Longitudinal telecommunications

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Update: 21 June 2023.


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The great inventor of our time is Nikola Tesla. Although he created most of his inventions at the end of the 19th century, his nimbus is still undiminished. His fame and prestige are largely due to the fact that we still do not understand how his inventions work. Not because he concealed it, but because he did the opposite. He gave do­zens of lectures in major cities in America and Europe, where he promoted his inventions in spectacular demonstrations. But he was unable to give precise, accurate explanations of how they worked, because the terminology to do so was not yet available at the stage of electricity 120 years ago. At the end of the 19th century, the theoretical basis was still rather incomplete, and physicists did not even know that electri­city was generated by electrons.[1] Tesla didn't even know what rays he was working with. He be­lieved that static electricity was the cause of the light phenomena he produced.[2]    

We now know that this phenomenon has noth­ing to do with static electricity. Tesla pro­duced magnetic beams. And the most perfect way of doing so, magnetic radiation free of electrical emis­sion. He did not work with electro­mag­netic waves like we do, but with etheric radiation. He excited it with soliton waves. He was not aware of this either, because at that time there was no oscilloscope to study the signal shape. He also pro­duced the soliton wave in a rather complicated way, using a modified commutator motor. Under these circumstances, he performed a real miracle. Experimen­ting with soliton waves, he had already invented the radio and even the mobile telephone at the beginning of the 20th century. He himself did not believe that he had created such a great thing, and so he did not even apply for a patent for the latter invention. However, the documentation that has survived proves his absolute pre-emi­nence in this field.

By using soliton waves in communications, Tesla had in fact discovered longitudinal signal transmission. This is the basis of the most perfect telecommunications system in the universe. It is also used by extraterrestrials. It is the basis of telepathy, and even the oracles use these waves to contact the other world. The essence of the longitudinal wave is that it is not generated by the electrical discharge, which creates a transverse wave perpendicular to its path. As the electron remains in the metallic conductor, the signal is transmitted by the oscillating transverse wave. This oscillating wave is called an electromagnetic wave and consists of photons. Because photons and electrons are roughly in the same size range, the speed of the electromagnetic wave is the same as the speed of the electron flow, which is the same as the speed of light.

In contrast, the longitudinal wave vibrates in the direction of propagation and is carried by the aether. As the electrons move forward, they collide with the aether particles. They modulate the aether by their thrust. Since the size of the aether particles is 12 orders of magnitude smaller than that of photons, their flow velocity is 12 orders of magnitude higher. This is the secret of their enor­-mous flow speed. This is the reason why electromagnetic waves are not used anywhere in the uni­verse. Not only are electromagnetic waves slow, their range is also quite short. It depends strong­ly on the wavelength. The shorter their wavelength, i.e. the higher their frequency of oscillation, the shorter the distance they travel. Even radio and television transmitters operating in the VHF band have a range of less than 60 kilometres. And microwave signals die out after a few kilometres. (That's why mobile phone companies are installing relay stations so densely. And 5G networks, which are being rolled out, use such high frequencies that they are shielded by the walls between rooms.)

But there is nothing to shield the etheric waves. Ether ions travel unhindered through the mate­rial world. Because they are not swallowed up, their range is very long. They can reach millions of light years away in an instant. It is therefore incomprehensible why we do not use this method of signal transmission. For the last hundred years, we have been stuck in Marconi's electromagnetic communication and our experts refuse to take Tesla's proposed method into account. Yet longitu­dinal transmitters and receivers not only have unlimited range, but also deliver perfect sound and picture quality. Moreover, they are much cheaper to produce. No relay stations or satellites are needed for their installation, because the signals emitted by the central transmitter station can reach the whole world through the globe.

Longitudinal wave propagation and reception is easier than you might think. As a transmitter, the longitudinal soliton generator invented by Tesla must be used, in a modernised form. (There is no longer any need for a spark gap generator, because elect­ronic signal generators perform this task with great sta­bility.) The point of this circuit is to prevent oscillation of the tuned circuits. No harmonic oscillation can occur between capacitors and inductors connected in parallel. In this circuit, current can only flow in one direction, not backwards. There is no need for a carrier wave, because this role is performed by the omnipresent ether. Signal transmission is achieved by varying the frequency of the soliton wave. (Unlike initial radio, therefore, there is frequency modulation rather than amplitude modulation.)

The receiver circuit is even simpler. The longitudinal receiver is essentially the same as the Tesla converter. Since no kilowatts of power are required, the first stage is sufficient to provide a signal suitable for amplification and further processing. After Tesla's failure, it seemed that we could forget about this communication system. The 'Sleeping Beauty dream' did not last long, however, as the American inventor Henry Moray[3] took Tesla's ideas and carried them forward. Moray did not use the converter to drive cars, but used it to power ordinary electrical consumers in his laboratory. He used an insulated copper wire about 6 mm in diameter and 150 m long as an antenna, and connected the ground wire to the water mains. Moray gave many public demonstrations of this device, which are on record, but he was unable to put his invention into practice. His patent application for the soul of the converter, the detector, was rejected in 1937 as his idea was considered too bizarre. He also faced bitter struggles, with several attempts to steal his invention, and finally the local electric company seemed willing to finance its manufacture. But the deal turned out to be a trap, as soon as they got hold of the device they smas­hed it with a hammer, destroying the competitor that was providing the energy for the device.


Moray not only used this device to generate energy, but also used it to eavesdrop on distant conversations by adding a rotary capacitor or a variable inductance coil. In this case, he connected the AC signal from the output circuit to a headphone via a demodulating diode and, after some tuning, could hear street noise, people talking, raindrops tapping or the wind howling. During a demonstration, one curious journalist, against the ban, touched the tuning knob and moved it slight­ly. He then heard the sounds of the train station, about 5 miles away, the train whistle and the con­ductor talking to the stationmaster without a microphone or radio transmitter hidden nearby. Even to experts, the existence of this phenomenon seems incredible, but the biggest dilemma is how the resonant frequency of an LC circuit is related to range. This highly unusual radio transmission was certainly made possible by the fact that the sound waves modulated the surrounding subatomic par­ticles, and this particular variation in the vibration of the "aether" appeared, after demodulation, as a sound in the headphones that could be detected by the observer.

On the basis of this principle, the inventor also proposed a simplification of conventional radio sets. The new circuits he developed eliminated the need for many components that are an essential part of conventional radio circuits, but the quality of reception was not impaired, but actually im­proved. The simplification was made possible by the fact that subatomic communications do not require a carrier wave, because this role is played by the ether. Hence, the subatomic-based receiver circuit is simplified by the fact that it does not require a mid-frequency generator, a mixer stage or a pass filter circuit. With the proliferation of radio and TV broadcasters and mobile phone companies, there is little free spectrum left, so we need to move on this without delay. And interactive com­mu­nication is a prerequisite for getting out into the cosmos. Without it, we have no chance of our astronauts travelling astronomical distances and finding their way back to Earth.  Delays of several hours, months or often years are unacceptable in space travel. A space mission can only be suc­cessful if the astronauts can contact the mother planet without delay, if they can keep in touch with us.    

If Moray's proposals are implemented, these simple circuits are expected not only to make radio, radio and TV sets cheaper to produce, but also to reform the telephone network. In the future, telep­hone cables are likely to disappear and we will be able to talk to each other on mobile phones, which are even cheaper than cellular, via exchanges on satellites. However, it may well be that a satellite will not be needed either, because subatomic energy waves are not shielded by any material, so that even people on distant continents can communicate directly with each other via subatomic energy waves passing through the globe. Since subatomic energy particles flow unhindered through matter, they do not damage living tissue, unlike electromagnetic radiation. This means that users of new types of mass communication devices and people living near transmission towers do not have to worry about any health risks.

The cost of producing these devices will be so low that telephone companies will eventually dist­ribute them free of charge to those who want to use their services. At the same time, they will be much easier to use. There will be no more contracting, no more record-keeping, no more phone bills. They will be used in the same way as street telephones. When we want to call someone, we insert our debit card into the device, which automatically contacts our bank and checks whether we have funds on our account. If so, it authorises the call and charges the cost to our account. This eliminates the risk of phone misuse (line theft, unauthorised use of the phone, SIM card transfer, etc.). It is also safer for the phone companies, as computer pirates cannot crack the codes of the SIM cards they issue and make calls to the company's account. Anyone can borrow anyone's handset or lend theirs, because everyone can only make calls to their own account.

Another big advantage of this system is that you only have to pay for it when you use the service. We get rid of line usage charges, standby charges, and maintenance charges. In contrast to the cur­rent situation, telephone companies will not be able to collect fixed monthly amounts from people who do not use their handsets or use them only very little. The customer will no longer have to put up with harassment from the companies, because the personal relationship between the service pro­vider and the user will be broken. Law enforcement agencies will also not be able to prevent the spread of this system, as the bank statement will not only show the amount of the phone bill and the time of the call, but also the number the account holder called, i.e. who he called. This procedu­re will also benefit us, as we will receive a detailed phone bill together with the monthly bank state­ment, so we can check our calls afterwards.

A not insignificant economic advantage of this new way of communication is that it is not ne­cessary to build a new transmission network to deploy simple and cheap sub-atomic receivers. Existing radio, TV and telephone antennas modulate not only the high-frequency carrier waves they emit but also the surrounding ether. This would allow the two systems to coexist for the time being, allowing a gradual transition. (It would also allow civilisations hundreds of light years away to watch our TV programmes continuously.)


Returning to Moray's receiver, unfortunately the inventor has not given any clue as to why the speech detection distance depends on the operating frequency of the circuit. It is possible, however, that this conclusion, which is contrary to the laws of physics, is only apparent. It is possible that in this case, moving the tuning knob did not result in a frequency change, but in a loss of efficiency. The inventor, when he wanted to listen to a close conversation, tuned the device. This degraded the sensitivity, reducing the range, so that only ambient noise could be detected. When he wanted to hear conversations further away, he set the tuning knob to the exact resonant frequency of the LC circuit, thus increasing the range. And the direction from which he could hear the voices was solved by turning the antenna.

This is also how civilisations outside Earth communicate with each other. If our scientists were to build a Tesla converter using backward or Gunn diodes instead of the extremely complicated and expensive radio telescopes and use it to listen in space, they would probably be in for a big surprise. These special diodes owe their lossless rectification capability to the tunnel effect. In the strong electric field generated between adjacent weapons, the electrons are presumably replaced by ubiquitous etheric energy particles, which are not hindered by the electric potential barrier known as the threshold voltage. Since the propagation velocity of etheric energy particles exceeds that of electrons by several orders of magnitude, this effect also confers an additional property, negative internal resistance, to these semiconductor devices. The negative internal resistance acts as an amp­lification effect in the circuit, i.e. in addition to rectifying, the tunnel diodes also amplify with­out additional components.

It is not yet known exactly how this effect takes place. It could be that the electron flow genera­ted on one of the armatures modulates the ether, causing the electrons in the other to move in a similar way, or it could be that the extremely strong electric field causes the electrons to be trans­ported through the potential barrier, i.e. to travel between the two electrodes in the form of an ether body. Once they arrive, they revert back to electrons, but in the process, a special phenomenon occurs which causes the negative internal resistance, i.e. the amplification effect. The direct cause of this is the difference of more than 12 orders of magnitude between the electron and subatomic energy particle flow velocities. The subatomic energy particles, which arrive at enormous velocities, strike the atoms of the semiconductor layer on the other side almost like a projectile, causing a very large number of electrons to be stripped off. To this are added the electrons that are released back from the subatomic energy particles, which together produce the amplifying effect.

Typical of the key importance of this diode is that, in addition to generating additional energy, it also performs two traditional roles in the circuit. One, demodulation, has already been mentioned. It allows signals emitted during communications or detected during remote interception to be conver­ted into audible sound. In addition to its role as a pass filter, the rectifying diode also acts as a valve, i.e. it blocks the current in the opposite direction. This is particularly important for converters used for power generation. Excess energy can only be dissipated from the inductance by means of the secondary winding. If an attempt were made to squeeze energy out of the capacitor, the galvanic coupling, due to the load caused by the consumer, would cause the circuit to go out of tune and the oscillator to stop. With transformer unloading this problem does not occur, but without a diode the excess energy would flow back into the capacitor. So this special diode in this case not only ge­nerates the excess current, but also acts as a valve to prevent it from flowing out of the coil, i.e. it ensures that the energy generated can be extracted and used. This triple function also explains the special placement of the diode, i.e. why it is wedged in the parallel LC circuit between the capacitor and the inductance.


 The direct cause of the slow signal transmission we use is the way the resonance is induced and the signal is detected. At our current state of development we still use transversely propagating electromagnetic waves for our communications. The essence of this is electrical excitation. On both the transmitter and receiver side, we create a parallel LC circuit into which we circulate electrons. These oscillating circuits produce nice sine waves for us, but slowly. These are the ones on which we superimpose the useful signal. As the first signal leaves the transmitter, it appears at the speed of light in the receiver, but it cannot detect it. For the modulator circuit tuned to the transmitter to work, a regular sine wave is needed, i.e. the negative range of the signal below the coordinate axis must also arrive. This is achieved by electrons flowing out of the inductance of the excited resonant circuit into the capacitor connected in parallel with it. However, this takes time. Since the speed of the electron flow does not exceed the speed of light, the propagation speed of the waves excited in this way does not exceed this value.

The situation is very different for signal transmission by longitudinal waves. Although these waves are also excited by electron flow, the electrons only play a role in generating the signal. The transmission of the signals is done by the ether. Therefore, there is no need for a high-frequency carrier wave. The longitudinal transmitter has no electromagnetic field. So there is nothing to drop below the reception level. Hence, longitudinal or scalar signals require orders of magnitude less energy to produce or travel orders of magnitude further. The range of purely magnetic signal trans­mission is further increased by the fact that the intensity of longitudinal waves decreases only line­arly with distance. In this system, too, a resonant circuit is needed because the transmitter has to emit the signal at a specific frequency and the receiver has to tune to that frequency to find the transmission that interests us. However, this transmission lacks the negative range of the signal. The parallel LC circuit only emits the positive signal range. So there is in fact no electromagnetic excitation, no field within the range of the transmitting antenna. (So there is no electrosmog. All that happens is that the signals emitted one after the other push the ether around. These motions are transmitted by subatomic energy particles and travel in a straight line to the receiver. It is from this mode of propagation that this wave gets its name.

When they reach the receiving antenna, the subatomic energy particles set the free electrons in motion, which excites the LC circuit on the receiving side. However, electromagnetic excitation is not a desirable phenomenon here either. It is therefore necessary to ensure that only longitudinal signals reach the signal amplifier stages. This is also ensured here by a decoupling, negative-range-removal diode. This solution appears to be very similar to the circuit diagram of a detector radio. However, in this circuit the diode is not a signal separator but a demodulator. It separates the positive range of the useful signal from the parallel LC circuit tuned to the appropriate frequency (transmitter). That is, the signal we need. The rest is therefore unnecessarily radiated by a huge ener­gy investment. In etheric signal detection, the diode is not placed after the resonant circuit, but in the resonant circuit, between the inductance and the capacitance. In this case, only the longitu­dinal signals can cause the circuit to oscillate.

This literally brings the receiver circuit to life. Not only can it detect the longitudinal signal, but it can also detect the etheric movements and all the vibrations of the living world. It can even pick up the communication of spirits from beyond. This circuit can be connected to the computer of the Higher Intelligence, and from there data can be retrieved, previously recorded events can be viewed. Longitudinal signals are then converted to transversal signals so that they can be detected by the antenna input of the TV set we use today.) In this way, transmissions from extraterrestrial civilisations can be intercepted. If not, we can only pick up their signals if we wedge ourselves between their transmitter and their home planet. But the probability of this is very small. But with SETI's very extensive observing system, there is a chance that we might be somewhere in the path of their sig­nals.)

But to do this, we first need to modify our receivers to detect longitudinal waves. In the elect­romagnetic system we use, it is physically impossible to detect magnetic pulses. We cannot even detect the gigantic longitudinal waves of stellar explosions. The first pulse excites the parallel LC-loop tuned to the appropriate frequency, but the excitation pulse, the negative range of the signal, does not arrive afterwards. Instead, another excitation pulse is received. Thus, the modulator is unable to oscillate. It is completely paralysed. The flow of electrons from inductance to capaci­tance in the modulator circuit does not start, no oscillation occurs. This is why SETI participants cannot register any meaningful signals from space, even though we are almost inundated with magnetic waves from all over the world. The oscillator for the transposition oscillates, but there is no need for it here, since there is no high-frequency carrier wave in longitudinal signal transmission, and the­refore no need for a medium-frequency generator for signal processing. (These circuits can be omitted entirely from the longitudinal transmitter and receiver circuits.) In a Tesla communicati­ons system, there is no need for frequency shifting. Adequate sensitivity, good noise figure and selectivity can be achieved without superheterodyne reception.

The main advantage of longitudinal signal transmission is the extremely high propagation speed. In this system, it takes only 1 second to cover a distance of 100,000 light years. The other major advantage is its non-shadowing. The subatomic energy particles can easily penetrate any material, so there is no need to take into account geographical conditions or terrain obstacles. So with a single transmitter, we can irradiate the entire Earth. All this with a minimum of energy. Magnetic waves can also pass unhindered through the globe, and there is no need for a power station to excite the transmitter tower. However, the detection of low-intensity magnetic pulses, the ripples of the aether, has one important condition: the zero threshold voltage of the diode. The manifestations of the uni­verse, the communications of otherworldly spirits, the communication of extraterrestrials, are so low in intensity that they cannot pass through our diodes, which currently have a threshold voltage of 0.6-0.7 V. Therefore, conventional germanium and silicon-based rectifier diodes are useless. For this circuit, low threshold voltage Esaki or backward diodes must be used. Another great advantage of the tunnel diodes is that they not only rectify but also amplify. They multiply the number of electrons passing through them, making the signal even more intense.

Tesla called this signal transmission technique the "individualisation technique". He wrote in 1899: 'This invention is based on simple tuning. It enables signals, messages, to be transmitted sec­retly or exclusively, both in active and passive aspects. Each signal is an individual and in­disputable identity, and there is practically no limit to the number of stations or apparatus which can operate simultaneously without interfering with each other." This description also makes it clear that mag­netic waves propagate longitudinally, i.e. they are unintercepted. Signal transmission in this way could only be intercepted if we were wedged between the transmitter and the receiver. Ho­wever, this requires knowing the exact location of both the transmitter and the receiver. Since these signals can travel in any direction in space, it is almost impossible for them to meet or interfere with each other. Obviously, this type of transmission is not appropriate for broadcasting stations. For this pur­pose, omnidirectional transmitters must be used, which transmit in all directions, making the broad­cast receivable by anyone.

In this case, however, it will be necessary to allocate the magnetic waveband and to issue fre­quency licences so that the individual transmissions do not interfere with each other. This will not be too much of a problem for the communications regulators, as each station will probably be able to keep the frequency it currently uses. The only change will be that they will no longer broadcast transversal waves, but longitudinal waves. This has the advantage that bandwidth will not be needed. The number of transmitting stations transmitting side by side can therefore be increased by orders of magnitude. TV broadcasters can also broadcast 4K or holographic programmes without any problems, because the signal surplus does not increase the bandwidth, but the density of successive pulses (bits in digital transmission). Since the flow rate of magnetic waves is more than twelve times that of electromagnetic waves, there is no problem in compressing the information-carrying pulses. It is only necessary to increase the modulator frequency. The signals, which have a frequen­cy of several hundred gigahertz, do not attenuate rapidly with increasing distance, are not obstructed by spatial barriers, and there is no health risk because magnetic waves do not cause electrosmog. Longitudinal signal transmission has the additional advantage of being extremely stable. It is not affected by atmospheric disturbances, weather conditions (it does not stop transmit­ting during heavy thunderstorms, as is the case with current satellite TV channels) or ionospheric fluctuations. Since it penetrates all matter particles, it does not care about changes in the physical world. The radius of curvature of the Earth does not affect the transmitter range because longitudi­nal magnetic waves penetrate the globe.

We will soon be forced into this mode of signal transmission because the frequency of elect­romagnetic radio waves cannot be increased indefinitely. The reason is that beyond a certain limit, electromagnetic waves behave like light beams. The cut-off frequency of a signal that is still con­sidered a microwave is 3 GHz. Above this, its propagation is uncertain. Signals at 5 GHz can no longer penetrate the walls of buildings. Moreover, as the frequency increases, it becomes more and more expensive to provide coverage. Another major obstacle to the widespread deployment of 4G mobile phones is that they need twice as many repeater towers as the 1.8 GHz system requires. There is no other obstacle to increasing the frequency, as advanced gallium arsenide chips are ca­pable of generating vibrations at much higher frequencies than currently possible. Longitudinal sig­nal transmission will also be of great use in control technology. It will eliminate interference bet­ween different systems. Vehicle protection will also become safer. The unidirectional signal flow will prevent cars parked nearby from intercepting the unlocking code of remote-controlled central locks. In the future, thieves will no longer be able to disarm radio frequency armed alarms by code-interception.


After Moray's failure, it took nearly 40 years for longitudinal signal transmission to resurface. Again, its applicability was only tested from a reception point of view. The result is a time-mea­suring device, the chronovisor. It is not a time machine, but it is capable of projecting events of by­gone eras onto a TV screen. The intellectual inspiration for the invention came from the Italian monk Alfredo Pellegrino Ernetti, who gathered 12 physicists and communication experts from different countries to realise his idea. The result of these developments was the first working model in 1972, which still transmitted black and white images. However, it was not until 18 October 1986 that their invention was unveiled to the public in Riva del Garda, near Lake Garda. By then it had a colour screen. The device produced surprising results at the premiere. First, it conjured up a performance of an ancient Greek tragedy from 169 BC for astonished journalists and invited experts. The quality of both the sound and the colour images was perfect, and the experts present said there was no doubt as to its authenticity. Later, they were treated to the speech of Quintus Ennius, a Latin orator, and then to the music of a Doric orchestra in an original archaic performance.

According to the inventors, the device is composed of three main units. The first is a sophisti­ca­ted antenna system capable of contacting the Higher Intelligence computer and retrieving from its memory the events of the time it wishes to see. The next stage is a circuit capable of detecting and amplifying subatomic energy waves, while the third is a converter that converts etheric energy waves into electromagnetic waves. The signal is then simply plugged into the input of a commercial colour TV and any event in our history is revealed like a movie. Since the Higher Intelligence su­percomputers record every single manifestation of our lives, the chronovisor can be used not only for entertainment purposes, but is also expected to play an important role in settling scientific dis­putes. But it will be used most effectively by law enforcement agencies, because it will help them detect any crime in a matter of minutes.

However, this will have to wait for some time as the device is currently inaccessible. This de­velopment has a history of more than 30 years, as reported by the Italian newspaper Domenico del Corriere. According to their article of 2 May 1972, Father Ernetti was an Associate Professor at the Conservatoire of Music in Venice and was subsequently appointed Director of the Vatican Secre­tariat for Music. This is how he came into close contact with Pope Pius XII. The then head of the Church was delighted with the Benedictine monk's invention, seeing in it proof of the existence of the afterlife, of eternity. Ernetti's main assistants were Professor Germetti and Braun, a student of the famous Italian atomic physicist Fermi. The Portuguese Professor De Matios and a Japanese Nobel Prize-winning physicist also played a major role in the invention. The costs of the development were covered by the Vatican. The interview also revealed that the chronovisor differed not only in its input units from conventional communication devices, but also in the way it displayed images. Even the first device transmitted a hologram-like, three-dimensional image. It has been used to re­veal many events from the past. Among other things, they traced the life of Jesus. To their great astonishment, the Messiah did not tell everything as it is written in the Bible and as it had been taught for centuries. This caused great confusion in the Vatican. They also looked at Mussolini's public appearances, just to confirm their authenticity, but found no discrepancies. The fascist dicta­tor delivered his speeches in the same words as recorded by historians.

Their concerns were heightened by the fact that the chronovizor sometimes made himself sound like a self-styled hero. On one occasion, for example, he began to broadcast a secret meeting the previous evening between the US ambassador and delegates from the Palestinian Liberation Front. It was becoming increasingly clear that this device could not only scan the past, but also reveal events in the present. It could also eliminate political, military, scientific, industrial, business and private secrets at a stroke. Realising this, the Pope, Father Ernetti and the physicists concerned came to the conclusion that this invention was premature and that its use would have unforeseeable consequences in our world today. They therefore decided to stop development of the chronovisor and prevent its mass production.

Their decision was hastened by the increasing number of suspicious characters lurking around Ernetti after the public demonstration. The Russians were said to be the first to start sniffing around the invention. KGB agents were keen to get their hands on the documentation. The arrival of Ame­rican spies was not long in coming, and the Church authorities were forced to ensure the physical safety of the Father. They moved him into the Venetian monastery and hired bodyguards to prevent the agents from forcing their way in. All these events were described in a book by Ernetti's friend Francis Brune, published in 1998. From the work, and from an interview with the author published in the Italian magazine Terzomillenio (Third Millennium), issue 5 of 1998, it is also revealed that Ernetti was subsequently forbidden to divulge any information about the device.

Fortunately, they did not destroy it, as they did the Tesla converter, but took it apart. Its main parts remained in the Vatican, while the most important components were sent by diplomatic mail to church headquarters in other countries. The operation was conducted in such secrecy that the guar­dians themselves do not know what they were entrusted with. The documentation of the chrono­visor was deposited in a similar way. The death of the Pope who had ordered the secrecy, and even of Ernetti himself and 10 physicists from his group, significantly reduces the likelihood of un­authorised access. Now it is up to the goodwill of the Vatican and the current Pope whether this device will ever be recovered. Hopefully, the release of the chronovisor will not have to wait so long. With the ever worsening ills of the world, and the explosion of crime and terrorism, the Church will sooner or later see the need to put this device in the system and use it under proper supervision. Otherwise, our civilisation will be destroyed and there will be no point in further secrecy. The quickest and most effective way to put humanity on the right track is to expose secret manipulations, criminal intentions. This is the most effective way to defend ourselves against anti-social acts. After a time, the mere existence of this device will be sufficient to prevent the manifes­tation of dishonest ambition, of destructive intent, and the knowledge of its applicability will force people to live honestly.

Therefore, in the future, crime will be completely eliminated. This will not only happen because the man of the next millennium will have a more developed moral sense, but it will simply be senseless to commit any crime. By using the chronovisor, the identity of the offender will be unam­biguously and infallibly established, so that no crime will remain undetected. Police, prosecutors, lawyers and courts will no longer be needed. The judge will sit down in front of the chronovisor, look at the offence the victim is complaining about, then consult the code and impose the penalty on the basis of the paragraphs. The prison guards then go to the offender's home or hideout and take the prisoner to the detention centre. After a while, prisons can be closed down, because once crimi­nals realise that there is no way they can avoid punishment, they will stop this way of life. And anyone who does not give up this way of life under these circumstances is not normal. In this case, they should not be in prison, but in a mental hospital.

The chronovisor would provide information not only on the illegal actions of criminals and terrorist plots in the making, but also on the shady dealings of politicians. For God is keeping a clo­se eye on our world. The light beings know everything we do, track our every move, even our thoughts. No evil thought is hidden from them, and if our dishonest actions threaten the common good, they are likely to inform us. That is what they did in 1986. That is why church leaders were frightened by it and why it was dismantled. But now the trouble in our world is so great that we cannot save our civilisation without help from beyond. The very existence of this device is a deterrent to those in political power, and they will no longer be driven by self-interest, but will act for the good of society.


The installation of the chronovisor would also prevent accidents caused by technical failure and human inattention. Aircraft crashes, train accidents and road accidents are not the result of chance. Karmic causes also rarely cause such accidents. The increasing number of tragedies is due to the growing aggressiveness of demonic beings and the growing prevalence of forces that seek to de­stroy us. There is no other way to prevent attacks against us, we too must be connected to the cosmic database. The most effective way to fight the enemy is with one's own weapons. If we do not take advantage of the opportunity available, our fate will be like a dumb animal driven to the slaughter.

The military strategy of the Western world has proved a failure. Those in charge of the war effort spent billions to avert a nuclear attack, and then some primitive criminals came along with a knife and paper-cutting knife and destroyed America. This is further proof that we are not, cannot be, prepared enough for those who seek our destruction. We should finally admit that these actions are being directed from behind the scenes. The terrorists are no more resourceful than the authorities defending against them. But they get their ideas and suggestions from the demonic world. The planners of their diabolical deeds are the unseen beings who have sought to corrupt us for millennia. The lowly spirits in Satan's service watch our world with a wary eye, and no gap, no weak link that could be used to harm us, escapes their notice. They do not launch a frontal attack on us, but turn our mistakes, our errors, against us. To achieve this, they make the most of the opportunities offered to them by a spirit world without physical limitations. Because of their enormous superiority, we are helpless in the face of their activities.

The only way to defend ourselves is to call upon the other otherworldly power, the benevolent beings. Spirits in the service of God know everything that goes on in our world. They are also ready to inform us of the dangers and assassinations that are coming our way. But they cannot do this because we are not willing to contact them or ask for their help. Many even deny their existence. We do not make use of the data accumulating in the cosmic repository of information, even though we have had the technical means to do so for decades. In this memory, powered by lightbeings, every movement of our world is recorded. It is a service that anyone can use. It is also used by satanic beings, who rely on this information base to develop their nefarious plans. Even the Almigh­ty cannot stop this. Just as the sun shines on both good and bad people, this service is available to any being in the universe.


The unexploited potential of longitudinal telecommunications is also incomprehensible because we should not have to lift a finger to exploit it. Unlike the Tesla converter and the Tesla generator, we don't need to develop either device because they are already ready. Dr György Egely mentioned in an interview with him that three of his former colleagues had developed the longitudinal trans­mitter and receiver circuit. At their workplace at the Central Institute for Physical Research they had no opportunity to do so, but after they retired they got started and developed both of their kits. They just can't sell it because nobody wants it. The chronovisor doesn't need to be redeveloped either. You just have to ask the Pope for it. Surely the Holy Father realises that our world is in a ca­tastrophic situation and if we do nothing we will be destroyed.

Once the requested parts are assembled, this device will certainly be functional. It would also be advisable to ask for the documentation so that it can be manufactured and reproduced. Then it would only be necessary to send a copy to the countries of the world, to the central investigative and criminal investigation agencies. If the Pope is worried about the abuse of the chronovisor, a liste­ning centre could be set up in the Vatican, where investigators in various countries could pass on the news they receive, the unearthly warnings, to their governments.     


Budapest, 25.01.2018.








Anyone is free to use the information provided here. You do not need to ask permission or pay for it. However, you are joining a community of developers, which entails obligations. This obligation is the sharing of information. It is now well known that global warming is threa­te­ning climate collapse, leading to the destruction of nature. The eradication of poverty and dis­e­ase cannot be postponed any longer. The messages from beyond are that knowledge is the key to our salvation. Since official science cannot solve these problems, a paradigm shift is needed. But this huge task can only be achieved through international cooperation and collec­tive ac­tion.

Those who take part in this process cannot exclude anyone from using the results they have achieved. The additional information that they add cannot be encrypted and patented. In this way, all the results in this field, which is still unrecognised today and even cursed by scientists, will be made public. We should be compensated for this material loss by the knowledge that a paradigm shift occurs only once in the history of every civilisation. If we take part, we will ha­ve a great adventure, and later we will be proud to have taken part in the most exciting strugg­le of our civilisation. Those who achieve outstanding results in the next few decades will forever write their names in the history of our civilisation. Time is of the essence for us, so let’s not waste our energy on making a pro­fit. Our lives are more important than our money. So let us not let our earthbound instincts rule us. Let us work with all those who can make a difference in this field, for the greater good. We can achieve more by working together than by deve­lo­ping in isolation. For our survival, we should not block the free flow of information.


Budapest, 21 January 2022.                                                     


                                                                                                                            KUN Ákos




 Ó Ákos Kun

 Budapest, 2023.

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[1] This was established by Joseph John Thomson in 1897, and it was several years before this discovery became common knowledge in the electrical industry. (Thomson only received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1906 for electron discovery.) He even thought that the atom was a positively charged sphere, in which the same amount of negative charges as the positive charge can be found in the form of small particles, electrons. This "raisin pudding" model was later modified by Ernest Rutherford to the currently accepted and taught "solar system"-like model, according to which electrons orbit the nucleus. Their speed is enormous, so physicists of our time are no longer talking about electrons, they are talking about energy trajectories.

[2] This phenomenon was already known to the ancient Greeks, but was elevated to scientific status by Benjamin Franklin in the second half of the 18th century.

[3] henri moréj