter sharks. Sea Change, an Australian company, has developed a surfboard that uses a magnetic field to keep marine predators at bay. (Animals have an alpha brain frequency and are therefore highly sensitive to magnetic fields. The subatomic germicidal lamp described above will protect travellers from bacterial and viral infections. Even in tropical countries, it is safe to eat anything if you have been irradiated with this germicidal device. But we did not accept these oppor­tunities offered by fate. We valued the profits from conventional treatment of patients more than our lives and our health.  


Budapest, 30.01.2018.




Sadly, in the past year, nothing has been done to cure cancer and reconstruct the Rife germ-killing method. Microbes continue to decimate our world, and in the past year, nearly 10 million people have died of cancer worldwide, senselessly. Among them are some of the greats of our intellectual and cultural life. People who could have gone on creating for years, decades, to enrich our intellectual heritage. Our great ones have been fittingly buried, mourned (because we are very good at it) and we have no intention of preventing tragedies. And yet, at our present level of tech­nical development, we could easily reconstruct Raymond Rife's method. But no one is willing to do that. No one but family members is interested in saving cancer patients.

But the situation of technically unskilled relatives is not entirely hopeless. Even after Rife, there were still researchers who tried to beat cancer by expelling microbes from the body. Among the biomedical scientists exiled to the frontiers of science, the American Dr Hulda Regehr Clark stands out, who created an effective germ-killing device that many people use to cure cancer. The device she developed is similar to the BICOM and MULTICOM devices and is highly effective in the targeted killing of borrelia, helicobacter pylori, wart viruses and other parasites.

However, the biofrequency generator, marketed as the Zapper, is not 100% effective because Dr Clark uses electric current rather than longitudinal magnetic waves to kill microbes. High frequency direct current. However, the high-frequency current does not penetrate the body due to the skin effect, but passes through the surface, in this case the skin. This makes it an excellent method for curing various skin diseases or killing small parasites (e.g. mites, nail fungus, herpes virus). Howe­ver, it is difficult to kill microbes that live in the gut (e.g. candida fungus) because the high-frequency current cannot penetrate that deep.

The effectiveness of the device would be greatly improved if soliton waves were used for healing rather than square waves. The square wave also runs down steeply, so there is some soliton effect, but the signal is not natural. Rife's pro­cedure did not have this problem be­ca­use the magnetic waves pass through the material unimpeded, so they can enter the body. Incidentally, Nikola Tes­la also used longitudinal shock waves to cure cancer, with excellent results. It is a pity that he stopped these expe­ri­ments in the meantime, because he considered the transmission of electri­city without wires to be a more im­portant task. (If he had started mass-producing his alternator tuned to 28 kHz, which was presumably an elect­ric generator, he could have made a fortune. This electromechanical oscil­lator would have eliminated all disea­ses, so he could have sold hundreds of millions of them a year. So there would have been no need to go to ban­kers and industrialists for money and sub­sidies. He could have used his wealth to create without a care in the world for the rest of his life. His last years would not have been spent in immen­se poverty, bitterness and neglect.)


The Zapper's effectiveness led many to manufacture and improve the de­vice, and there are now more than 80 different models in existence world­wide. The most notable of these is the Slovakian-developed Super Ravo Zapper, which can be linked to a computer, allowing the results of the measurements taken by the device to be stored indefinitely. In the 20 versions currently in produc­tion, scanning accuracy reaches one thousandth of a second. This is very im­portant, because even a few hund­redths of a second difference makes it impos­sible or greatly reduces the likelihood of killing microbes. In the Super Ra­vo Zapper, a microprocessor ensures that the set frequency is accurate to within 0.001 Hz/s. (It continuously mo­nitors the output frequency by feed­back and corrects it immediately if it deviates from the set value for any re­ason.) This is also necessary be­cause during use of the device, various elect­rochemical reactions occur in the bo­dy that cause the set frequency to be out of sync. This makes the Super Ra­vo Zapper twice as effective as com­peting devices. The device comes with a multilingual (including English) me­nu and instructions for use. The two-line illuminated display shows the prog­ress of the therapy: time, current fre­quency value, voltage on the elect­rodes and battery status. The guide in­cludes all the frequency values (the re­sonance frequency of microbes) mea­sured during Dr Clark's many years of research.

The Ravo Zapper is factory set up with 100 programs that the user can test at will. These settings are stored in the instrument's memory. An additional 275 positions can be easily programmed on demand on the computer. Adjustable frequency range: 1 Hz - 900 kHz. Accuracy: 1 Hz. Develop­ment is ongo­ing. Encouraging news is that the Slovak company started in 2007 to reconstruct the Rife plasma tube. This is a very important step forward in the fight against microbes, as this glass tube emits magnetic waves that penetrate deep into the body and completely destroy any tiny pests in the body. From there, it's just a step to implementing the process Rife uses. (Biopsy sampling is no problem. The infected tissue can be examined by electron microscopy. By irradiating it with a plasma beam, they can determine the resonance frequency of the pathogen, or as doctors call it, the pathogen. The resulting value is set in the frequency generator, or in the computer that controls the generator, and the patient can be treated.)


While this is happening, we use the Super Ravo Zapper. This can save lives too. Countless case studies prove this. Some of these are reported in detail by the device's users. The case studies, collected by Slovak doctors, can be found in the appendix. It is striking from studying the reports that this device produces outstanding results in cases where professional doctors are unable to determine the cause of the illness. Patients have participated in all existing tests and the test series has been negative. The doctor then throws up his hands and says that, at the current state of medical science, your disease cannot be cured. The patient's condition then deteriorates further. As your pain worsens you desperately seek alternative treatments. Herbs and various natural remedies may temporarily reduce your pain, but they do not result in a permanent cure. The Ravo Zapper, however, scans the body over a wide frequency range and kills unknown microbes. However, finding this requires patience and a longer treatment. The pathogens identified in hospital tests are killed more quickly and without the side effects of drugs. (Moulds are very hard on the lymphatic system. If possible, start detoxification with them.)  

To highlight some of the case studies, Ravo Zapper can be used to effectively expel intestinal worms from the body. A seventy-year-old woman got rid of tinnitus and her medication for high blood pressure. A fifty-year-old patient has had significant relief of joint pain after just 14 days. There was a patient who had nail fungus so stubborn that no ointment helped. He had electrodes placed between his toes and after a short time his fungal infection disappeared. This procedure should also be used for ringworm. The electrodes are placed directly next to the callus and the results are visible even while the programme is running: the skin relaxes and the viruses that cause the callus are destroyed within 10 minutes. As a general advice, if any part of your body is sore or infected, the electrodes should be placed so that they are between the affected organ.

The device can also be used against pathogens in the oral cavity. By zapping, facial swelling can be eliminated in a few days. After that, the disease does not return and, unlike medication, there is no recurrence. A 40-year-old woman was suddenly overcome with nausea and fainting. Doctors could not find out what was causing it. A computer diagnosis revealed a papilloma virus on the patient's brain stem and roots. The woman then went back to the hospital, where a CT scan con­fir­med the diagnosis. After that, treatment was quick. After a month, the fainting stopped and the nausea subsided. A 60-year-old woman had breathing problems, which prevented her from walking, and a CT scan revealed that a golden staphylococcus had colonised her heart. With targeted treat­ment with Zappfer (about 5 times 20 minutes), the woman showed visible relief and the microor­ganism disappeared. A 74-year-old man who had suffered a stroke had a similar quick and lucky result. He could not speak or walk properly and all his muscles were in a lot of pain. After a few sessions with Ravo Zapper he started to talk and walk.

One patient was diagnosed with eye cancer and was scheduled for an eye resection. A Diacom scan showed intestinal worm larvae in the eye. Subsequent frequency treatments destroyed the intestinal worm, so no surgery was necessary. One woman complained that 9 polyps had been found in her intestines and she was awaiting a colorectal operation. After a few frequency treatments, the polyps disappeared. A man had been vaccinated against influenza at work. He had never had prob­lems with his respiratory tract before - the problems only appeared after the vaccination. He says he has been taking antibiotics for 5 years without getting better. His condition has improved drama­tically after just a few frequency treatments. Another patient had Staph Aureus bacteria in his body. When he first came to the clinic, he was coughing up phlegm, had rheumatic pains, and had a festering sore on his hands and feet. The diagnosis was severe asthma and irreversible damage to the bronchi. The doctor treating him said nothing could help him now. He then underwent frequency treatments. Soon after, he boasted that his symptoms were getting better. Some treatments had alrea­dy changed his diagnosis to mild asthma. He continues to receive treatment.

For two conditions, Zapper has always produced 100 per cent efficacy. One is tonsillitis. It can cause fever and malaise, but if you use the Super Ravo Zapper's six times ten-minute programme for tonsillitis, you feel relief almost immediately afterwards. At night, the body gets rid of the mic­ro-organisms destroyed by the Zapper. One session of treatment and the tonsillitis is gone and you can go to work the next day. The other disease is chickenpox, which can be eliminated in one hour. Children don't have to suffer for 2 weeks because their whole body is covered in itchy rashes, plus the healing white powder that goes everywhere. After treatment, the itching stops, the tiredness goes away and the pimples start to dry up the next day. As a preventative measure, it is worth repeating the frequency treatment to ensure that no pathogens remain in the body that could develop into shingles in adulthood.

The dreaded disease of our time is multiple sclerosis. Doctors are helpless against this disease. The patient's condition is constantly deteriorating. An 82-year-old patient has tried the Zapper treatment. After starting the Hand Tremor programme, he had no problems with his hand for three days. After the next treatment, he had no complaints for two weeks. Zapper was also shown to be effective for shingles. One woman had hemorrhoid problems that were so severe that surgery was considered. It has also relieved many patients of back pain and acute urinary tract infections.

Many people in our country also use Zappers. This is a Hungarian user's account of his experi­ence, published in a blog discrediting frequency medicine devices, as a rebuttal. The fracture was infected, attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria. It was horrible to watch my leg rot. The infection didn't respond to antibiotics. My partner begged me for Revo Zapper treatment. He had one of those things, which I had a good laugh at when he was gripping the tubes, saying it was healing. Since they were already talking amputation, I had nothing to lose. And it worked!!!! The infection or whatever stopped, stagnated for a while, then started to heal. Then I was off antibiotics, just went on this Zapper. My leg remained, but it did such a terrible job on the muscles that it was partially paralyzed. It looks very bad, missing muscle in bun sized pieces. But this is my leg, not a prosthetic. I don't laugh at the Zapper today, I don't know what the principle is, but it works.

The lymphatic system flushes the dead pathogens out of the body. Always drink plenty of fluids before and after the treatment. The toxic waste washed out of the body by the lymphatic system is removed by the liver and kidneys, and a lot of water is needed for effective cleansing. This process is relatively slow and can take several days. Therefore, zapping should not be overdone. You can treat yourself for up to 1 hour a day. If we treat our body for hours or run several programmes in a row, so many dead micro-organisms accumulate in the body that the lymphatic system cannot remove. This can lead to serious illness. One woman had to call an ambulance. Fortunately, she was better the next day in hospital. Too much toxic material in the body can cause the liver and kidneys to shut down, leading to serious illness. That's when people blame the Zappers for the harm of the treatment. But the Zapper can do no harm. Its mechanism of action is like that of homeopathic me­dicines. If someone is not sick, the medicine has no effect. If you take handfuls of little sugar beads, nothing will happen to you. If you set the Zappers to the frequency of a pathogen that is not in the body, nothing happens.  

Super Ravo Zapper can be ordered from our online stores. One of them is the website of Leviter Ltd. Their address is E-mail: Tel: +36-30-591-7093. The price of the device is 210 thousand HUF. Zapper Technology's Hungarian headquarters website costs the same, but you have to pay in euros, not forints. The price is €570. Web address: (First click on the E-shop icon and then go to the shop to find the product you want to buy. Then click on the shopping cart symbol in the top right-hand corner. From there the program will guide you through the purchase. Here you can also buy the plasma generator.)

For those who find this price expensive, there are cheaper Zapper devices available in online shops.[12] Patients on a budget are better off renting this device for a while or getting treatment at a naturopathic studio. We have many practitioners of this type of treatment, and it does not cost much. At the Conscious Health Centre in Gyõr, for example, a treat­ment costs just 1000 HUF. The weekly rental fee for the equipment is not astronomical eit­her. (For the exact amount, please call.) Add­ress: Another solu­ti­on is to join forces with relatives, friends, colleagues and buy a device together. Then we pass it around. If someone has something wrong, they ask for it and it heals themselves in a few days or weeks.

In the meantime, the plasma generator has come on the market and is now being used to treat patients in several places. The RPZ 14 plasma generator has a maximum operating frequency of 5 Hz to 900 kHz. According to its developers, it works in exactly the same way as the glass tube generator used by Raymond Rife. If this is the case, it would be worth investigating the nature of the magnetic waves emitted by this generator. If it is of a gravitational nature, then this laboratory and its control room should be urgently relocated to a building that does not contain any com­bustible materials. The gravitons will seep in­to the walls and furniture, and if they reach the level of self-ignition, the whole building will burn down just like Tesla and Rife's la­boratory. There is no need for complicated and expensive instruments to determine the nature of magnetic discharges. A gravimeter already exists, but this test can be done with a simple compass. If the radiation coming out of the glass tube is attracted to the black, north pole of the compass, it is gravitational.

The brief information provided by the developers does not make it clear whether the personnel carrying out the treatment are permanently present in the room. If they are, and if they are being treated all day, they are also accu­mulating radiation. This is not suf­ficient to cause spontaneous combustion. However, it does upset the balance of his meridians, which can trigger various diseases. If such complaints arise, the treatment staff must do what the developers of the antigravity drive did: go head to toe in suba. The magnetic radiation is not shielded by any material, but it is scattered by the fine, twisted fibres of the sheep's hair. So it doesn't seep into the body. Patients don't have to worry about this because the gravitational particles that seep into their bodies during a few minutes of treatment cannot upset the balance of their meridians. The Plasma Generator is also available for purchase on the Zapper Technology website. This is much more expensive. The Athon 7 generator costs €21 000, while the RPZ 14 generator costs €5570. A Quinton plasma is also ava­il­able on this website. People with compromised immune systems and chronic patients should also try this product.  (30 ampoules cost €37.) Detailed infor­mation on this product can also be found on the left-hand side of the website.  


Budapest, 28.03.2019.





Unfortunately, no progress has been made in this area in the last two years. In 2020, the corona­virus epidemic broke out, which very quickly culminated in a pandemic. There are now 135 million registered cases and 3 million deaths worldwide. Using magnetic resonance frequency irradiation, this epidemic could have been nipped in the bud. However, politicians do not believe in this procedure and, like all esoteric cures, consider it quackery. They have led scientists to believe that esotericism is a pseudoscience and that anyone who works in this field is a charlatan and a fraud. Therefore, they do not support developments in this direction. Instead, they advocate vacci­nation, which costs astronomical sums of money. (Two doses of the Chinese vaccine, for example, cost $64.) To achieve herd immunity, 60 percent of humanity would have to be vaccinated. This would cost $300 billion. Then they can start all over again in six months because, like the vaccine against the flu virus, this vaccine only provides protection for six months. In contrast, magnetic irradiation costs nothing. The little electricity the device consumes is supplied by a built-in Tesla converter.

 But this damage dwarfs the damage to the world economy. Already, the pandemic has caused a drop in GDP of about 10 percent in almost every country in the world. The closure of hotels, restaurants, cultural institutions and services will deprive countries of significant tourism revenue. In addition, millions of people have been made unemployed and scores of businesses have gone out of business. According to the Minister for Foreign Economic Affairs, we alone are losing HUF 15 billion a day because of the restrictions on the Covid scheme. In addition, more than 11,000 people are infected every day and the death toll exceeds 310. Yet nothing happens. The government is buying vaccines by the truckload, and hundreds of thousands of people are being vaccinated week after week, but the epidemic curve is not flattening. In a few months there may be a reduction in the number of infected, but then a new infectious virus will emerge and they can start vaccine research and production and vaccination all over again. Health leaders are unable to see that the cure they are advocating is a dead end. Curing infectious diseases must be taken out of the hands of doctors and handed over to electrical engineers. They can wipe out all the harmful microbes in the world in a few months with their own tools and methods.

 The solution they offer would make the economy work again, and would eliminate the confine­ment and existential impossibility of people. A year of quarantine is causing more and more people to become depressed and aggressive. More and more countries are taking to the streets to protest against the government's austerity measures. It is feared that the lock-in will eventually lead to a social explosion that could topple the government. Here, the opposition is already threatening mem­bers of the government with jail if they come to power in the forthcoming elections. The charge is professional manslaughter, mass murder. The opposition leader's speech in parliament has had a shocking effect on the government MPs. However, they are not so frightened that they are using all the means at their disposal to contain the pandemic. The demonstrators who have taken to the streets are not bothering to keep a safe distance and are not even wearing mouth masks, which is once again igniting the epidemic. Resonance frequency magnetic irradiation would eliminate all the problems, because it would not only cure people, but also allow the economy to restart. Engineers would achieve this in a very simple way. They would treat people not one by one, but en masse.

The device would not be placed in front of the patient, but mounted on the ceiling. Not on the ceilings of doctors' surgeries, but above the entrances to public buildings. Places where many people go. e.g. supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls. While shoppers get a shopping trolley and then put the goods in their bags on the way out, they are healed under a source of radiation in the foyer of the store. Resonant irradiation can kill all microbes in 3 minutes. The same should be done in the lobbies of cultural and educational institutions. People should therefore no longer be subject to quarantine. There is no need to impose a curfew. In fact, the opposite should be done. They should be made sure to go out into the community. Go to the theatre, cinema, concerts, libraries. Students should go to school.

The more people who get out of the home, the more people who get well. The hospitality and hotel industries will be reinvigorated. No more banning foreigners from the country. On the contrary, they should be invited to travel to their favourite resorts. They will then be disinfected in the airport transit lounge. And at road border crossings, passengers should be asked to leave their cars for a few minutes and enter the border station building. There, they can sit down under the magnetic irradia­tion device suspended from the ceiling and be on their way in 3 minutes. No need for vaccination cards or tests. Those who are sick are cured, those who are not are not affected. With a high number of visitors to community buildings, the virus would have no chance of spreading. After a few weeks, the epidemic would be gone. Once the coronavirus epidemic has passed, the device can be tuned to the resonance frequency of the influenza virus or the bacteria or virus of the day.

This possibility also leaves politicians cold. But the drowning man is grasping at straws to save his life. But the world's leaders make no attempt to test ideas that seem reasonable. They reject out of hand all proposals from fields that academics have deemed pseudo-science. But they would risk nothing. To reconstruct a Tesla converter, for example, all you need are a few transformers and capacitors, which can be bought for a few hundred dollars. If the development were not successful, these parts would be put in storage and used for the next development. In a well-equipped labora­tory, it would take a few weeks to find out whether esotericism or subotronics is really pseudo­science or a huge opportunity. Academics already suspect that a paradigm shift is imminent, which is why they do not allow any esotericists into their research facilities.

The bridging solution would be to allow researchers who have been relegated to the margins of science to set up a private laboratory, but they have no money. This would require financial backers, the help of wealthy individuals. But billionaires don't care about the world's ills. They just want to exploit the Earth. Their boundless thirst for profit is depleting our planet's mineral resources and destroying nature. They are not willing to sacrifice anything to stop global warming, to avoid cli­mate collapse. They think that nature will last as long as they live, and then the flood, and now the fire. Now they are even more clinging on to their wealth because they fear an uncertain future. So they are sitting on their money, giving nothing to anyone. Their accumulation of wealth is slowly becoming an end in itself, because they can no longer spend their money. The pandemic has made it impossible for them to travel, to use luxury services, and the quarantine has deprived them of entertainment. Yet they are holding on to their money with ten fingernails because they are used to accumulating wealth.

Despite all these difficulties, research is continuing in this field. The problem is that it is not effective enough. Current magnetic irradiation devices are not powerful enough and are very expen­sive. Their amplification units are too complicated and their radiation sources are not powerful enough. This could easily be remedied by reconstructing the Tesla converter. The Tesla converter is the simplest, most efficient and cheapest amplifier in the world. It could increase the efficiency of current amplifiers tenfold and reduce their production cost by a tenth. But the devices available could already be used to treat patients with coronavirus. But they are not allowed into Covid hospitals. The most effective of the dozens of devices is the Plasma Generator, developed jointly by Slovak and Czech engineers. And these are the countries that need it most. In Europe, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have the highest rates of Covid infection and deaths per capita. This device could be of great help in this situation, but it seems that Czech and Slovak politicians are of the opinion that this treatment is a sham and not worth pursuing.


Although the state does not support esoteric developments, and the public health service does not claim the results of such research, this does not stop it. Private funding for esoteric developments is still being used. The products of these companies are bought by private individuals and naturopathic practices and clinics. Since they are not marketed as medical devices, their sale cannot be banned. There is no shortage of patients because patients want to be cured. If the public health service cannot help them, they turn to private clinics. Different solutions are also emerging in the field of frequency healing. The best known of these is resonance frequency therapy (Bicom, Multicom, Zapper). They are less effective than Rife's magnetic irradiation, but cheaper and easier to use.

A new approach to frequency healing is treatment with sound waves. The use of high frequency sound waves is not new in medicine. Ultrasound body scanning is a long-established technique. Unlike X-ray, computed tomography and magnetoresonance scanning, it does not damage tissue and can be used in pregnant women to detect fetal damage. The image it provides is not colourful and not sharp enough, unlike those obtained with X-ray scans, but it is usable and can be evaluated. It is an inexpensive and safe diagnostic procedure.

This is the path a Hungarian company took when it developed the ultrasound resonance frequency device. The diagnostic program they developed contains 10,000 vibration patterns, which generate the frequencies via the computer's sound card. The vibrations can then be transmitted to the body using a headset or other device connected to the body. It is completely safe to use, as a given frequency only affects a given microbe. This procedure also works in reverse. The analyser can be used to check how far the vibrations of a particular organ deviate from the healthy one, and also to see what bacteria, parasites and viruses are present in the body. NR-GYM 2004 Ltd. Website: Address: 3711 Szirmabesenyõ, Ady Endre u. 2. Tel: +36 20 986 6500 E-mail: (You can also send us a letter via the Contact page of their website.) Click on the pictures to see a detailed description of the five types of equip­ment. The prices are 50 thousand, 200 thousand and 500 thousand Ft.[13]


Budapest, 21.04.2021.






Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                      


                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos





 Ó Ákos Kun

 Budapest, 2023.


[1] rájel rejmon(d) rájf

[2] Tesla conducted such an experiment in Manhattan 100 years ago. He mounted his palm-sized infrared generator on one of the beams of a half-finished 10-story building. He tuned it to the building's resonance frequency. And then the tower block crackled and crackled. Seeing this, the workers panicked as they thought there was an earthquake. They called the police. That's when Tesla pocketed his device and walked away from the scene. As he later noted, he could have demolished the building in 10 minutes.

[3] rejmon(d) szeid(l)

[4] Dr. Rife died in 1971 of an official valium overdose. The doctor who performed the autopsy initially found foul play, but withdrew that opinion in the face of a threat from an unknown caller. Who the unknown caller was is not hard to guess. Dr. Rife has also been involved in aura research, where he has also made very significant progress. As a result, the CIA launched a frontal attack on him. Three of his colleagues had a mysterious accident, his laboratory was set on fire, another site was broken into by unknowns, and all documents relating to his research were taken away.

[5] The fragments here and there have only the resonance frequency of two dozen microbes. These can be seen on the Zap­per website. Web address:

[6] A STED mikroszkópot a német Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH gyártja.

[7] Don't confuse tesla's high-frequency plasma discharge tube with the cold plasma used for disinfection. This disin­fection procedure was developed by Gregor Morfill, a former associate of the Max Planck Institute of Physics in Ger­many, for hand sanitization. This plasma is similar to the plasma produced in fluorescent lamps, but there are far fewer gas molecules in the ionized state. The device, developed by the research team, produces electrical discharges in the air. The resulting microforks break down the molecular oxygen or nitrogen in the air, triggering more than 200 chemical reactions. This is how hydrogen peroxide, which is deadly to bacteria, is created, among other things. This liquid is a weak, colorless, odourless acid, but a strong oxidizing drug. (Steam irritates the eyes and nose. Ladies like to use it for hair bleaching. It's an environmentally friendly chemical. Tablet-sold version of hyperol, which only needs to be dissolved in water and can now be used as a disinfectant.)

In the cold plasma process, the vapour of the resulting hydrogen peroxide performs the disinfection. (This is similar to disinfection with ozone. There's also no antiseptic juice from the surrounding objects.) Thus, doctors do not have to rub their hands with soap before each examination and surgery, but just put them in a small box, and the plasma destroys all the viruses, bacteria and fungi on it in a few seconds. It's also effective against foot fungus. The procedure is not new. Plasma has been used to clean medical instruments in the past. It is also suitable for air disinfection. It also dissects volatile organic compounds, eliminating unpleasant odors. The device is marketed under the Novaerus brand name. Low power consumption (20 W), low fan noise (35 dBA). The Woodpecker-type device is developed in the Usa for cleaning and disinfecting the air in dental offices. None of them are cheap. They cost hundreds of thousands of forints. Since these devices have only been in use for a short time, it is not known whether the tens of thousands of volt electric fields needed to produce plasma increase the already large amount of electrical smog around us.

[8] This pipe made waves so strong that it went through a village with a portable device mounted on a car and eliminated the flu epidemic. Magnetic rays tuned to the right frequency destroyed flu viruses within hundreds of meters.

[9] That's probably what caused Tesla's laboratory to burn down in 1895.

[10] Danó Anna Népszabadság, 3 August 2013 (page 4)

[11] The use-by time would mean how long the food can be considered to be complete. After this, it should not be thrown away, but could be sold for half price until it runs out. This would give the poor access to all the food. A few per cent drop in intreament would probably bother them less than the terror of starvation.

[12] These versions are also offered on Vatera Jófogá on the website. They sell it a lot cheaper than the new price because they didn't work. Super Ravo Zapper, on the other hand, is not offered second-hand. Whoever bought it once insists.

[13] If we order the device from Kántor Lászlóné Mariann and mention that Peter sent us from Dochi Kft, we will receive a discount. Tel: +36-30-206-3593