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February 1, 2010)


The goal of our foundation is to steer humanity on the right path and save our civilization. "Big words!" - many people might say. Several people have already tried this, but so far everyone's "knife" has broken. We hope ours won't. We have some ideas that can make this business a success. Our main trump card is subotronics, which is a completely new discipline. So far, no one has used it, many people don't even know what "grows on a tree". Applying the methods of subotronics can start us on the path of paradigm shift. However, we would need help for this.

The range of tasks is so huge that we cannot succeed without help and cooperation. We can't start dozens of developments by ourselves and see them through. We can only take on the role of theoretical management, for implementation (research, development, prototype creation, production preparation, etc.) contributors (engineers, technicians, instrument engineers) are needed. And that costs money. For this we need support, which is almost impossible to obtain under the current circumstances. The main obstacle to support is the attitude of the scientific community towards esotericism. Their materialism and narrow way of thinking affects the whole society. Their attitude towards esotericism has also been adopted by the decision-makers, which is why they outright reject anyone who tries to achieve results in this field.
Scientists say that science is not a religion. Your claims must be proven with repeatable experimental results. However, the occurrence of parapsychological phenomena is mostly unique and cannot be repeated. Ball lightning appears to the eyewitness only once, and then he may never see ball lightning again in his lifetime. So how can it be examined? UFOs may also appear. They don't come back for orders, they don't give you the opportunity to study them in detail. This is why esotericism is considered pseudoscience, because the phenomena it causes cannot be repeated.
Currently, science only accepts as a basis for research the phenomenon that it can reproduce with its knowledge and tools; can measure and analyze. Unfortunately, we do not have an instrument to measure the weak magnetic waves that cause or accompany paraphenomena, so their existence cannot be proven in an exact way for now. Whether they believe in its existence depends on the scientists. If the luminaries of science declare that it exists, then people will accept its existence and even teach it in schools. A good example is that no one has ever seen a black hole and yet people believe in its existence. Why? Because scientists have told them that there are black holes in the universe. Official acceptance will also significantly spur technical development. Currently, the invention offices do not grant patents for inventions whose operation is based on a physical phenomenon that is not officially recognized. Even though he goes to court for the inventor's right, he is also rejected there. The judge asks for the opinion of the Academy of Sciences and then declares that according to the current state of science, this invention cannot exist. What does not exist cannot be protected.
Unfortunately, the media and politicians share the position of the scientific community. In the 1990s, such opinions were expressed in connection with the "University of Omniscience" TV series: "Following the captivating lectures and national success of our scientists, it has come to an end. After that, it won't be easy, either with political or other support, to act in the more serious media in defense of the uncertain hoaxes spread in the early 1990s, and to sell the pseudo-scientific frauds as science. And this is definitely a good direction. You just have to keep it.”
Anyone who casts doubt on scientific dogmas is ostracized, ridiculed, and disabled by the scientific elite. So it's no wonder that only a few venture into the frontiers of science. From this narrow lane, they can easily fall into the field of esotericism, which is a red flag for official science. Since climate collapse is upon us, and with the destruction of nature, our civilization will also perish, this situation must be changed. Esotericism must be lifted out of the quagmire of magic. Esotericism is the science of the future, but until it is freed from the shackles imposed by magic, its practitioners will be branded as quacks, charlatans, and impostors. Scientists must be convinced that esotericism is not a fraud.

This is only possible in one way. You have to give them tangible results that can be measured with instruments. It's not impossible. Initiating a paradigm shift would convince them that the invisible world is an integral part of the universe. Discovering new physical laws and putting them to work will solve all our problems. However, this also requires their help. We cannot do without millions of educated people. The theoretical basis of the paradigm shift must be created for them and put at the service of practice. To give just one example, the sizing of the Tesla converter should not be developed on the basis of "even a blind hen can find a core" and with long experiments, but with precise formulas and exact calculations that can be taught in schools. So the task is big, even superhuman, but we take it upon ourselves. One of the goals of our foundation is to help the renewal of our world in the technical field as well.

There is also a problem with our moral development. Society as a cohesive community has ceased to exist. This is the age of the ego, where man is a wolf to man. Everyone is on their own. Above all, morality, the preservation of tradition, and respect for exemplary predecessors. There is no human attitude in people; There is no stable and shared value system; There are no big goals; No faith. There is no will. No action. There is no realization. There are no intellectual horizons, but only a continuous struggle for hunger wages. Our country has become the assembly plant of the West, and its citizens have become wage slaves. And our politicians make us believe that this is the order of the world. Our people resigned themselves to this because they do not know how their lives could have meaning. What kind of community is worth living in? He is not aware of the transcendental influence of the world around us. Therefore, he does not know who or what value system he should align himself with. His attachment to the earth keeps his body in shackles, as well as his desire to live out his instincts. We have become insatiable, greedy, egotistical troublemakers. Our main goal is to make money, get rich, and chase pleasures. The life philosophy of many is that "we only live once", so let's make the most of the little time we have.
The man of our time has no idea about the true purpose and meaning of his life, which derives from his physical existence. Therefore, it drifts helplessly with the tide. Meanwhile, he becomes more and more tired and bored. After a while, nothing and no one cares. He surrenders to fate and becomes easy prey for dark forces. The main cause of this situation is the current economic system. Capitalism has taken away the meaning of our lives. Most people wander around the malls like zombies, consume, then consume again, and eventually run out themselves. We are too comfortable, we attach too much importance to the "blessings" of civilization. Most people don't even care about their health anymore. He drinks alcohol, smokes, doesn't shy away from drugs, and doesn't exercise. Many people's daily activities consist of opening the refrigerator door and lifting the beer bottle. Seeing this, our Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Dénes Gábor, said: "Until now, humanity has struggled with nature. From now on you have to deal with your own nature.”
If we walk with our eyes even slightly open, we can notice that there is a duality in the world. On the one hand, everything becomes worthless, replaceable, replaceable, "it doesn't matter because there is another". You can exchange morality for freedom, principles for money, power, and influence. All of this is often wrapped in the guise of self-realization and self-assertion. On the other hand, insignificant things are valued: objects, brand names, illusions become important, we live our lives in a kind of quasi-reality, while the frameworks, rules and true values such as life, faith, gratitude, respect, love, thanks, respect, humility or selfless help. When we do not act in the hope of perceived or real benefit, but simply because it feels good, our attentiveness brings joy to us or to the other person.
The less we depend on material possessions, on the objects around us, the greater our freedom will be. We are not forced into the treadmill of maintaining existence. We are not forced into unprincipled compromises. We are not humiliated, and we don't have to humiliate others. We don't have to run over anyone in order not to fall behind in the rush for material possessions. During the global pursuit of profit, it doesn't even cross our minds that the world is in big trouble. Climate collapse is on the brink, which will most drastically affect today's young people. However, they do not see this either, and they do nothing to prevent the danger that is lurking on us.

They have become zombies pressing the buttons on their mobile phones, for whom the feeling of success is hunting for likes. With earplugs blaring monkey music in their ears, they can neither see nor hear. Tapping their smartphones, chasing pokemons and getting into the Guinness Book of Records captures their attention. The noose is on their necks, but they continue to be bully. They are not in the slightest interested in saving nature and pulling humanity out of its current pit. It would be good if they came to their senses, because if they don't do anything about it, they will experience all the horrors of the apocalypse. Adults also need to step out of the world of reality shows and into the increasingly harsh world of the apocalypse. (For those who haven't noticed yet, the apocalypse has begun. The "first horse", the pandemic, has already been unleashed on us, and there are six horses left: increasingly powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, weather extremes (drought, floods, tornadoes), world war. It would do no harm to realize this and take action.
Being comfortable and averse to new things is part of human nature. So we put off making a change until things get really bad. We wait until the crisis, the trauma, the tragedy occurs, and only then do we start thinking about what we should do. We can develop at the cost of pain and suffering, but also in a state of joy, discovery, and inspiration. Let's decide which path to take. We try to guide the development of civilizations to an easier and more perspective path. We offer a scenario for the salvation of humanity, in which an upward spiral begins, where global solidarity and responsibility prevail. This leads us to the new golden age that awaits us, where we learn to live in harmony with nature and the universe. Following this path, we enter the family of galactic civilizations. In this way we become a cosmic human type.


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